BHT, The Virus Killer: Dosage, Uses, Side Effects

Zika Virus

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/13/2016

The Zika virus like so many other viruses appears to have a lipid coating. And because BHT has been shown to be an effective treatment for so many lipid coated viruses it does seem worth a try for the zika virus. Importantly what BHT can treat it can also prevent if taken on a daily basis.

Based on my experience with BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C the recommended dosage is one 250mg capsule of BHT taken with water on an empty stomach for people who weigh about 125 pounds. For people who weigh 175 to 200 pounds the dosage is 500mg. For people who weigh more than 200 pounds another 250mg of BHT per day may be helpful.

This dosage range is tricky. Most people are OK with that dosage range. Some people do not tolerate BHT well but most people do.

Because there are NO OTHER treatments or preventive supplements available at this time: BHT does seem worth a try. BHT does work for MANY lipid coated viruses for many but not all people.

Dr. W discusses BHT for zika virus HERE:

Dr. W along with others successfully treated his hepatitis C infection using BHT and discussed it in this forum a few years back. Trying to help, ...Oscar

EC: Thank you, Oscar! So nice to see you on the site again!

Replied by KT

Yes Oscar...nice to see you here again. What about those who weigh 100 or less and are elderly?

Replied by Rsw

Hi Oscar,

So happy to hear from you again! Hope you are feeling better and are not in pain now. We have missed you! And here you are trying to help someone, as usual.

Take care and know many prayers are being sent out for your recovery. Welcome back! You have many, many friends in Earth Clinic sending good thoughts your way.

Replied by Terence

Am in Ghana, please where do I get BHT to buy in Ghana. I can get that of ACV to buy. I also want to try the BHT. Thanks for introducing this compound.

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