Parasite Testing and Detox for Lipomas

| Modified on Apr 26, 2024

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Posted by Linda (Seattle, Wa) on 12/02/2012

I have found that these lympomas are not fat at all. If you have one removed, ask the surgeon for a pathlogy report. They are not human tissue. They are tapeworms that form into round balls. Cystercicosis is caused by the pork tapeworm is from what I have researched. One can be vegetarian and still get pork tapeworms from contaminated water, soil, air and passed by unsanitary measures. Removing one or several lipomas surgically will not help. You need to treat the larva, eggs, adults and cysts or the infestation will get severe, they can travel to the brain (neuro cystercicosis), many times misdiagnosed as dementia, brain tumors, lipomas in the brain. Seriously, research it!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Linda: thanx for your post on this problem. There is also the Beef and Fish Tapeworm w/ possible Cystericosis. I have been twice diagnosed w/ Parasites by a Mennonite Iridologist and 3 yrs ago what appears a cyst on my right cheek or jaw w/ noticeable swelling and some occasional pain; also maybe another on upper left jaw. I have occasional acute brain pain (not head-ache) as described by others w/ cystericosis. I have been using Magnet therapy especially on the brain area and have so-far not been afflicted by any bad symptoms other than the occasional pain (which is quite severe but lasting only a few seconds).

These cyst are proly most dangerous as they spew out Malonic Acid as well as Pathogens like Streptomyces and Candida (which can cause cancer).

Thanx to the late Dr Hulda Clark for her contributions on Parasitosis.

Replied by Dev
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

hello, I was also suffering from these fat lumps but someone told these lumps generates cause of not enough oxgyen in our body.. then I have started doing yoga and also started homeopathic medicine, since then these lumps never generated again... thanks

Replied by Sam
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Dev, What kind of yoga did you do. which homeopathy medicine did you took. thanks

Replied by Katrine

Very interesting . If I ever see the doctor or dentist and if the situation deems necessary I will request a pathology lab analyisis. I had lipoma on my lower back and I had the dermatologist remove it and she sent it to the pathology for identification and it was just body fat, However I'm looking at the cause . I read it is from too many high fats we're vegans and eat lots if nuts everyday that the fats coat your cells and lipoma .I'm doing a 20 day juice fast and parasite cleanse using FOOD GRADE diatemous earth and fresh green walnut hulls. Cell Food to oxygenate the body

Replied by James222
(New Hampshire)

To rid the body of parasites and increase oxygen in the body you might want to target your research in the direction of MMS.

It is especially true of MMS to start small and go slow, mega doses do NOT work well here where as a smaller frequent dose sustained over time will be far more effective.

Hope this helps


Replied by Faith

I had mine lipoma biopsied and sent to the lab and the report came back and it was just a fat mass so I investigated juice fasting.