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Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Lesley (Neenah, Wi) on 03/13/2010

Ted, or anyone else, have any of you tried food grade diatomacious earth (DE)? It sure SEEMS to dry everything up fast, including MY white heads, dogs white heads, dogs' black heads (which came pooping out themselves, to be combed out easily with a flea comb) much else. It seems to be so effective at drying out shells/bodies of insects (fleas etc) and so safe, it made me try to use it as a dusting powder on the dog at the site of demodex infection. It certainly SEEMED to work.

I was so pleased (this before Dx with demodex). The vet thought TOO drying and told me to stop as antibiotics were started. My little old shih tzu girl became worse and worse.

When I restarted, (after visiting dog dermatologist who also said not to use, and AFTER things were looking really bad again) once again it all seemed to calm right down.

I also contacted a holistic vet who endorsed it on the site that I purchased the product from and she said it could be used as a cure for generalized demodex, but that I had to purchase her "package" ($125) for her further help.

Somehow, that seemed funny to me--my experience is vets who have answers try to give out that info as much as possible. Am I overly suspicious?