Pet Medication Side Effects & Drug Detox

Xylazine and Atropine
Posted by Patricia (Laurel, Maryland) on 09/08/2008
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I took my dog in to a Veterinarian to be neutered and he injected him with Xylazine & Atropine for a sedation prior to a surgery and he died within minutes. The vet in question used a 100 mg/ml bottle which states for large animals only Cattle, horses & cervidae not reccommended for small animals. I am devastated and traumatized by this and wanted you to know about this. It was not a vaccine as such but FDA reports over 740 animals of all different species have died. The side effects are so horrible. Mutley was my dog's name and I miss him terribly everyday. Why would anyone use this drug? I have found vets that use this for euthenaisia. I had to subject my dog to a necropsy to find out what I already knew, that he was found to be a normal and healthy dog. He was only 2 yrs 10 months old. I fear many more animals will die under this veterinarian's care. No surgery ever took place. Note that the FDA has only the reports that were filed. I am sure there are many more ,as this vet told me that these things happen. I am sure that others let it go. I am not. The clinic treated me very badly and even threatened to sue me if I told any one that my dog died there. Thank you for reading my story. Sincerely, Patricia Deeds 301-497-7692 Should you need to contact me.