Natural Remedies to Treat Kennel Cough in Dogs

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Susan (Sacramento, Ca) on 12/26/2009

Wow. Our six year old rescue dog came down with Kennel Cough two days after we got her. (Not a bad case, she was still eating etc. - otherwise we would have been off to the vet), BUT we did the 3 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide (regular not foodgrade) and a teaspoon of honey mixed into a large glass of water. MIRACLE stuff. No coughing that night completely gone by next day... I have NEVER tried a homeopathic remedy before. But with all the positive posts thought we'd give it a try - amazing.

Replied by Breoghan
(Wichita, Ks)

WOW!!! I am really surprised that the use of Hydrogen Peroxide works at all, as Hydrogen Peroxide is the remedy for dogs to make them vomit. That is right, Hydrogen Peroxide to a dog is the same as giving ipecac syrup to a human, "instant vomit". I had to use it on my dog one time because he got into some medicine and it worked just as the vet said it would, up came everything in his stomach.

Replied by Tascha
(Anchorage, Alaska)

Okay, I will be trying this remedy but what I keep seeing is 3 drops, what measurement is three drops, like a teaspoon, tablespoon, etc? I have a min pin. that weighs about 10-12 pounds

EC: No!

Amount : 3 drops of water (drop)
Equals : 0.03 teaspoons US (tsp , teasp)
Fraction : 3/100 teaspoons US (tsp , teasp)


Replied by Lera
(St Petersburg, Fl)

You can buy an eye dropper and bottle at most health food stores...use three drops from the dropper...I use 1 drop in 2 drops in 12 ounces of water to maintain the health of my cat and dog...many farmers who don't use hormones and antibiotics on their animals use peroxide in their drinking water to keep them free of harmful bacteria and parasites...

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Juana (Fayetteville, North Carolina) on 10/20/2009

Hydrogen peroxide: Thank you, thank you, thank you my daughters chihuahua was coughing really bad when we first got him and we were very worried about him. This really works :)

Replied by Charlie
(Ft. Smith, Ar)

I just read all the comments about hydrogen peroxide and honey but no one ever commented on whether you could use regular peroxide or if you needed the food grade. Does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks...

Replied by Jane
(Pasadena, Ca)

Hi Charles. I have used both for my dogs. When I had food grade, I used a couple drops of that for my dog with kennel cough and he was better a day later. A few years later, after I had thrown out the old bottle of food grade and another one of my dogs was coughing (after going to vet!), I opted for drug store 3%. I think I used a capful.

I remember reading that h202 loses it's potency after a few hours in water, so you need to do a fresh new bowl of water every few hours with a few drops of h202.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Wab (Fleminton, Nj) on 10/13/2009

kennel cough

WOW This is the craziest think I have ever seen. 3 drops of hydro peroxide and honey in 8 oz of water for my 15lb min pin and in less than a minute she is cured. The best part other than the cure is no 200.00 dollar bill or 40.00 prescription. Thanks

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by June (San Pedro, Ca) on 03/25/2009

Ok we tried the peroxide and honey addition to the water when I had a rescue foster come into our household. I heard her sneeze and knew what was coming. I have my 4 dogs also and was really a bit worried. I added the peroxide and honey daily for a few weeks. My foster only had a mild bout with the kennel cough, my three eldest never got sick. Two had had K.C. before when I got them, one had never ever had it, she and the other two did not get it. BUT my youngest did. Sooo I guess it worked for 3 of mine and not the forth. I still would recommend giving it a try because I only had one get sick.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anna (Houston, Texas) on 11/25/2008


WOW!!! I thank God for this imformation, i just read this about an hour ago and tried it, and i can not believe my ears my 13 year old little bits has not done that anoying cough im still waiting to see if im just not hearing things but i went out side he drank this thing he loves it and he has not done the cought when he sees me, he used to cough alot!!!! when he would see me, but i just can't believe that he has not done it again thank God for this information and may the Lord bless you for sharing this with us.


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tom (Atlanta, GA) on 11/21/2008

The hydrogen peroxide for the cough works, but I did not want to wait for my dogs to drink the water as most recommended.. Since I have 3 dogs and am aware of the cough spreading to the others so I sterilized all the water bowls and applied 3 drops of the 3% peroxide with 2 teaspoons of honey for each 8 oz. glass and filled their bowls. Then I made the same mixture in a 4 oz. glass and I took out their toothbrush and brushed their teeth gently most of the time they just kept licking the brush. All coughing stopped immediately. If any coughing continues I'll brush again.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Shanaex1414 (Stockton, Ca) on 10/27/2008

Thank you for your Kennel Cough hydrogen peroxide remedy!! I put just three drops of 3% peroxide in a medium-sized bowl. At first my doggie wouldn't drink it, even with honey in it, so I added more water to dilute it more - sensitive noses they've got! Then he drank it.

Well, he's coughed just a little after that but definitely no more middle-of-the-night coughing immediately after his first dose!

Then when he did cough a little from excitement or whatever, I'd have him sit, and I'd cover his nostrils, as suggested. He stopped coughing right away! A couple times, he'd stop just after I'd have him sit! :p
He even stared at me after like, "What did you do, mom? Thank you!" :)

Now I'm about to try molasses for his other main problem, separation anxiety, thanks to your website!!

God bless you for saving me vet bills!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Judy (Bricelyn, Minnesota) on 07/27/2008

I had bought a new Chihuahua puppy and within the first few days home, he developed a deep hacking cough (kennel cough), so bad he could not sleep. He only weighed 1.9 pounds so I did not want him vaccinated or put on antibiotics, but needed to stop the cough so he could sleep. I went on the internet and found many recommedations of hydrogen peroxide in water for it. I put about 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in about a glass of water with some honey for sweetener and to coat his throat and immediately after drinking this he stopped coughing and slept. He only hacked once or twice after that, but not near as bad as before and by the next day he was well. One of my other dogs got it the next day and I tried it with her and it did the same thing, so I put it in my dogs water for a few days and my other 2 dogs never even got it. My daughter tried it too after having her dogs to a doggy daycare for a weekend and they came home coughing. It worked just as fast for her and has not returned. It was an absolute miracle. Now she puts it in their water for about 2 weeks before going to the doggy daycare and it prevents the kennel cough. After reading your site, I now know why it works, not just that it works. Thank you.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Rebekah (Jacksonville, fl) on 02/02/2008

Kennel cough cured! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried the food grade hydrogen peroxide remedy. Just to be safe I diluted it to an extreme. I put 3 drops of the mixture in Shelby's water bowl and immediately (within a 2 days) she was almost completely cured. I had gone to a vet and was prescribed some expensive medicine that did NOT work at all. This natural remedy was nothing short of amazing!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Aubrey (Boston, MA) on 01/20/2008

I was at a loss as to what to do for my little yorkie who was suffering from what I believed to' be kennel cough and I read others' feedback and the hydrogen peroxide really works! Within the first hour he showed a significant improvement. I also gave him a bit of honey to help ease the cough and the combination of the two have really been a life and a money saver!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by anthony (cary, nc) on 11/22/2007

hey everyone.. i rescued a beagle named snoopy from wake county animal shelter a few months ago and when we brought him home he he would heev' and cough it was quite odd.. so i did the peroxide 3% from the store and mixed it in his water about 1 cap fulls twice a day .. after a week he was good and i have stopped the treatment the following week.. he's been great ever since..

Replied by Stephanie
(Dallas, Texas)

Hi. My comment is to Anthony with Snoopy the rescued Beagle. We have 2 Beagles (Copper and Bailey). Snoopy may also be experiencing the 'reversed sneeze'. Both of my Beagles do this every once in a awhile - it's looks like kennel cough. It's almost like they're about to vomit (heeving and coughing). As directed by a vet, you just have to hold their nose closed, making them breathe through their mouth. Sometimes I have to help Bailey open his mouth. Copper is an old pro at it. This opens the air passage that is causing the heeving by releasing the pallet that is caught in the throat. It's hard to do, but it works every time.

Replied by Giuliana
(Miami, Florida)

I have a malshi (mix of maltese and shitzu) and he has been having that weird cough like he is chocking on something and then he stops..I dont know if that can be considered kennel cough or not. He doesn't sneeze but i did notice some nasal discharge. Should I just give him the hydrogen peroxide? and just to double check...the hydrogen peroxide has to be 3% or 35%?

Replied by Sue

Hydrogen peroxide - 3%!

Anything stronger could burn or cause other problems.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Adrienne (Tarpon Springs, FL) on 01/13/2007

I have a 14 year old white boxer who developed kennel cough and after 2 vet visits and over 400 dollars later he was getting worse. I found info about food grade hydrogen peroxide curing kennel cough so my father in law got a bottle of it at a nature store and 3 days into giving it to my dog he is 50 percent better!!! I highly recommend it but do be careful on how much you give to much can be harmful. My dog weighs about 65 pounds and I give him 3 drops in 8 tablespoons of milk 3 times a day. Good Luck!!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Joanna (Dallas) on 05/14/2006

My 12 year old dog has had an intermittant cough for some months now. It may not be a cough but an irritated throat (which is what the vet saw). Every so often he would get up from his bed making a sound as though something were stuck in his throat. This happened several times a day. I solved this problem by adding 2 drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide to his water bowl. This choking/cough stopped within a day. If I forget it comes back the next day.

Kennel Cough Prevention

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Posted by Vicky (Australia) on 04/02/2017

I believe dogs get kennel cough from being cold-That's why dogs always get it from being at the pound- its all cement there- COLD. At home... dogs don't always do what's good for them- they sleep on cement... and the cold goes deep into their bones. They mostly sleep right at the back door so they can't miss if you happen to come out- even if it's unprotected from the rain at the door- put a mat there to save the dog from kennel cough and from arthritis later in life. I have 2 mats so that when one gets wet in the rain I move it to dry out (or to hose down wash) replacing it with the dry one.

Mine sleep in the garage on a thick dog bed and there's linoleum on the floor in the garage just so they CAN'T sleep on the cement floor (lino is cheap- and easy to mop) and they have never gotten kennel cough. Keep them warm and they may not ever get it again. I believe in Hydrogen peroxide and also in collodial silver water but not at the same time) :)

Replied by Sarah

I have a Chihuahua and half Corgi. He's about 10 years old he has his cough and gagging and clear foamy spit around another dog that has kennel cough so I just need to know what to do right now.

EC: Please read the posts on this pets/cough page. The most effective remedy reported is 3% hydrogen peroxide drops on a piece of bread or food.

Maple Syrup

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Posted by Cc (Matthews, Nc/us) on 01/10/2011

My dog was diagnosed last year with kennel coughing, whatever stopped within cough. I knew this was wrong because Kennel Cough is higly contagious, so the experts say. I have three other dogs that lives in the same house and they have never caught it. The vet gave my dog an atibiotic which never worked and a year later she is still couging and still no other dogs in the house coughing.
Tonight I tried 1 tbsp. Of Organic maple syrup only and within 10 minutes her hacking, gagging, coughing stopped. I am going to try the lemon juice and 3% peroxide with the maple syrup if this coughing starts again tomorrow.
I will not spend another 200.00 for bloodwork etc.or antibiotics again. That expensive therapy did nothing for my dog. Just 1 TBSP has done the job for now. Maybe we all will have a quiet night and day tomorrow. I know she is miserable coughing all the time. It's defintely not a contagious disease whatever the cause.

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