Essiac Tea for Lipomas

| Modified on Apr 26, 2024

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Posted by Margaret S. (Peterborough On) on 09/06/2016

I used essiac daily and it removed two lipoma lumps on my wrists some years ago. My sister, an RN had her surgically removed. But you must stop all sugar, tea and coffee. Now I have started again with essiac. Much cheaper than surgery and more important that the system be cleansed. We have a former pharmacist who makes up the four herbs and you boil it and store it and take it daily. He also has Ph'd in cell research. He owns Earth Food Store in Peterborough ON. I take it until the cysts are removed or if there would be any side effects. So far none.

Replied by David

I just started taking Essiac in hopes to get rid of my lipomas which I have had since I was 19 years old. There for a while I continued to get new ones but since giving up sodas almost 2 years ago they slowed down in their size and the production of new ones. In the past I had a dermatologist remove them but only for them to return. I had read somewhere that sugar and caffeine feeds them even with so little research on what causes them reducing these two things has helped in slowing them down. I am hoping that the Essiac tea helps because I am really tired of being scarred to have them removed.

Replied by Phil

Yeah because from what I understand they are basically like benign cancer thus explaining why the essiac tea worked but only if no sugar is involved. Ted from bangkok talk about how to get rid of them on here and basically says treat it as cancer and use the cancer re medies on the site to remove it and any cancerous cells from the body. Do that and all should be well. I have one too and will post back in about a month with update. cheers

Replied by Sonja
(Warren, MI)

Do you take essiac tea internally or you apply the tea bag to the lipoma?