Cyst Remedies for Pets

Vinegar + Coconut Oil
Posted by AllieBee (Maine) on 08/28/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Our lab mix had a pea-sized sebaceous cyst on her head, right by her "egg" bump. Paid $88 at the vet for him to barely even LOOK at it and say "definitely needs surgery" - which would have cost at least $400. My neighbor who's a vet at a different practice an hour away, said "That's crazy! It's literally just a pimple! It does not need surgery! " My dog had already half-popped it by chasing squirrels in the bushes. So I popped it again, as much as I could get out of it, and then kept cleaning it with apple cider vinegar and then put coconut oil on it (just 3-4 times a day). I kept the ACV in an old dropper bottle from liquid stevia and coconut oil in an old makeup squeeze tube, just to make it easy because she doesn't love the smell of ACV and she LOVES to eat coconut oil!

But within a week, the hair had grown back completely healthy and there was NO remaining bump. Previously, even after popping, it looked almost like a bit of a wart was left. Within a day or two that had fallen off and it was just a hole that we kept clean as we kept applying both 3ish times a day! I wish I had taken this route in the first place as we already knew it was just a simple sebaceous cyst.

Keep this in mind if your dog gets one! It worked wonders for ours! (FYI: Apple cider vinegar with the "mother" works best of course, but others will be fine. BUT the coconut oil MUST be unrefined or else it will just make things worse because it's basically fryolator oil if it's 'refined'! )