Five Ways to Use Garlic for Tooth Pain

| Modified on Feb 19, 2023
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Garlic for Tooth Pain

Garlic is a fast acting natural treatment for tooth pain. This remedy is simple and inexpensive. There are different ways to use garlic for your tooth pain depending on your convenience and preference.

1. Fresh Whole Clove

Remove a clove of garlic from the bulb. Carefully remove the papery "skin" on the clove. Place the whole, uncut clove against the tooth that is causing you pain. If you have accidentally pricked the clove of garlic, coat it with a bit of olive oil so that you do not have the raw inside of the garlic against your skin, because this can burn. Often pain decreases in a matter of minutes. The clove of garlic can be left on the tooth for an hour or more if you do not find it uncomfortable. Repeat the process as needed, using a fresh clove each time.

2. Sauteed Garlic

A clove of garlic can be minced and lightly sauteed in a bit of olive oil. You don't want to cook the garlic, but a bit of light sauteing will make the garlic a bit more mild and comfortable to deal with. When the garlic has cooled you can apply it to your pained tooth. Olive oil has its own healing benefits as well.

3. Minced Fresh Garlic

A garlic clove can be minced and allowed to sit for 10-15 minutes to allow the allicin to develop. Mix this raw garlic with honey or olive oil and apply to the tooth for 20 minutes.

4. Garlic Sliver

You can take a larger clove of garlic and cut a thin slice from it. Wrap it in a bit of paper towel or coffee filter and apply to your tooth as you would a poultice.

5. Garlic Powder

While fresh garlic is more potent than raw, garlic powder is a more gentle remedy. If it is the only garlic in the house and it is late at night, it is a better option than no garlic at all. Moisten the garlic with some olive oil and apply to the tooth that is hurting. The garlic and olive oil may end up being ingested over the next half an hour, which is fine. Repeat the application as needed.

Internal Use of Garlic for Tooth Pain

Garlic can be taken internally for tooth pain. Crush a clove of garlic and mix it with honey or spread it on toast with some coconut oil. Take this remedy several times a day. Internal use of garlic can be combined with a topical application of garlic.

Why Does Garlic Work for Tooth Pain?

Garlic is a powerful anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory herb. It immediately begins to work when you apply it to your tooth or gum.


Some people find that the garlic remedy burns their gums. Err on the side of keeping the garlic at the site of pain for less time than more to make sure this remedy suits you.

Have you used garlic for your toothache? Please send us some feedback!

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Posted by Mary (Arizona) on 12/18/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic for Toothache

I chewed on a piece of garlic as long as I could. When it started burning I just let the garlic juice sit in my mouth on the toothache side. Then I spit it out. I had no pain! Thank God for this remedy!!

Posted by Servant (Virginia) on 01/08/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I also wanted to chime in with praise for garlic in eliminating gum inflammation. My experience started with an upper tooth that became painful when I bit down on some steak. To try to stop any infection, I spent a few days gargling with diluted hydrogen peroxide and also with salt water. In spite of my gargling, the inflammation and pain continued to spread even to my lower gums. Within a few days the entire left side of my face felt tender and uncomfortable and there were areas on both my upper and lower gums that were very sore. I tried oil of oregano on a painful place on my gum and there was a small amount of relief.

At that point I checked on EC and read about using garlic. I placed a small clove directly against the gum in a very painful area. It burnt for the first 3 or 4 minutes but then I was able to leave the garlic there for about 20 minutes.

With just one application of garlic, there was a noticeable relief from the tenderness and pain. I repeated the garlic clove application a few more times that day and then again the following day and was elated that the inflammation was completely gone over the entire left side of my face. I am so thankful for Earth Clinic and so thankful that our Creator gave us all of these natural cures.

Posted by Katzie (Calgary ) on 05/19/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic for tooth pain

I just wanted to chime in here with what I use to stop the delicate gum from being in contact with garlic, to stop the burn - I simply slice the clove to the size I want, and leave the skin on for the gum side! Easy-peasy.

Posted by Sara (Western Australia) on 06/09/2018
0 out of 5 stars

My experience with raw garlic was extremely unpleasant. I wonder if anyone can explain? I cut an organic garlic clove in half, chewed it a little & left it on my sore gum for as long as possible. I knew to expect a fierce burn, yikes understatement! I swallowed the garlic pretty quickly as the burn was too intense. Suddenly my head felt like it would explode, it throbbed with severe pain all over, I was in tears, very afraid & almost called an ambulance. It only lasted about 5mins thank goodness. What happened?

Replied by Sonya
(Dallas, TX)

Garlic is extremely potent anti microbial and bioflavonoid. It has so many great properties, I don't think any home should be without this food. Plus, it makes foods taste amazing! The fact it smells and tastes so strong speaks of its beneficial qualities. So, when you bite raw garlic, you may immediately feel burning in your mouth and all the way down the digestive tract. I do! Sometimes it hits my tummy like a rocket! If you had a head rush it's because of its warming effect and ability to increase blood flow. That's why it's good for the heart. I usually try to offset the effects by chewing with a bit of citrus fruit, like lemon lime or orange, or place a teaspoon of honey in my mouth first and then quickly adding the garlic, swallowing the garlic with the honey. If I'm using garlic only for immunity and not my teeth, I'll just mince the garlic and put it in the honey and swallow the whole thing without chewing.

Posted by Stefanie (Rome, Ny ) on 04/09/2018
5 out of 5 stars

The garlic remedy seems to be helping. I have only done 2 doses so far and I can tell the pain is subsiding. Also going to include more garlic in my diet.

Posted by Ami (Andalusia, Alabama ) on 01/13/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic Has been the best tooth pain remedy I have tried. I put it in my tooth and bite down a little and leave for about a minute and the pain subsides.

Posted by Ar (Encino, Ca) on 12/30/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I've been having pain in a lower left molar on and off for a while. Dentist treated it in October with some sort of medicine pack and it felt great until around 12/19. Pain was so bad I felt angry! Between the holidays and my desire to avoid a root canal, I came here. I've used a number of EC remedies over the years. I read the garlic for tooth abscess and began doing the whole (small) clove, chewing as long as I could stand twice a day.

I noticed a difference right away, but especially after second day, however my skin was also raw from the contact. I've dropped it down to 1/4 clove chewed for about 20 seconds at night only. I feel no pain at all. I might start stretching out to every other day. Thanks EC.

Posted by Shelley (Dallas, Texas) on 10/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic was great. I have oil pulled for several years and tried gargling ACV. But, eating garlic did it. I have a molar that has had 2 root canals, yes 2, in the past 20 years. I sucked on a 1/4 bulb of garlic and then ate it two nights in a row. The throbbing pain left quickly. Now, I eat it about once a week for prevention. Thank you EC!

Replied by KT

It would be a good idea to drape a wet, warm as you can tolerate black tea bag over the tooth for 20-30 min. (keep spitting) to help pull out remaining blood and/or pus.

Something I found very helpful.


Posted by Jan (Australia) on 10/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I never write up these types of things.

Ive had tooth pain before but this was the worst pain I had ever had! I dont know why but wont go to the dentist. My usal clover oil, vit c pills treatment did not work. Top right 4th tooth in from back, pain started to go just under cheek bone and I tried the eatting fresh garlic x3 times a day (morning, arvo, night) instant pain relief to my disbelief!! By 3rd day only minimal pain, 6th day pretty much all pain has gone. It trully works. Thank you all for writing up your garlic experience because it made me try found garlic chewer.

Posted by Ellie (Winter Park, Fl ) on 08/03/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have used garlic on a very painful toothache and it helped immensely.. Recently I began to have very bad headaches from a bad tooth, again I tried the garlic cloves, the pain stopped.. The twitching from a nerve completely stopped in my face.. Garlic is an Amazing God creation....

Posted by Moonoverstars (Chelan, Wa) on 05/25/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to say thank you earth clinic. Four days ago I had a really bad toothache it was unbearable. the type of pain that wakes you up at night, the type of pain that pain meds doesn't take away. I tried raw garlic I cut 1/2 and rubbed it over the affected tooth & gum area ( avoid the cheeks or tongue it burns) and then the other hld I drank it like a pill. twice daily for 4 days my pain is gone and I feel good.... I recommend this to anyone with a bad toothache. ( BTW I have no medical insurance so Dentist was not a easy option for me)

Posted by Edgrolvr (Nantes, France) on 05/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic for a toothache worked for me! Yesterday I was having severe tooth pain from what I am pretty sure is a cavity. Before I tried garlice, I tried everything else I have on hand here: taking general pain reliever (no relief), swishing with Listerine for as long as I could stand (minimum relief), and rubbing oregano oil on my gum where the tooth is (very little relief and the oil burns and tastes horrible). Finally I saw this recommendation and it has helped a LOT. I have a jar of garlic cloves packed in oil, so I cut one in half. I gently bit down on one half, keeping it between my teeth but not chewing it, and I wedged the other half between my cheek and gum. About 90% of the awful pain went away within a minute. No kidding. I had to spit it out after about 5 minutes because the garlic was turning to mush and it makes you salivate a lot (ha), so I repeated this process and after the second time the pain was barely there. This relief lasted about 6 hours. It's almost bedtime and the pain started to come back, so I did it again and it worked again. I don't know yet how effective it is over several days, but I hope it continues! Try it, you're not risking anything except the unpleasantly strong garlic taste. :)

Posted by Mel (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/23/2017
4 out of 5 stars

Garlic for Toothache After Routine Work

Garlic made a difference! Had a toothache for about a week after getting a temporary crown put in. Hot foods would make the pain exponetially worse. Was looking for a solution other than lots of Advil to curb the discomfort. I didn't have any fresh garlic so I used a cube of crushed frozen garlic; I let it thaw, mixed it with olive oil and applied on the tooth and gums with a q-tip. It was spicy but took down the pain by about 70% within 10 minutes. I don't have an infection, so I can vouch that garlic helps lessen the pain of a toothache after dental work. Still aches some but improved!

Posted by Amanda (Michigan Us) on 09/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Had a root canal procedure done Thursday. By that night, I was having horrible pain. By the next day, I was having excruciating pain. I could not function the pain was so intense. Went on like this taking antibiotics and pain killers and for relief.

Found this web site and put garlic in a press let it sit then put it on the painful spot above the tooth and it burned soooo bad! But with in a couple minutes the pain was so much less. Garlic was the only thing that worked! Such relief! Thank you!

Posted by Maryland (Ca) on 08/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic worked! I had a toothache that was followed by a headache. I was so miserable that after about an hour laying in agony, I checked earthclinic for some help.

I got a clove of garlic, cut it up, and waited a few minutes to let the enzymes be released as someone mentioned. I then fried a bit with olive oil and before it turned brown, I removed it from the pan. When it cooled a bit, I applied on my gum, right above the teeth that hurt. Right away I experienced some relief. I sucked the juices of the garlic and even chew on a few. The pain is gone! I am amazed!!!

Replied by Maryland
1 out of 5 stars


Warning, although it can work to relieve pain, it won't fix the problem. Two months after I used this remedy, I discovered a hole on my tooth, and now I have to do root canal or extraction because the tooth became decayed inside and I barely have any tooth structure left. So if you experience pain more than one time on the same side of your mouth- I felt pain again about a month later or so - go to the dentist!

Replied by Darla
(Miami, Fl)
1 out of 5 stars

Does not work at all! I am in so much pain! What am I doing wrong????? Ugh!!!!!!

Replied by Josie
22 posts

I need to let you know that doing a root canal is bad for you. Do some research and you will not like what you will see. Just have your tooth pulled out. Again don't do a root canal please. What they do is remove all of the inside of your tooth and fill it and now you have a dead tooth in your mouth. After a few months it will have bacteria spreading all over your body. Then you will have other problems.

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