Sage Oil for Lipomas

| Modified on Jan 14, 2024
Sage Oil for Lipomas

Sage Oil a powerful essential oil used by herbalists to reduce the size of a lipoma. Because sage is said to have a natural affinity for fat cells, it helps in slowly dissolving the fatty tissues when applied to a lipoma.

An essential oil, sage oil is extracted from dried sage leaves by the process of steam distillation. Sage oil has therapeutic properties that are antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antioxidant, antiseptic. As such, sage oil is used to treat a multitude of health ailments. Sage stimulates cell renewal, increases blood circulation and is very beneficial for the skin. Sage oil is widely used to reduce cellulite since it helps to eliminate toxins stored by the body by increasing blood circulation.

How Do I Use Sage Oil to Shrink a Lipoma?

  • 2 oz of Grapeseed Oil or another carrier oil
  • 15 drops Sage essential oil

Add the grapeseed oil and sage essential oil to a clean, empty bottle. Shake well. Gently massage a few drops of this oil into your lipoma daily.

Sage Butter

You can also add a few drops of essential sage oil to pure shea butter and massage the butter directly into your lipoma.

It will take several months to see results from this treatment, so be patient!

Where Can I Buy Sage Oil?

Most health food stores carry essential oils these days and will typically have at least one brand of sage essential oil. Whole Foods is one such store. You can also buy it on Amazon here.

Side Effects of Sage Oil

Sage essential oil is contraindicated for epileptics, pregnant women and children under 10. Sage Oil should not be used during pregnancy as it can cause contractions that lead to a miscarriage. Breastfeeding women should not use sage oil as it slows down the production of breast milk.

Although considered the safest of all the high-thujone oils, it is best to use sage sparingly. If you are sensitive to supplements and home remedies, you might want to avoid this essential oil altogether.

Large doses of sage oil can cause headaches. Also, sage oil should not be used if you are drinking alcohol as it can exaggerate the intoxicating effects of alcohol. Other side effects include increased heart rate and dizziness.

Always store essential oils out of reach of children and pets.

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1 User Review

Posted by Teja (Hyderbad, India) on 11/18/2015

For Lipomas, use sage oil directly on the lumps directly. Gently massage with the sage oil. It is a time taking process & it will take months to get rid of them. But it will work.

Replied by gul

sir iam suffering from lipomas from past 10yrs. Did you have ever try the sage oil for lipomas.....and is there any shrinking in your case?

Replied by Antonia P.
(American Northeast)

It's considered dangerous to apply any essential oil directly to the skin.

Please follow the advice provided within the article by the healthcare experts and disregard the advice provided by the other commentor.

If you feel you must apply the essential oil directly to your skin and do not trust the advice provided in the article, please research for yourself whether or not it is safe to apply essential oils directly to human skin. Please do not take the advice of any one casual commentor underneath a health article if it differs with the health experts publishing the article, without first doing substantial research so that you don't undertake undue risk to yourself.