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Posted by Rick (Huntington Beach, Ca ) on 06/13/2008

Cortizone shot: I had 12 year old Lab in healthy condition.Within two weeks he begin vomiting became lethargic. Took him to the vet died two days later.dont know if the cortizone shot weakened his resistance or not. Vet said he died of a bacteria that went toxic.

Replied by Romina
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I didn't know of any of these side effects when my dog got the shot. He is 3 years old now and has about 4 of these shots. He has very bad allergies and itching all his life but the treatment for that is too expensive for me. The shots seemed to work fine with him for about 2 months but the itching would return. He's never seemed to have any of the side effects listed only that he would drink more than the normal amount of water. Thank you all for your posts I will be sure to NEVER get him that shot again. Are there any ideas of anything else to do to stop the itching??

Replied by Mountainlady
(Bakersfield, Ca)

My black lab has had skin itching most of his 12 years. After many useless trips to the vet, my feed supplier suggested changing his food. We now feed all natural products with no chicken or beef products or by products. He cannot tolerate the grains or glutins in anything. He is now fed duck and potato canned food and a glutin, meat and grain free dry food for several years. His skin condition has improved greatly and the itching has stopped. Most of the time, I have found the allergies are caused by food. The vet didn't bother to tell us that and would rather medicate than suggest a change in the diet. Unless of course they are able to sell you the food. Don't fall for that either. We also found that he is allergic to a lot of stuff in treats. When he starts itching again, we stop what ever is new to his diet. Now he gets dry white bread toast pieces for a cookie treat and he has no problem with that. They are crunchie and he loves them.

Replied by Max
(Monterey, Ca)

hello.. We just took our 6 year old beagle to the vet because his ears were itchy. Vet said ears were just red inside and gave him a coritsone shot and some ear drops it has been 4 days and he has drank a ton of water, seems uncomfortable and peeing a lot. Vet said he would drink and pee a lot. After reading everyones comments I will never go the cortisone route again. thank you all for your comments even though many of them are heart breaking..

Replied by Ariana
(Berkeley, CA)


Steroids are often prescribed to suppress allergic reactions to things, the most common of which is a food allergy. Therefore it is infinitely better to try changing your pet's diet. There is a lot of information about this on the web...but many people believe that animals are not meant to eat grains, which is widely used in dog and cat foods. I now believe it is the source of many problems for cats in particular. It led my cat to getting IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) which led the vet to prescribing Presnisolone (steroid) which she has been on the last 2+ years. Steroids suppress the animal's natural immune system and my cat apparently got a kidney infection sometime and I think didn't have the ability to fight it...that's why I'm dealing with now. ugh. Poor thing...she is weak and now on steroids and antibiotics. (You have to wean them off steroids slowly...)


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Posted by Redragtop (Pocomoke City, Maryland) on 06/30/2014

My beloved 10 year old Siamese cat was in distress from fleas, so I called our local vet for some help. Our Vet was not in, but his nice young associate helped us. He agreed that my baby showed signs of an allergy to fleas, and gave him two Depo-Medrol shots to make him "feel better in a couple of days", and sold me a topical flea medication for "instant relief". This was on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, my cat stuck to me like glue. I couldn't leave his sight. He wouldn't eat, but I could get him to drink water. At bedtime, I put him in my bed. After several hours, my baby woke me up with a terrible cry, and started with a seizure. He had seizures all night long, and passed at 4:45 Sunday morning.

Now, I find out that Depo can cause kidney failure .... the vet didn't warn me ...... it was supposed to make him feel better .....

Replied by Diamond
(Ma, US)

To Redragtop, owner; I am so sorry for your loss, I know how it feels to lose your loving pets. I hope in time your sorrow and pain will go away. I guess like most of us learn the hard way, there are no real answers, right or wrong, but we do learn from mistakes made. She is still with you in spirit and will let you know he is still there with you. God Bless.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Redragtop!

I am very sorry for your loss.

Please report the death of your dear Siamese to your vet. At the very least, blood work should have been performed prior to giving your cat this injection to ensure your cat's organs were able to process this synthetic steroid properly.

What a senseless loss - I am so sorry.



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Posted by Jim (Renovo, Pa) on 04/24/2011



his weight is 75 pds and was given 37 mg per day.

the vet felt it was not the DERAMAXX . He was fine until I gave him this pill. day after I stopped it he is back to about 80% and is peeing and walking .

pupils have returned to normal and he is loving dog he has always been.

folks STAY AWAY FROM DERAMAXX, I know it works on some dogs but I believe if I would not have stopped it after 4th day my lab would be dead. Not blaming the vet but it is not SAFE for every dog. vets feel its like aspirin, ITS NOT AND COULD KILL YOUR DOG.

Replied by Lorant
(Tryon Nc)

Would not be surprised at this at all.... The Dermaxx is a recycled drug that the FDA banned for humans, you may remember.... It is VIOXX!! Killed a lot of people and many others nearly died of side effects. The Big Pharma companies do this quite often with defective human drugs, just shift them over for use at the vet's office. Most people do not know this! No money lost this way... Sad, huh??


Posted by Cheyenne (Lakewood, Colorado) on 07/21/2011

I had a cat who died very suddenly at 4 1/2 years of age, he was fine the evening before, dead the next morning. I had a room mate at that time who was on 475 mg effexor and I have seen her drop pills. Would effexor have been deadly if my cat had swallowed one pill? What other causes could there have been for him who was healthy to all of a sudden die?


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Posted by Skozrt (Los Angeles ) on 02/15/2021

Generic Frontline (Fipronil) for small dogs, 1/2 vial on 8 lb chihuahua causing daily seizures.

Flea Medication

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Posted by Keynote (Oregon) on 03/02/2017

There is Vet here in Oregon, that loves animals and he charges the most reasonable prices and he is good guy. My cat really likes him a lot . I think he is cat whisperer My 11 year old indoor cat, fuffy was itching like crazy she was itching her rump tail and ear Fuffy was examine fleas so he gave her comfortis I went home was super scared to give the pill to her so I cut the pill in half and gave it to her the next 30 minutes fleas were dead or dying hours later Fuffy smelled like chemicals and fishy ..then I ran and read the side effects/reviews I was in utter shocked at how many people pets died within hours or days of taking it, I called VETS the receptionist said, well there are side effects with some pets! Death is side effect holey moley ...we quickly mixed up charcoal and gave it to her for three days and put her a nice warm sea salt bath for 20 minutes this pulls poisons out of her system. She survived. Anyhow after the all the fleas were dead she was still itching her rump, so we stopped her food and put her on tuna with a 1/2 tsp, of organic 100% pure pumpkin mixed in with tuna and all the itching stopped and her anal gland was back to normal . I wonder if the swelling of the gland was an allergic reaction to her food.

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Medications

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Posted by Katie (Albany, Ny) on 09/04/2011

Anybody's dogs have reactions to Vectra 3D for fleas and ticks. My dog is all scabby and has blisters where I put it on his back, the vet said it was his allergys, BUT it's only where I put the stuff.. Any response will help.. TY

Replied by Lindak220
(Hoffman Estates, Il, Usa)

I know your post is from Sept 2011; however, I found a spot on WebMD for pets after experiencing a terrible reaction with my 3 yr old shih tzu. I have since bathed her and will be starting her on a ground turkey / rice diet. She is on day 2 of diarreah and has experienced hyper activity as well as increased heartbeat. I read in the email thread that between small dogs and cream colored dogs (my dog fits both criteria) this flea / tick med should not be used. I also read on a 50/50 combo of ACV/Water to help prevent ticks; I am going to be looking in to that closer as it is natural.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

As one homeopathic vet said, one must be very naive to believe that a poison that goes into the blood to kill parasites will not harm the host. It is a fact that animals so treated routinely and less, do not ever have a long life span or no unwelcome effects from the body with a message, that poison kills. One breeder of German Shepherds knows they live only eight years and still uses these poisons.

I have always flea combed my cats and did little, if ever any spraying but with ACV .

Here in Canada, and I am sure, across the border, there are essential oil orange house cleaning products that also work very well on dogs and very diluted, on cats, too. Here I use TKO and it keeps the skin soft as well I have noticed that TKO also works on red mites.

As I make a lot lemon/lime drinks, I use the skins in a gallon glass bottle filled with white vinegar. If there is sun, it can be put out on the porch. Otherwise in about three weeks it should be ready for spray cleaning jobs and spraying dogs. For cats it is also good to use a solution with water and ACV.

So there are good results and economy. Your pet will benefit greatly and put any poisonous "remedies" far away from usage.

Even a solution of ACV is very effective though probably has to be used more frequently. It pains me when vets sell their poison and pretend they care for animals. People, wake up and be critical and research anything suggested by them, avoiding results of "clinical trials" and visit the links on holistic usages.

Namaste, Om

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Medications
Posted by Skeeterone (Pegram, Usa) on 08/28/2011

Read lots of posts about pet's vaccines, diet, etc.

Does anyone have any comments on Heartguard or Tri-Heart Heartworm meds when given to herd dogs?

I do warn that even a dog like mine, a Fila Braziliero Mastiff, that has some herd dog in her breeding background should not be given Heartworm meds. I have never given the meds before, I read extensively. I had never given the heartworm meds before because it is so toxic. But with weather changing all over the country I decided the chance of heartworms was becoming so prevalant that I would go ahead and go against my true feelings. I treat my lawn, my dogs (also toxic) for fleas, no stagnant water, etc.

My Fila puppy was 3 mos old when I first gave her the meds. She has been itching and biting herself intensely ever since, I tried everything, vet said probably an allergy but did not venture a guess as to any possibility except diet or flea control. I have tried everything, from hydrocodone spray, to creams, a weak clorex bath, apple cider vinegar, changing her diet, etc. Never used too much flea control dip.

I discontinued the heartworm meds, just a week ago. She seems some better for the first time in almost 4 mos. She has always had a beautiful coat, and seemed to have healthy skin, etc. Now there is some breaking out on her inter legs, not on her body which is the main area she scratches and bites on. Maybe the the breakout is kinda like measles, or chicken pox in humans. Maybe the allergy has moved to the skins service and is going to go away.

I also have given her vitamin C in the form of calcium absorbate because she was a winter pup and to help her immune system and MSM a natural sulfur that I gave her for a birth defect in her spine. I discontinued both for now.

I just wondered if anyone has had any bad side-effects from giving their pet heartworm meds.

I know there are much worst side effects and damage that heartworm meds can do than just itching. I also have found thru reading that its easier to get rid of heartworms, than to treat the side effects that sometime never go away. I hope my baby girl, Jazzi, is not one of the unlucky ones due to my error. After reading the posts in this website, I'm almost afraid to give her a rabies shot.

Where is all of this going to stop. The food that we and our pets buy is unhealthy for us, and meds are the same and getting worse or else all the info we have now is just now coming to light for people like me. It's all about greed as far as the profitable situation that selling all these poision products are putting big companies that we once trusted....... We can no longer know anything is safe.... Not for sure.

Unless we grow our own garden and slaughter our own animals for food for us and our beloved pets. Even then the enviroment is questionable also.

Would hope to read someone's experience with heartworm meds. Or learn any info that I might not have read or heard about. There seems to be there's nothing that's safe. Years ago there was worry of plagues, now we have to worry about vaccines, meds, and most everything that was put into place originally for eraticating disease. Now only profit seems to be the issue with big business for man and his best friend.

Thanks for reading, May God Bless all the humans and pets adversely affected by the state of our world.


Replied by Gregory
(Dfw, Texas)

We have a boxer mastiff and a greyhound. We live in the southern part of the US and there are many mosquitoes during damp wet warm weather. Both of our dogs have been on the Tri Flex - heartworm, tick, flea combo.

My greyhound showed a swollen ridge around the back of his neck. Then on this seaon the first dose he got a large black spot on his tounge, he was lethargic and he kept contstanly looking back at his hind quarter. A week or two later large black spots formed on both upper side of his hind quarter. Afraid this might be kidney, adrenals, or liver, I did not give him the next months dose and he has cleared up nicely.

Greyhound got his energy back with normal alertness. Everytime he goes out I spray him with full strength Listerine which he doesnt seem to mind. And I give him herbal wormwood just in case. I am praying that he test out negative again in six months. The boxer mastiff just seems agitated all of the time since he went on Tri Flex and both had started bad dreams after they went on it. Its a tough call.

Replied by Melanie
(Tennessee, US)

I have a 9 month old American Bully pitbull puppy. He got his first 6 month tri heart heartworm shot today and he is really lethargic. He is normally very active during the evenings. But all he is doing is sleeping. He stares into space and freaks out over something that isn't there. Is he going to be ok? He was on the tri heart pill and he was fine. But now im worried about the shot. I got it for him bc I am moving and I wouldn't have the money to get he pill for a month or two. Is lethargy a common side effect from this or is it something I should be worried about?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Melanie!

You should contact your veterinarian immediately and report the side effects you are seeing.

I think you have your meds mixed up. Tri-heart is an oral ivermectin/pyrantel combo drug that is given monthly to prevent heartworm as well as other common worms in the GI tract such as roundworms. The only injectable heartworm medication is Proheart 6 - lasts for 6 months, and the working drug for that product is moxidectin. The side effects you are seeing - lethargy - is associated with moxidectin. This drug was pulled from the market because it caused many adverse reactions and deaths among pets that administered this drug. The manufacturer made some changes to make it safe[er], and it was then re-released, however the product website states that if you notice any side effects to contact your veterinarian immediately as if may be a life threatening situation:

Replied by Charlotte

I have a miniature Schnauzer. She has some sort of hallucinations while she is on the heart worm medicine about halfway through the month. She runs in terror, hiding in corners and under beds. Her heart is racing and she can't be calmed. I am afraid to give her more heart worm medicine. I am researching alternative ways to prevent heartworms. I already get her blood tested for all the yearly shots. She has not needed the yearly shots for three years because she shows plenty of antibodies in her blood.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Charlotte!

Read up on EC's heartworm remedy page on this:

While it can be used to treat a heartworm infestation, it can also be used to prevent one and it would seem to be a product that would be helpful for you.

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Medications
Posted by rocketmann80 (Blytheville, Arkansas USA) on 06/23/2009

my coment is about the Vet's advice, and how bad my cat was harmed by ME, taking my cat to the vet., and how frontline failed. It can cause some serious side effects, if used all the time. Also never let your cat get dipped, I have photos of the torture my best friend went through, I will blame myself forever, for not asking,WHAT IS A FLEA DIP, AND WHAT DO YOU DO TO MY CAT DURING A FLEA DIP! Thank you, Janet

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Medications
Posted by Terry (West Palm Beach, FL) on 06/09/2009

Dog medications for fleas/ticks/heartworm: My daughter has a 15 month old, 88 pound Golden Retriever. Her vet recommended a monthly flea/tick medicine. "Riley" is not the same puppy after this treatment. He is lethargic and sad. I recommended garlic in his food. The vet said absolutely NOT! I've read articles all over the internet, and garlic is given. There are small ticks on him when we walk him. Fortunately they come right off. What can we use to keep fleas/ticks off him that is safe? Why don't vets want garlic used? I cry seeing him after these treatments. So many pets get cancer, and I think it must be related to their food and these toxic medications.

Replied by Gayle
(Birnamwood, Wi)

I use and have been very happy with a horse fly repellent that I get at a farm store. It is organic and safe to use on cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age. I just spray it on when I notice any bugs starting to bother my pets. Works great for mosquitoes flies, ticks, fleas, gnats and lice.

Replied by Natalie
(Greenbelt, Maryland)

Gayle, could you please give us the name of this repellent? Thank you!

Replied by Julie
(Coventry, England)

Hi, I would recommend sprinkling turmeric and cayenne onto your dog's food. It appears the ticks and fleas don't like the smell. My dog spends alot of time in The New Forest and the area is rife with ticks. He has not had one. Forget what the vet says, these toxic chemicals he is selling you can cause brain problems as well as affecting the nervous system. GO NATURAL.

Replied by Sp
(Lavergne, Tn)

Hi, In regard to the garlic. How much garlic can I give my dogs? Thank you.

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

An idea for mosquitoes that dogs can safely be given black walnut hull (powdered), I use it myself. It stops them from biting among its other positive qualities.

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Medications
Posted by Sheri (Wylie, Tx) on 05/16/2009

I just want to warn those of you that still use the veterinary obtained or medicinal (internal, spray, or spot drop) flea / tick repellents: I recently read about someone, that really touched my heart with his story of killing his dog by using such items on it. These products can cause cancer to your pet. It is a chemical, it is toxic to the fleas and you are putting it on your beloved pet and using your pet like a flea magnet so when the they get bit the flea dies, think about what is running through your pet's body, veins, bloodstream and organs that is so potent to kill fleas and the eggs. I used them for years and never had any animal die with cancer but I will tell you what he said makes sense; animals are a magnet for fleas, so by pumping their bodies full of toxins / chemicals that kill fleas if they bite them, what are we doing to our pets, and what does this say about us as a human race. I am in no way judging anyone...just wanted to share!

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Medications
Posted by Bev (USA) on 04/22/2008


Hi, My dog when she was 2, ( a golden retriever/lab mix) was started on Program the one with flea control and heartwomer. She developed ITP. A autoimmune problem with her platlets. She had to be put on predisone because her platlets were so low. She had a bone marrow biopsy, an ultrasound and many blood tests. She is finally went into remission and has been very good for many years. So I know that it was not her but the medication. If it was her it would have stayed not gotten better when she was taken off of it. I know other dogs have actually died because of this drug. they went into the same autoimmune except it attacked the red blood cells instead and the dogs died. Just thought you should add this to your problem meds. thanks Bev B.


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Posted by Julee Johnson (Medina, Ohio, Usa) on 02/25/2011


I read on here that a women's Border Collie had seizures when her dog was on Heart Guard. I do not keep my Border Collie mix on Heart Guard year round. She has had three seizures that I have witnessed over the years. I went through her records and she was on Heart Guard at the time of all three seizures. I don't think I'll put her back on it and I'll be curious to see if she has anymore.

Replied by Doug
(San Antonio, Texas)


Ivomectrin should not be used on Border Collies it absolutely causes siezures. We chose Advantage Multi based on research and advice from several other Border Collie owners. Our two year old Border Collie has had no problems with Advantage Multi.

Replied by Michael
(Chilliwack, B.c. Canada)

Ivermectin destroyed maggie's nerves... (my first border collie)....


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Posted by Lisa (Lilburn, GA) on 01/21/2009

Side Effects to Pet's Medication: The day after giving my 43 lb Shepherd mix her Heartguard heartworm medication containing ivermectin, her face and upper lip swelled up. She looked as if she had been stung by a bee, but it's Winter here and she had no sign of insect bites. There are no other possible explanations. The vet thoroughly checked her out and couldn't find the source of the problem. He did not suggest an allergic reaction to Ivermectin. However, after researching the drug I found out that facial swelling can be a side effect. Benadryl has helped a little, and we placed her on antibiotics just in case there is a local infection.

Replied by Teresa
(Mccomb, Mississippi)

I have 11 beautiful dogs. Needless to say I am an animal lover and live well below poverty level, but I try very hard to take care of my dogs. I have been giving my dogs ad diluted mixture of Ivermectin for years for all worms, including heart worms.
The mixture was given to me from a kennel in Louisiana. BEWARE, Ivermectin is very strong in small doses and is very hard to give to a small dog, but at this time my dogs are doing well on it and it IS NOT recommended for COLLIE BREEDS.

FOR ANOTHER NOTE.... my full blooded Siberian Husky had a toxic reaction to it as well. She started walking like she was drunk and weak, had shallow breathing and at one point she quit breathing. I researched and found that this was a definite side effect from Ivermectin. I took her off it immediately and put her back on a monthly pill from the vet. The pill still has Ivermectin, it says so on the packet, but the dosage is so miniscule compared to my personal mixture. I do believe however in my personal opinion only, that her hyperactivity had some cause in her having a reaction. My other 10 dogs are doing well and haven't had any side effects and none have never tested positive for worms of any kind.

Replied by Karen
(Idaho Falls, Id)


My sister-in-law raises show shelties and has done so for at least 20 years. She informed me that it is a known fact that shepherd breed dogs are highly allergic to ivermectin- it should NEVER be prescribed for herding dogs as it is known to be fatal to them. That vet should never have given it to a shepherd mix.

Replied by Itsytexan
(Houston, Tx)


The rule is "White Feet Don't Treat", which I have recently learned the hard way. My vet gave my dog heartworm preventative with Ivermectin in it and she almost died. I have since learned that some dogs, often the ones with tan or brown bodies and white feet (hence the rule) have a gene mutation that makes then sensitive to Ivermectin. It basically goes straight to their brain. It's ugly. The vet never should have given this dog, that was a stray with 4 white paws and looks like an aussie/lab mix (aussies, collies, and a few other breeds are more likely to have the sensitivity). And when she saw that my dog could barely walk, she should have known what was happening. Please spread the word about this.

kristina poole

My dog got very sick, diarrhea, staring /spacing out, lethargic, and quit walking after a 12-month heart guard shot. She is a shitzu mix. Is she going to get better or worse? She received the shot 3.5 weeks ago.

Replied by Cheryl
(Fort Worth, Texas)


I have used Iverectin for over 20 years from Mastiffs to Mini Schnauzers, Am Staffs, Jack Russels.. One of my Am Staffs is solid white and she has done great on it, I have never had a problem with it at all, but I was warned years ago, NEVER give to them while they are hot.. So I dose mine early morning.. That may be part of the problem with some of the effects some have seen using it.

Replied by Cinmorin
(Edmundston, Nb, Canada)

We gave my Aussie 105mg of pyrantel (which seems to contains Ivermectin) two weeks ago and she had two seizures in the next 8 days. We were devasted and didn't know what to think. I asked 3 vets about it and only one seemed to believe it may not necessarily be epilepsy... She has been seizure free for 4 days now, but I'm still anxious about it... Is there something we can do or a mediation that could help her recover? I'm scared it could worsen...

Replied by Jilbert57
(Brinnon, Wa, Usa)


I have a 5 year old aussie/heeler who I give Interceptor to monthly for heartworm prevention. I was told by two different vets not to use a medicine with Ivermectin in it as the herding breeds are subject to seizures from it.


if nothing else start charcoal powder in the dog's water immediately!


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Posted by Bob (Brea, Ca) on 10/13/2016

Yup. Sadie was having the chewing and itching problems. She was also pawing at her left ear. Vet gave her a Kenalog shot and saw an infection in her ear. Usual lethargy, drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot ensued.After 9 days of cream treatment for the ear, I took her for a follow up. Vet said infection was getting better but gave her an anti-biotic shot as well. When I got home I looked at the bill and saw it was another kenalog shot. I had a cow! Friend of ours just passed the boards to be a veterinarian. Called her.I called the vet and reported the side effects and the receptionist noted them for her records. Receptionist said a second one wouldn't hurt. Another week and no return call or follow up. Last night she strained for over ten minutes to poop. No more Kanalog for my dog!

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