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Dandruff Shampoo
Posted by Tbug53 (Douglas, Ga, Usa) on 06/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I rescued a mixed-breed dog that was in horrible condition.. Severe hair loss, open bleeding sores all over his body, not to mention the stench... Poor thing I figured that the Vet would recommend we put him down. The Vet diagnosed him with Mange and started treatments of daily shampooing with a very expensive shampoo ($32/16oz) medication twice a day... Needless to say the dog did clear up hair grew back after 6 mos and $633 only to have the Mange come back twice as bad if you stopped the "treatment".. Well after going thru 3(6mos) of treatments and over $1000 invested and the shampoo was discontinued ( no reason ever given) we started checking other ways of "curing" this problem..

Now it has been 3 yrs since the Vet's treatments and we are very happy to say that Puppy is doing great... Beautiful coat, skin healthy and pink.. Our cure!!! A good dandruff shampoo every 2 weeks!! That's right a dandruff shampoo... We stumbled upon this by accident as Puppy needed a bath and I thought why not try the dandruff shampoo... By the Grace of God it worked. The open sores healed, the scaly skin cleared up, the smell was gone and his coat came in thick and shiny.. What more can you ask for??

I don't know how/why it works but it did for Puppy and a couple of more dogs that I have told their owners to at least try it and had the same results..

Well this is my story if it helps someone relieve the suffering of their dog then I will have done my best

General Feedback
Posted by Bam Bam's Mom (Millsboro, De, USA) on 05/27/2012

Our Bam Bam passed away yesterday with a long bout of Demodectic Mange. He was only 6 months old. We tried everything and at one time we thought we had it cured. He actually got hair back and played and was back to living but only a few weeks ago it came back with such a vengence that nothing was working. He passed away with us holding him. I will never forget this experience. NEVER. we tried everything. I hope anyone who has a puppy who has this to be prepared. WE MISS YOU OUR FRIEND OUR LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR SHORT LIFE. LAUGHTER HAS BEEN SILENCED FOR NOW. LOVE MOM AND DAD.

Borax, White Vinegar
Posted by Dianne (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/14/2012
1 out of 5 stars

I have used apple cider vinegar for about four months on my dog and his mange problem has not gone away. These home remedies are a joke is there an injection or pill vets can provide to you?

Vapor Rub
Posted by Angelica (High Point, Nc) on 05/07/2012
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I did try the vapor rub and it only helps with the scratching and licking for about 2 hours then she sleeps so I guess it soothes her at night I apply it and Im looking for something else... because she walks around stinking like medicine....ewww....but shes not scratching for awhile and can sleep because I think it cools her down with the medicine.

General Feedback
Posted by Diana (Belleville, Il/usa) on 04/22/2012

To help the immune system, give some probiotics, like acidophilus. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria with the bad ones. Antibiotics can cause diarrhea & constipation because the good bacteria aren't there to help the food digest. Probiotics help replace the good bacteria. Also oils in with food, vegetable oil, a little cod liver oil, extra vitamins. I hope your dog got better. Rub oil on skin to kill mites & relieve itching. Possibly make a paste of ground oatmeal for itching.

General Feedback
Posted by Diana (Belleville, Il ) on 04/22/2012

Have you tried rubbing oil on the skin, any vegetable oil. I had heard the oil coats the insect's skin & since they breathe through their skin, it suffocates them. I would also try things they can eat to build up the immune system. Garlic was mentioned, also sulfur, eggs contain sulfur, also MSM from the vitamin section, which is a sulfur compound. And the brewer's yeast helps for some B vites.

Posted by Liza (Houston, Tx) on 04/12/2012

I used 2 parts water, 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 2 tbsp of borax powder (the brand I bought from Target) and applied it to my dog's skin. My dog has been to the vet for two times and the prescribed medicines did not work.

The borax solution will not work right away. I applied it to my dog about 7 times. It did not totally stop it but it relieved the itching about 60%. It was recommended here that I used lavender oil or grapeseed oil in-between days of the borax solution application but I used organic coconut oil instead. It worked. Since then everytime I notice my dog begnning to scratch, I generously apply coconut oil to the skin. The upside to using the oil is the dog can lick it and it won't harm her. I no longer use the borax solution although I was sure it killed 80% of the demodex mites and the coconut oil just suffocated them, sort of giving the finishing touches. I've been using coconut oil for the past four months and my dog does not show any sign that she still has demodex mange. The organic coconut oil's brand is ______ that we bought online. Hope this will help.

General Feedback
Posted by Deanna (Millsboro, De Usa) on 03/29/2012

I have been treating bam bam for about a month now with the peroxide and borax treatment. He is doing great. I have cut back to only doing the treatments once a week now but he still gets flair ups (red bumps) when I do the treatments. It was great to finally see hair growing back. My question is how long do you do these treatments? How do you know the mites are gone. Thanks

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Jacinta (Cowpens, Sc) on 03/19/2012

I have a little hound mix that has started loosing his hair in several places at first it was just a "hot spot" on his back. I thought he might be getting into something in the yard but we have another dog aswelll that is fine>?? so after a little reserch I realized that alot were using veggie oil! As a kid we dipped them in burnt motor oil now there are sites that show the warning an effects frm motor oil so I was worried I wouldnt be able to find a home remady... After reading ur post we applied veggie oil all over him lol he was so cute the way he acted while I was rubbing that oil on him. So today is the first day I hope this will work an his bald spots will grow new hair not sure how long I have to keep oiling him up an do I give him a bath the next day after I applyed it, then repeat for several days??? please give me some feed bk on how to go about treating him plz thx for all the ideas hope this works.... Its great for people who dont have the mny to continue to take there pets to The vet when times are hard.. there monthy an yearly shots are enough as is so if any one cld help me figure out how long an what to do I wld be greatfull thxxx bunches....

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Lynn (Peculiar, Mo) on 12/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My dog had a 2" diameter circle of mange on her back and I made a paste of diatomaceous earth and water and smeared it over the raw, hairless and black speckled area. I left it on for 2 days and then washed it off. Her skin was pink and healthy. Absolutely amazing. I put 1 tsp into her food every day and she has had no further skin issues.

Posted by Lee (Singapore) on 03/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

@David from Dublin & @Toni from Las Vegas: I was at my wit's end in finding a cure for my puppy's demodectic mange when I came across your posts.

My puppy had a traumatic demodectic mange experience which included an overdose of Ivermectin such that she went blind for a couple of days from the side-effects, before the vet flushed the insecticide out from her system. That was three weeks ago.

Since then she was placed on the Amitraz spray. That didn't seem to show much effect, and I noticed my puppy was scratching quite a bit, and there were pimples showing on her head and body, plus some shedding of her coat.

After reading your posts today, I decided to experiment with mixing mustard powder into her shampoo. After her bath, I applied some of the mustard mixture into the Aloveen conditioner and massaged them onto her skin.

It's been 12 hours since my puppy's bath and I noticed she had not scratched herself even once. Shall keep the routine for the next few days and hopefully, the results will be good.

Thank you!

Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Kris (Gold Coast, Australia) on 02/15/2012

So glad to read your post. My poor little Tibetian spanial puppy has an awful case of demodex around his right eye. It's swollen and so itchy we've had to put a cone on him. I was thrilled when I read about the nappy rash ointment because I can apply that around his eye unlike a lot of the other treatments. Hope it works - will get back on here and give it a thumbs up if it does.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Chan (Singapore) on 02/12/2012
4 out of 5 stars

Hi Ted, this is a great website. I have a westie which was diagnosed with Demodex mange and has been living with it for 5 years.... Inflamed toes... Black belly.. Torn skin... Bloody tail... Lotsa dried blood.. Etc etc. Its usually the ivermectin, heartworm tablets and lotsa $$$ that is spent at the vet which temporarily gets rid of the demodex.

Now I have discovered ACV. Today is the 3rd day of ACV in his food and he is no more scratching at all.

I intend to start giving my baby some multi-vitamin tablets and would like to know whether those sold over the counter consumed by humans can be given to my westie. If not, what brand of pet multivitamin would be good? Which ingredients in the vitamin tablets should I stay away from.

I have also placed an order for Borax and will be following thru the HydroPero Borax regime.

For those who are in SG.... Can get in touch with me at [email protected] Maybe we can share some tips.

Thanks Ted.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Chlo3l33 (Atlanta, Georgia) on 01/29/2012

My puppy mill rescue dog has had demodectic mange all of his three years since I've had him when he was 2 weeks old. I took him to a couple different vets when one treatment would fall then to the next. And here's what I'm learning after I almost lost my dog after what was diagnosed as overdose on ivermectin-which by the way is great for ear mites and the mange, caused my dog to go blind and paralyzed within hours of the new refilled dosage of ivermectin-any treatment for demodex mites are temporary only because it will start taking over your pet's skin because of the weak immune system. So whatever works, great. Keep On that track until it doesn't work, go back to something that used to work. It won't cure your dog, but will make it manageable.

Posted by Looneygirl (Houston, Texas, Usa) on 01/28/2012

I know this should be in the Pet section and I can do a copy/paste but I have been reading following Toni's mustard notes about killing mites here and another forum. Reason is I have tried Ted's advice here on mite killing for dogs but it's a problem because my German Shepard has it around her eyes and face. Also the peroxide started bleaching out her coat to an ugly red.

I have not bathed her in the mustard yet and I plan on doing this today or tomorrow. Any ideas on what type of after shampo rinse would be good and not dry out too fast? I plan on doing her brows & face with q tip very carefully. I am working on her immune system with supplements but let me tell you after a year of restricted diets (thinking this was a food allergy) I finally bought a mini microscope and found it is demo mites. The mustard kills them too but I have only treated spots. I am hoping I don't have to bathe her in this stuff every day as she has super thick hair and I am not desparate enough to shave her just yet. Any ideas will be welcome.

I have been giving her the oral IVERMECTIN and upped the dosage for over 2 months now and there is no change at all. I think they are immune to ivermectin and I don't want to further damage her immune system. My other small dog does not have the mite or any itch problems at all. I am set on boosting her immune system and using the mustard washes. Any ideas about dipping this dog with mustard will be welcome. Also I have run the mustard thru coffe pot and used nothing but the juice but not sure if it is a powerful as mixing distilled water with the ground mustard. I hate the grains left from the powder left in her hair as it looks almost like the demo mite eggs.

Benzoyl Peroxide
Posted by Busymom (Yes, Florida, United States) on 01/17/2012

My dog was infested with sarcoptic mites. At first I had no idea what it was. He must have had it when I purchased him. He is a standard poodle. He started smelling really bad and scratching ALL the time. I found no fleas.. At a loss I thought maybe he had pyoderma since he had all of these sores on his elbows, stomach, abdomen, hind legs etc.... I took 10% benzoyl peroxide and mixed it with hydrocortizone cream and applied twice a day, after I shaved all these areas. Yes he looked funny. Lol. It cured his mange but irritated his skin.

I took him to the vet and the vet said no, it's not mange and gave him a steroid shot calling it allergies... Well it took away the last of the redness and he was better, but I started him on revolution to be sure. A few weeks later though I broke out... Yep, I caught mange from the dog because I did all his grooming etc... Myself... I am almost completely healed with just a few spots lingering but not very itchy. I am positive he had mange due to me catching it. None of my kids nor my spouse had a single bite. I assume I have no more live mites on me or my hunny would be affected as well. Lol When a vet says allergies... Be suspious and benzoyl peroxide will work!!! I seen it first hand. Oh, so will clove oil. There is even a published study in it.

Vaccination Connection
Posted by Marianne (Berlin, Germany) on 01/09/2012

Hello, I just found this website and haven't read all the answers yet but I think I have something to contribute. We have a demodectic dog and at first went the "normal" vet way without any success. But knowing what I know now I am not the least bit surprised because if you checked into some other matters you will realize that this desease is caused by the traditional treatment this being vaccinations, dead food, antibiotics, deworming meds etc. So with all those so-called treatments we made matters worse for our dog.

Since some of you are very desperate I want to share the 2 articles which you should read at once. You will find out why nothing will cure this disease if you keep on going to vaccinated your dogs and do all those other things the vets are recommending. I want to mention that since about 20 years I am researching the subject of vaccination very thoroughly (mainly for humans but it goes for animals just as well) and know that a lot of people are just denying all the evidence that speak against vaccs and they are very outspoken and downright hateful and aggressive about it (talk about freedom of choice! ). So you have to make up your mind, whether you want to believe in facts or propaganda.

Anyway, here are the links to those 2 articles to start with:


Of course, there is a wealth of information on the internet. Once you get started you cannot stop. Look into both sides of the coin and then decide.

Good luck,


Sodium Perborate
Posted by Buddhamom (St. Louis, Mo, Usa) on 01/07/2012

How do I use sodium perborate for mange. I read how to use the H202 borax, but there are no instructions for sodium perborate.

Thank you, Pat

St. Louis MO

General Feedback
Posted by Marie (Luton, England) on 12/29/2011

My girl irish staffordshire bull terrier dog gave birth to 7 puppy's in june this year. We have sold 2 of the puppies- one red girl and one dark brindle girl, 4 of the puppies have demodex manage diagnosed by my vet. They have had 2 lots of bathing in the liquide prescribed by my vet, one of 2 of the puppies are clear now but one of the puppies that was badly infected has become ill and he was vomiting anything that he did eat. My vet has seen him and we thought as he was not eating that he may have eaten something that he shouldn't have he has had an x-ray but the vet couldn't find anything. He gave him a course of antibiotics just in case. The puppy has picked up but he is still not eating much, he is drinking a bit now so he's not dehydrated. He is still very active and looking interested in everything that is going on but still not eating much. I have tried offing rise and plain paster but he refuses it, I have tried the vet tin food but he has refused that too, and now we're trying wag dry food with chicken and veg. He is eating a bit of it and now his poo has gone runny so I've been giving him some cooked chicken and he has eaten this but it has still not put his poo back to normal.

My question is could the demodex mange be causing some other illness? Also he is very thin and this upsets me to see this as he was the biggest puppy, now he looks so thin and you can see his rib cage. Is there anything I can give him to get him to put some weight on and put his poo back to normal? Please help me I can't afford the vet bill at this time as I don't work and I have ill health. thank you

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rosaura (Long Beach , Ca) on 12/07/2011

Hi, I read your post and I am going to try the ACV because I already spend so much money going to the vet. And my chihuahua still has the mange. I am very sad because I try to keep her clean and I do what the vet say and it is not working. I wonder how she is getting the mites. I have birds and I want to know if the birds may transmite the mites to my dog. Also, I have grass in my backyard do you know if the mites are also present in the grass? I am going to start today the ACV treatment. Thank you

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Lynn (Peculiar, Mo) on 12/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My dog had a 2" diameter circle of mange on her back and I made a paste of diatomaceous earth and water and smeared it over the raw, hairless and black speckled area. I left it on for 2 days and then washed it off. Her skin was pink and healthy. Absolutely amazing. I put 1 tsp into her food every day and she has had no further skin issues.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Pam (Newland, North Carolina) on 12/01/2011

omg I just realized something, I have a beautiful but now miserable and no hair on the face 15wk old german shepherd pup I saved. He was born with mange contracted from mom and had 12 littermates. He had been treated by the vet before I got him and wormed and the mange at that time was only on the face (3 weeks ago), he was clearing up and doing great, hair growing back, everything, I had to give him his 2nd worming pill last week and now he is so much worse! Duh, could it have been the wormer that caused his reversal? I'm thinking maybe!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teri (Alvin, Texas) on 11/29/2011

Dear Folks with itching dogs- my dad has two Boston's Terriers and they both have suffered with the chewing on feet, tail etc. Dad was able to take them to a vet dermatologist (yet- there is such a beast- kidding) they had the "scrape test". Results were varied from foods to different grasses- in other words ALLERGIES- egads. They are now (and have been for years) on a rabbit meat diet (available canned and in dry from various manufactures) and doing well. There are also Limited Ingredient Diets you may want to try. When they occasionally find their way into the cat food or something outside (like spring or fall) sets off the chewing feet- we give them benadryl. I know telling the dosage is important here but the best I can do for you is to advise you to ask/call your vet - most will tell you over the phone how much for your dog's weight. Hope this helps. Patience is key.

General Feedback
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 11/07/2011

Have you tried Mayonnaise? I read on here that mayo works. Just rub it into the dog's coat.

Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Sergio (Ontario, California Usa ) on 10/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone! I've tried some of remedies and suggestions listed above with some modest results but not a complete cure. Then ran into someone who suggested using Desitin (used for baby's diaper rash), it worked!!! My puppy chihuahua that was 80% bald and developed a stench-smell, grew most of her coat in three weeks, by the fifth week she was completely cured-and no smell! TRY IT!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ragav (Chennai, Tamilnadu, india) on 10/19/2011

Use Virgin Coconut Oil along with H2O2 and Borax solution and it works wonders.

Borax, Vegetable Oil
Posted by Pooch (Middlesboro, Kentucky, United States) on 10/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Red mange cure!!!! I gave my dog ivermectin for red mange for 60 days with no results. I found this site and tried the vegetable oil and borax bath. I applied vegetable oil all over the spots on my dog. I crated my dog for 6 hours while leaving the oil on her. I then gave her a bath in borax laundry detergent. My dog is now cured, no more scratching , no more hair loss, her coat is now shiny. Please give this a try to cure your dog. Happy with the results. I plan on using the vegetable oil from now on when she just gets dry skin and the borax for fleas.

General Feedback
Posted by Middlebunny (Jersey City, New Jersey, Usa) on 09/30/2011

I posted this under side effects earlier this month. Unfortunately, I received no replies so I'm reposting it here. I hope Ted or some other knowledgable Earthclinic visitor will read and offer some advice. Here's my situation:

My black cocker spaniel periodically breaks out in a rash. We thought it was an allergic reaction to the dog park but after reading these posts it seems like it might be mange or mites. His latest bout appears to be his worst so far. His vet previously rx'd a topical cleanser as well as Gentamicin Sulfacte Topical Spray. This seems to work; however, I decided that it might be more efficient to try Ted's mange cure to see if that helped.

I didn't bathe the dog in Ted's solution as he'd just gotten his hair done at the salon (who called and notified us of the rashes on his stomach which they thought were indicative of an allergy or staph infection). Instead, I mixed 150ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution with 300ml of distilled water then I mixed in 1 tablespoon of the borax (laundry cleaner). I put this all in a 500ml bottle and shook it until the borax had either mixed in or formed a solid mass that settled at the bottom of the bottle (I assumed the settlement was the portion that couldn't be dissolved). I then put the liquid in a spray bottle and sprayed the areas of his tummy which had the rash. I also sprayed some on his back and tried to push it through his hair without messing up his cute cocker spaniel hair cut. While the instructions recommend bathing in the solution once a week, I've sprayed the tummy area several times since the initial application as I thought that would be close to simulating a full body bath for the effected body parts. I've now begun to notice that my dog's black hair has been lightened as though the 1% hydrogen peroxide is having a bleaching effect. Is this typical? Is it because I've sprayed the solution on my dog more than once?

Although the rashes appear to be drying out, I don't want to keep spraying my dog with the solution because of the hair lightening effect. Despite this, I do still want to continue to promote the healing process. In between weekly applications of the borax/h2o2 solution, can I resume using the Gentamicin Sulfate spray or will this decrease the effectiveness of the borax/h2o/h2o2 solution? Please advise.

Question: I read in the post above something that makes me suspect that I might be able to substitute the H2O2 with ACV. If that is true, would I use the same proportions. Please let me know.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Booda (Auburn, Nh) on 09/11/2011

I have 2 dogs Booda (pug) & Bella (Lab/Border Collie) booda started digging about 2-3 months ago and the vet said allergies, than Bella is itching since 2-3 weeks ago and now so am I, as we speak :-(. This is a big deal as I have done meds, cleaning everything in hot water, vacuming, and a scrin scrap that was negative on booda (pug) my vet says fleas (dont see any types of bugs at all), and my dr says dry skin or stress. I am dying over here to find a remedy can someone PLEASE HELP US! ;-(

Ivermectin Warning!
Posted by Julie (Coventry, England) on 08/28/2011

Hi, Ivermectin, Avermectin should not be given to Collie or Shepherd dogs or their crosses it can KILL them. I have written an article on the reason for this and have submitted it twice to earthclinic but as yet it has not appeared. Look up MDR1 gene.

Posted by Martha (Castries, St Lucia) on 08/27/2011

Hi, I have just read Teds Remedy for curing mange on your pet, and I just want to know what form of Borax should I be using. Is it the Power or the Soap and what is the difference? I can only get the power here so is that ok or do I mix it differently? Thanks, Martha

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sam (Qld, Australia) on 08/25/2011

IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT HELPING YOUR PET WITH MANGE, PLEASE READ. My dogs hair was falling out so naturaly I look him to the vet, spending hundreds on vet bills, skin scrapes and medication, I was told I had to put him on ivomec, I didn't know much About the product but trusting the vets advice I begain to use the ivomec. I was recommended 1.2 ml a day until the mite died. About 2 weeks into the treatment I noticed a big change in my dog, but it was not for the better. He was swaying and began to fall over. He became a very sick dog. I took him straight off the medication and he became healthy again, but it did not kill the demodectic mite he was diagnosed with. I didn't seem to have any form Of effect on the mite at all.

Almost giving up I found this site! I read a few post and saw a few people had positive things to say about apple cider vinegar. I was in my local shopping centre and it caught my eye. I thought it was worth a try! I have been puring it directly on a cotton bud and applying it directly to the infected area! I had only applied it to one section of the infected area for testing and In just four days his hair had starting growing back in this section, its clear that this really works as the areas I havnt applied it to were still the same, I had noticed a huge difference, so t I applied it to all the infected areas. Pryer to using the ACV, I rubbed mayonnaise over the infected area ( This is ment to help to suffocate the mite), and have started him on a raw food diet. If your serious about helping your pet I seriously reccoment these things:
1. Make sure he/she is clean.
2. Make sure where they sleep is clean.
3. Clean drinking water
4. Put them on a raw food diet. - tuna - off cuts of raw meat from your local butcher. - raw egg - & graded carrot.
5. Add a thick layer of mayonnaise to the infected area. Leave it on for a few hours! Rince off with water!
6. When infected area is dry rub on apple cider vinigar and leave it on.
I just wanted to share my experience and findings with everyone, and helpfully this info can help someone else as it has helped me!

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