Tooth Pain Remedies

Oil Pulling

Posted by Laurie (Decatur, Georgia) on 02/24/2009
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I just discovered this site today, but wanted to share my experience. I read about oil pulling two months ago and thought it would be good to try for painful tooth that 3 dentists gave me 3 different diagnoses on. Bought a large bottle of pure sesame oil and pulled three mornings in a row with one tablespoon of oil. On the third day I noticed I had a slight sore throat. Two days later that was followed by what appeared to be the flu for four days (I now know that was the Herkximer reaction). The curious thing is I had no fever or digestive compliants the entire time of said "flu" - bad nasal congestion, eyes hurt like a headache and horrible coughing. When it was over I noticed that I was able to chew on the left side of my mouth which I had not been able to do for a few months! Was it the oil pulling? I seriously suspect so. If you were a bad microbe and could not produce your own food, where would you choose to live in the human body? Close to where the food comes in, right?

Posted by Susan (Stroudsburg, Pa) on 01/25/2009
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Oil pulling got rid of my tooth pain in just 3 days. I had a very painful toothache, my whole jaw and ear hurt from the pain. I could not get into see a dentist for two weeks. For several nights I could not sleep due to the pain. I tried several things first like splitting raw garlic and applying to both sides of tooth and gum area, it relieved it somewhat. I also tried rubbing with oregano oil I had in the medicine chest. I then found info on oil pulling on earth clinic. I was disparate, and tried it. I'm not sure if the garlic kicked in or the oregano....but soon I drifted off to sleep in much less pain. I used organic pure extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined, unbleached. I remember reading that this oil has antibacterial properties somewhere. I woke up the next morning and did it again. I also rubbed raw honey on he area, as I have read that has antibacterial properties as well. It was still hard to chew food for two days...but the pain was subsiding dramatically. By the fourth day I stopped oil pulling. And the pain continued to diminish and go away. I can chew good now and absolutely no pain. I am amazed! I'm curious as to what the dentist will find when I go to see him next week. Now today I did oil pulling again...going to do everyday to see if it whitens my teeth. Will keep you posted!

Posted by Rhonda (Rockwood, USA) on 01/13/2008
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I started Oil Pulling with extra virgin coconut oil and saw results the first time. I have had a sensitive tooth for years that has not responded to any other treatment. One OP and it was gone. About an hour after the first pulling my eyeballs started to ache. It got worse until I had to blow my nose and got a lot of egg yolk colored snot. The eye ache went away. My nose stops up every night when I lay down but not after oil pulling. I have also tried cold pressed sunflower and will try cold pressed sesame tomorrow.

Posted by Jake (Chicago, Il) on 10/09/2007
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Many thanks to Lucille from Jersey City. I had sensitive gums and nerves for several months after having two dental procedures - removal of an impacted and decayed wisdom tooth -lower left,and placement of a crown on a molar above. I was very sensitive to cold especially but hot as well. Oil pulling with coconut oil just three times cured it 95%. It was hard to believe after it was so sensitive it virtually went away. I rarely feel anything anymore except with extreme temperatures and I see even that declining as the days go by.

Olive Leaf

Posted by Clo Sed Eye Sopen (Hometown, Usa) on 05/15/2012
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Warm salt water works like magic to temporarily reduce or halt pain tooth pain. To reduce infection so salt water rinses are needed less or all together, nothing works like olive leaf extract! I wish you could see the look on my face or hear the sincere tone of voice I'd use to convey how awesome it works! I had a wisdome tooth that broke then later got infected. Olive leaf extract healed the infection. I ended up delaying the extraction out of plain ol' fear of the tooth pulling for months with no pain or problems. I don't advise putting off something this serious but if you need time, use the olive leaf extract. I took 2 caps 4 times a day. Let me tell you, its worth it because it works so good! You can tell by the second or 3rd dose that its working! Just this last time, I noticed a few hours after the 1st dose.


Posted by David John (UK) on 11/18/2020
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I'm surprised onions are not higher up the list of remedies for tooth ache. I have inflammed tooth nerves which are causing me considerable pain. I've tried most of the top rated remedies but none seem to help. Last night I tried biting on a small piece of white onion and it seemed to work! I would recommend it. I chewed on small pieces and then spat them out. Definitely worth a try if you like raw onion.

Replied by Deirdre

Hi David,

When I had extreme tooth nerve sensitivity last summer, it was from detoxing too much too fast. I took a potassium supplement and within half an hour, completely better. I continued to take one tablet a day for the next few days.

Sea Salt

Posted by Bob R. (U.s.a.) on 08/15/2020
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As far as pain goes for a tooth ache, just gargle with a concentrated salt solution ** As Needed .** It will kill the bacteria that is causing the pain.

Add 1-2 Teaspoons or Tablespoons to a cup of water and rinse - gargle as needed 3-4+ times a day. This will kill the bacteria in few days but the pain will go down after the first day or less, just make sure to use enough salt and do it enough and you should be OK in a few days...

Use something other than table salt if possible. It's stronger and non toxic, refined natural white sea salt is best or pink salt, you can get both very easily on ebay or amazon. The Hawaiian sea salt I like best for this. Buy the coarse grain as it`s less expensive and will dissolve anyway.

Posted by Josh K (Amboy, Il USA) on 10/31/2010
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No one can praise the power of good old warm salt water... It helps my toothaches almost instantly and was recommended to me by a respected Dentist. Worked for me again this morning :)"

Silver Nanoparticles

Posted by Art (California ) on 05/19/2017 768 posts
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Last November, I got a toothache while on vacation for a week. It came on fairly gradually starting out as just annoying and by the time I got home from vacation it was pretty painful and made it almost impossible to chew. I started placing a small rectangular cotton facial wipe that I had rolled up and saturated with 320 parts per million (ppm) silver nanoparticles in between my swollen gum and my cheek and I would leave it in place for about an hour twice a day. At the end of three days all pain and swelling were gone and no sign that I had had a toothache at all.

This week I got another toothache and since I was home, I started with the rolled up cotton pad and 320 ppm silver nanoparticles except this time I just put it in place before bed and slept with it tucked between my swollen gum and my cheek. I did this two nights in a row and now that toothache is just a fading memory!

Some years back I had gotten a similar toothache and went to the dentist who immediately said I needed a root canal and charged me accordingly......ouch! From now on I will try the silver nanoparticles for way less than a dollar in material before I head to the dentist. My toothache was literally healed while I easy is that?

A word of caution here though......sleeping with a rolled up wad of cotton in your mouth may not be the safest thing to do because you could potentialy swallow it or choke on it while sleeping, so applying it during your waking hours is probably the safer approach, but now I know that silver nanoparticles have worked either way for me.


Replied by Ana


What is this and where do you get it?

Replied by Art
768 posts

Ana (Texas),

I make my own, but you can order it on line from some supplement suppliers and Amazon. Places like Whole Foods also stock it on their shelves. You can also use ionic silver for this purpose as it will likely get reduced to colloidal silver in the mouth through interaction with the bacteria in the mouth. Commercial products are expensive, but for this particular application I do not use too much so it can last quite awhile. Here is a typical product from Amazon for a manufacturer who has been around quite awhile.


Tea Tree Oil

Posted by Katie (Wrexham, Wales) on 01/14/2009
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The other comments here look excellent.

I also just wanted to add that a few drops of tea tree oil and/or witchhazel, as helpful too- straight onto the gum with a finger or toothbrush (diluted in some oil or straight on seems fine for me too). It has helped me a lot- the pain had been unbearable, it took a couple of days both times I tried it. I'm not sure if its totally healed now this time, so I will continue this for a bit longer, and may try clove oil and/or garlic, cayenne, or oil pulling remedies too to compare their efficiency.


Posted by Nuka (Glenside, Pa, Usa) on 11/17/2011
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I have been suffering from toothache and gum problems for a very long time. I used this site to take suggestions of using turmeric and honey. My gum problems are almost gone in a week or so. Thanks.


Posted by Sunny Delight (Ga) on 05/19/2015
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Son was suffering from a toothache. I remembered a friend had told me a couple years ago that vanilla worked great for her. Right away I applied vanilla to a piece of cotton ball and placed on cavity. Pain eased immediately.

Vitamin C

Posted by Robert (Orlando, FL) on 12/24/2006
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Whenever I get a toothache I think back to see if I took large amounts of vitamins, especially C, and then suddenly stopped. Toothaches can be the result of sudden withdrawal from vitamin C. If so, it's best to return to using it and gradually withdraw from its use rather than do it all at once. Sudden withdrawal from C can cause joint pains as well. Such pains are normally temporary, but they can be quite disconcerting if one doesn't know their source.

Posted by Lawrence S (North Charleston,SC)
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if you have a tooth ache and don't want to go to the dentist, here is a cure: take 1000 mg of vitamin C plus one capsule of Echinacea Root. Make sure it has 450 mg of Echinacea and take it twice a day for about 2 weeks. The pain will go away and then you don't have to take anything. One more thing -- don't take them all at once, take them like 9 am and 9 pm or some like that. if you can't take the pain take some pain pills with it. I have a bad tooth and no pain and i don't take any thing for it.