Iodine for Cherry Angiomas

Posted by Renee (Bergen Co., Nj) on 03/26/2013

I read several comments here associating bromine toxicity with cherry angiomas and suggesting the use of iodine to resolve. My husband used to have LOTS of cherry angiomas on his chest and back. He started taking 6.25mg of iodoral/day at least six months ago, and I just checked and now he only about 5 total. Iodoral comes in 12.5mg tablets and he splits them in half (they are scored). Order online. It is a great supplement that I won't go without, as it helps detoxify bromine (bread, flour); fluoride (water, toothpaste); and chlorine (water); and it protects against breast & testicular cancer and thyroid issues. You may want to start taking iodine drops, measured in micrograms, and over several months increase the dosage gradually to prevent any detox effects (or skip days at first). I've had no side effects of any kind, taking up to 50 mg/day, personally.