Parasite Testing and Detox for Lipomas

| Modified on Apr 26, 2024
Parasite Detox
Posted by Linda (Seattle, Wa) on 12/02/2012

I have found that these lympomas are not fat at all. If you have one removed, ask the surgeon for a pathlogy report. They are not human tissue. They are tapeworms that form into round balls. Cystercicosis is caused by the pork tapeworm is from what I have researched. One can be vegetarian and still get pork tapeworms from contaminated water, soil, air and passed by unsanitary measures. Removing one or several lipomas surgically will not help. You need to treat the larva, eggs, adults and cysts or the infestation will get severe, they can travel to the brain (neuro cystercicosis), many times misdiagnosed as dementia, brain tumors, lipomas in the brain. Seriously, research it!