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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Turmeric, Manjistha Powder, Moong Dal
Posted by MokiMom (San Francisco. CA) on 10/06/2021

Update: The poultice opened up a spread of tumors the size of my palm on the cat's back. I have stopped using the dal poultice because I am focused on keeping the exposed area cleaned out. There are flaps of loosened tumor with large cracks into deeper layers. I'm cleaning with a spray of sterile saline, pressing kleenex into it to remove loose surface gunk. Then I get down in there with MicrosynAH antimicrobial spray, and finally saturate the area with a strong infusion of turmeric and manjishtha and let it soak in. She brightens up and eats well after the treatment. I won't be surprised if she doesn't have long to live but if this comforts her I'm doing it.

Turmeric, Manjistha Powder, Moong Dal
Posted by MokiMom (San Francisco, CA) on 09/24/2021

This poultice is helping with a large sarcoma on my cat's back. I found it at:


I didn't see a specific recipe or how long or frequently to use it. I am mixing about 1/4 cup of warm soft-cooked moong dal with 1/2 tsp each of turmeric and manjistha. I put a thick coat of paste on the tumor and cover it with a square of unbleached muslin. Then I protect the area with a 'hospital gown' made from paper towels held in place with an elastic bandage. I leave the paste on overnight and clean it off in the morning using kleenex and a spray bottle of tea made with the same two herbs. After three nights the lesions were softened and opened up and I could gently wipe away a quantity of cheesy whitish stuff, bits of cartilage-like tumor, and hunks of dead skin. (Yes, absolute gross-out.) After the initial treatments the cat's appetite and energy were dramatically improved. I have been doing this for eight days. I am not scrubbing or forcing, just wiping away what has come loose. She seems to like the sensation of the warm paste and has been patient with the treatment. I don't know if the entire tumor will eventually fall off or what, but she feels better and the area is cleaned out, so I am calling it a win.

Here is the paragraph from the above source where I learned about this:

"One simple suggested paste is that of turmeric, manjistha, and mung dal. The area is then fomentated and squeezed gently as the tumor ripens. This procedure is repeated over and over. The goal is to draw the tumor out. This treatment is true for tumors of all three doshas, but most especially those of vata nature. Due to the application of heat and paste, the tumor should ripen and allow itself to be squeezed. If this does not occur, the tumor should be removed by surgical means. It was well known that if the entire tumor was not removed, it would surely grow back again. In the case of pitta granthi, it is recommended to apply leeches to the tumor and heat is avoided or minimized. The open wound should be washed with cool infusions of herbs and allowed to heal."

If anyone thoroughly trained in Ayurveda reads this, please comment with any further details I should know about this method.