Hypothyroid Connection to Lipomas

| Modified on Jan 14, 2024

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Posted by Pam (Georgia) on 06/07/2015

Lipoma, from what I'm reading, comes from Hypothyroidism (which most Americans have a low efficient thyroid because pre-made/fast food options). I've had them for several years especially when I became pregnant with my first child. They have multiplied but their size have remained the same (like a small marble). I do go out to eat quite often but eat very healthy at home. I love my veggies especially the greens. I cook with only olive oil and eat only real butter. I take herbs on occasion when needed. I'm not on any kind of pharma (chemical) medication and haven't for many years now. So I wonder...why do I have these. I have been told more than once by my natural healthcare specialist that my thyroid is not functioning full force...which I rotate herbs on and off for that. I've started drinking apple cider vinegar with ginger root water hoping that will make a difference...now if I could only quit eating out so often that might be the answer!!!

Replied by Cindy Vr
(San Diego)

You are probably Iodine deficient. Eighty percent of Americans are. Read Dr. David Brownstein's book "IODINE: Why You Need It Why You Can't Live Without It" He recommends Ioderal or Lugol's solution to cure it.