Gallbladder Flush Recipes and Treatment

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Vandana (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) on 01/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I tried this method and sure enough there were green pea like structures expelled out the next day. I, in my curiosity wanted to get these things tested. I kept them out to dry and after two days noticed the "stones" decreasing in size, they also exuded an oily stuff. The "stones" turned mushy. There were no remains of the so called stones after another two days. Finally, the picture came to the forefront. This is not expulsion of stones, it is saponification, a process somewhat like soap making. The oil, acid in and the lemon juice react to form those "stones". The epsom salt is a laxative and that is why they are expelled out. How do I otherwise see the olive oil which I drank on my drying dish? I am not at all convinced by this method. Also, how does the lemon juice and olive oil reach or have any effect on the gallbladder so as to push them out? The bile reaches the digestive tract, the food does not go through the liver. Just give it a thought before you do this. I did it and now I am convinced that it has nothing to do with liver cleanse.

Has anyone ever got those "stones" tested in a lab?

If yes, I would like to know about it.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Desertpunky (Socaldesert, Ca/usa) on 01/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been a follower and reader of Dr. Hulda Clark since 1995. Her protocol is to parasite cleanse then kidney cleanse and then liver cleanse. She encourages this because she believes as well as her research reveals that some of the 'stones' are calcified parasites. Unburden your body of the parasites, clean the kidneys because they will be burdened by handling all the 'poisons' from the liver cleanse. The Epsom salts keep the bile ducts open by relaxing them. The stones will exit easier. I have done this cleanse several times, but busy schedule precludes me from a thorough kidney cleanse.

During the liver cleanse, usually my body sucks up all the magnesium and I don't even get loose stools, so I don't know how much of the stones come out. The ornithine is necessary to clear the brain of the ammonia of any die-off of parasites and will work for anyone with insomnia problems, despite a liver cleanse.

On another note, we as we get older have more of a problem of less acid in our stomachs than more. A shot of ACV or sip all day helps that acid increase and aid digestion. We need acid in the stomach to digest food as well as kill any parasites. These days, these doctors are setting people up for disease/parasitic issues because we are all killing the acid in our stomachs with OTC antacids, etc. For 'heart burn' we take some water with ACV to cut the upset. This is our remedy and it works for us.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Su (Lombard, Il) on 12/13/2011
5 out of 5 stars

After reading the many posts here (some very entertaining! ), I decided to try the olive oil/lemon juice liver cleanse because it was the easiest to do and least time consuming. This was my first stab at any type of cleanse! I don't have stones... just wanted to get the gunk out of my liver.

Had no water or food after 1pm.
Mixed 4 Tbs Epsom salt & 3 cups water in a plastic cup - 5pm - drank 3/4 cup of the Epsom salt water
7pm - drank 3/4 cup of epsom salt water - 9pm - squeezed 3 lemons and 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil into a plastic container w/lid and shook it up. Took it to the bedroom to consume. The mixture smelled AWFUL and tasted just as bad! But I managed to choke it down (with a straw to the back of my throat) in about 10 minutes The tartness of the lemons is what made it very difficult for me! I laid down immediately after, my head propped up on two pillows and managed to sleep for 2-1/2 hrs before having to make a "#1 pit-stop".

I went back to bed and slept until 5:30. Took another dose of 3/4 c Epsom salt mixture and slept until 7:30. Then consumed my final dose of Epsom mixture (yea! ). About 1/2 hour later, had a bowel movement. Peering in the bowl my stool was very dark, stringy and oily. I decided not to poke and prod at it (yuk! ), but satisfied that if the cleanse removed some of the gunk in my liver, that's enough for me! The only physical symptom I had throughout was a mild headache, but not sure if it was from not eating or from the cleanse itself.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Denny (Marble, Pa Usa) on 11/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have done 11 Dr. Clark's liver/gallbladder cleanses over a period of 5 years. After the 7th one, not many stone evident. The rest were for maintance purposes. Only a few stones and cholestral shaff. I was not originally suffering attacks. I highly recommend this protocol.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Brenda (Calgary, Canada) on 11/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I just did the gall bladder flush on saturday. I followed Clark's directions with the following changes:

- for 3 days prior I took Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day. Also, the day before I took Cascara Sagrada to clean out my bowels.

- I substituted 3 fresh lemons for the grapefruit. I did not mix the olive oil and lemon juice together. I just drank the oil in one shot and then followed with the lemon juice in one shot.

- I layed down immediately on my back (head slightly raised) with a heating pad on my gall bladder and liver area. I didn't move at all for the first half hour. I had ready at one click, an old movie I enjoy watching, that I call my 'comfort movies' so the time went by fast and I was really relaxed. I turned onto my right side after that.

- I didn't take the 'ornithine' as mentioned. I did wake up at 1am, as our dog was barking, and once awake, I noticed everything really rumbling and felt a little nausea. After an hour of being awake I took a sleep aide with just 2 gulps of water. Slept till about 6:30am.

After completing the second glass of morning water and epsom salt I started to pass stones. I am still in shock at the amount of stones I passed. I think I passed close to 1000 stones. 10 stones were extremely large, about 100 mid-sized, and just hundreds and hundreds of pea size stones. My stones were all yellow/fluorescent green in color.

My right side is very tender the last 3 days but no more gall bladder pain. I am eating a very light diet to give my liver and gall bladder time to rest and recuperate.

This worked very well for me. And anyone that doubts they are stones, let me tell you, it hurt to pass the large stones out my rectum. They are hard. They have not dissolved after 3 days, as some websites that doubt this process suggest, and believe it is just a side effect of the oil and lemon juice. In my opinion, that kind of thing that resembles stones, are the result of cleansing the intestines. That's why a kidney and intestinal cleanse are suggested first before you try the gallbladder/liver cleanse. You get better results if you do (in my opinion... Once again)

Happy Health Everyone! Thank you to Earth Clinic for this site!

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Zam Pergaminelli (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 01/23/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Gallbladder cleanses is a must for everyone. My husband has 2cm stone confirmed by specialist and extremely in pain. He do the treatment and improved so much in 2 weeks! Me and my mom did too though we do not have the sickness. The differences you will notify : pee like river, no stomach bloated, No pain behind waist, dont feel tired, knee athritis going. Simple, easy, cost saving and immediate result, if you follow what was instructed. If you feel dizzy, use freezed towel and put on your head and cover.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Jamiesimko (La Mirada, Ca, Usa) on 01/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just did the Liver/Gallbladder flush today and watched about 120 stones come out of my body. It works. Do it!

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Suzanne (Canton, Ga) on 11/23/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Just completed my first gall bladder and liver flush. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with a diseased gall bladder and was told I needed to have my gall bladder removed. At the time, I didn't have insurance and could not afford the surgery.

After much prayer, I decided to try changing my diet. I went completely organic and removed all processed foods from my diet. Began taking ACV, but not regularly. Symptoms went away for almost 2 years and I have felt great. However, recently I began to experience the dull ache just under my right rib cage again. I've been reading about Hulda Clark's gall bladder and liver flush for about 2 years and was afraid to do it. I was afraid something would get lodged and I might end up in the hospital.

But, after reading the comments on earth clinic, I decided to go ahead and try. It was as many have said easy and painless. I did experience nausea during the night, and still have a little nausea going on. I think as soon as I eat the nausea should pass. But, I have collected maybe 60 stones varying in size. The largest was about 7 cm. I will probably try this cleanse again in about 3 weeks. Thanks to everyone who posts their experiences!

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Elle (Toronto, Canada) on 10/27/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have also used Hulda's flush many times with great success but have always taken the ornithine as recommended. It helps you go to sleep and stay asleep so as not to be disturbed by the discomfort you may experience through the night. I prefer using fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice with the olive oil (personal taste) and read a little trick that I tried the last time.... That is to add a tablespoon of grapefruit juice to the Epsom salts to help mask the taste and it definitely helps. I also found drinking both the oil mixture and the Epsom salt mixture through a straw helps cut down on the taste. Thanks for the apple cider vinegar tip and the magnesium advice too..... I am still making gallstones and can't figure out why. I am definitely trying all of the suggestions.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Gallstone Removal (Houston, Texas) on 09/28/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I tried your gallstones cleansing suggestion and lo and behold, I passed out a lot of stones - much more than I expected. I did not eat anything other than the red organic apples for 2 days [even though they say the green is better and I did the flush with epsom salt, olive oil, and lemon. I did not need to use honey ['cos I could tolerate the taste or peppermint oil ['cos no nausea.Thank you for your post. It works

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Gigi (Staten Island, New York) on 07/22/2010
5 out of 5 stars

For those of you who are afraid of flushing. . . Don't be. I wish I had done it sooner. Some of my stones were surprisingly large, but they passed with no problems, no discomfort. I do strongly recommend preparing for it beforehand. Lots of apple juice is a must as it softens the stones. Milk Thistle is good for the liver, Stone Root and Fringe Tree work on softening and breaking up stones. Take these herbs for a few weeks before flushing. The epsom salts open up the ducts so the stones can pass through easily. It really works. Go for it.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Gigi (Staten Island, Ny) on 07/14/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had my first gall bladder attack in November 2009. I knew what it was because all the women in my family have had their gall bladders removed. Ultrasound revealed that my gall bladder was completely filled with sludge and stones, but it was not enlarged or inflamed. I was told by two doctors that surgery was my only option. I refused and went the natural route. I went on a strict low fat diet, lots of fruits and veggies, veggie juices, chicken, turkey and fish. My only fat was olive oil. This helped a lot but I still had occasional colic attacks in the middle of the night and belching after eating. I went through a period of acid reflux (2 tbs. ACV and honey in warm water took care of it). Then I shifted to not digesting my food at all and throwing it up 6 hours after eating. That was awful. It prompted me to visit a chiropractor/nutritionist who was very into herbal treatment for health conditions. He has been a God send. He gave me digestive enzymes which immediately took care of the problem. He started me on liquid herbs (Milk Thistle, Stone Root, and Fringe Tree) 30 drops each, 3x/day to start dissolving the stones and thinning out the sludge. I also took spirulina, and aloe vera. After six weeks on this regimen, I did my first liver/gall bladder flush (Dr. Clarke's) and passed about 40 bright green stones, most were pea sized, a few were larger. However, I didn't notice much improvement in the way I felt. I took a break for a week then went back on the herbs and did another flush about three weeks later. I passed another 15 or so green stones, same size range. Then, I passed what I can only describe as rocks. Smaller, beige colored, calcified stones (about 20 or so). It was unbelievable. After this flush, the belching and the night attacks went away, except for two nights when I felt pressure (not pain) just enough to wake me, but didn't last long. I just completed my third flush today and passed 43 more stones. I will continue to flush until all the stones are out. I truly believe that you can cleanse and heal your gall bladder, but you have to be diligent through the process and willing to make long term changes in your diet. I have also lost weight, which is a nice benefit to my new healthy diet. FYI - The flush is easy and painless. You just have to set aside an entire day for it. Another tip for gall bladder attacks- a glass of organic apple juice and a heating pad usually relieves an attack within an hour.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Stratkat (Marlin, Texas) on 02/11/2010
5 out of 5 stars

For whom it concerns -

I just finished the liver/gallbladder cleanse/flush.

It worked!!! Pass almost 100 stones... the largest 1/2 in diameter.

Thanks for the post...

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Lovelylia (San Diego, Ca) on 01/27/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Gallstones Pain Nausea = Nightmare!

My first gallbladder attack came on abruptly in my early twenties. I had just started school at San Diego State University. I was running to class, dodging gi-normous sheets of rain (this was in the late 90s during the infamous El Niño storms). Out of nowhere, a flood of nausea welled up from my solar plexus and I found myself doubled over. The pain was so sharp and sudden that it practically knocked the wind out of me. My boyfriend just stared at me wide-eyed and panic-stricken. After about 5 minutes, I recovered enough to make it to class, but afterward I was totally freaked out, because... I mean, what the heck WAS that?

The bouts of pain and nausea continued over the next week, and by then I was seriously tripping. All I could think was that 1. something was really, really on an internal-organ-level, which was not something I'd ever imagined or had to deal with before, and 2. I didn't have health insurance.

So, I did the only thing I could think of at the time that my starving-student-budget would allow: I went to an urgent care center. The doctor there looked me over in hurried-urgent-care-doctor fashion and asked me 20 (or more) questions. He had the nurse give me a cup of what he called a "G.I. cocktail" which was some gooey white stuff that seemed to sort of numb my insides in a way that felt as weird as it tasted. Then he told me that, from what I'd just described, although he couldn't properly diagnose it without an ultrasound, he guessed that I had gallstones. He said that once you have them, the only way to get rid of them is by having your gallbladder surgically removed. He gave me prescriptions for an ultrasound and some Vicodin, neither of which I got filled because I couldn't afford to.

As soon as I got home, I started researching my condition on the internet. Surprisingly, I discovered that there were alternative perspectives of the disease ("I have a disease?"), its origins and how to treat it. It was pretty fascinating stuff, actually. My looming despair began to lighten to cautious optimism. Thus was my first foray into the world of alternative/holistic medicine and philosophy, where I still live to this day.

One remedy I discovered online at the time was Hulda Clark's olive oil/lemon gallbladder cleanse. I decided to go for it. I had no insurance and no money for conventional medical treatment, so why the ~hail~ not (sorry for the obscure El Niño joke :).

I followed the cleanse instructions as precisely as I could. I downed my olive oil/orange juice mixture and went straight to bed (per the instructions), overwhelmed by the competing emotions I was feeling all at once:

*** Scared ***
"What if this makes things worse and I end up in the emergency room?"

*** Skeptical ***
"It's probably a bunch of BS. Who am I to question the medical establishment's prognosis of a serious medical condition by attempting to cure it with some back alley remedy that uses $8 worth of items you can buy at a corner store."

*** Excited/Hopeful ***
"What if it works? I know it's gross, but I kinda can't wait to see what comes out."

Fast-forward to the following morning: O . M . G.

I could hardly believe it. That morning, nature called me out of bed before the sun came up, and I was stunned to see that I had just passed hundreds, I'm talking HUNDREDS of stones... and they were all BLACK. It was one of the grossest things I'd ever encountered. And the coolest. Though the quantity decreased with each round, I continued to pass more stones throughout the morning that averaged about the size of a pea. What a relief it was to know the this [email protected] was no longer IN my body. It took a good deal of effort to refrain from broadcasting my experience to everyone I knew, as if they just couldn't wait to hear about the contents of my toilet.

My perspective of the Western Medical establishment was permanently altered that day. Basically, this inexpensive grocery store remedy had done what the urgent care doctor had said was not possible. I do accept that Western Medicine is necessary in some situations, but I generally find it unnecessarily invasive, as well as inadequate in its ability to treat root causes and address the whole person. As a result of my first experience with this liver cleanse home remedy, in addition to the pain and nausea subsiding, my skin cleared up and I began to lose some of the weight I had gained over the previous year. Also, during the several months following I was able to work through a LOT of emotional baggage that I had been mired in for years. From a Holistic point of view this is a perfectly reasonable and complementary side-effect of such a release.

MY LIVER CLEANSE, circa 1997:

* fruit and apple juice for breakfast

* baked potato w/ a little salt only for lunch

* no water or food after 2pm

* that afternoon, prepared solution of 3 Tbs Epsom salt & 3 cups water, stored in a container for later use

* 6pm - drank 3/4 cup of the Epsom salt water and immediately thought, "OMG...this stuff is actually considered fit for human consumption?"

* 8pm - drank 3/4 cup more of epsom salt water, "Yecht!"

* 10pm - juiced 3 medium sized oranges & combined with 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil. Took it to my bedside in a plastic lidded container. Shook it several times and then drank it fairly quickly, as I expected it to be disgusting. Actually, it wasn't so bad... the Epsom salt was way worse!

* proceeded to lie completely still face up on my bed for 30 minutes and then somehow allowed myself to drift off to sleep

* the instructions say to take another 3/4 cup dose of Epsom salt when you wake up the next morning, but NOT before 6am, then take the remainder 2 hours later. That morning I woke up before 6am and started passing stones right away. A little later, I tried to take another dose of Epsom salt water, but I only ended up drinking about 1/2 of it until I convinced myself that the cleanse was already working and, therefore, that was a good enough excuse to avoid drinking the rest of that nasty concoction. I should mention, however, that in subsequent cleanses, I have followed the instructions more thoroughly, and the results are worth enduring the taste in the end.

The instructions I've seen for this same cleanse have been slightly modified since then, and these days can be found @

I've tried variations of the cleanse with varying degrees of success.

In conclusion, YEA for me.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Matt (Tallahassee, Fl) on 01/17/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Gallstones - Liver / Gallbladder Flush

If you have gallstones, this WORKS! Absolutely. Follow the protocol and you will get relief and be stronger afterwards. I had to go to the ER at 4AM several months ago because of a gallstone attack. Dr. recommended surgery. I tried this instead and DANG if it didn't flush out over 400 stones and MAN I feel better. No more food allergies, breathing better no more reflux. It's a blessing =)!

Used the following protocol:

*Over 4 days, Consumed 1 gallon of organic, cold pressed Apple Juice (in a glass bottle).
*Ate 1 organic apple each day of the cleanse, between breakfast and lunch
*Day of cleanse (5th day) --- Fresh, organic fruit for breakfast (Watermelon, Figs, Kiwi, Papaya OR grapefruit.. Choose ONE, but eat as much as you want.
*Vegetable soup for lunch with beets, carrots, garlic, onion, turmeric, pinch of sea salt and oregano (liver and gallbladder supporting vegetables)
*3 PM -- 6-8 ounces of walnuts
*5PM & 7PM -- Epsom salt -- one and a half level tablespoons of Epsom salt in 8 ounces of warm, purified water.
*Between 9-10PM -- Olive Oil & Juice -- Drink ¾ cup (6 ounces) of organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. A small amount (2 tablespoons) of freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit, or lemon juice may be added to improve the taste (optional). Immediately after drinking the oil, go to bed and lie on your right side with your knees drawn up to your stomach for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, you can stretch out and go to sleep. If you experience cramping, walk around for ten minutes or so and then go back to bed. You may also feel nauseated during the night. This is due to the release of stored toxins from the gallbladder and liver. This is normal and a sign the Liver Gallbladder Cleanse is working.

Works like a blessing =)!! Best of luck to all

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