BHT, The Virus Killer: Dosage, Uses, Side Effects

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Posted by Swfowkes (Cupertino, California) on 02/15/2018 35 posts
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Vitamin Research Products is no longer selling BHT. They are under new management and have discontinued several products, and switched other product's formulations without notice. If you are reacting to an encapsulated BHT product, try buying BHT in bulk. It's cheaper, and if you dislike the taste, you can put it into capsules knowing that there are no excipients, fillers, anti-caking agents or flow facilitators.

Where to Buy
Posted by Janet (Colorado) on 01/04/2014

Can you tell me where you can purchase butylated hydroxytoluene? I would really like to try it but don't know how to get it. Thanks, Janet

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Janet from Colorado, There are many online sellers of BHT. Here is a good one. This company sells the 250mg capsules of BHT at a good price. I highly recommend starting out with no more than one 250mg capsule of BHT with a gulp of water and on an empty stomach. For thin or lightweight people 250mg of BHT per day may be all that is required. Here is a link to this company that sells the 250mg capsules of BHT:

See my detailed treatment protocol here:

PLEASE post in this EARTH CLINIC forum your results with the use of BHT. You did NOT mention what disease you wish to treat with BHT. Will you do that for me and the other forum members....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Janet from Colorado, There are many online sellers of BHT. Here is a good one. This company sells the 250mg capsules of BHT at a good price. I highly recommend starting out with no more than one 250mg capsule of BHT with a gulp of water and on an empty stomach. For thin or lightweight people 250mg of BHT per day may be all that is required. Here is a link to this company that sells the 250mg capsules of BHT:

See my detailed treatment protocol here:

PLEASE post in this EARTH CLINIC forum your results with the use of BHT. You did NOT mention what disease you wish to treat with BHT. Will you do that for me and the other forum members....Oscar

Replied by T

Try Amazon.

Replied by Jesse
(Nova Scotia)

The link provided is to a place is Florida. Does anyone know where we can buy BHT in Canada? Customs is a huge pain in the ass right at this moment.

Where to Buy
Posted by Kevin (Yakima, Wa) on 06/25/2013

I'm wondering wear one might buy BHT (offline)? Like what kind of places might sell it, if one does not wish to purchase it online?

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

To Kevin from Yakima, WA. You pretty much have to buy BHT from an online retailer. It is sold in a very few if any health food stores these days. But you can do so by mail with a money order and need not use a credit card and such. That the way it is with buying BHT nowdays....Oscar

Replied by Swfowkes
(Cupertino, California)
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Oscar is 100% right. I have known two health food stores which reliably carried BHT for more than a decade, but neither one is now still in business. It's just too heretical to have a FDA-approved food preservative in a store that features no-preservative choices. It is also a very slow seller; not that many people have discovered its anti-viral effects. So you will have to buy it mail order. Use "BHT powder" or "BHT crystals" or "bulk BHT" (in quotes) if you want to avoid getting links to encapsulated BHT.

Where to Buy
Posted by Danny Lee (Cebu City, Philippines) on 10/07/2012

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with HSV1 oral and genital just last month. My first outbreak was terrible and Valtrex (valacyclovir) had side effects which I would really rather avoid. thats why i've have been frantically searching the internet for things that could help and stumbled on this group through earthclinic.

its been 2 weeks since i've been off valtrex but i'm still tingling in my face and genital area. Scarily, I also have tingles along my spine and behind my eyes. I feel I need to be more proactive and have decided to try BHT as my best bet.

i'm an asian female, 5'4 and 110 lbs. I want to take BHT but I don't know how to go about purchasing it (i live in the Philippines) and am also concerned because I read (from Oscar's comments) that skinny people are more prone to neural side effects. well I am definitely skinny.

currently I am taking Lysine, ginger and garlic extracts and vitamins A, B complex, C and E.

someone please advise.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Danny Lee, Phillipines, I just posted this message over at the BHT CURES group and this answer is the same for your concerns:

I started a new topic posting to try and minimize confusion in this group. Now from what you have stated you are a thin person who weighs 110 pounds. You have both genital and oral herpes. The good news for you is: The different herpes viruses are the most thoroughly investigated of all the viruses when it comes to BHT. BHT is a proven and effective treatment for both oral and genital herpes. You are concerned about adverse side effects and need to be. Start out with small doses of BHT. Start with 100mg of BHT per day and see how you feel with that. That may very well be all you need to deal with your herpes infections. If that does not work you can always take more and if adverse effects are experienced you can always take less of the BHT. Now this BHT is sold by a number of different online retailers. It can be purchased in bulk or in measured capsules. The measured capsules come in 200mg to 350mg capsules. These capsules are easy to pull apart to get a smaller dosage. You will need measuring spoons. They come in sets that include fractions of a teaspoon. You want to start with the 1/16th of a teaspoon measurement. That is 1/16th of a teaspoon. 1/16th of a teaspoon is somewhat less than 200mg of BHT. So use about one half of that. If you can find a 1/32 of a teaspoon measuring device that would be better yet. That should be about 100mg of BHT.

Now the people reporting the best results take the BHT on an empty stomach with a gulp of water. Wait at least 30 minutes before eating. You can always take more of the BHT as time goes by if you wish to if no adverse effects are experienced. Most people have no adverse effects at the doses I am discussing with you. Also, for thin people such as you: Taking one tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil may be helpful. This oil should be taken at least 2 hours after taking the BHT. Do NOT take the oil and the BHT at the same time. Doing so screws up the treatment. If you have questions I will do the best I can to answer them... Oscar

Also, as far as I know the BHT is available online in the Phillipines through the mail. I think there is at least one other person who lives in the Phillipines and has been able to purchase the BHT online through the mail with no problem. Trying to help, Oscar

Replied by Rozamora
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Hi oscar just ask if there's a possibility that BHT can treat HBV? I heard that BHT is a similar with Vitamin E.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Rozamora from Bangkok, Yes the BHT has been shown to be an effective treatment for hepatitis B for at least some people. I am one of those people and tablcorn over at the BHT CURES GROUP is another. And I have also read that BHT is in some way related to vitamin E.

I can assure you the two compounds are very different and that BHT is far better than vitamin E as an average lifespan extender.

BHT showed an average lifespan increase of between 22% and 31%. Vitanin E showed NO increase in average lifespans. There is this tert-butyl effect and other properties BHT has that other compounds do NOT. You can check out the BHT CURES GROUP if you wish to here:

Replied by Matalina
(Spartanburg, Sc)

Oscar, I tried BHT two years ago and can't remember what I was taking at the time but do remember I was taking St. John's Wort, (hypericin?) which I'm not taking now. Now I am taking Vitamin C, Cayenne pepper, Bioflavonoids, Vit D3, Vit E, Vit B complex, Vit B12, Astaxanthin, Fish Oil and Armour Thyroid.

I take echinacea when I have an outbreak.

As I mentioned I did talk with Stephen Fowkes two years ago when I had the problem and he told me to stay on it and the reaction would clear up, but the reaction was so bad that I didn't want to take a chance he could be wrong and get myself in worse condition.

I really do want to try BHT again as I have quite a problem with herpes but am always responsive to natural remedies and believe it would probably work for me.

I so appreciate the time you are taking to answer questions.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Matalina from Spartanburg, You stated you had problems with BHT in the past. So if you choose to give it a try again do so with caution. Here is what I consider the standard BHT treatment based on the feedback available:

The BHT treatment is:

> > > > > 200mg to 350mg of BHT taken once or twice a day with water on an empty stomach. The dosage varies for each person. Generally, the more you weigh the more you need and the less you weigh the less you need or desire. Age is also a factor. People around age 60 have a harder time tolerating higher dosages.

> > > > > Supplements that work well with BHT are:

> > > > > 1. A generic multivitamin and mineral supplement.
> > > > > 2. Vitamin B12 in a dosage of 1mg [ milligrams ] which is the same as 1, 000mcg [ micrograms ] per day.
> > > > > 3. Vitamin C in a daily dosage of 500mg to 1, 000mg per day.
> > > > > 4. One vitamin B complex pill per day.
> > > > > 5. The lipid monolaurin. Not sure of dosage.
> > > > > 6. The herb chianca piedra has helped some people. Not sure about dosage.
> > > > > 7. Sodium selenite in a dosage of 50 [ micrograms ] a day.
> > > > > Supplements to avoid:
> > > > >
> > > > > 1. Milk thistle and it`s extracts. It reacts with BHT in a way that degrades the treatment.
> > > > > 2. Vitamin E supplements. Yes you need some vitamin E. But vitamin E supplements were proven to ENHANCE hepatitis C`s virons ability to replicate and therefore vitamin E supplements should be avoided.
> > > > > 3. Any and all other supplements should be avoided until and unless I see evidence they work well with the BHT treatment.

These are MY recommendations....Oscar

So stop taking the fish oil, vitamin E supplemennts, and all of those other things that are not on my short list of supplements that work well with BHT.

Why not at least give that a try ? If it does not work you can always go back to that other stuff. I am very much hoping the keep simple method works as well for you as it has for many others....Oscar

Replied by Swfowkes
(Cupertino, California)
35 posts

Yes. I have received reports from people for BHT efficacy for both hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Hepatitis A and E are reported to be non-lipid-enveloped viruses.

I have not ever had any reports about HepD or HepE, but HepD is a lipid-enveloped virus.

Where to Buy
Posted by Les (Santafe, NM) on 05/27/2012

Where can I purchase BHT? I don't know of any stores that sell it and the only website I found it on the seller seemed to be a fake because I never received them.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Les from Santa Fe, Here is a direct link to LEF`s BHT purchase site:

It costs $12.95 for one bottle of one hundred 350mg capsules here. This is where I buy my BHT and they will not cheat you. You will get a good quality product at that website. They sell the Vitamin Rsearch Product brand. You can also buy the BHT directly from VRP for about the same price. I usually buy at least three bottles at a time to make sure I do not run out....Oscar

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2083 posts

Les, I purchased some BHT from a reputable store ---VitaminLife. It is LifeLink BHT 250mg 500 caps.

Replied by Imready
(Edgewood, Texas)

I ordered my BHT from Ebay, and the seller just bought it from the above address, and had it shipped to me, for twice the money! I'm sure you can contact saveoncitric, and get sent right to your door. I paid about $15.00 for a pound of it on Ebay, and on the saveoncitric web-site, a pound is $7.50 a pound.

Replied by Lana
(Raleigh, Nc)

OSCAR!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. Well, I started taking BHT in January 2012 and my viral load was way high, today is 9/13/12 and I went to the doctor for my annual bloodwork and viral load tests. The ast and alt are lower than they were a year ago, the viral load is 8 million units lower. I was hoping for virus free, but am still hopeful. I was taking one 350 milgram daily, now I am taking 2 in the morning... An hour later I take Liver & Bile extract which is powder and has milk thistle, dandelion and other important ingrediants in it... That was purchased through iherb for 14 bucks... Hoping that next year things are even better. I am hopeful and feel good. I eat healthy for the most part and I rarely drink. My downfall is sweets, not all the time but when I start to eat them its hard to stop... Exercising more now too. Thank you so much for hanging in there with this. I had spent thousands on Liver Life which is 56. A bottle and I wasn't getting worse but couldn't afford it... Thanks to you I can have hope, health and not go broke... God Bless you and your work, Lana

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Lana, Thank you so very much for reporting back in with the EARTH CLINIC with your response to the BHT treatment for hepatitis C.

I do want you and others to know that those reporting the best results do avoid milk thistle as a part of this BHT treatment. In my opinion certain milk thistle extracts combine with the metabolites of BHT in such a way as to make the BHT treatment much less effective....Oscar

Replied by Lana
(Raleigh, Nc)

Dear Oscar; OK, I am now off of the powder and only on BHT 700 mg in the morning. I found if I did it at night my mind was whacky, intense etc.. Not normal feeling. I also take R-Lipoic Acid 300 mg 3 times a day, do you think I should continue with that? Thanks sooooooooo much for the hope and health! Lana

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, Syracuse, New York)

Dear Lana, Lower the dose of BHT used whenever adverse effects are experienced. Take no more than 350mg of BHT per day and maybe less than that. 700mg of BHT per is too much for you. Many people are having very good results with the smaller dosages of BHT for a hepatitis C infection.

To stay up to date on all this you may wish to join the BHT CURES GROUP here:

Please lower that dosage now....Oscar

Replied by Carol
(Clearwater, Fl)

Hi Oscar, Is it OK to take a coconut oil capsule instead of the tbsp of it? Thanks!

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Carol from Clearwater, In my opinion it is NOT advisable to be using oil capsules of any type. There is the rancidity issue. All vegatable oils tend to chemically react over time. For instance the oils can react with whatever the capsule is made of.

Also it is important NOT to take the BHT at the same time as any oil. People achieving the best results with the BHT treatment take it with a gulp of water on an empty stomach.

I use olive oil and I mix one capsule of BHT in with the bottle oil to prevent rancidity. I do the same with any cooking oil I use. This prevention of rancidity is one of the original purposes BHT was used for. BHT is an excellent food preservative. That is what BHT is officially approved of for by the FDA....Oscar

Replied by Swfowkes
(Cupertino, California)
35 posts

Carol, coconut oil is one of the most stable of oils. It is mostly saturated oil (the least peroxidizable oil there is), with some mono-unsaturated oil (pretty stable), and about 2% di-unsaturated (more reactive, but less than tri- tetra- and penta-unsaturated oils). So if you want oil in a capsule, coconut oil is a good choice. But coconut oil does not have a strong taste that most people need to hide.

Any oil can be poorly protected and go rancid over time. You can somewhat protect yourself from this by taste-testing the oil in the capsule. The first taste test is to puncture the capsule with a knife or the tip of a fork prong, squeeze the oil onto your tongue, and slide it back to the rear-center of your tongue. This is where the rancidity taste buds are located.

The second taste test involves examining your gag reflex. Rancid tastes trigger a gag reflex, so you can pay special attention to your gag reflex in response to brushing your teeth with the squeezed-out oil. If there is no aggravation of your gag reflex, and you cannot taste acridity, the oil is relatively safe.

I hope this helps.

Replied by Swfowkes
(Cupertino, California)
35 posts

BHT is not generally hard to buy. It is a relatively cheap chemical and can be purchased for non-medical reasons, like, for example, making candles from fat. But there are a couple of things to know.

First, BHT comes in different purities. The technical grades are intended for use as preservatives in gasoline, oils and biofuels. They can be 96-98% pure, which translates as 2-4% impurity. You do not want this grade of BHT.

What you want is food-grade BHT. Or better. The certificate of analysis will show a purity above 99%. So if the vendor does not state FCC (food chemical codex) or equivalent certification, either look at the purity numbers or don't buy it there.

In some countries, Customs agents have an agenda to prevent their citizens from accessing nutrients, pharmaceuticals and cures of which they disapprove. If you have a shipment of BHT that is seized and you cannot negotiate its release, consider a stealth approach. Order the BHT and have it shipped to a friend where it is OK, then have your friend repackage it in a birthday card, or a T-shirt, or a paperback book. Powder can be transferred from a bottle (bulky and conspicuous) into a plastic bag (or nested plastic bags with a layer of clean paper between to minimize sound and the possibility of a puncture). Capsules can be placed in a plastic bag, adjusted into a single layer, and the sir squeezed out to make a one-capsule-thick slab, which will fit in a Christmas card.

Your friend in another country can they send it to you as correspondence, or as a gift.

If you are going to dissolve the BHT in oil after you get it, for ingestion or for topical use, the BHT can be easily melted in a double boiler on a stove and cast in a mold as a bird, donut, candle, paper weight or other "innoccuous" or artistic shape.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Good luck.

Replied by Raz

Hello, I want to buy BHT SUPPLEMENT. Is there other store here in the philippines to buy BHT? Thank you

Replied by Swfowkes
(Cupertino, California)
35 posts

Good for you. Back in the early 80s when I was getting regular reports from people about BHT and herpes, and in 1983 when John Mann and I were writing Wipe Out Herpes with BHT, we were very concerned about possible negative reactions for people with liver-centric lipid-enveloped viruses taking BHT. So we warned people not to do it without liver monitoring. But over the following decades, we had zero confirmation that people with liver viral infections had any problems with BHT, and many reports that their livers seemed to thrive on BHT, which was frankly unbelievable to me. I now suspect that the lipid-stabilizing effects of BHT on membrane antioxidants like vitamin E, beta-carotene and vitamin A is the reason--but have no expectation that this will be scientifically investigated in my lifetime. Many natural nutrients also have anti-viral activities and might synergize with your BHT program. You can read about this in the latest rewrite of the BHT Book [free PDF download from the "steve" page at Project Wellbeing (dot com), which contains all the information that was in the original Wipe Out herpes with BHT (1983) and the multiply updated BHT Toxicology Report (1984-2001)].

Where to Buy: Australia

Posted by Helens (Australia) on 04/19/2015

I was very excited to stumble across this site, and hear from other hep c sufferers . I have been taking many different supplements for years now but my viral load just keeps up and up and up... last blood test was over 5 million, and also cirrhosis is starting. I am soooo disappointed that I cannot seem to buy bht. they say they don't ship to Australia. anyone have advice for me?

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Helens from Australia, I did not know it was a problem for Australians to purchase BHT online. You can try this link:

Also, there are these online retailers:

1. LifeLinks

2. VRP [ Vitamin Research Products ].

Just type in those retailer names + BHT to find links. Then call the telephone numbers provided to find out if they sell to Australia or not. Please do report back with the results. Do they sell BHT to Australians or not ? ...Oscar

Replied by Angelica
(Nh, US)

If I were you I would fly here and get it. It will be money well spent!

Replied by Helen

Thank you all so much for replying.

I have just successfully ordered my first bht. the problem lay with my email account (and just possibly my computer skills). I would like to ask one more question which is: I currently do oil pulling twice daily for current dental problems. Should I discontinue this when I start bht??

Thanks for being here, its a been inspiring to read all yr stories as I don't know anyone else with hep c where I live and it has been very lonely and sometimes scarey and the doctors are not much help. we don't have the new treatments in Australia yet.

I will post my response to the treatment, after I have something to report. Much love to you all.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hello Helen [ Australia ]. Well, I am happy to learn there is no problem for Australians purchasing BHT. Now I am not up on this " oil pulling " stuff and have NO opinion on it`s effectiveness.

Now from what wikipedia says about oil pulling you swish the oil of choice around and about your teeth and spit it out, the same as a mouthwash. I do NOT see any problem with that and the use of BHT to treat a hepatitis C or any other viral infection.

I would wait at least one hour after doing this oil pulling treatment before taking the BHT with water only on an empty stomach. You do NOT want to mix BHT with any oil at the time it is ingested. The reason for NOT mixing BHT with any sort of oil is because: When BHT is mixed with any oil when ingested the way in which BHT is digested is very differently than when BHT is taken with water only on an empty stomach.

When BHT is mixed with an oil at the time it is ingested it is encapsulated in so called lipo-proteins . This makes it impossible for the BHT metabolites to penetrate those viral lipid coatings. That is the reason for taking BHT with water only on an empty stomach.

So, I see NO reason why you cannot continue this oil pulling treatment used as I just discussed [ wait that one hour or more ] and then take the BHT with water only on an empty stomach....Oscar

Replied by Swfowkes
(Cupertino, California)
35 posts

Helen, pulling with coconut oil is a great way to saturate gingival spaces with readily metabolizable fat and strengthen gum health. I use coconut oil to brush my teeth for the same reasons. I see no time constraints for co-use of BHT; the BHT is ingested and the pulling oil is traditionally spit out.

If you know you have an oral viral infection, there is no reason that you cannot use oil with dissolved BHT for pulling. The amount of BHT that would reach your liver from pulling would be very small, so toxicity would be trivial. But the local concentration of BHT in your gums would be higher than achievable by oral BHT consumption.

I think that chewing a tiny amount of BHT without oil and not spitting it out is also capable of raising BHT levels in gum tissues to extreme degree. While the squeeking of the BHT crystals on the teeth can drive some people batty, the fine BHT powder created by chewing mixes with saliva and wedges into gingival spaces to dissolve slowly, for example, while you sleep.

The father of one of my clients had drastic lowering of HepC viral load within weeks of taking BHT. But in his case, his load never went to zero. But he was healthy and happy, playing the best golf of his life. I suspect that his hemochromatosis was a greater health hazard than his HepC.

I'm interested in knowing what adjunctive nutritional or hormone therapies you have tried with the BHT.

Where to Buy: Bangkok

Posted by Asif (Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan) on 05/20/2013

I am going to Bangkok and I will like to purchase BHT capsules from there. I want to know name and location of store from Bangkok. Regards, ASIF

Where to Buy: Canada

Posted by Abby (Canada) on 09/19/2015

How do I get bht supplement in Canada?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Abby...You can easily buy BHT from online vendors such as this one.

Where to Buy: Greece

Posted by Kris (Greece) on 12/26/2014

How can sombody in Greece get BHt and Apple Cider vinegar?

Where to Buy: India

Posted by Indian (Andhra Pradesh) on 07/05/2014

My LAB report said that I have been infected Hepatities B antgen reactive results. and report results: reactive(3360) and says it is positive. Please advice me what. I am in India and how to get the BHT for the illness.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Indian from Andhra Pradesh, There is this here online retailer of BHT that claims a worldwide distribution of BHT and other products. This company believes in BHT as a treatment for viral infections and provides a lot of information about BHT along with selling it:

Interestingly they have come to similar conclusions as mine as to dosage. For most people: one or two doses of 250mg of BHT per day seems to be what works best for most people as a treatment for viral diseases.

I recommend starting with one 250mg of BHT for one week. If no adverse reactions are experienced start taking two 250mg of BHT per day. One dose in the morning and one at night with water on an empty stomach. If you weigh 130 pounds or less the one dose per day may be all you need to get this hepatitis B infection resolved, cured. To get truly cured takes at least 2 years of daily dosing with BHT as I described or recommended. I hope this information helps you. Please report back to this forum with your test results. Also keep this treatment simple. Do NOT take a bunch of other supplements. Many compounds react with BHT in a way that makes the treatment NOT work. The only supplement I think is OK to use with BHT is a standard multivitamin and mineral supplement. MANY compounds will screw this treatment up including: milk thistle and vitamin B supplements. Drinking grapefruit juice also makes the treatment NOT work. Those statements are based on years of feedback from people using the BHT treatment....Oscar

Where to Buy: Nepal

Posted by Om (Nepal) on 11/29/2013

Dear sir,

I am Om from Nepal and have been suffering from Hepa B since one year. I have already tried all herbal medicine which have been finding out in India for hepatitis B but I am not getting good response, instead my Hbsag titer is increasing day by day. I have decided to go through this medicine and follow all the precuation as suggested by Oscar.

I am from Nepal so it has been difficulties to find out BHT in nepal. So, could you please provide me some information so that I can order online. And another question, my weight is 53 kg, what does would be perfect for me. If I take 250mg per day, would it be better.

Waiting for your response! Thanks Om

Replied by Kusha

You can buy on obey online on it work there is no drought....or if you have friend in USA they can buy in health food store...or gnc


Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hello India, Here is a company that claims to be a world wide seller of BHT:

Also there are companies in India that make and sell BHT. I am NOT sure if they sell to people living in India or not....Oscar

Where to Buy: Nigeria

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Posted by James (Ibadan, Nigeria) on 08/10/2014

Please, I have been suffering from hepatitis b for some time. Please how can I get BHT for treatment and cure. Please I will be happy when you get back to me.

Where to Buy: Nigeria
Posted by Sexymom (Nigeria) on 08/10/2014

Please, we Nigerians are really in search for a supplier that will deliver BHT to Nigeria, all efforts to buy on net have been abortive. Immediately you input a location in Nigeria that the product should be delivered to, you instantly get a message "Product cannot be delivered to this location". I have even tried several times on Amazon as Oscar advises, it is still the same "sorry we cannot deliver to this location".

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear sexymom from Nigeria. Do YOU know what the problem is? Why Nigerians can not buy BHT? Is there some reason why your government will not allow BHT to be sold to people in Nigeria? I do hope your leaders want to have their people healthy. BHT seems to be the ONLY antiviral that is affordable for most Nigerians. I truly do NOT know what the problem is.

I do NOT know the political situation in Nigeria. I do HOPE that the USA president Obama cares about Nigerians. He is of African decent. I do hope it is NOT the USA that is the problem. You tell me because I do NOT know.

We peoples of the WORLD have to find ways of getting along with each other or spend our lives fighting each other....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hello Nigerians, I found a company that sells BHT to Nigerians. Here is a direct link to buy BHT from them:

Now this is " The Life Extension Foundation ". I spoke with a staff member of LEF. She told me she knows of NO reason why you can not purchase BHT from them. The price for non-members is $ 16.50 US dollars for one hundred 350mg capsules of BHT. Now you will need a credit card to buy it or have a friend who will let you use their credit card.

If you join LEF and become a member you can buy the BHT for $12.38 for the same one hundred 350mg capsules.

Here is some more information about LEF along with a phone number if you have any problems:

Nigeria is not listed on the countries with restrictions Do recall there sometimes being problems with credit cards from that country. If you were informed that they couldn't buy the product from us, you are welcome to contact Customer Service 1 800 678 8989 or http://[email protected] to find out.

So I very much hope this resolves this problem for Nigerians. I do recommend you start out with 1/2 of a capsule for at least a few days to make sure you have no problem with using BHT. The capsules are easy to pull apart. Then just fold the remainder in a piece of paper for the next dose. Also: I very much advise taking BHT with water only on an empty stomach for best results.

Also: Please report back to the EARTH CLINIC and let me know if this works out for you people. Also: You people need to boil any water you drink to ensure it is safe to drink. The same is true for everyone because so much of the entire world`s water is no loner safe to drink unless it is boiled first....Oscar

Quick follow up to Nigerians: There may be other payment options for buying BHT from Life Extension Foundation. Such as a BANK CHECK or MONEY ORDER if you do not have a valid credit card. You can speak with a customer service representative at: 1-800-678-8989. This is a good company. If you don`t screw them around they will sell the BHT at a good price. I have purchased BHT from them for many years. It is a good product based on my experience with them. So this should solve this problem. I still do not know what the problem was to begin with. There are NO trade restrictions regarding Nigerians buying BHT according to the woman I spoke with. She does state there were problems with Nigerians and credit cards. So if you try and scam or cheat them with invalid credit cards don`t blame me or them. I do know most Nigerians are good people but I have learned there are some Nigerians who try and scam people. The same is true of some Americans so I am NOT judging Nigerians per se. As far as I know there is NO reason you can not buy BHT from LEF. If you want this BHT do NOT try and screw them around with invalid credit card numbers. It is up to you to establish trust with these people by being honest and using valid funds. I went to the trouble to find a retailer for you. Don`t make me live to regret doing so....Oscar

Replied by Lukey
4 out of 5 stars

Dear Oscar, I sent in a post to this forum a week or so ago but it wasn't posted. Can you tell me why? It contained many of my HCV PCr test results that I thought would interest this forum and you and be of help to others. I've been reading a lot about BHT here and in the BHT ebook but I hope to contact you so I can learn more and follow up with you.


EC: Dear Lukey,

Earth Clinic moderators posted your feedback on our Viral Hepatitis page under BHT.  Oscar has nothing to do with moderating posts on Earth Clinic. Please click here to see your feedback.

Where to Buy: Philippines

Posted by Rob (Philippines) on 09/20/2014

Where can we buy this bht product ..? I'm from Philippines ...thanx oscar

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hello Rob from Philippines, Here is a link to LifeLink supplements. Please do note the information about BHT at this website:

For additional information click the " Description tab "....Oscar

Where to Buy: Zambia

Posted by Nyambe (Lusaka, Zambia) on 09/05/2016

How to buy BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) in Zambia?

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