Natural Remedies to Treat Kennel Cough in Dogs

| Modified on Jun 27, 2022
Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Aims (Kelowna, British Columbia) on 11/05/2014
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I have an old retriever who picked up a case of Kennel Cough. I started using Honey, Food Grade Peroxide, Lemon and Distilled Water and her cough seems to have almost gone. I was just wondering how long I can keep this process up, and if anybody knows how many drops are allowed for a dog per day. Right now she gets 3 drops in her water with about 2 cups of water. It has definitely helped but I wasn't sure how long it is safe to carry this on. Thank you, Amy

Posted by Dana (Spartanburg, Sc) on 09/25/2010
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I took my St Bernard to the Humane Society to be fixed, when she came, she brought Kennel Cough home with her. Knowing that the rest of my dogs could catch it, I immediately started them all on garlic. I used fresh garlic (about 4 big cloves), some broth, bolied carrot and put it all in a blender. Poured it over their food and they ate it right up. After 2 days of doing this my St's cough was pretty much completly gone. I did this for a week and by the end of the week, she was as good as new. I also put a capful of hydrogen peroxide in their water bowl each time I had to fill it. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by Joanne (Las Vegas, Nv) on 08/31/2011

I cannot believe how many people are suggesting to feed and feeding their pets garlic! Garlic is considered to be toxic to dogs in anything more than trace amounts (such as the little bit added into dog food) anything more, such as whole garlic cloves as some people on here are suggesting can cause red blood cell damage in dogs just like onions. PLEASE do not feed your dogs whole cloves of garlic. If your dog is sick, take them to the vet! Alternative remedies can be great, but dogs are not people, their systems are different and they cannot handle all of the foods that we can.

Honey, Hydrogen Peroxide on Bread
Posted by SUSAN (Devon) on 06/12/2022
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3 Drops of hydrogen peroxide with 1 teaspoon of manuka honey on a little piece of bread stopped my 15 week old puppy coughing straight away.

He coughed 3 times the previous day just after he barked. I thought he was barking in a way that was bothering his larynx. Then come bed time he had some dreadful sounding honking. rasping, choking coughs.

I brought him to the vets first thing just to be sure he was ok. Vet confirmed it was kennel cough and no treatment was needed. (so glad they stopped giving out antibiotics willy nilly)

I came home and tried the peroxide remedy and it was like a miracle. I am astounded at the swift difference. The vet said he may well get worse before better but all he did was get immediately better. No rasping or rattling that night. He coughed quietly the next day once for two seconds. Today he has no symptoms.

I gave him 3 doses about 10 hrs apart. Do try this remedy it's fantastic.

Thank you so much to the person who originally posted it.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sam (San Diego, Ca ) on 04/08/2016
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This 2 drops of 3% peroxide remedy is amazing.

My pug has had a dry hacking cough for years. He has been on many meds and has seen many vets. Still never got down to the root of the problem. Cough is at its worse point. Today I tried this remedy and it has worked. The first hour he had very minimal cough. He seems so much more comfortable. Wish I would have found this site sooner. Thank you for sharing. It's making a huge difference.

Vitamin C, Antibiotics
Posted by Nat (Las Vegas, Nv, Usa) on 07/23/2012
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My puppy started hacking the middle of the night... Kennel cough. Took her to vet. Started antibiotics with 500 mg of Vitamin C and honey in morning and before bed. She stopped coughing the next night. Sorry, but folks at least take your dog to vet. Make sure there is not collapsed trachea, obstruction, etc. One person on this page asked what to give a pup with pneumonia.... TAKE THEM TO THE VET! I appreciate holistic and home remedies and use them alot. In fact my vet helps plan them, but to completely disregard vets and take the word of people you have never met on a web forum for the welfare of your animal is lacking in wisdom. I do the vet, apply appropriate veterinary items and do the holistic things they prescribe after our discussion.

Posted by Eve (Ny) on 10/16/2017
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My dad gave our dogs a garlic pill per day to keep fleas and mosquitos away. He did this for 13 and 16 yrs...that's how long our dogs lived.

Never had any illnesses.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Evelyn (Rhode Island) on 09/14/2016

I know Noelle's post is old but I had to comment on how she "shot" the solution into her dog's mouth. The proper way to give an animal any liquid from a syringe is to fill the syringe and put it inside the cheek (between the teeth and cheek) and slowly squirt the solution in. Otherwise the animal may aspirate the solution into the lungs. I lost an animal that way.

Posted by Stellasmommy (Seattle, Pnw) on 09/04/2011

Garlic, just like many other foods said to be toxic to dogs is really only toxic if your dog has an actual allergy to it. I have had dogs eat chocolate and not even so much as fart afterwards let alone die from it. I've had a dog eat onion and survive with nothing more then me calling her vet to ask what I should do. I think it's more risky if for example you have a smaller dog who's body can't process things like a larger dog can. The dogs that I'm speaking of all weighed over 65lbs. I'm not saying go ahead and give huge doses of whatever you want to your animal, but if you're going to try a natural remedy be prepared for what COULD happen and let your vet know what you are going to be trying.

Posted by Gabriella (Los Angeles) on 09/13/2019
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Our Great Dane had developed a bad cough which sounded as if he had something stuck in his throat. The vet said he had kennel cough and prescribed Tramadol, whose side effects include seizures. We gave him Monolaurin pellets pressed into hard butter, twice a day. Two days later he is totally healed.

Kennel Cough Prevention
Posted by Vicky (Australia) on 04/02/2017
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I believe dogs get kennel cough from being cold-That's why dogs always get it from being at the pound- its all cement there- COLD. At home... dogs don't always do what's good for them- they sleep on cement... and the cold goes deep into their bones. They mostly sleep right at the back door so they can't miss if you happen to come out- even if it's unprotected from the rain at the door- put a mat there to save the dog from kennel cough and from arthritis later in life. I have 2 mats so that when one gets wet in the rain I move it to dry out (or to hose down wash) replacing it with the dry one.

Mine sleep in the garage on a thick dog bed and there's linoleum on the floor in the garage just so they CAN'T sleep on the cement floor (lino is cheap- and easy to mop) and they have never gotten kennel cough. Keep them warm and they may not ever get it again. I believe in Hydrogen peroxide and also in collodial silver water but not at the same time) :)

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 06/29/2015

Hey Blanca!

Just an FYI - the gagging cough that the tussigon treats is very different than the cough caused by the kennel cough [viral/bacterial infection].

'Kennel cough' is a complex of infections—both viral and bacterial—that causes inflammation of the dog's voice box and windpipe. It's a form of bronchitis and is similar to a chest cold in humans.

The Tussigon that you are using to treat the side effect coughing from the vetmedin, is an anticholinergic and narcotic cough suppressant combination. The anticholinergic works by drying up secretions and the narcotic depresses the cough reflex in the brain.

These are two very different treatments for two very different kinds of coughing; using the honey/hp to treat your dog's cough may at best have no effect - and at worst cause him suffering and worsen his condition and quality of life for lack of an effective remedy.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jackie (Clifton, Nj) on 05/21/2013
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My dog contracted kennel cough from neighborhood dog. Cough gradually was getting worse after a weeks time. Found this remedy and it worked after one dose. I dissolved 1 tsp. of raw honey in warm water, added a few more ounced of water to total about 6 oz. Then added 3 drops of store bought hydrogen peroxide. He wouldn't drink it so a broke up pieces of bread in the bowl with it and he lapped it up. Coughing stopped immediately and didn't return. I did give him a second dose about 6 hours later to make sure. That was 1 month ago.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Trish (Anderson, California) on 12/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Wow. Thanks to all the posters here. I have been up all night with my terrier poodle mix. She has been caughing since yesterday and nothing I have done has helped until I just gave her the honey water peroxide mix. She drank the whole 8 oz cup with one teaspoon honey and three drops HP. ( the regular kind) and she has caughed a little. But is know sleeping. Again thank you!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Bill (Seffner, Fl) on 12/09/2011
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My little sister's sick dog.

1 tsp honey

1 tsp lemon

3 drops HP 3% regular stuff

about 1/4 slice of bread

Cough gone in about 45 seconds.


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Fuchufoxx (Alpharetta, Ga, United States) on 09/11/2011
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This works like magic! I think my poor AmStaff "Vegas" contracted the cough at the vet yesterday, and she was so miserable because she couldn't stop coughing and gagging. I kept giving her honey to sooth her throat. The honey would work for an hour or so, but then the coughing would start up again. I thought I was going to have to take her to vet today again (another pet bill) until I stumbles across this site. After reading all of the positive feedback of giving dogs HP, I decided to give it a try. It has worked like a charm! (so far)...

I gave her the following mixture:

3 drops of 3% HP

14 oz of water

1 tsp of honey

1 tsp of lemon juice

I soaked some bread in the mixture and fed it her, and the rest is sitting in her water bowl. She has not coughed since I gave this to her. It's amazing. I wasn't expecting for it to work, but it did!

Thank you for all the posts. This has been extremely helpful me and Vegas.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ryan (Sylacauga, Al) on 07/28/2011
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hydrogen peroxide 3% really worked for a sick puppy. I have a 4 week old pup that had nasal discharge, labored breathing, loss of appetite, and was lethargic. We give the pup a 3 drop h2o2, 16 oz. Water, and lemon juice mix. We had to force some liquid down. After giving the mixture, the pup was 50% better within 30 minutes. After an hour the pup was 95% better. The pup was eating, breathing better, and energetic. Still had some nasal discharge but a great improvement overall. I would not have believed that hydrogen peroxide would have made that much difference, that quickly unless I saw it with my own eyes. If you read this post and you are it doubt, trust me just try it. best of all no vet bill.

Honey and Lemon
Posted by Faething (Appleton, Wi) on 12/26/2009
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Honey & Lemon for Kennel Cough

My poor dog was miserable with a hacking dry cough that made him gag! I called my local pharmacist about the remedies that I found on this site, and she said that I could safely treat my 80 lbs golden retriever with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice with LOTS of water. I heated up some water, added the honey and lemon juice (a crushed up dog treat too because he wouldn't drink it at first), and within 30 seconds, no more cough! The pharm says to repeat every 4 hours. This will get us through the holiday weekend, and if he's still got the cough on Monday, we can take him to the vet then. The pharm also added that if the cough persists at night, we can get Robitussin DM, but that I'd need to get exact dosage online. Thanks to everyone that commented on this page!!

Reading everyone else's input first helped a lot.

Posted by Dusty (Modesto, Ca) on 11/27/2009
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My dog developed a cough and was coughing up a clear mucus. She lost her energy and had a hard time eating dry food and wasn't drinking as much water as she normally does. I fed her canned food which she ate very quickly...I gave her pedialyte (about a half ounce to an ounce) every two hours for about 8 hours. I left for work and got home about 12 hours later. When I got home, she was running around and playing. She coughed a couple times, but it wasn't that honking, dry cough and she didn't cough up any mucus. My family has used pedialyte when our dogs get sick to prevent them from dehydrating, but it seems to work for parvo as well. I was told u can inject it just under the skin as well, but I fed mine to my dog using a turkey baster. Worked well.

Coconut Oil
Posted by David (Ohio) on 05/24/2021
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For kennel cough .. For small dog one full teaspoon and for large dog give 1 tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil once a day. It will boost their immune system,