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Posted by Dp (Louisvill, Ky) on 02/03/2010

Vet gave Annie a steroid injection last night for an ear drainage problem that antibiotics did not clear up. Annie is a semi-feral and very difficult to treat kitty. She came home last night and ate normally, but this morning is lethargic and won't touch her food. Vet says it may be due to office visit trauma. But I'm very upset and worried.

Posted by Janet (Palm Coast, Florida) on 09/24/2008

Vet has her on prednisdone 5mg and hydroxyzine 10 mg to relieve itching. Currently she is experiencing shortness of breath or panting. Sometimes at rest she does it. Would these meds cause her problem? Thanks. Oh, doc wants to do skin test on her to find out the source also.

Replied by Adia
(Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico)


Prednisone for long time use can harm your pets liver. No doubt. I have a 17 1/2 years female dog and after some infections, prednisone, phenobarbiturics etc... she is suffering liver & kidney failure. But after 2 years since last "treatment" and prohibition to give vaccines, antibiotics etc, she is still here. Is true she is very skinny but she eats a lot and dances and barks to whoever comes near the house(she never did this before).she is also almost blind but she goes around the house and to the front patio on her own.She doesn't tolerate vets food.I make her food every two days(she loves fresh made food!) And supplement with omegas, spirulina(protein!!),antioxidants,4Life Transfer Factor Plus, NO tap water, NO sugar, No junk, NO EXCUSES TO GIVE MUNCHIES and NO COMMERCIAL NOTHING.You can search and talk to Pet Alive and NZYMES.They have remedies. I use some on my oldie and on my own. Others are from HEEl lab.(homeopaths) Again,be careful with food. EXTREMELY. There are a lot of things that stimulate the inmunologic system (allergens)and a lot of venom. If you need more info come back to the page. And if you want, leave an e mail for contact.

Replied by Anna
(Philadelphia, Pa,usa)

My unspayed dog was given prednisolone -side effect: breast tumors!

Temaril P

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Posted by Diane (Rocky River Ohio) on 07/23/2017

I have a 9 year old English bulldog who has been on apoquel and constant antibiotics for allergies. She went to a new vet who suggested Temaril p. My dog started Wednesday evening with 3 pills followed by 3 pills Thursday morning and evening and Friday morning before I became concerned with her panting. I gave her 1 pill Friday night and called the vet in the morning. I gave her 1 pill Saturday morning and the vet called back in the afternoon with instructions too decrease to 2 pills and so on. I decided to only give 1 pill Saturday night and she was up all night panting. It's Sunday now and I gave her 1/2 pill as to continue reducing the dose. She is not feeling well and I am concerned. What can I do?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Diane,

The drug you are giving your dog contains prednilisone, a form of prednisone which is a steroid. The panting/feeling hot all the time leads to tanking up on water/excessive drinking. Some might consider it a normal side effect as it is very common. If your dog must be on steroids expect continued panting and perhaps offer a fan for her that she can use to cool off when she wants. One concern is to cut down on the dose too quickly; steroids doses should be gradually tapered down to avoid steroid withdrawal symptoms [weakness, joint pain, fatigue]. Due to excessive thirst you will need to make sure you factor in extra potty breaks to avoid accidents in the house. Keep in close contact with your vet if you remain concerned. Have you gotten to the bottom of why your girl is having allergic reactions?


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Posted by April (Oak Grove, Mo) on 11/06/2012

My 10 month old chow chow had reaction to Trifexis. He had it for 3 doses and I finally called Elanco and reported it. They sent a refund to the vet I bought it from. My dog was lathargic and had no appetite for 1-2 days after each dose and after the 3rd month he had strange body movements. They said they would report to ???? doggy FDA or something like that but I don't know if they did.

Unknown Medication

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Posted by Abby (Houston, Texas) on 10/11/2009

I took my dog Blanca (Maltese) on a Monday 2 years ago to the vet because she was coughing. The vet gave me some medication and told me that she thought it has something to do with sinus. Blanca died the following Wednesday. I was and I am still devastated.

I got myself a JRT and now she developed a bladder infection and I can't trust the vet. I am giving her ACV and hope that this will go away.

Replied by Myrna
(Ione, Wa)

You can also give her cranberry pill for bladder infection. I use a splash of vinegar in my dogs water because it will help them not get bladder or kidney stones.

Replied by Barbara
(New Jersey)

I have 4 dogs, 3 Dachshunds and 1 Chihuahua, I cook their food and mix my own flea and tick spray, the coughing is a scary thing and should be checked for heart problem if it ever happens again.

I do not trust the dog food companies and would never again use flea and tick drops, they poison our animals. I have had no problem with using my spray made from essential oils, dogs smell good too.

Vibramycin / Doxycyclin

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Posted by Cielle (Athens, Greece) on 03/06/2015


I saved a cat that I found out in the snow a few weeks ago... she was fine and strong apart from one blocked nostril ( on and off ) due to upper respiratory disease... I took her to the vet as she got worse and got all blocked up and would not eat. He prescribed Vibramycin / Doxycyclin and she has just gotten way way worse.. the blocked nose has cleared up but she makes noise like she is in pain whenever I pick her up to move her and was just basically looking very unwell and down...

I just thought that she was ill due to the respiratory thing and since I don't usually give cats any conventional meds, thought that perhaps it just takes some time for them to kick in... But today she is really tilting her head to the side, she was not able to keep her balance and actually fell to the side... I looked at the side-effects and saw that it said something about "pressure in the head" (translating from Greek medication notes... ) and that if one feels it to immediately stop... I have stopped it and hope she gets better... I called the vet and he said he had never heard of this happening with this medication and that she could have already had something underlying causing this... I just don't believe it, she was absolutely fine with her head and balance etc... I know it is the antibiotic and feel very sorry that I gave it to her... I mean it says "don't give to pregnant women" and "don't give to children under 8" in the medication notes!! What on earth would make anyone think it is ok to give to small animals!!! ???

Replied by Cielle

ok, so it turns out the the Vibramycin somehow caused an inner ear thing to get going in my cat... So perhaps it wasn't a "side-effect" as such, but didn't cover what was causing the ear infection and let it get out of control...

She is now on baytril and cortisone for ear infection - seems to have cleared up a great deal - but yesterday started collecting fluid under her skin at the base of her OTHER ear... And who knows what has caused all of this and whether she would have been better off on no medication in the first place...

I am going to wean her off cortisone and stop antibiotic soon... I just hope the ear infection won't come back and that the fluid will go away... and try to never ever put her on meds again - I have managed to avoid them for all of my other cats and dogs...

Xylazine and Atropine

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Posted by Patricia (Laurel, Maryland) on 09/08/2008

I took my dog in to a Veterinarian to be neutered and he injected him with Xylazine & Atropine for a sedation prior to a surgery and he died within minutes. The vet in question used a 100 mg/ml bottle which states for large animals only Cattle, horses & cervidae not reccommended for small animals. I am devastated and traumatized by this and wanted you to know about this. It was not a vaccine as such but FDA reports over 740 animals of all different species have died. The side effects are so horrible. Mutley was my dog's name and I miss him terribly everyday. Why would anyone use this drug? I have found vets that use this for euthenaisia. I had to subject my dog to a necropsy to find out what I already knew, that he was found to be a normal and healthy dog. He was only 2 yrs 10 months old. I fear many more animals will die under this veterinarian's care. No surgery ever took place. Note that the FDA has only the reports that were filed. I am sure there are many more ,as this vet told me that these things happen. I am sure that others let it go. I am not. The clinic treated me very badly and even threatened to sue me if I told any one that my dog died there. Thank you for reading my story. Sincerely, Patricia Deeds 301-497-7692 Should you need to contact me.

Replied by Linda
(West Newfield, Maine)

You go Patricia!! Just the fact that you were threatened tells me a LOT. And I'm so sorry for your loss. Stay strong!!

Replied by Guenady
(Nice, France)

I am so sorry to read about your loss and the horrible way your vet treated you. Your motivation to do something is the same as mine, my dog died in great suffering, and that can't be undone, but other potential victims can be warned. I agree, go to it, but don't expect lots of help from the authorities. You need to file a complaint with the veternary licensing board, and you will need the results of your necropsy. I presume it was not done by the same vet. He would not incriminate himself. Do include in your complaint that you were threatened with a lawsuit, in order to keep you silent. You might also contact one of a number of associations that have the courage to help with advice regarding complaints against vets. Here's a good one : , email : [email protected] . The only way to make vets more responsible, since their professional associations aren't doing the job, is to call them to account. They operate a business like any other, but worse because they can and do kill our loved ones. You might also consult a lawyer about filing a complaint, first for the death of your pet, then for the threats. Hope you had witnesses, but even if not, file the complaint because the vet will have to give an explaination, and even if he lies and it's your word against his, he will think twice about doing the same thing again. Be brave!

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