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Late Stage Cirrhosis
Posted by Swfowkes (Cupertino, California) on 12/08/2015 46 posts
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The father of a client had a late-stage cirrhosis diagnosis and had been given 6 weeks to live. His HepC titer was very elevated, too. When the son emailed me his father's medical records, he included one page that the doctor's had not mentioned to the family, a ferritin measurement of 1300 (about 3-4 times normal). The father had hemochromatosis. He went on BHT and his HepC titer halved in one week and halved again in the second week. But it was aggressive blood letting (1 cup per week) that made the biggest difference in his liver status.

When asked why they didn't mention the severely elevated ferritin, the doctors said that he'd be dead in 6 weeks anyway, so it wasn't important.

Years later, the father now plays the best golf of his life. His ferritin is normal, his TIBC is high, and his HepC titers remain low.

This is a reason to always maintain some degree of doubt regarding any medical diagnosis, and the quality of the information related by your medical practitioners.

Late Stage Cirrhosis
Posted by Wayseeker (Modesto, Ca) on 04/30/2013
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Dear Oscar, I had to tell you! Marvin's scores were finally obtained, and despite doing BHT not at all well-- not consistentaly, only a small dose 1x/ day, mixed with food and his medicines (5), he still has seen his scores drop from ALT 248 and AST 303, to ALT 98 and AST 59. These are from the Veterans, so aren't listed in millions. I trust you understand them anyway. His recent bloodwork they said he hadn't had ALT/AST tests in 6 months, when he has had two tests, 3 & 5 months ago. Oddly, they didn't include these, and though they drew many vials of blood last week, have "no ALT/AST tests for 6 mths" for this visit.

He has been, during the past 3 months, doing it right, by itself, 2x/ day, w/o food, by itself. Pity they didn't give us those scores, because I'm sure they're even better. But perhaps they didn't test him at all this time.

All in all, very hopeful news. Thank you. He did have to go back on meds, as has terrible ascites and they came back.

I have one question about drinking distilled water while using BHT, and if you have any remarks on that, please reply. --The Wayseeker.

Late Stage Cirrhosis
Posted by Wayfarer (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 09/30/2012
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Dear, dear Oscar-- Marv is on his third day with BHT, and being a large man, is already on 350mg 2x per day, and feeling better than he has in a long time, as well as quite hopeful. We see you as a very important person (VIP) and speak your name often! He insists on doing just the bare minimum of Vit C, plus BHT. He's not being good about doing a tspn of oil at all. As a large man, is this neccesary? And can it be organic coconut oil?

VA is $180.00 to join, and right now, I have spent several small fortunes on various healing protocols, and can't swing it. He is, however, trying a different angle with the VA, but is told it will take 12 months at least to get any money or aid, and must begin from scratch. Can this org. help make that wait more brief? Appears all they could do is give some minimal financial support, as they claim not combat related. I smell a lawsuit with that tainted blood issue.

I will try to navigate this site better, and go to the group you mentioned. I feel like I am writing too much here, but like you, my desire to share experience of what works is very strong. Thank you. --T.

Late Stage Cirrhosis
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 09/29/2012
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Dear Wayseeker, Please have Marv join the DAV. These people are VERY good at looking out for veterans. It is what they do. They are VERY familiar with all the crap some people in the VA system do to thwart veterans and know the best ways to deal with said crap.

Also that shot I discussed earlier is a blood product. Much of the blood being used to make those injections was infected with hepatitis C.

But, this BHT treatment has worked very well for many people when NOTHING else did. So called non-responders to the conventional treatments. At this time the best results are with a dosage of between 200mg to 350mg of BHT taken on an empty stomach twice a day. Also, best results are reported by those who do NOT take milk thistle or any of it`s extracts. Do NOT mix the BHT treatment with anything other than moderate doses of vitamins. Also, I do recommend joining the BHT CURES group here:

Many people have achieved dramatic improvement in a few weeks to a few months. I do think it is at least worth trying. I want to see Marv get well like I did and so many others also. Sincerely, ...Oscar