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Castor Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Be (Paris, France) on 06/24/2018

Castor oil rubbed onto the skin works well to kill or at least slow mites and helps the skin heal from Mange or other skin issues. Also rub 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part water (diluted 50/50 mix) on the skin After the bath or anytime itching is apparent. Great stuff for cats, dogs and people too.😊

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Majeeka (Batangas Philippines ) on 03/26/2017

I have a 5 month old puppy named Zuni. She has mange right now and her body are reddish cause of the itching. I tried everything and even dewormed her yesterday. I want to cure it the natural way. I've read a lot of suggestions in here. Most of them are saying veggie oil. I put coconut oil on the sore parts just now and leave it in her skin. I will put coconut oil again later on tonight and I'm hoping that it will soothe and cure the mange in the coming days. She's having bath every day and I'm using sulfur soap now on her. I hope that it will be the cure for her mange. I will keep you all posted if it will really works. Btw, after I put the coconut oil she is not itching so hard. I guess she's relieved from it.

Replied by Jeanene

My dog was infested with mange. I bought a big bag of diatamaceous earth from a feed store, where farmers get their farming supplies. That is the cheapest way to buy it because you will need a lot of it. It is crushed up sea creature shells. These will kill the mites. It is completely non toxic but great care must be taken to not breath the dust as it is dangerous to breathe because of its grinding properties. You will put some directly on your pet, but you also have to shake it all over your house, furniture, yard, anywhere your dog goes. We used a strainer and just gently shook it everywhere. It was a lot of work but this powder breaks the exoskeleton of the mite skin and kills immediately, you will also rid yourself of all fleas and ants at the same time with this method. The great thing is there isnt any danger of ingesting it. In fact to treat parasites you and your dog can eat it daily to completely kill parasite infestation. Use an old vacuum to clean everything up because it can destroy it. We did this method and never had a mange problem ever again. That was 6 years ago.

Replied by Garret

I also have tried the same thing with the diatmaceous earth. How did you apply it to your dogs? I mixed a few cups in with warm water, shook it up real good then applied it to their skin after they were brushed. It seems to be effective. However, just started treatment last week on four dogs with sarcoptic mange.

Replied by Tiffenu
(North Boneville)

If you wet the DE... its properties are ruined. It needs to stay dry.


How could that be true if it still works inside the body.

Replied by Yolanda

My understanding is that once the DE dries out it will work again, but that it won't work WHILE it is wet...

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

DE will work when wet. DE is a mechanicide - it gets into the movable joints of insects and wears away the chitinous exoskeleton creating small holes, allowing the blood and fluids of the insect to drain away which cause it to die. Broken glass will still cut when submerged in water - the same principle applies to DE.

Replied by Juliana
(Middle East)

I agree with the last post; the shell shards do not melt nor change shape when wet....think of shells in the sea. Otherwise, how could one possibly ingest the Food Grade DE and have it do any good whatsoever inside the body where most everything is wet, especially traveling through the digestive tract? No, DE is mechanical/physical and it also purportedly has a type of electron charge that attracts the bad buggers internally, but leaves the friendly microbiome alone. Do not ingest if it is not known/labeled as Food Grade. And advised not to ingest within 2-4 hours of taking an Rx or supplement, just to be on the safe side.

Replied by Jodi P.
(Lansing, Michigan)

You say put it all over the house. I have all wood floors..when I put it on our dogs. what if they lick it?

Replied by Doris

If it's dangerous to people, it's definitely more fatal to animals, if they inhale that stuff.... I would try a paste, made with uncooked coconut or almond oil and sulfur powder. It's supposed to cure the problem...

Replied by Jay
(Western Us)

If the DE will be ingested, it needs to be 'food grade' DE, which is harder to find and more expensive. If the DE isn't food grade, yes, ingestion or inhalation can be an issue for both dogs and humans because of silica.

Replied by Bebops40
(Gaffney, Sc)

If it's food grade they can eat it n lick it just not breath it

Replied by Danyale

Food grade and pesticide grade are actually the exact same thing. They aren't allowed to label something food grade and pesticide grade on the same package. I buy the big bad of pesticide grade (after careful reassurance it is EXACTLY the same thing) and have used it many times myself. Taken internally and on my horses as a lice dust. Of course you don't want it in your lungs, but it detoxes the body and attracts all kinds of unhealthy substances and parasites like a magnet! Thanks for all the comments, I'm getting a new puppy today and just found out she has a touch of mange, I will be using this, much safer!

God bless you all.

Replied by Desiree
(Sterlington La)

This works great, just make sure it is food grade. We bought it at home depo and did not get food grade and it caused more hair loss but did kill the mites. I'm now treating my pups skin with desitin to heal her skin and it also helps with growing hair back in.

Replied by Desiree

You need to put it on as a powder and it will work. When it gets wet, it becomes ineffective but once it dries it will work again.

Replied by Troy
(Thunder Bay)

Re: using wet vs dry.... when consuming human-grade DE yes it will of course get wet but that does not matter as you are consuming it to absorb the minerals it provides. On the other hand, when you are using it to kill insects and parasites it must be dry as it is the surface texture that works to penetrate the insects exoskeleton. If it is wet it will clump together much like a snowball, being much less effective.

Replied by Lori Risk
(Vancleave, Ms)

I run a cat rescue. DE is wonderful. I put some in my hand and pet the cats. They love the petting, and the food grade is safe for them. You can get a shelf-sized bottle (about 8oz) of food grade DE at Home Depot for about $6.00.

Set it by your easy chair and when the cats or dogs come by, reach for it, put some in your hand and pet your pet. :)

Coconut, Neem and Tea Tree Oils

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Posted by Malena (Slidell Louisiana ) on 09/10/2017

My chocolate lab got mange. We cured in two weeks. Once daily we slathered her head to toe in a mixture of coconut oil, neem oil and tea tree oil. Washed her bedding daily. Gave her a bath every three days to wash off old oil and reoiled her. Its messy and smelly but well worth the effort. We bought large containers of coconut oil from Sams club, Tea Tree oil from Walgreens and Neem Oil from asian markets and then we found large bottles on Amazon.

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Ladybug (Houston, Texas) on 12/07/2009

I am currently visiting family in Houston. The neighbor has 3 dogs (1 year old puppies) with mange. I am a colloidal silver user and I have my own machine. I am currently making up 1 quart batches for neighbor and they are applying to dog's skin and putting solution in their water and food. After 1 week, the skin is looking better and they are not scratching as much. Will be here 3 more weeks and will keep up with this treatment. If colloidal silver not available, I was also told that using just straight organic vinegar is also effective along with baby oil on inflamed areas.

Cooking Oil, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Alice (Lansing, Michigan) on 12/11/2009

Mange Remedies:

Cooking Oil- The cooking oil will smother the egg mites. This will kill them before they hatch.

Tea Tree Oil- The Tea Tree Oil with stop the irritation and it will soften the skin stopping the itching. It will also smother the mites because they hate the smell.

Replied by Meghan
(Portland, Oregon)

Tea tree oil is toxic to cats and toxic to dogs in large amounts.

Dandruff Shampoo

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Posted by Tbug53 (Douglas, Ga, Usa) on 06/04/2012

I rescued a mixed-breed dog that was in horrible condition.. Severe hair loss, open bleeding sores all over his body, not to mention the stench... Poor thing I figured that the Vet would recommend we put him down. The Vet diagnosed him with Mange and started treatments of daily shampooing with a very expensive shampoo ($32/16oz) medication twice a day... Needless to say the dog did clear up hair grew back after 6 mos and $633 only to have the Mange come back twice as bad if you stopped the "treatment".. Well after going thru 3(6mos) of treatments and over $1000 invested and the shampoo was discontinued ( no reason ever given) we started checking other ways of "curing" this problem..

Now it has been 3 yrs since the Vet's treatments and we are very happy to say that Puppy is doing great... Beautiful coat, skin healthy and pink.. Our cure!!! A good dandruff shampoo every 2 weeks!! That's right a dandruff shampoo... We stumbled upon this by accident as Puppy needed a bath and I thought why not try the dandruff shampoo... By the Grace of God it worked. The open sores healed, the scaly skin cleared up, the smell was gone and his coat came in thick and shiny.. What more can you ask for??

I don't know how/why it works but it did for Puppy and a couple of more dogs that I have told their owners to at least try it and had the same results..

Well this is my story if it helps someone relieve the suffering of their dog then I will have done my best

Replied by Tigergirl62
(Alvin, Tx, United States)
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What brand of dandruff shampoo did you use? I am having issues with my dog's skin as well. I suspect that she has an allergy to the wheat in her treats since none of my other 3 dogs have issues. Within days of her beginning to scratch, her skin becomes infected and I have to get antibiotics from the vet. She begins to heal, but within a few weeks of completing the antibiotics, she relapses. Her mange test was negative, but I'm desperate to get her relief.


Head and Shoulders is wonderful for my dog's coat. Leaves the coat soft and she smells great. Haven't used the one with conditioner, just their classic formula. Haven't cleared her mange yet, but just got some Malaseb shampoo for her paws to clear up yeast from recent damp weather. Web says it works well for mange, too. Cleo's isn't contagious, and scrapings showed no positive results, so I'm not sure if there are mites or not. She's going on 7, and I adopted her last October, 2017 from a shelter.

Replied by Alishia


There are some fantastic stories on this site if you scroll down and read some of them! I would look to bolstering your dog's immune system through the use of probiotics. The constant antibiotics will have wiped out you pooches naturally intestinal flora which is essential for proper nutrition and preventing allergies. The premise is the same in humans. And many consider introducing a raw food diet?

If you search the internet for diet for the immune system some great ideas come up.

We have adopted a year old beagle/lab rescue from the SPCA, he was starved and had antibiotics for an intestinal bug. He had severe diarrhea and wasn't eating well so I bought him probiotics with the spirulina. I also added wet holistic puppy food and pureed pumpkin to his diet. He is doing very well and has put on 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Looks like mange is rearing its ugly head so I am going to try the dandruff shampoo and add diatomaceous earth to his diet. Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes.

And thanks for all the great posts!

Replied by Pat

Thank you. My rescue currently has mange. I'll pick up dandruff shampoo today.

Demodectic Mange Remedies

Posted by Carrie (Il) on 07/11/2013

My red heeler has been diagnosed with demodex. However, hers is inside or under the skin cells. They did a biopsy to find it. We had her tested to see if she could take Ivermectin, as herding breeds can carry a gene that if they took it, it could be fatal. We have been treating her, but now that we are nearing the end, she still has red bumps and hair loss. They prescribed a steroid, which I stopped giving her after I realized it could make it worse. She was never as itchy as some of the people who have posted. Would one of these treatments work for her? She is about two years old, was a rescue so we know very little about her puppyhood. Any advice would be great.

Replied by Om
(Hope BC, Canada)

Hi Carrie, I am using MMS with success on my dog. We have a few more days to go but it looks good. On Jim Humble's website look for Skin ailments. I am using nothing else least of all vet. meds.

You may need a cone for your dog so it will dry on the body. Very easy regimen. If the skin gets a bit dry in between I use aloe vera and he likes it. All the best. Om

Replied by Tina

I have a German shepherd with itchy skin causing sores, I was given malaseb by the vets, expensive, I discovered, T Gel. And nizoral shampoos work wonders, also a lot cheaper, also easy to obtain.

Replied by Lara
(Cowichan Valley)

Oh my goodness did the MMS work? I have that! My poor guy has been suffering for so long nothing is working!!! I'm going to try it! Thanks

Diaper Rash Ointment

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Posted by Sergio (Ontario, California Usa ) on 10/20/2011

Hello everyone! I've tried some of remedies and suggestions listed above with some modest results but not a complete cure. Then ran into someone who suggested using Desitin (used for baby's diaper rash), it worked!!! My puppy chihuahua that was 80% bald and developed a stench-smell, grew most of her coat in three weeks, by the fifth week she was completely cured-and no smell! TRY IT!

Replied by Diana
(Saint Louis, Missouri)

How long do u leave the ointment on and how often do u put it on them?

Replied by Jessica
(Morrisonville, Il)

So it's completely safe to put all over the dogs body where it's bald at?

Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Dogmom (Fremont, Ca) on 12/30/2009

We have a 12 year old chow/mix, 70 lbs. She was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent chemo treatment for 7 weeks at an vet oncologist. Her cancer is in remission; however, chemo treatment not only kills the cancer cells, her white blood cells were also destroyed. What this means is her immune system is not working. As a result, she developed Demodecosis (Demodex, Mite) and she has an ulcerated wound on her small claws. She looked like a victim of the black plague. The area around her eyes, muzzle, and all four paws turned hairless and black in color. Her mange is almost gone because of antibiotics and Ivermectin. There are only a few spots left and I read about using Desitin, the diaper rash ointment. It works wonders and kills the mites. In a couple of days, those spots have her fur growing back. Just another over the counter remedy. She is back to normal and no more Ivermectin.

Replied by Kris
(Gold Coast, Australia)

So glad to read your post. My poor little Tibetian spanial puppy has an awful case of demodex around his right eye. It's swollen and so itchy we've had to put a cone on him. I was thrilled when I read about the nappy rash ointment because I can apply that around his eye unlike a lot of the other treatments. Hope it works - will get back on here and give it a thumbs up if it does.

Diatomaceous Earth

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Posted by Sharon (Georgia, US) on 09/07/2014

Let me tell you my story. My daughter got a beautiful little black and white Lab/Australian Shepherd mix male puppy. When he was about 3 or 4 months old he started getting little bumps around his neck and feet. They started getting worse and he started losing the hair in this area. Before we knew it the bumps turned into oozing nasty sores and he started losing his hair. Took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with demodectic mange. We started having the vet dip him once a week at $40 a pop.

I read everything I could find about home treatments as I believe we give our animals too many drugs/medications that cause more internal problems than help. I bathed him at least once sometimes twice a week with a medicated dandruff shampoo followed by a rinse (which I left on) of washing borax, hydrogen peroxide and water. He was in extreme pain from this mange and nothing seemed to be helping (even the vet dips). He got so bad that he lost almost all of his beautiful long coat and was covered from head to toe in oozing ugly sores, scales and a terrible smell.

My husband would say every day that maybe we should put him down. You could tell that he didn't feel well. He no longer wanted to run and play. I read somewhere about diatomaceous earth and what it could do. It being a natural wormer with other health benefits - I thought I would try it as I really think this pup had a major internal problem as his immune system seemed to be highly compromised. I started giving him a tablespoon in his feed every night. I would put it over his dry feed and put warm water or a liquid over it as the earth is very dry. Within a month his sores were getting better. His skin was no longer bright red and nasty looking. It has been about 6 months now of putting this over his food every night and he is now almost back to his beautiful self.

He has so much energy. His skin no longer looks irritated even on his feet and legs. His hair is almost completely grown in and he has lots of it. His coat is shiny - And his teeth - they are the whitest teeth I have ever seen on a dog. No tarter stains - just beautiful. I stopped treating his skin topically and giving him baths every week about the time I started him on the diatomaceous earth. It turned this dog's world around. He is now a happy, playful big pup.

I highly recommend this stuff for everything. His gums are nice and pink and I would bet that he is worm free also. I just started giving it to my horses as a wormer instead of the harsh chemicals we give our animals for parasites, this is a miracle worker. I even started drinking a teaspoon every day in chocolate milk as it also has health benefits for people also. It is a natural cure for a multitude of things as it works from the inside out. You can purchase food grade diatomaceous earth from Tractor Supply. A large bag costs less than $15 and after using it for over 6 months, I still have over half a bag left. We started giving it to my husband's hunting beagles. Their teeth are whiter, their stool is solid, their coats are shiny and they seem to be happier also. I can't wait to see the effects on the horses.

I am one of those people that believe our lives are run by pharmaceutical companies getting rich on the crap they sell us and I always look for a natural alternative. This stuff is the bomb. I will never use dangerous, caustic wormers again on my dogs and hopefully not on my horses either. Good luck!

Replied by Dom

Do you know if there's any known stores that carry it?

EC: Farm and home stores and local farm co ops usually carry it.

Replied by Brenda
(Lincoln, Nebraska)

Any natural store carries it or home and garden stores. I use it for my home for bugs, my skin for my pores, and cured my dog who had an extremely bad case of mange that he got from his parents. It is amazing along with apple cider vinegar. Both have many, many uses.

Replied by Lori

This information is very accurate. You just have to make sure you are using the food grade product and not the product meant for the yard and garden. There is a definite difference.

Replied by Janet
(Rochester Mn)

Helllo Dom and everyone reading this. I have had a bag of Diatomeous earth edible sitting in my basement for 5 months because we had a flea infestation but I never used it because I was able to get rid of them another way. However, now we have another huge problem that I am going to tackle with this thank you. Thank you Lord now that I have it on hand. We adopted 2 pomeranians in June and one had crusted lesions which I asked my vet about. I said you don't think that's sarcoptic mange do you. She said it very well could be but would have to test. After a few baths I gave her it cleared up so I never took her in, however, I did think it strange that hair never grew back on her hind legs and the 2 of them still scratched. Soon my husband and I began to itch and I had crawling feelings behind my ears. I went to the doc and though I didn't show signs of scabies at the time he gave me the permethrin cream. I took it twice. It didn't get rid of them. Soon my husband broke out even after he was treated. Everything we read on the net said mites from dogs can live on humans only 36 hours. My vet said that is wrong. That we can contract scabies from their sarcoptic mange. Now my house is covered in Daetomeceous earth. I will be feeding it to all my 5 dogs. Maybe my husband and I will be eating it too. This has been horrible. Please for all of you suffering, if you have dogs please pay attention to this. I am not overdramatizing here. If they have crusted lesions of any kind please have them checked. In our case the vet said since your husband now has them I assume you probably got them from the dogs. Maybe we didn't. In all fairness to my babies I really hate to think we did. I love my kids(dogs) better than anything in this world and we would never ever get rid of one of them. We have spent countless amounts of our savings on them to keep them going. So please don't think we would ever do them harm. We will figure this out. Good luck to anyone who may be having this problem.

Replied by Donna
(Ocala, Fla)

My dingo dog has acquired mange. How much DE in his food daily and how often for body scrubs?

Replied by Melissa
(Morongo Valley, Ca)

How did you use it for curing the mange?

Replied by Jeff

How do you feed the dimacious earth to your dog to fight mange? Also how much and with what frequency?

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Lynn (Peculiar, Mo) on 12/05/2011

My dog had a 2" diameter circle of mange on her back and I made a paste of diatomaceous earth and water and smeared it over the raw, hairless and black speckled area. I left it on for 2 days and then washed it off. Her skin was pink and healthy. Absolutely amazing. I put 1 tsp into her food every day and she has had no further skin issues.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Lynn (Peculiar, Mo) on 12/05/2011

My dog had a 2" diameter circle of mange on her back and I made a paste of diatomaceous earth and water and smeared it over the raw, hairless and black speckled area. I left it on for 2 days and then washed it off. Her skin was pink and healthy. Absolutely amazing. I put 1 tsp into her food every day and she has had no further skin issues.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Lesley (Neenah, Wi) on 03/13/2010

Ted, or anyone else, have any of you tried food grade diatomacious earth (DE)? It sure SEEMS to dry everything up fast, including MY white heads, dogs white heads, dogs' black heads (which came pooping out themselves, to be combed out easily with a flea comb) much else. It seems to be so effective at drying out shells/bodies of insects (fleas etc) and so safe, it made me try to use it as a dusting powder on the dog at the site of demodex infection. It certainly SEEMED to work.

I was so pleased (this before Dx with demodex). The vet thought TOO drying and told me to stop as antibiotics were started. My little old shih tzu girl became worse and worse.

When I restarted, (after visiting dog dermatologist who also said not to use, and AFTER things were looking really bad again) once again it all seemed to calm right down.

I also contacted a holistic vet who endorsed it on the site that I purchased the product from and she said it could be used as a cure for generalized demodex, but that I had to purchase her "package" ($125) for her further help.

Somehow, that seemed funny to me--my experience is vets who have answers try to give out that info as much as possible. Am I overly suspicious?


Replied by Tina
(Toledo, Ohio, Usa)

Please tell me how you put it on. Mixed with water, what ratio if so, what ever. Thanks

Replied by Lisa
(Wichita Falls, Texas)

Tina, I have only used DE in food for parasites in the body of pets. Mange is a mite, but it is under the skin, so I don't see how the DE would help. DE looks like flour, but it is actually something that comes out of the ocean and is ground up .It is like fiber glass to bugs. It scratches their body when that come in contact with it and they basically just dry up! For mange all I have ever used is cotton balls and plain old cooking oil. I just rub the oil everywhere that the pet's hair is getting thin. I do this twice a day for about a week or so. If the mange is bad, then it will have to be put on longer. But, if they lick it, it will not make them sick! If there are any scabby places that they can get with the mange, I just put peroxide 3 times a day until the places are well. Oil will get on things, so I just put an old blanket or something for them to lay on. I would rather do this than to put something on them that will make them sick. Any questions-email at [email protected]

Replied by Heather

My little pug/chiwawa mix had been battling mites which I did not said "allergies" then gave us meds :(. Zoe did not get better and everyone thought we were bad parents for not going back the vet. After like six months of research, I came across Mite Avenge which uses DE (diamotaceous earth). It was expensive, but it worked!!! Zoe has been healthy. No more sticky, smelly, irritated skin..stopped chewing her feet and scratching her eye..ears are now clean and all her fur has grown back. I just purchased more DE because I think my other dog may be showing signs of mites, so without further ado I have sprinkled it on both dogs and I'm now feeding it to them at night with food and warm water added to help prevent internal worms. I have also sprinkled it on their bedding and will vacuum up in 5 days or so. As soon as our GSD stops scratching and licking herself I'll know she is 100%.

Only buy food/human grade, and it should be white, not gray in color. It is super inexpensive and has many many's crazy not to use this stuff. I am now taking it myself every morning with water or in my smoothie.. I will also use it in my chickens food at a feed:DE ratio of 20:1 (5% DE).

So excited that there is an inexpensive cure for our fur and feather babies.

Replied by Jane
(Statesboro, Ga)

I was told by a my vet that peroxide hinders the healing process. It was the first thing I did for a bite my dog had from a fight on Christmas Eve. Could not get help until the day after Christmas therefore infection had set in. She is okay now.

Dietary Considerations

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Posted by Frank (Clearfiel, PA) on 02/28/2007

I am reading about this concoctions to apply to the animals coat but, what I do not hear is anything about Diet. Diet is key in addition to this concoctions as this Demodex Mange affects the Immune System. Doesn't anyone know this? I have heard no mention of Diet to boost and keep up the immune function.

Dietary Considerations
Posted by Director - ARF ON (Canada) on 08/30/2006

Sarcoptic Mange and Demodectic Mange are two very different things when it comes to treatment. Sarcoptic, the contagious mange that is on the skin surface, is generally easily and most effectively treated with "Revolution". Although not a holistic option it is quick, easy and most importantly for the dog - painless. What concerns me about some of the suggestions is that when the skin is raw and sore, adding solutions cause PAIN i.e. VINEGAR. When treating any creature for a physical ailment one must always keep in mind the behavioral impact of a treatment. If your touch brings pain, particularly when your dog isn't well and needs you most, you are doing harm behaviorally.

DEMODEX is something our rescue groups encounters almost daily. We have had over twenty cases of it just within the past few months. It is an internal disorder reaction to the mites that EVERY dog has and can be combated and we have found rarely with a reoccurrence, by combining modern medicine with holistic practices.

"Mitaban" is not available in Canada so we have never used it. The most recent demodex case we brought in was completely bald except for a tuft of fur on the back of her neck. 95% of her coat was gone, she was covered in folds of demodex wrinkles, and open oozing infected sores all over her body from itching. She now, 3 months later, has a beautiful coat, wonderful temperament, and will go up for adoption in a month's time.

Combining the prescribed medication (which may be different in the U.S. than in Canada - ivermectin) with a daily diet of : 2 tsp seakelp, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 capsule vitamin E, 2 tsp pure purred pumpkin....mix with high quality WHEAT FREE kibble.

Keep the dog's stress LOW, keep their immune system HIGH, and demodex can be a problem of the past for your canine. More information can be requested from, a volunteer rescue group.

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