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Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Ninemmruger (Thorn Hill, Tn, Usa) on 01/08/2011

I have several dogs and only 1 seems to get this kennel cough couple x's a yr. As the vet says a air born virus like the human cold. I can take him to the vet and of coarse they run a blood test to make sure its not heart worms, and its not if the vet gives him a med shot it seems to boost the recovery of it but if the don't and they Rx him pills usually they work but he ran out of his pills and its snowing pretty bad here, so taken him into the vet is out of the question. We have a fenced in back yard when we let him in there to use the bath-rm after a couple of times doing this we notice that's when the coughing starts, but if its outside of the fence he don't get it so were relating it to dust, usually I can give him bendryl pink tab. Once a day and it seems to take care of it, but this time it didn't, so I'm looking for a home remedy that will work. He (Spots) is about 9 / 10 in human yrs he is pt shitz zoo pom and Yorkie poo. I know Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) is suppose to help a dog vomit from like poison. Don't know the difference between the 2 HP, both bottles I have says HP topical solution, I also have little bit of honey, lemon juice, garlic cloves. I need a easier on the wallet solution. Thank you for taking time to read this, ninemmruger

Replied by Gothicrose
Clearwater, Fl Usa

Ok am going to try this with my 5 month old puppy. Could I mix a treat with it or pour the mix on her food or should I just make the mix in her water dish?

Replied by Cynthia
Fremont, Ca

Hydogen Peroxide ?? Are you kidding me? Thats rocket fuel!!

Never ever use this chemical on your pets. This chemical kills off the good bacterias that live on your pets tongue. So by using this you are simply risking your dogs health more. For those who dont know hydrogen peroxide is used to induce vomitting in dogs and cats. Hydrogen Peroxide is used as a Dog Emetic.

I have always used homeopathic remedies and have always worked well, better than robitussin that many people suggest.

My 2 cents, Cynthia

Replied by Vicky

It also makes up most of our bodies...and animals bodies. Hydrogen does. H2. Yes this 'rocket fuel'... It has done amazing healings all over the world - you'll have to research that for yourself. I wouldn't be without it- I use it for everything - have for decades. I'm alive because of it and so are many of my animals which I only treat (myself included) with natural remedies- Hydrogen peroxide being one.. Don't be afraid of such a boon to mankind. The FDA etc. will try to scare you away from all the healing doesn't 'pay' them to endorse natural things (Big Pharma does) ;)

Posted by Steffer (Ontario, Ca) on 12/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

OMG!!!! The Peroxide remedy was a hit for my 3 month old Shorkie. I am so glad to have encountered this site. My puppy was cured within 20 mins. No more hack.

Replied by Fuchufoxx
Alpharetta, Ga, United States
5 out of 5 stars

This works like magic! I think my poor AmStaff "Vegas" contracted the cough at the vet yesterday, and she was so miserable because she couldn't stop coughing and gagging. I kept giving her honey to sooth her throat. The honey would work for an hour or so, but then the coughing would start up again. I thought I was going to have to take her to vet today again (another pet bill) until I stumbles across this site. After reading all of the positive feedback of giving dogs HP, I decided to give it a try. It has worked like a charm! (so far)...

I gave her the following mixture:

3 drops of 3% HP

14 oz of water

1 tsp of honey

1 tsp of lemon juice

I soaked some bread in the mixture and fed it her, and the rest is sitting in her water bowl. She has not coughed since I gave this to her. It's amazing. I wasn't expecting for it to work, but it did!

Thank you for all the posts. This has been extremely helpful me and Vegas.

Replied by Leke
Ewa Beach, Hawaii

What hydrogen peroxide did you use? Is it safe to use the brown bottle?


I am also curious if you're using the food grade kind, or the regular antiseptic kind.

Replied by Just One Dog
Davidsonville, Md, Us
1 out of 5 stars


FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide, PLEASE! There is a lot of talk on this site about HP therapy, (used for centuries in Europe) but please recognized the significant difference between WalMart type brown bottle (because of it light reactivity) and food grade HP. There are differences (important). There is a wealth of info available out there, but please, the 3 percent drugstore variety is Not For Human Consumption, nor dogs, but topical only. The food grade stuff is not that expensive and doesn't have the stabilizers in it (which are not healthy for drinking). Food grade is typically 35 percent which needs to be significantly diluted (drops to a glass of water) but is used world wide by alternative health care experts (obviously opinions vary) and is dangerous when undiluted, but please don't just get a bottle from the drugstore and give it to your dog. Give them a chance. Get the right stuff and dilute it properly. Virtually anything in too strong a concentration (including oxygen for too long a period of time) can be toxic, so please don't kill your dog or make them more sick by not reading the necessary info on HP for animals! Used properly and diluted is not the same thing as using one clearly labelled as not for consumption at all. Good health to you!

Replied by Vicky

The FOOD GRADE kind- please...if you're putting anything in your mouth or theirs just like FOOD- it must be FOOD GRADE. The other one from the pharmacy etc. says- "do not take internally"!!

Posted by Ellen (Arlington, Tx, Usa) on 05/23/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen peroxide for canine cough

I have an elderly female dog. She has been coughing more and more often in the last few days. It sounded like kennel cough to me. She had it many years ago when we first got her. Today the cough was almost constant. I looked at her gums to make sure her color was good since sometimes a bad cough can indicate congestive heart failure. Her gums looked pink and healthy. Her appetite was good and she seemed in good spirits.But that horrible "barking" cough wasn't letting up. After reading what people on here recommended, I mixed up a half a teaspoon of honey and a sqeeze of fresh lemon juice into a small amount of warm water until the honey dissolved. Then I added more cold water until I had 8 ounces of the mixture. Then I added 3 drops of regular, (not food grade) 3% hydrogen peroxide. I then saturated a small piece of bread(that was the size of a soda cracker)with the mixture and fed it to her. It has been 3 hours and I have not heard her cough once. I will repeat the dose late tonight and make a fresh batch tomorrow. Thank you SO MUCH Earth Clinic and all who have shared their remedies and experiences. My family and our pets are all so much healthier and happier since I found this website!

Replied by Gypsy
Missoula, Mt

My dog picked up KC at doggie daycare and my vet was kind enough to just provide antibiotics and cough syrup without a visit (she had just been in 5 weeks ago for unrelated matter). She has had KC before, but this seems a more severe case. Just started her antibiotics last night and found this site. My question is this - can I try the hydrogen peroxide/water/honey solution while she is on the antibiotics? Thanks!

Replied by Teresa
Swansea, South Carolina
1 out of 5 stars

We just recently bought a pomeranian from a breeder and 2 days later a female jack russell from an individual. The Pom had Kennel cough we were unaware, it has now been passed to the jack russell. We have been to the vet and the medicine is NOT working! So we tried this remedy, the peroxide, IS NOT WORKING. we have given it 2 days of using every 12 hours with the meds from the vet as well..I am at my wits end.

Posted by Michael (Rincon, Georgia) on 04/19/2010
5 out of 5 stars

We have two Chocolate Labs, Molokai and Konohika. One had a bad kennel cough and the other seemed ok. We used 8 oz of water with 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of honey, 3 times a day. Unbelieavable how well this worked. We gave it to both of them the first day and then just Molokai from then on. It took only two days and the cough was pretty much gone and after 5 days it was competely gone. Thanks to all for the great posts.

Replied by Newfosternyc
New York, Ny

The new 1year old yorkie I'm fostering seems to be exhibiting Kennel Cough symptoms. At day 2, he was having a hacking cough attack approx 10 min after eating (last only a few secons). Seemed to be okay during the day but definitely lethargic like other symptoms noted on this forum. in the evenings, he was prone to more frequent, but smaller hacking fits (which thankfully don't last long for his sake). I didn't want to go the traditional antibiotic route due to his size and unknown history.

After reading about the hydrogen peroxide option (I have the 35% grade), I diluted 3tsps of H2o2 in 8oz of water with a little bit of honey - cut a few small pieces of bread and soaked the bread in a few tsps of the mixture, then mixed the bread with his lunch. I was excited after all of the other reviews on here, but the poor little guy threw up his lunch shortly after eating. :(

I see one of the h202 uses is also an emetic, so perhaps the solution wasn't diluted enough? (Or maybe this mixture is not suitable for small dogs?)

A few hours later, he's been resting most of the day (and will get up for hugs and pets), but will go back to his blanket to rest. He had a few hacking spells but they didn't last long.

Any other suggestions? I'm aware of the pneumonia precautions with KC as well as trachea issues with Yorkies.

Since he travelled far (shelter/kennel in either GA or SC) to NYC, I want to be sure he's taken care of properly (and believe me, he's getting LOADS of TLC and Love :))

Thank you, all.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Newfoster mom in NYC!

It has been years since I had to deal with KC; the symptoms look like the dog is trying to cough a bone out of its lungs - its a deep cough.

I have not used this remedy myself. However it would appear you did not give the correct dose of food grade hydrogen peroxide. You mixed three tablespoons [1.5 ounces] in to 8 oz of water, and then soaked the bread in this stronger concentration; it would appear you dosed to induce vomitting, hence your result.

Try this:

Mix 1 ounce of the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide into 11 ounces of distilled water to obtain at 3% solution.

Then take 8 oz of water with 3 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and 1 teaspoon of honey, 3 times a day.

Also consider homeopathic remedies for your lil guy; many whole food coops and health food stores carry pediatric preparations that are both gentle and effective.

Good luck and let us know how your foster boy does!

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada

The remedy for kennel cough is DROSSERA 30C . Research online. Om

Replied by Vee B.

Can you give me recommended dosage of Drosera for an 8lb dog? I have 30c pellets. I've looked online and can't seem to find a dosage guide for a small dog.


Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Vee,

You tip 4-6 of the white pills into an envelope, and then crush the pills into a powder and then tip the powder into your dog's mouth and hold shut for a few moments to allow the powder to dissolve. Do not touch with your fingers.

Posted by Dora (San Antonio, Texas) on 04/14/2010

I have a beagle "annie" with a cough. I read about the 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide and honey and I also read about the pedialyte. Could I mix the hydrogen peroxide and honey with the pedialyte? Has anyone tried that?

Posted by Chuck (S. Milwaukee, Wi) on 03/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi.I have a 4 year old Lab (Truman) that came down with kennel cough. He also had a fever. I tried using the Honey water and hydrogen peroxide(3%) and it really worked. He coughed just a bit in the morning and when he got excited but after just two and a half days his cough was 99% gone. I also gave him 2 low dose aspirin twice for the fever. I put 3 drops of HP in 14 oz. of water and 1 tea spoon of honey. The first day, worst day he was sick I also dipped a piece of bread in the water/HP mix and it stopped the cough immediately. Truman weighs 90Lbs.

Thanks so much, GREAT website, Great home remedy.

Posted by Susan (Sacramento, Ca) on 12/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Wow. Our six year old rescue dog came down with Kennel Cough two days after we got her. (Not a bad case, she was still eating etc. - otherwise we would have been off to the vet), BUT we did the 3 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide (regular not foodgrade) and a teaspoon of honey mixed into a large glass of water. MIRACLE stuff. No coughing that night completely gone by next day... I have NEVER tried a homeopathic remedy before. But with all the positive posts thought we'd give it a try - amazing.

Replied by Breoghan
Wichita, Ks

WOW!!! I am really surprised that the use of Hydrogen Peroxide works at all, as Hydrogen Peroxide is the remedy for dogs to make them vomit. That is right, Hydrogen Peroxide to a dog is the same as giving ipecac syrup to a human, "instant vomit". I had to use it on my dog one time because he got into some medicine and it worked just as the vet said it would, up came everything in his stomach.

Replied by Destiny
Dinuba, Ca, Usa

I am SO glad I found this place! Since Oct. my Doxie mix has had a dry hacking cough. She has been to the vet FOUR times, has had a number of tests, taken oodles of antibiotic, expensive cough pills and she STILL has the cough! The vet bill is outragious and my dog is STILL coughing... I'm going to try the Peroxide and honey in water! I CAN'T WAIT!! THANK YOU!

Replied by Jerry
Stafford, Va
5 out of 5 stars

We recently bought our Chichuachua from the pet store and in a couple of day he develope a gagging coughing sound that really scare me an my wife. We took him to the vet and they stated that it is common amongs small dogs and told us that nothing was wrong with him during the check. They prescribe him some antibiotics for any inflamation that he may have. Well after a week of giving him the antibiotics the coughing and hacking at night continued. We where so worried about our new puppy so I decided to go online because we where loosing sleep at night with the ongoing coughing and gagging he would do at night. We found this website that mentioned the 3% Hydrogen peroxide and honey and we thought we would give it a try. Wow!!!!!! amazing we could not believe how fast it worked. No more coughing at night and our puppy sleeps though the entire night not to include us as well. If you have a small dog make sure you only mix a very small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in a large glass of water to prevent them from vomiting. Thanks for everyones post this was really helpful and prevented us from an expensive vet bill.

Replied by Tascha
Anchorage, Alaska

Okay, I will be trying this remedy but what I keep seeing is 3 drops, what measurement is three drops, like a teaspoon, tablespoon, etc? I have a min pin. that weighs about 10-12 pounds

EC: No!

Amount : 3 drops of water (drop)
Equals : 0.03 teaspoons US (tsp , teasp)
Fraction : 3/100 teaspoons US (tsp , teasp)


Replied by Lera
St Petersburg, Fl

You can buy an eye dropper and bottle at most health food stores...use three drops from the dropper...I use 1 drop in 2 drops in 12 ounces of water to maintain the health of my cat and dog...many farmers who don't use hormones and antibiotics on their animals use peroxide in their drinking water to keep them free of harmful bacteria and parasites...

Replied by Leslie
Longmont, Colorado
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Yesterday my dog woke up sooo sick. She was coughing and had terrible mucus in her nose and I could tell she was feeling very sick. I gave her the peroxide and honey and truthfully in 5 minutes, she went outside and ran around like the puppy that she is.I know it sounds unbelievable, but I am telling the truth. I mixed a few drops of peroxide and honey and some warm water and poured it down her throat. It is now in her water dish. Thank You !!

Posted by Juana (Fayetteville, North Carolina) on 10/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen peroxide: Thank you, thank you, thank you my daughters chihuahua was coughing really bad when we first got him and we were very worried about him. This really works :)

Replied by Charlie
Ft. Smith, Ar

I just read all the comments about hydrogen peroxide and honey but no one ever commented on whether you could use regular peroxide or if you needed the food grade. Does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks...

Replied by Jane
Pasadena, Ca

Hi Charles. I have used both for my dogs. When I had food grade, I used a couple drops of that for my dog with kennel cough and he was better a day later. A few years later, after I had thrown out the old bottle of food grade and another one of my dogs was coughing (after going to vet!), I opted for drug store 3%. I think I used a capful.

I remember reading that h202 loses it's potency after a few hours in water, so you need to do a fresh new bowl of water every few hours with a few drops of h202.

Replied by Rashel
Mansfield, Oh Us

so.. I have a 8 months old boxer. Im trying this remdy. So she needs to drink all the 8 oz of water??

Posted by Wab (Fleminton, Nj) on 10/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

kennel cough

WOW This is the craziest think I have ever seen. 3 drops of hydro peroxide and honey in 8 oz of water for my 15lb min pin and in less than a minute she is cured. The best part other than the cure is no 200.00 dollar bill or 40.00 prescription. Thanks

Replied by Caite
South Berwick, Maine, Usa

what kind of hydrogen peroxide? I just spent $150 at the doggie ER and got some antibiotics and a $40 bottle of cough syrup so I am very interested in this cure for future reference.

Replied by Pastor Scott
Nashua, Nh
5 out of 5 stars

Brought my dog home from a weeks stay at a kennel we've used before with great success. Even though he was vaccinated, he developed Kennel Cough (diagnosed thanks to an online vet service). Last night he was up every 45 minutes coughing until he wretched. It was a long night. about 2am I found this site and was willing to try anything for relief for my poor buddy.

I mixed a teaspoon(-ish) of honey with a half capful of Hydrogen Peroxide (standard 3% - righout out of our medicine cabinet) and a bowl of water (several cups), slightly heated to make the honey dissolve. He didn't take to it last night, but sometime this morning he started drinking it. by this evening, his cough is all but GONE! He is acting more and more like himself, albeit tired from a long hard day yesterday and last night. But he hasn't wretched all night. Praise Jesus! And thank you for this suggestion.

Posted by 1handsomeman (Edmonds, Wa) on 10/01/2009

Food Grade vs Regular Hydrogen Peroxide: Is it necessary to have Food Grade Peroxide for Kennel Cough or can I use Regular Hydrogen Peroxide?

Posted by Eric (West Palm Beach, FL) on 04/22/2009

hydrogen peroxide for kennel cough: My cocker spaniel has this kennel cough , i think. i need to know exactly how to use this hydrogen peroxide,what amounts, how often etc... is it the same as in the drug store? if not ,can i dilute this? please help me asap. my dog is miserable. thank you.

Posted by Tom (Atlanta, GA) on 11/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

The hydrogen peroxide for the cough works, but I did not want to wait for my dogs to drink the water as most recommended.. Since I have 3 dogs and am aware of the cough spreading to the others so I sterilized all the water bowls and applied 3 drops of the 3% peroxide with 2 teaspoons of honey for each 8 oz. glass and filled their bowls. Then I made the same mixture in a 4 oz. glass and I took out their toothbrush and brushed their teeth gently most of the time they just kept licking the brush. All coughing stopped immediately. If any coughing continues I'll brush again.

Replied by Anna
Houston, Texas
5 out of 5 stars


WOW!!! I thank God for this imformation, i just read this about an hour ago and tried it, and i can not believe my ears my 13 year old little bits has not done that anoying cough im still waiting to see if im just not hearing things but i went out side he drank this thing he loves it and he has not done the cought when he sees me, he used to cough alot!!!! when he would see me, but i just can't believe that he has not done it again thank God for this information and may the Lord bless you for sharing this with us.


Replied by June
San Pedro, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

Ok we tried the peroxide and honey addition to the water when I had a rescue foster come into our household. I heard her sneeze and knew what was coming. I have my 4 dogs also and was really a bit worried. I added the peroxide and honey daily for a few weeks. My foster only had a mild bout with the kennel cough, my three eldest never got sick. Two had had K.C. before when I got them, one had never ever had it, she and the other two did not get it. BUT my youngest did. Sooo I guess it worked for 3 of mine and not the forth. I still would recommend giving it a try because I only had one get sick.

Replied by Cbrillem
Miami, FL

i have a 12lb 3 month old puppy. I didnt want to give him peroxide so i gave him half a tbsp of robbitusin DM. every 9 hrs or so. After only 2 dys he stopped coughing . I also applied honey mixed with a little lemon juice directly in his mouth everytime he started coughing too much.

EC: More info about Robitussin DM here:

or here:

Posted by Shanaex1414 (Stockton, Ca) on 10/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for your Kennel Cough hydrogen peroxide remedy!! I put just three drops of 3% peroxide in a medium-sized bowl. At first my doggie wouldn't drink it, even with honey in it, so I added more water to dilute it more - sensitive noses they've got! Then he drank it.

Well, he's coughed just a little after that but definitely no more middle-of-the-night coughing immediately after his first dose!

Then when he did cough a little from excitement or whatever, I'd have him sit, and I'd cover his nostrils, as suggested. He stopped coughing right away! A couple times, he'd stop just after I'd have him sit! :p
He even stared at me after like, "What did you do, mom? Thank you!" :)

Now I'm about to try molasses for his other main problem, separation anxiety, thanks to your website!!

God bless you for saving me vet bills!

Replied by Sarah
Harrison Twp, Mi

Kennel Cough: Do you know if the peroxide also helps with runny noses? My dog now has this symptom along with the cough. We've been to the vet twice already!

Replied by Lea
Pierpont, OH

With the hydrogen peroxide for the cough...does it have to be diluted in water or can I put 3 drops on food and give it to my dog? Also, is it 3 drops of 3% peroxide? My dog is a 13 year old terrier mix with a cough that he has had for quite some time. I took him to the vet thinking the worst, and even the vet thought it was his heart when he heard him cough. But after listening to his heart he said it was very strong. He gave him a shot and some pills. Although his cough did get softer/quieter, he still has it. I don't think it is kennel cough because I have 5 dogs and he is the only one with the cough. Does the peroxide treatment work for other types of coughs? Would it be safe just to try it?

Replied by Michelle
Matawan, Nj

I adopted my 4-5 yr old yorkie from the shelter just over a week ago, they said he has kennel cough and the vet confirmed. He doesn't cough that much.. in the mornings and sometimes at night he has wheezing fits and brings up some mucus - which i wish they had the smarts to spit it out instead of swallowing it. other than that - he sneezes when we go outside for his walks. since this seems to be a pretty mild case, does that make him less contagious to other dogs? i read that they can "shed" the virus for months even after they have no more symptoms, so do any of these remedies lessen the time that they can actually spread KC? I don't like keeping my poor baby quarantined, i want him to stay social!

Posted by Candi (Tampa, Florida) on 09/29/2008

I have 5 dogs, 4 are infected with Kennel Cough. PLease explain sterilizing the air with a humidifer?? I have been treating with Robitussin DM and baby aspirin. My smallest went to the vet and is on antibiotic Clavamox. She caught original virus and she is the worst. She does not want to eat. How do I do the peroxide method for small dogs?? The sickest is 4.5, I have 2 at 8 lbs. and one at 1l lbs, and one that is 12 years and weighs 12.5 lbs. but is showing no signs. I am at wits end, my vet is being unreasonable on treatment costs so I am trying to handle this alone. My lack of sleep is not helping and now I read that I can catch this in a form of respitory infection, is this true?? Any suggestions, advice or helpful hints I will gladly listen to. Thanks, Candi

Replied by Anna
Houston, Texas

No i read on many sites that, human can not catch kennel cough, only animal to animal ONLY in a ENCLOSED area, and is true because i have had my dog little bits for 13 years he is a back yard dog and he has been with my other dogs and neither my self or my other dogs have caught anything.

Posted by Judy (Bricelyn, Minnesota) on 07/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had bought a new Chihuahua puppy and within the first few days home, he developed a deep hacking cough (kennel cough), so bad he could not sleep. He only weighed 1.9 pounds so I did not want him vaccinated or put on antibiotics, but needed to stop the cough so he could sleep. I went on the internet and found many recommedations of hydrogen peroxide in water for it. I put about 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in about a glass of water with some honey for sweetener and to coat his throat and immediately after drinking this he stopped coughing and slept. He only hacked once or twice after that, but not near as bad as before and by the next day he was well. One of my other dogs got it the next day and I tried it with her and it did the same thing, so I put it in my dogs water for a few days and my other 2 dogs never even got it. My daughter tried it too after having her dogs to a doggy daycare for a weekend and they came home coughing. It worked just as fast for her and has not returned. It was an absolute miracle. Now she puts it in their water for about 2 weeks before going to the doggy daycare and it prevents the kennel cough. After reading your site, I now know why it works, not just that it works. Thank you.

Replied by Shannon
Olney, MD

Where can I buy food grade hydrogen peroxide? I can only find the 3% drug store kind. I found a place to order it online but I really want to get it ASAP to try to cure my bulldogs kennel cough. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!! Thank you.

EC: Here's our "Where to Find Food Grade" page for more information:

Replied by Manon
Montreal, Quebec
5 out of 5 stars

I live near Montreal and I have found a health store where they sell food-based hydrogen peroxide (a treatment for kennel cough). The store is called Centre Ki Nature & Sante. Two different locations 1: 997 Boul St. Jean, Pointe Claire 2: 4279 St. Denis Montreal, Quebec. I tried it on my 3 month old puppy and it works.

Replied by Lera
St Petersburg, Fl

You can usually get it at a health food store...or a seed and feed because it is great for organic farming and maintenance of farm animals to keep them antibiotic free...