Cure Kennel Cough with Natural Remedies

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Rebekah (Jacksonville, fl) on 02/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Kennel cough cured! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried the food grade hydrogen peroxide remedy. Just to be safe I diluted it to an extreme. I put 3 drops of the mixture in Shelby's water bowl and immediately (within a 2 days) she was almost completely cured. I had gone to a vet and was prescribed some expensive medicine that did NOT work at all. This natural remedy was nothing short of amazing!

Replied by Vanessa
Stuart, Forida

Kennel Cough Remedies: Hi, seems to good to be truth, I started giving 3 drops on my dog's water bowl, To soon to determine if it works but now I would like to ask How long do I have to do this or it would be on a regular basis...., I really have my hopes up for this to works, it breaks my heart to see my little baby like and not be able to help her..... Thank you in advance.

Replied by June

A couple months ago a very wild stray kitten adopted us and our home. We already have 3 cats so she obviously felt very comfortable here. I've finally gotten her tamed and am able to be near her and hold her...took a couple months she was so wild. Anyway, I've noticed she has a dry cough...I'm wondering if it is heartworm but haven't yet been able to get her to the vet. (I don't usually have much luck with their "remedies" anyway.)

She arrived looking mangy and had lost all the hair off one ear, so I know she came to us with problems. Now her coat is shiny black and she is growing like a wild flower.

I'm going to treat her with h2o2 but I wondered if anyone else has successfully treated a cough in a cat?


Posted by Aubrey (Boston, MA) on 01/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was at a loss as to what to do for my little yorkie who was suffering from what I believed to' be kennel cough and I read others' feedback and the hydrogen peroxide really works! Within the first hour he showed a significant improvement. I also gave him a bit of honey to help ease the cough and the combination of the two have really been a life and a money saver!

Posted by anthony (cary, nc) on 11/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

hey everyone.. i rescued a beagle named snoopy from wake county animal shelter a few months ago and when we brought him home he he would heev' and cough it was quite odd.. so i did the peroxide 3% from the store and mixed it in his water about 1 cap fulls twice a day .. after a week he was good and i have stopped the treatment the following week.. he's been great ever since..

Replied by Stephanie
Dallas, Texas

Hi. My comment is to Anthony with Snoopy the rescued Beagle. We have 2 Beagles (Copper and Bailey). Snoopy may also be experiencing the 'reversed sneeze'. Both of my Beagles do this every once in a awhile - it's looks like kennel cough. It's almost like they're about to vomit (heeving and coughing). As directed by a vet, you just have to hold their nose closed, making them breathe through their mouth. Sometimes I have to help Bailey open his mouth. Copper is an old pro at it. This opens the air passage that is causing the heeving by releasing the pallet that is caught in the throat. It's hard to do, but it works every time.

Replied by Giuliana
Miami, Florida

I have a malshi (mix of maltese and shitzu) and he has been having that weird cough like he is chocking on something and then he stops..I dont know if that can be considered kennel cough or not. He doesn't sneeze but i did notice some nasal discharge. Should I just give him the hydrogen peroxide? and just to double check...the hydrogen peroxide has to be 3% or 35%?

Replied by Sue

Hydrogen peroxide - 3%!

Anything stronger could burn or cause other problems.

Posted by Adrienne (Tarpon Springs, FL) on 01/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have a 14 year old white boxer who developed kennel cough and after 2 vet visits and over 400 dollars later he was getting worse. I found info about food grade hydrogen peroxide curing kennel cough so my father in law got a bottle of it at a nature store and 3 days into giving it to my dog he is 50 percent better!!! I highly recommend it but do be careful on how much you give to much can be harmful. My dog weighs about 65 pounds and I give him 3 drops in 8 tablespoons of milk 3 times a day. Good Luck!!!!

Posted by Joanna (Dallas) on 05/14/2006
5 out of 5 stars

My 12 year old dog has had an intermittant cough for some months now. It may not be a cough but an irritated throat (which is what the vet saw). Every so often he would get up from his bed making a sound as though something were stuck in his throat. This happened several times a day. I solved this problem by adding 2 drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide to his water bowl. This choking/cough stopped within a day. If I forget it comes back the next day.

Replied by Cel
Orange County, Ca, Usa

I have a 3lb 3 month yorkie puppy and I have been to the vet twice to get medication to treat his kennel cough, nothing has worked:( I want to try the home remedy everyone is talking about but he won't willingly drink the water, any other suggestions on how I can get him to drink it, the soaking of the bread didn't interest him either. Please help:)

Replied by Bill
Seffner, Fl
5 out of 5 stars

My little sister's sick dog.

1 tsp honey

1 tsp lemon

3 drops HP 3% regular stuff

about 1/4 slice of bread

Cough gone in about 45 seconds.


Replied by Vickie
Pittston, Pa
5 out of 5 stars

OMG I have spent over 600 dollars in vet bills trying to fix this problem that I have been dealing with for over 3 mos. And I tried this less then an hour ago and both of my dogs are not coughing anymore. Thank you so much. I also took all of their toys and washed them as well. Thanks again Vickie

Replied by Trish
Anderson, California
5 out of 5 stars

Wow. Thanks to all the posters here. I have been up all night with my terrier poodle mix. She has been caughing since yesterday and nothing I have done has helped until I just gave her the honey water peroxide mix. She drank the whole 8 oz cup with one teaspoon honey and three drops HP. ( the regular kind) and she has caughed a little. But is know sleeping. Again thank you!!!

Replied by Ray
Bakersfield, California, Usa

Some of the whiting rinses, like Lavoris whiting rinse has hydrogen Peroxide. I brushed my 3 month old Chocolate Lab's teeth. Seems to work for the cough.

Replied by Sam
San Diego, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

This remedy is amazing. My pug has had a dry hacking cough for years. He has been on many meds and has seen many vets. Still never got down to the root of the problem. Cough is at its worse point. Today I tried this remedy and it has worked. The first hour he had very minimal cough. He seems so much more comfortable. Wish I would have found this site sooner. Thank you for sharing. It's making a huge difference.

Kennel Cough Prevention  

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Posted by Vicky (Australia) on 04/02/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I believe dogs get kennel cough from being cold-That's why dogs always get it from being at the pound- its all cement there- COLD. At home... dogs don't always do what's good for them- they sleep on cement... and the cold goes deep into their bones. They mostly sleep right at the back door so they can't miss if you happen to come out- even if it's unprotected from the rain at the door- put a mat there to save the dog from kennel cough and from arthritis later in life. I have 2 mats so that when one gets wet in the rain I move it to dry out (or to hose down wash) replacing it with the dry one.

Mine sleep in the garage on a thick dog bed and there's linoleum on the floor in the garage just so they CAN'T sleep on the cement floor (lino is cheap- and easy to mop) and they have never gotten kennel cough. Keep them warm and they may not ever get it again. I believe in Hydrogen peroxide and also in collodial silver water but not at the same time) :)

Maple Syrup  

Posted by Cc (Matthews, Nc/us) on 01/10/2011

My dog was diagnosed last year with kennel coughing, whatever stopped within cough. I knew this was wrong because Kennel Cough is higly contagious, so the experts say. I have three other dogs that lives in the same house and they have never caught it. The vet gave my dog an atibiotic which never worked and a year later she is still couging and still no other dogs in the house coughing.
Tonight I tried 1 tbsp. Of Organic maple syrup only and within 10 minutes her hacking, gagging, coughing stopped. I am going to try the lemon juice and 3% peroxide with the maple syrup if this coughing starts again tomorrow.
I will not spend another 200.00 for bloodwork etc.or antibiotics again. That expensive therapy did nothing for my dog. Just 1 TBSP has done the job for now. Maybe we all will have a quiet night and day tomorrow. I know she is miserable coughing all the time. It's defintely not a contagious disease whatever the cause.

Replied by Tonia

I too have spent over $300 on the same thing and that is what brought me to this site. My dog was given antibiotics. They did a heartworm test, x-rays and they were clear. That was over 2 months ago and she is still coughing and my other dogs are not so it's not Kennel cough. I am going to try the maple syrup and some hydrogen peroxide. I could go broke while the Vet just keeps adding dollars to my bill and my dog is not better.

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Rosalind (Grand Prairie, Tx) on 06/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to all of you. I picked my Yorkie up from the Kennel after being on vacation for a week and noticed that she had runny nose, coughing and feeling miserable. I begin to search for answers to why she maybe coughing. I am so "GLAD" I found this site. I've used the remedies you all have suggested and it's working. Honey, lemon juice, 3% hydrogen peroxide.... Wow... This is amazing. I was going to take her to the Vet and probably spend tons of money. You all are awesome and I thank GOD that you have shared "ALL" of the remedies with us. I've wrote them "ALL" down and will share with those who has experienced what we all have gone through. GOD bless you all! Shyla (my yorkie) is much happiers now!

Posted by Diane (Lakeland, FL) on 02/16/2009
1 out of 5 stars

Yorkie with breathing and coughing problems: I have a 10 year old Yorkie who is coughing quite a bit. She coughs like she is trying to get something up, but never does. Sometimes I can hear rattling when she breathes like there is liquid in there. After coughing she wheezes for a while. Usually activity causes her to cough. The vet had her on all types of meds, but they have not helped. I have tried ACV, H202, yogurt, acidopholus....and nothing seems to help. I hate for her to have such problems and would like to hear if you have any recommendations. The meds that the vet put her on just made her miserable. I would prefer to stay away from that.

No-Dye Benadryl  

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Posted by Kelly (Memphis, Tennessee) on 03/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My Pomeranian, Holly, had kennel cough. WE used the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, but the cough would just get weaker. We then tried no-dye Benadryl in the the morning and at night. It works great she has a lot of energy during the day and at night she can sleep. We are going to do this remedy for another week so she can get better.

Replied by Cathy
Woodridge, Canada

To Kelly from Memphis- cough medicine. I have a Sheltie that has a cough. The Vet told me to give her Robitussin DM - he made a point of saying it had to be DM BUT I never thought to ask him how to get it down her. He gave me a syringe but its all over her bib and nothing in her mouth. I tried H202. Can't put it in her water dish...2 dogs and 2 cats drink the same water. Put in a dish of warm milk with a tsp of honey. She drank about 1/4 of it. I will try again later.

Oregano Oil  

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Posted by Hilary (San Tan, Arizona) on 12/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

100% Natural Oregano oil in capsules ; 2 capsules twice a day for a week or so, about 2 to 5 drops of oregano oil per capsule with a carrier agent like grape seed oil (about 12 drops). You can get the essential oil at most nature type food stores and the empty capsules. Within a few days you will notice a huge difference in your dog and within a week no more coughing and back to normal. You can also sterilize your home of germs and viruses by putting about 15 to 20 drops in a humidifier and running it. Your house will smell like a wonderful italian kitchen and the house will be sanitized!


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Posted by Dusty (Modesto, Ca) on 11/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My dog developed a cough and was coughing up a clear mucus. She lost her energy and had a hard time eating dry food and wasn't drinking as much water as she normally does. I fed her canned food which she ate very quickly...I gave her pedialyte (about a half ounce to an ounce) every two hours for about 8 hours. I left for work and got home about 12 hours later. When I got home, she was running around and playing. She coughed a couple times, but it wasn't that honking, dry cough and she didn't cough up any mucus. My family has used pedialyte when our dogs get sick to prevent them from dehydrating, but it seems to work for parvo as well. I was told u can inject it just under the skin as well, but I fed mine to my dog using a turkey baster. Worked well.

Replied by Larry
Elkhart, In

Bojangles, our 3 year old Shih-Tzu exhibits the same symptoms as your dog -- coughing up clear mucous, refusing to eat dry food mixed with his wet food, less energy at times, and drinking less water. (We use the best wet dog food we can buy). I'm going to try the pedialyte. I don't think he has kennel cough as he's current with his shots;however, our apartment is really dry because it's winter and we have forced air heat. Also he has allergies. Since he also is itching and biting, should I also use 1/2 ml. ACV, 1 tbl honey, 3 drops of peroxide in his water dish? We use benadryl (1, 2x day)He weighs 15 pounds and is healthy otherwise. Thanks for your post and this web site.


Posted by Stephie (Peachtree City, Ga.) on 11/28/2011

What can you do for your puppy who has pneumonia? Can you help me please?

Kindest Regards~ Ms. Stephie

Rosehips, Lemon, Honey, Garlic  

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Posted by Wishapup (Southeastern Area, Ontario, Canada) on 05/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My 64-or-so pound dog once had a cough/respiratory infection in the middle of winter, and the vet told us to wait it out. She was coughing a lot and not doing well, so I started some home treatments for her. I made sure she was warm, and added some powdered garlic and water to her dry kibble each meal. I also gave her, several times a day, a mixture of about 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp honey, and added some to her kibble. It really seemed to soothe her throat and keep her from coughing. To encourage her to eat it, I had to add crushed biscuit.

I also added wild rosehips to her diet. They have a huge amount of Vitamin C, and I would add handfuls to her food and give them to her as treats. She consumed a full quart of them within 1 week! Her recovery was quick and she was soon back to her normal self again.

Vitamin C  

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Posted by Kathryn4 (Owings, Md.) on 04/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Kennel cough: I use buffered Vit c powder- just sprinkle a bit over his food every day. If I forget, after a few days it comes back. My dog was vaccinated supposedly for it from the Aspca when I adopted him but he still gets bouts with it. He gets regular vet appts for updates on the kennel cough - but this works and I just don't worry about it.