Natural Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment

| Modified on May 16, 2024

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) is a chronic pain condition of intense pain in the face. Also known as prosopalgia, suicide disease, and fothergill's disease, the pain stems from the trigeminal nerve that sends information from the face to the brain. Mild facial stimulation, from putting on makeup to brushing your teeth, can cause intense pain; it is considered one of the most painful conditions to have. Attacks can start short and mild, but TN can progress to longer and more frequent episodes of pain.

The pain has been described as stabbing electric shocks, burning, pressing, crushing, exploding or shooting pain; and attacks typically affect just one side of the face at a time. The leading theory as to what causes this condition is a compression of the trigeminal nerve by enlarged blood vessels damaging the protective myelin sheath of the nerve. Other causes may be from aneurysms, multiple sclerosis, tumors, or lesions. TN is found more frequently in women over 50.

Cure Trigeminal Nerve Pain

On this page you can find home and folk cures for trigeminal neuralgia and other neuropathy associated pains. Earth Clinic readers have recommended B vitamins, coconut oil, magnesium supplements, and dietary changes to fight trigeminal neuralgia. Let us know if you try any of these remedies; or if you know of a remedy not listed here, feel free to let us know about it.

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20 Minute Walks

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Posted by John (Perth, Western Australia) on 11/01/2015

Trigeminal Neuralgia: I too suffer from this horrible complaint. I am on Lyrica 125 mg twice a day to help. My worse time is from midnight until 7am.

HOWEVER!!! I find that if after having early morning shocks every 5 minutes, I go for an hour's walk, I then get maybe 2 strikes after which I am totally pain free, so much so I can play a round of golf! The pain will then return later in the day once I cease to walk /exercise despite medication!! So if you want relief during the day try going for a 20min walk

Try it. You have nothing to lose!! Good Luck

Replied by Joe E.
(Bay Shore, Ny)

John, give this a try, it enables me to sleep through the night. It is an inexpensive Multi Use Ice Bag ( available @ CVS, where I bought mine $12.99 )
I'd suggest " lining it " w/ a plastic produce bag to extend the life and stop any leaking, fill it halfway ( approximately ) then refrigerate.

The Cold Temp will lessen any Blood Vessel inflammation causing contact on Nerve that generates Pain.

I came across this article studying the effects of vitamin B12 and it's effect on Myelin Sheath surrounding damaged nerve and nerve fibers. You name it I've tried it, Lyrica ( nasty side effects ) stopped, Dilantin ( taking it for 41 years Partial Complex Epilepsy therapy ) short half life's recurring sporadic nerve pain, Capzasin, Tricalm , Lidoderm / Lidocaine topical Patches ( poor adhesion ) Calamine, Eucerin skin calming cream, I'm certain I missed others.

Turns out the Vitamin B12 had an obvious effect and that I will know for certain by tomorrow and even more so in 72 hours .

INFLAMMATION causes COMPRESSION / cool compress works for me .
Upper Branch V5 Trigeminal Nerve / Fibers


I find, when an attack is starting, that if I take a brisk walk or even 10 to 15 jumping jacks, or running in place the pain subsides for quite awhile. It comes back again but the physical activity definitely stops attack temporarily. Does this have something to do with blood flow? I wonder.

Replied by Selina Bishop

John, you may find that spreading the Lyrica out over the course of the day will give you more consistent relief. I was on 75 mg twice a day, and by spreading the same amount to 50 mg three times a day (same total dosage), I now last better at night.

I am also seeing a physiotherapist who is trained in myofascial release. This has also help greatly.


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Posted by Kiki (Mauritius) on 05/26/2017

I am devastated. When I read your feedbacks and am contemplating the future of my 16 years old I feel so helpless so useless as a mum! Taanya has been suffering so much the last months, and we were like "Oh this must be this, this be that, ". For me giving her Voltaren is a crime, so we were on soft pain killers, Rosemary inhalation etc. Then at one moment I saw the disconnection in her eyes, like she was drowning...alone. I knew then that this was not something we are used to. The ENT specialist was first to mention TN, but at the same time he said, but she is so young. I took her to a Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, 2 dentists. ENT specialist, CT scan, Internal specialist, MRI then a neuro surgeon) finally we have to accept the verdict. She has no tumor Thanks God! But she been diagnosed with TN four days back. She is on Tegretol (2x200mg) and Dexona tablets.

I am frantically looking for alternatives. She is already showing signs of red spots, due to Tegretol. I really do not know how bad is Tegretol, but it is the only working medication now. So we are holding fast to it. In the meantime from what I have seen on this forum, I will enquire for a good acupuncturist on our small island, please do sent her your prayers and good vibes. I wish to God, I could change place with her.

Replied by Louise

I find that sleeping with affected side up helps. (don't sleep with affected side down on pillow).

Also by chance took viral cold sore defence vitamins and they helped clear up TN (contained astragalus 2g, lysine hydrochloride 800mg, vit C and zinc 45mg)

Posted by Janet F. (Nottingham, England.) on 03/30/2016

When I was 17 I was involved in a car crash and suffered head injuries, (fractured scull, broken nose and lots of stitches).

After recovering, a few months later I started getting very bad head pains in one side of my face, teeth, ear, eye, one tonsil, cheek bone and one side of my scull all at the same time although each pain is different..

I think a good description of a couple of the pains is the lights of a pinball machine going round your teeth, and a bolt that they use to kill cows going into your temple..

Mine always came on at night, after being in bed asleep for about two hours. So I always got up alone as my mum, dad and family were in bed. I never told anybody, and just assumed I must have a brain tumor.

It was very hard to get rid of the pain as none of the pain killers touched it, so I used to put thick rubber gloves on (so i could use really hot water) and bath it. Then I had a better idea, I put the gas fire on and sat in front of that with my head close to the bars.

I had this problem for about 7 years before I ever knew what it was. Then one day i was looking through a very old 'pocket doctor' book about 1900s, that my mum had no doubt got from a jumble sale, and there it was, all my symptoms in black and white, i could hardly believe it, even down to one nostril and one eye running.

I had never heard of neuralgia before, but I was glad I had a name for it. I still had neuralgia on and off for the next twenty years, the wind, the rain or just a whisp on my face would cause it, and also stress and worry.

When I was 43 years old i had a particular stressful time, I nursed my father through lung cancer, then found out my niece was taking heroine and crack cocaine all this while running a business on my own. So I got neuralgia every day, i was like a walking zombie!

I had a brain wave and decided to see an acupuncture practitioner, the best decision I ever made. I had five sessions using traditional chinese five point acupuncture. (where your five pulses are taken and read) on each visit.

Then six months ago I bought some DMSO to treat my dog and thought it would also be a good idea to treat myself for a tooth abscess, low and behold it immediately brought back the neuralgia, after being free from it for about fifteen years I was shocked! but this time i knew what to do, I made an appointment with my doctor because these days you can get acupuncture free on the national health, not five point but it still worked for me. No more neuralgia, gone!

I'm really sorry I can't use dmso because it is absolutely brilliant and soon sorted my tooth out, very powerful and works really fast..

So my answer to anyone suffering from neuragia is acupuncture. I was told it is inflammation of the neuralgic nerve.

Best wishes, Janet..

Replied by Michaela
(The Czech Republic)

Hi there, thank you for your comment, my father is visiting the acupuncurist since November 2015 till now and it help him not much. Please what is exactly the Five point acupuncture you mentioned in your comment?

Thank you very much for your answer in advance.

Michaela, Czech Rep.

Replied by Faerie Dogmother

Another great solution: Prolotherapy & PRP

Replied by Shona

Hi there I think I have just developed TN. Janet it would be great to know which acupuncturist you saw id whether you think all can treat this nerve? and how you were first formally diagnosed with it. Thanking you. Shona.

Replied by Lilli Ann
(San Francisco, California)

Above is a link to pubmed article that lists all the acupuncture points used over 14 almost daily sessions of acupuncture (versus the 2 or 3x/week that is mentioned in the article.) This protocol, along with daily megadoses of sublingual b12 (10K mcg/day methylcobalamine), high quality Omega 3 supplements, high quality curcumin (purchased in the acupuncturists office), and a daily cup of whole fat cottage cheese (sulfur?) with a teaspoon of organic almond oil, and a lot of clean, filtered water (mostly drank water only) cured my trigeminal neuralgia in 2.5 weeks! The pain has not returned at all. I have been pain free now for 4.5 months. I found the Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamine, not the other kind), cottage cheese, Omega3 suggestions on this forum!

I also made sure to not eat any foods that are considered "inflammatory".

Of course, talk with your doctor about this protocol. I would also highly suggest the book by Dr. Terry Wahls, a medical doctor who "cured" her multiple sclerosis with diet. I noticed that I did eat a lot of the things on her list.

Good Luck!


Hello Lilli Ann, can you tell me how you are doing? I posted 8 years ago, had good look with the protocol I suggested. But now I am suffering from a relapse for 1 1/2 years, tried everything that helped me before. Resorted to meds 9 months ago. But now it is hit with such a violent vengeance that I am totally desperate. Your protocol looks interesting, I'll try anything now, including cutting off my head. But how are you doing now? It's four years later... Thanks for answering me. You could answer me privately if you want...thanks so much. Donna

Acupuncture, Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Rebecca (Australia) on 12/26/2014

I have been suffering Trigeminal Neuralgia for the last month, but thinking about it I feel it has been coming on for the last 3-4 months very slowly, with pressure in my ears, eyes and sinus.

I have been having acupuncture in my face neck and head and it has made such a difference. My pain was unbelievable, I wanted to cut off my head. I am also taking Vitamin B5 B1 200mg 4 tablets 2 x daily of each. Also Nervagesic (natural) by Mediherb 4 x 2 daily. The B5 is called Pantothenic Acid these all help to calm your nerve's and ease stress while building back nerve covering.

My natural health care professionals told me to de-stress as much as I can, rest and keep taking vitamins including Magnesium in good quantities.

Use heat packs, that is very soothing, stay out of the heat and direct sunlight on your face. If you are suffering with the pain in your teeth, avoid chewing on that side. Eat soft food or soup that needs little or no chewing. Also use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and brush your teeth up to 5 times a day. This helped ease my pain.

Hope this has helped. I am still suffering but nowhere near as much as I was. Each day the pain seems to lessen. There is hope just hang in there and never stop asking question of people that know what they are talking about. Especially those who have had the same condition.

Replied by Karenl
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

What types of doctors are you going to ~ I am trying to find a holistic doctor to treat and heal this.

Replied by Joe
(Bay Shore, New York)

I have been suffering with upper branch trigeminal nerve pain since a shingles outbreak Aug. 2013 . I had Acupuncture 2 times ( yesterday and today ) along with a small Lidoderm Lidocaine patch above my eye where the breakout first occurred . The Acupuncture gave me relief .

Replied by Garlen
(Shreveport, LA)

I am only two weeks into this and am still at TN1 stage ... last night I lost my ability to speak (two minutes or so) pain was excruciating and scary. Will read up on alternative treatments ... I was disappointed to find out that my ever-reliable Endoderm patches ... made it worse ... maybe wrong placement ... thank you for your information ...

Replied by Felecia
(Raeford, Nc)

I have been diagnosed with TN for almost a year now. I am on tegretal and baclaven. The pain has become so bad that it is now interferring with eating. I an not cutting up my foods in very tiny pieces so I can more or less swallow without chewing. I am trying to stick to the soft foods as well, but sometimes even swallowing sets it off. Brushing my teeth often sends me through the roof. I cannot even kiss my husband anymore with triggering the pain. I have used the hot compresses with some relief. I read your comments on the vitamins and minerals. I think I will share them with my primary care physician. I am not on any type of pain meds (narcotics) as of yet.

Replied by Steve
(Nevada, US)

Some alternatives that may help with the Trigeminal Neuralgia are EFT, energy healing, and cold laser therapy.

Replied by Mary
(Cathedral City, Ca)

I have been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia for 15 years. Doctors passed it off as stress. Early on an MRI and Spinal tap revealed nothing and I was told the pain was psychological. The pain is getting worse and lasting longer although suicide is not an option the pain can certainly cause one to wish they were dead anything to ease the pain. I received an official diagnosis June 19th 2015 and immediately referred to a drug by the name of Tegretol xr 100. I am thankful that I read the side effects prior to taking the drug. I have now considered surgery but realize surgery last aprox. 2 years and the pain could resurface even stronger. My pain is jolting lighting bolts striking the left side of my face lasting for seconds back no back no relief. This is my 12th day still going. I am now looking for healthy ways to handle this disease I will fight and I will win open to suggestions and research please help.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

Hi Mary, try antiviral remedies for your neuralgia. Our Dave has used colloidal silver against this condition, I think. Some other possible remedies are lemon balm, lysine, vitamin C, garlic, ginger, turmeric, etc. Good luck and please let us know what works!

Replied by Lynn

Mary!!! Go see an osteopath immediately! I had this for only 30 hours, and with one treatment it was resolved. (I had almost passed out from the pain.) Neck muscles spasm and pull the vertebra out of place. Massage also helps. Don't suffer anymore, and please look up someone that can do Osteopathic or Cranialsacral work. Biodynamic approach is even gentler than normal osteopathic work. If you have questions, look back here and I will try to check back.

Replied by Greg
(Tucson, Az)

I had microvascular decompression surgery performed, and it made TN WORSE. Now my hearing is gone, and zingers are worse.

Replied by Steve

If you can find a practitioner in your area who offers cold laser therapy treatments it may be very helpful for trigeminal neuralgia.


Replied by Pris

Diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia 9 years ago. After 3 years of pain I opted for the Gamma Knife radiation. I was pain free for 6 years. Pain is coming back again so I am requesting to have procedure done again.


I've had this pain since 2010, but I was just diagnosed last 2014 because of financial problem. Gamma Knife was already introduced here in Philippines. But it was so expensive. It is more painful to know that I can't afford myself to be cured.

Replied by Sharon

August 2,2015 I fell from the top of a step ladder and smashed the corner of my eye and cheek bone on the corner of a dresser. Cut to the bone. The nerve pain is so strange. When I press on my brow my teeth hurt. The pins and needles, burning and stabbing pain is very distracting. I though I had fractured my face but CT scan said no. Now that I know it's trigeminal nerve damage I at least don't think my teeth are fractured. What do you think of Biogetica's Freedom Kit with OM13 TNeuralgease Formula? I found it here whilst educating myself on this pain. I'm sure my concussion is some of it. But the nerve pain is something else. Really feel for all of you here that are experiencing this. ugh...

Replied by Sharon
(New Hampshire)

I have had this condition for about 25 years, on and off. The older I get the worse it gets. I used to have longer periods of remission, sometimes as much as a year. The drugs offered have terrible side effects, and the surgery is little more than draconian experimentation. There seems to be no recognizable pattern to this affliction, and believe me, I've been trying to find one for years. I don't subscribe to the theory of leaning blood vessels, simply because of the periods of remission. It makes no sense to believe that blood vessels, somehow, change positions capriciously. I have come to the conclusion this may be a virus, not unlike herpes, that resides in the trigeminal nerve. I have gotten some relief from taking lysine, and I'm still working on the dosage. Lysine is used to fight herpes outbreaks. I've also been able to control the intensity and duration of each single "shot" by using hypnosis. I'm going to get into that practice more deeply, because I believe it's quite promising for controlling my pain. I hope my observations are helpful.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, South Carolina)

Sharon...I have been condensing the condition is virus based for years. If me I would try topical applications of Colloidal Silver with DMSO ...50/50. Every other day for two weeks. If I'm proved I'd continue for two months and begin consuming two tablespoons daily. For a year.


Do you apply into the face or the back of the neck?

Replied by Mvo
(Jhb - Rsa)

Hi Sharon - have you considered Trigger Point Therapy? I am quoting from the self-help book by Clair Davies where he discusses trigger points on the Sternocleiodomastoid muscle (connects breastbone to bony knob behind ears) and referred pain: "...occasional spillover of pain in the side of the face, which mimics trigeminal neuralgia, a disorder characterized by brief attacks of pain caused by irritation of the trigeminal nerve."

Replied by Steve

You may want to try a zapper which kills the virus with micro current. Therapeutic doses of olive leaf extract would be very helpful.

Replied by Joe
(Bay Shore Ny)

If anyone replies to my address please put reference to PHN otherwise I won't open E-Mail. I am the 2nd. person listed above from top .

I am currently dealing w/ Ulcer and did my usual reading, treatment , diet , exercise etc. that may help , as it turns out I've been here before regarding Vitamin B12 .

My PHN developed 6/2013 and still continues, as it continues I'm noting the pain is less frequent and severe , I've tried most any med along with sleeping w/ a cold compress placed on head . I fashioned a water / ice bag to fit the contour of area placed . I lined it w/ a plastic bag to avoid any leakage , apparently minerals found in water supply ate through the first bag causing me to wake from the H2o Dripping , that doesn't occur w/ lining of bag .

After reading about Ulcer Remedies / Help there was a mention of Vitamin B12 , the Methylcobalamin type , there is another B12 , the Cyancobalamin type , that converts into Methylocbalamin , I first took a pill ( Methy type ) last night 1000mg upon waking this morning , the V5 Upper Branch Trigeminal Nerve Pain was less than the most recent past ( THANK GOD! ) here it is 14 hrs. later the Nerve Pain is still " in check " .

I can only surmise the Cold Compress I put on head nightly lessens most any inflammation of any affected blood vessel close to skin.

Replied by Mrs. Jones

Hi Lynn

We too live in CO and I was hoping that you could refer what osteopath you went to? My dad is dealing with this now and I'm hoping to find him some options for relief. Thanks!

Replied by The Clyde

I read your letter. My thoughts were the same, suicide. It is stated in the bible thy shall not kill thy self. My thoughts were the same, I could not figure out how to keep my soul from burning in hell. Brother/sister, all I can tell you is welcome to hell on earth. Now let's team up and kick the thoughts of suicide, and hells together. I am at 14 months of 24/7hours of pain everything from face, top of head down to c-6 vertabea. This tries to help macaroni salad with spinach & soften the broccoli with steam mix in big bowel eating calms the pains. fruit salads with red grapes watermelon cantaloupe pineapple and salted light.

Replied by Mages

I lost a loved one who suffered from trigeminal neuralgia disorder for 6 years.

The neurologist prescribed all the medications listed and it did not work. At the beginning stage the pain was bearable but just recently in 2016 the pain was so severe an uncontrollable.

He had not alliterative choice but to seek for a surgery which was his last desire. With fear he did his surgery hoping to come home and go on with his life as a normal guy.

After operation he was in the ICU for 8 days not recovering. in a coma. His hands started turning blue.

He passed on 5/7/2016 not recovering, At times I wonder should he have not gone through surgery.

But he was in so much pain.. He took a gamble in life. I am so devasasted

Replied by Patz

Mages, I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one. I just want you to know that you have helped me and probably many others by telling your story. I was already against the medicine and also the surgery. I have heard mostly bad about both of them. It also helped me to know that his pain wasn't so bad in the beginning.

I was diagnosed sometime in the past year. I didn't believe it at first b/c my pain wasn't as bad as people described and also b/c it had come on gradually. I also have a horrible balance problem which has never been corelated with TN. Then I began to believe it when my pain worsened quite a bit and was brought on by drinking cold milk too fast. My pain was also much worse last night when trying to sleep. After sleeping a few hours I awoke to throbbing pain all over my head which felt like my brain had swelled. I am still not sure I don't have a tumor even though the neurologist says I don't after an MRI. I didn't have the contrast dye and wonder if they can tell for sure.

Your post lets me know to vigorously search for the right answer and to not spend time on anything else. I am looking into methyl-b12 and trying to learn all about that possibility of healing.

Again, I am so sorry for your loss and I see that it has only been two months. Thank you.

Replied by Robin
(Montreal, Canada)

I hope you tried acupuncture. I am sure you have excellent practitioners in the Philippines.

Thankfully, I have a mild case that seems to go away with Advil, an anti-inflammatory but it could get worse so I want to get ready! I am taking vitamin Bs which are good for the nervous system (nerves in the body). And I am also taking B12 under my tongue which I hope will help, too.

Good luck to you.

Robin in Montreal

Replied by Rose

Dear mages,

Where did your loved one undergo the procedure?

I am thinking about the gamma knife and looking for the right surgeon. Please let me know asap.

Replied by Linda

The EFT is a sure fire winner. Give it a chance. On line its free by Gary Craig. Do not fall for the pay ones. Read as much of the beginning to understand what he is saying, then move on to learning the receipt on a page. I sometimes forget to use it, but as soon as I remember I do it, and sure enough the pain will decrease then maybe have to do it a seconded time. but it always works.

Alkaline Diet, Peppermint Oil

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 12/08/2012

There is an interesting scientific paper in "Medical Hypothesis" 2002 Nov, 59 (5): Issue: "Are latent immediate-early genes of herpes-simplex virus-1 essential in causing trigeminal neuralgia. " Source: Biology Department, Medical University Syracuse NY. "Abstract: The etiology and pathogenesis of major trigeminal neuralgia remain largely unknown, but are believed to result from an irritative lesion near the semilunar ganglion. We suggest that its primary cause is a single, active DNA sequence in the persistent but non-integrated genome of latent herpes simplex virus type 1 commonly observed in a few infected A-delta nerve fibers in the cheek. Facial pain occurs as a result of herpes virus reactivation and when supplies of neurotrophins controlling normal transport functions of axolemmal ion chanels become depleted."

The paper gives a theory as to causation althought not a remedy. My suggestion is as follows which will kill viruses of all kinds.

A person who is seeing cases of mono, ear infections, sinus infections, cluster headaches, migraines and Bells Palsy might see this type of TN infection also. I gave my own personal experience in the Earth Clinic Bells Palsy thread. I futher hypothesize that hormonal issues may be a triger to the viral activation which might explain why females are more often effectd than males.

A possible attack on the TN virus is to use a topical application of fifty drops of colloidal silver and add ten drops of DMSO to make it penetrate through the skin into the nerve. Apply as a poltice with a white paper towel and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Press against the paper towel to be sure the liquid absorbs into the skin. Be sure to use a white paper towel and do not have any other substances on your fingers. (The DMSO is a carrier, solvent and penetrant. ) Do this procedure at least six times over a two day period. In theory, the silver will kill the virus. Same procedure for Bells Palsey. Shingles too. God bless.

Replied by Ashwini
(Houston, United States)

Please elaborate on the procedure. I'd like to try the treatment on using the colloidal silver poultice. How do I exactly prepare it and where do I apply? Thanks, Ashwini

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Ashwini,

Re how to do the topical application of CS and DMSO for Trigeminal Neuralgia ...

My post on this first cited an authority connecting a virus with TN and then I laid out how to prepare Colloidal Silver with DMSO. I get a white paper towel and soak it till very wet and nearly dripping. Then I apply to the surface of the skin where the TN pain is located.

Please re-read my post (to which you posted on the thread). The article I wrote was precise as to proportions and how often to use.

If you have other questions please write back.

Replied by Jessica

Thanks for this post. how long does it take to cure the virus and how would you know? I just started using DMSO by itself, and it gets rid of the pain immediately. On another page here it says DMSO cures herpes, and since this may be a form of it, then I would would think DMSO would be enough. I need to read up on the silver because I am not sure of using silver in my body.

I have had this pain for 2 years and had teeth pulled. A month ago I quit chewing foods like crackers, meat, etc. as it would start the pain. I would wake up pain free until I had something I really had to chew.So I went to soft foods and it helped a lot.

The DMSO is a God send. Some people are afraid of DMSO, but I began using it back in 1981 and have used it often over the years for other problems and it has always cured them. My blood tests to this day are normal.

Recently I added the B-12 and B-1 mentioned here, and I will continue with it especially since I am almost a vegetarian now, only eating fish and need those vitamins.

As for using peppermint oil, yes, it works, but touching your face with it causes pain, and so when the affects wear off you are in worse pain. Same with Tabasco Sauce or Cayenne. I believe, in spite of what my doctor said, that you should not agitate it by touching or chewing hard foods. This is only my own opinion. The DMSO being in a roll bottle doesn't hurt for some reason. Also I go to the Farm Supply to buy it because theirs is stronger, and they will tell you that it is animal grade and not for humans, but hey, they use it on Thoroughbreds and they don't want their animals harmed. Again, this is my own opinion, but I could never get DMSO from other sources to work for me on anything. And like I said, I have been using it for 40 years.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Jessica;

Re TN and using DMSO and colloidal silver...

You ask how long should the treatments be used? Well, I mention a number that I'd use to see if the formula would bring relief. You are certainly perceptive in your understanding of DMSO. DMSO has been a "friend" for twenty years. It is anti inflammatory so by itself (as you mention) it could give some relief and also DMSO is an anti viral or so I've read. But I use it with CS, knowing that CS definitely kills viral infections. So IF TN is viral based, then (like Bells Palsy) in theory the TN could be helped with a DMSO/CS poultice.

I'd apply three times a week for a few months...or until the symptoms are gone. AND, I would drink the CS (without the DMSO) .... two tablespoons three times a day for a few months to make sure the virus is killed in the system. Take the CS orally on empty stomach.

Replied by Jana

Provided that its primary cause is a single, active DNA sequence in the persistent but non-integrated genome of latent herpes simplex virus type 1 commonly observed in a few infected A-delta nerve fibers in the cheek, the above protocol using COLLOIDAL SILVER (topically and orally) would work. Since we are dealing with virus, I also strongly advise to use orgone zapper (known from Dr. Hulda Clark's studies). I have been using zapper on myself and many of my patients for over 15 years with gigantic amazing results.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Jana,

Thank you for your addition to the thread...

You add a knowledge of genome and DNA that I am not able to bring...

In your practice do you use Colloidal Silver or just the zapper...or both?

Replied by Tom

Dave, how often are you using the combination of CS and DSMO?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Tom,

In answer to question on how often to use...depends on how long condition has gone on and how severe the outbreak.

Normally, I'd try to use one poultice every other day for a week...then if some success, once a week for a month. If benefiting, I'd do it once a week thereafter for six months. I contend the condition is an infection and infections can go into hiding (virus especially about them online), living in limbo inside our cells. So the continuous use of the CS/DMSO cream poultice must be regular and immediate at any sign of a new outbreak.

Alkaline Diet, Peppermint Oil
Posted by Rosali (Mumbai, India) on 05/07/2012

Peppermint oil gives you instant relief but you will have to address the cause of trigeminal neuralgia for complete relief. Here the problem lies in the nerves. One will have to decrease their sensitivity and also help them in strengthening and calming. One can try Biogetica essentials kit with HMYLN myelin sheath sarcode formula to relax the nerves and to improve their motility.

Replied by Swati

Hi My husband suffers from Trigiminal neuralgia. Could u let me the above mentioned supplements where can I order them.and are they helpful in Trigeminal Neuralgia. Plz do mention if it has any side effects. Thanking u in adavnce, Swati

Replied by Krishan
(San Jose, California)

Hi - My Wife suffers from Trigiminal neuralgia since August 2008. Could u let me the above mentioned supplements where can I order them.and are they helpful in Trigeminal Neuralgia. Plz do mention if it has any side effects. Thanking u in adavnce, Krishan

Alkaline Diet, Peppermint Oil
Posted by Ginny (El Paso, Tx) on 11/03/2011

I just began getting the symptoms of TN, and began googling my symptons like crazy. I am so thankful to have come across this site. Since I knew peppermint oil helped with headaches, I decided to rub the oil all over the areas that hurt, and it does relieve the pain! I use Dr. Young Living oils or if you want to pay less you can order them from Mountain Rose Oils. (Try and get their highest grade)

I am so thankful to have come across this site, as I am totally against taking drugs. I am going to order the supplements mentioned here. I am thankful to have done the alkaline diet previously for Chronic Fatigue. But fell somewhat off the wagon for the past 6 years. I want to stop this in its track, before it gets worse, so I am back to eating greens, greens, greens, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The good part is, I will finally lose those stubborn 10 lbs I had put on. The book that helped me cure my CF was THE PH MIRACLE. Dr. Robert Young (different from the OIL Dr Young) teaches all disease comes from an overacid diet. I am hoping I have the same success with this TN that I had with CF. I can't imagine what the pain that some of you experience as mine is still mild, with electric feeling shocks thru mostly the left side. It started with a very sharp shooting pain 4 days ago, and immediately I started alkaline and noticed the pain subsided. But I still have the electrical shock thingies. (I had nerve damage on that side from surgery in 2000, but only now is it starting to act up)! Wish I had never had that face lift, LOL.

Replied by Sue
(Minneapolis, Mn)

If you were able to rub oil on your face I assume your pain was minimal. I could not touch my face much less talk, brush my teeth or eat when inflicted.

Replied by Marianne
(Livermore, Ca)

Where exactly do you apply this poultice??

Replied by Aileen
(Miami Beach, FL)

As I read your comment, I think of myself. I came down with Trigeminal Neuralgia 1yr and 4 months ago. I can understand why it has also the reputation of being called the suicide disease. After 4 Drs. and 2 teeth being pulled, I was told about 2 Drs at a university down here in Florida that have been studying this condition for 30 yrs or so. Unfortunately they lean more toward the pharmaceutical industries. So I am now on oxycarbapentine and carbamazepine. 2 seizure medicines.

It has made a differance in my life. I can now live normal. I too was unable to eat, talk, laugh stand up quickly, sit down quickly, exercise. I was on baby food and had lost 15 pounds. (Not good for me). Plus these damn drugs have given me an ulcer. My life had come to a complete stop the nite it hit me. I had to quit my job as a restaurant Mgr.

I love all natural and holistic remedies and cures. I would like to start them but don't know what to do first. Am scared to get of the drugs because the pain was so excruciating. ( And I must say I have a wonderful husband that did all he could do for me at the time even tho he was without understanding the problem That was a huge help. ). Looking for the natural way. Please help.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello, Aileen, Re your Trigeminal Neuralgia. If you go to a thread under Earth Clinic: Ailments and then "Trigeminal Neuralgia" the very first post is my theory and possible help to solving the TN nightmare. Please take a look at it. It is a viral theory of what is going on ... same as shingles and Bells Palsy.

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Dear Aileen I understand what you are going through, my husband suffered with this for years. He thought it was a tooth problem at first but the dentist diagnosed it, it was so good to at last have a name to this awful condition . It was so bad he asked me to help him end his life . he couldn't even wash his hair because water touching his face would set off an attack but what helped was acupuncture plus like you said seizure medication. He finally had the operation and has been pretty good since. so maybe that's the way for you to go to, there is light at the end of tunnel.So good luck I wish you the best

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Dear Aileen, So glad you are open to "natural"...and if you look under Ailments (Earth Clinic) ... under "T" and scroll to Trigeminal Neuralgia ... the first post if a post by me from a few years ago. Please read the thread and you'll find my proposal for what is causing TN and what I'd try to rid myself of it if I had TN. I believe TN is caused by a Bells Palsy. Or like Shingles.

Please take a look at what I suggest. I did cure myself of shingles by using this method.

The idea is that something prompted the infection... maybe dental work or a serious sinus infection. And you'd have a clue as to this possible source if you can go back in time before the onset of your symptoms and if you recall a few months/six months or so prior to symptoms, if you had some dental work or a serious infection. That's a clue that indeed the problem might be a virus.

Replied by Liz

Hi Suseeq - Not sure if you still come to this site but I am curious to know how your husband is doing since the surgery. I've read that most people have the surgery (MVP..I think that's what it's called.) and it only made it worse and in addition resulted in loss of hearing, eyesight or numbness. If your husband didn't have this procedure done, would you mind telling me what it was? Thank you

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Dear liz, my husband had the op about about 8 years ago and it has been a godsend. Yes, he lost the hearing in one ear and sometimes gets tingles down his face but overall a small price to pay as he was in so much pain that he couldn't even stand to wash his hair. Yes, it has been worth it.

Replied by Liz

Hi Suseeq - Thank you so much for replying! So glad to hear your husband is doing well. You're right that a little tingling and loss of hearing is a small price to pay. What type of surgery did he have? Gamma Knife? I am going to be seeing a new neurologist next week and want to discuss all possible options.

Did your husband try any alternative methods like B12 injections? I am considering that before going the more invasive approach.

Thanks for any insight you can offer.


Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Dear Liz,

I am not sure what the surgery was called, but it separated the nerves with a sponge between, well that's how it was explained to us. He also had acupuncture, it helped for a short time. Good luck. I hope everything works out for you. Let us know how it goes.

Replied by Alan Hudson
(Homestead, Fl.)

Hey there SuseeQ...I have recently experienced complete and (so far) lasting relief from trigeminal neuralgia!

After trying many of the suggestions of the EC community...36 hours into that seemingly endless pain...I read a post on another site where a guy tried this...for the Madness of the pain...and it stopped BOTH in 30 minutes...never to return! Now folks, I have avoided doctors and pharmaceuticals for 40+ years and come to EC first to manage my health.

BUT, I took un-prescribed medication for an off-label use, on un-substantiated advise because DEATH seemed like a reasonable alternative. Forgive WORKED!! I took Alprazolam (Xanax) .25mg (pediatric dose). This is a common anxiety medication. It can lead to abuse as we build tolerance quickly and can become dependent.

I am compelled to share my indiscretion because it was a miraculous end to an excruciating event. It seems, reducing inflammation that causes the trigeminal nerve to fire constriction or abrasion...ends the event but not the initial cause of that inflammation. For me, the unknown cause was resolved and has not returned. It's been 4 addition, I have changed my television seating and duration to avoid neck aches that seemed to precede the TG. I have read of other factors that inflame the Trigeminal nerve that may not benefit from the Alprazolam...but it is a very small dose...of a widely used medication...that costs $2......

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Dear Alan,

I hope you can keep your pain under control. We tried many meds but nothing kept him pain free, we struggled for years to find something to give him relief as he couldn't even stand a breeze to hit his face and many a time he told me he didn't want to live, sometimes something would work for a couple of weeks but nothing lasted very long. The op was the best and he was very sick after but he improved every day.

Good luck and hope you have found the right thing for you

Replied by Ines
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)

I agree with you regarding the virus theory; hence MMS can also be a excellent option. Do you agree?

Replied by Susan Bee
(Houston, Tx)

I believe it was a bad tooth infection which first caused my TN as I had a horrible infection and had to have a tooth pulled and ever since I wasn't the same. If this is a virus like you said what can I do to get rid of it? I'm dying. I want to have a normal life again.

Replied by Marnie
(Madera, Ca)

Have you looked into colloidal silver and lysine supplementation?

Antioxidants, NMDA Antagonist, Diet

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Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 03/13/2016

I cured my Occipital Neuralgia. I used a combination of Antioxidant+NMDA antagonist+Diet. I came across this solution by the way of trying to solve a worsening restless leg syndrome. I came across a website called which put together all the pieces of the problem. I had some awareness of the pieces but not how they interconnected. Restless leg syndrome is a sign that your body is aflame with chronic inflammation. I used a bunch of antioxidants to put out the fire. I also used PharmaGABA / L-Theanine and Magtein to enhance brain GABA levels in NMDA. I ate a relatively healthy diet but recognized how certain glutamine foods would make symptoms worse.

The antioxidants I used:

  • curcumin BCM-95 (fat soluble)
  • grape seed extract (water soluble)
  • astaxanthin (fat soluble) (i had always taken this)
  • Pterostilbene (water soluble) (resveratol is obsoleted by Pterosrilibene)

I added these later:

  • HiTart cherry (water soluble)
  • Purple Defense (water soluble)
  • blueberry extract (water soluble)

I also use krill oil to potentiate the astaxanthin and the absorption of the fat soluble antioxidants. The fat solubles must be taken with a fatty meal. The water soluble can be taken with or without food. I take them all at same time with biggest meal.

This cured my Occipital Neuralgia and RLS. I used to get a severe headache when I took MSM but not anymore. I thought a while back that the ON was caused primarily by shingles.

Solving these problems enabled me to see that I had something called Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia (ATN). It is different than plain TN in that pain is chronic as opposed to episodic and never got sudden electroshock pain. My pain is located on right side around maxillary and bottom eye. It blended in with the migraine like pain over eye from occipital so hard to distinguish. I thought the pain may have been due to sinus or dry eye problem but through very exhaustive process of exclusion, I was able to diagnose it as ATN. I had never seen ATN mentioned until relatively recently.

I think Occipital Neuralgia needs to be listed under TN category since they all relate to the head region. I primarily use Taurine and Magtein along with some things I eat to control glutamate overload in order to manage the ATN.

I want to take more B12 methycoblamin but it can aggravate it so must go low dose. Phosphytidylcholine aggravates symptoms so can't take that. Any choline supplement aggravates things it seems. I am still trying to find a complete cure for the ATN. I have some control over the ATN pain.

Replied by Prioris

Just some more detail: I take 1500 mg of taurine in the morning then wait 20 minutes and take 1 magtein capsule. I do the same before going to bed.

I take them 20 minutes apart in case they may compete with each other. I am not entirely sure but I want to be safe and make sure the taurine gets absorbed.

I do not take PharmaGABA or L-Theanine because I think it seems to neutralize the protective effect of the taurine.

I found this quote some where which may validate my logic - "They found that the GABA antagonist abolished the protective effects of taurine, confirming that the taurine protection was due to its activation of GABA receptors."

Replied by Prioris

I have also come to realize that I had another problem. I was also UNDER METHYLATED. This will also translate to sleep problems also. This is why I reacted negatively to coenzyme B vitamins, B12 and choline. My body can't process these well. So avoiding B12 and B complex especially folic acid was another piece of the puzzle. People who are over methylated will benefit with these.

The antidote I did take to counteract the effect of the these b vitamins etc was taking the supplement SAMe. SAMe is the best supplement to use as a methyl donor and also quickest to rehab with.

I need to address the methylation cycle in order to get the building blocks to a complete cure.

Replied by Nir

You are so right! B12 aggravated my ATN also.

Seems many things that helps TN can aggravate ATN :(

Replied by Prioris

I have found lithium orotate is a powerful brain nutrient. It did what taurine and magtein did but with many other benefits like neurotransmitter balancing. I took 120 mg which is equivalent to 4.6mg of elemental lithium. You experiment with dosage. There is a website called Lithium doctor which has most details on taking lithium. It also allowed me to take methylb12 and methylfolate without anxiety and jitters.


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Posted by Joe E. (Bay Shore, New York) on 02/07/2017

Trigeminal Neuralgia:

I'm back, still dealing w/ sporadic aching / stabbing, get's easier as time goes on ( 4th. year now ), compared to pain after a Grand Mal Seizure, this is a " walk in the park ", mind over matter ( simply pay it no mind and it won't matter ). Turns out increasing B12 daily dosage from 400mg to 1000mg was the culprit, I had surmised such after surfing various sites pertaining to B12 and in some cases side effects.

After seeing Dermatologist, her referral was that of a " Pain Specialist " ( more appt.'s $$ ) I've been dealing w/ idiopathic left temporal lobe Epilepsy way too long to know what comes after referral and original consultation from one " Specialist " to another, what else but more " follow up's & test's " .

I walked that road over 15 years ago after deciding to try elective brain surgery @ Yale Univ. New Haven, been having countless seizures, both complex partial along w/ grand mal ( " slammers " ) & amnesia, whatever is " done is done " logic alone leads one to believe there's no fixin' this but the Nice Cold Gel Pak sure does suffice at times, especially now as I type.

Only managed to make Phase 3 @ Yale ( 5 interior electrodes ) shortly after Triple ByPass making me no longer an eligible candidate for partial lobotomy, might very well have been to my benefit, can't cry over spilt milk.

Reason for writing today is : DO NOT use excess B12 ( in my case anyway 400 to 1000 ) today after cutting 1000 pill into half, the chronic stabbing burn above eye along w/ forehead and side just above ear is every bit apprx. 90% LESS, leaving a slight easily tolerable one on top towards the rear of skull.

If this helps one persons attempt in pain reduction my time won't be wasted, nor will theirs.

Good Luck ........ careful w/ excess B12, see Primary first or have a blood test to know it's dissolution factor / half life.

Posted by Sara (Texas) on 10/15/2015

Hi, my mother has Trigeminal Neuralgia. This is what has helped her: B12 (METHYLCOBALAMIN) form. This form is absorbed better. Do not use the cyanocobalamin form, as it is not absorbed well. She uses cherry flavored sublingual- 5MG. No stimulates: No caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, and no foods that are stimulates such as mushrooms.

We have also noticed that here in TX where we live, when the seasons change from hot to cold-- it flares up. Every October is when it changes from hot to cold, and she has problems with it then and then again when it starts to get warm. We are wondering if the barometric pressure has something to do with hers acting up. She has had it for a long time now. She first noticed it after her teeth were pulled and she got dentures.

She recently added fish oil to take also to see how that works with the B12. If we see more improvement with that added to the B12, I will post again. I hope this might help others. It hasn't cured it, but it has helped.

Replied by Steve

Has she had Vit D3 levels checked. Lots of people with chronic pain issues are usually low in D3. 10,000 IU/day is a good start. Many hospitals will prescribe 50,000IU of D3 when levels are low. If they are low D3 can helpful on so many levels.

Replied by Sara

Thank You Steve, She will check her D3 levels and also thanks for the information on how much to use.

Posted by Sandy (Redlands, Ca) on 07/21/2015

My daughter has Trigeminal Neuralgia. It's a debilitating facial pain, a condition known as "suicide disease" because it is believed to be the worst pain known to mankind. Almost two years ago when she told me of the excruciating pain she felt in her jaw I began an internet search to find out what this horrible pain was. It didn't take me long to realize that she had TN ( Trigeminal Neuralgia).

She made an appointment with a facial pain medical group, and she was indeed diagnosed with TN. "There is no cure" the doctor told her, so she was prescribed pain medication, and told to return in four weeks. I began my search to cure her TN pain. After 3,24/7, days of searching I stumbled across a cure. It's caused by being B12 deficient, but you can NOT cure it with the B12 injections that the doctors give, they use the cheaper pharmaceutical B12 Cyanocobalamin. You MUST USE the natural B12 Methylocobalamin injection. You begin with a daily injection of the B12 Methylcobalamin, 1cc for 10 days, after that you continue 1cc weekly, supposedly after a time you can cut the dose down even more but after almost two years my daughter is still having to have weekly shots to keep the pain away.

The B12 Methlcobalamin is much more expensive and a lot harder to find on the internet, but it's out there. After a year of using the B12 Methylcobalamin my daughter decided to try the cheaper pharmaceutical B12, within a week and a half her pain returned. It has to be the injection form and it must be the Methylcobalamin, this has been a God send for my daughter, the best of luck to you with your journey! There is a book out there, written by Dr, Oz's father in law, on facial pain that goes into more detail on this subject, but we have found that the B12 injections were all that was needed to keep the pain away.

Replied by Anon

Sandy, so very happy for your wonderful discovery to help your daughter. Thank you for finding a solution and sharing on Earthclinic.

Wishing you and your family all the best!

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Dear Sandy, I would like as well join in congratulating you on your effort and success in helping your daughter. I have previously read that other people contracted this disease through dental root canals and one man could not take it any longer...

So it makes me very happy. Namaste, Om

Replied by Sara

My mother has trigeminal neuralgia also. The things that have helped her most are: B-12 (METHYLCOBALAMIN) form, it is absorbed better. Do not use the cyclcobalamin form, as it is not absorbed well. 5000 mg tablet is what she uses. Also recently, trying fish oil with the B-12. No Caffeine, No sugar, No alcohol. No foods that have a stimulating effect, such as mushrooms.

We have noticed over several years now, that her pain flares up when the seasons change from hot to the cold. We wonder if barometric pressure may also affect it. Every October here in Texas where we live, when the weather begins to change from hot to cold, she starts having the pain and then it flares up again when season goes from cold to hot.

Posted by Pain In Seattle (Seattle, Wa) on 05/08/2013

B12 must be accompanied by B1. European studies showed that B12 injections and mixed with B1 injections (each cc mixed in a injection) help to relieve Trigeminal Neuralgia. It takes a few weeks until all symptoms show a large decline. Don't be fooled; B12 isn't as effective as the total mix.

Replied by Trish
(Europe, Eu)

In what ratio?

Replied by Susan
(Seattle, Wa)

For Trish: Ratio should be the same for each; one cc of B12 and one cc of B1. B1 is the painful injection. My doctor gives me some lydocaine to help dull the pain. Another course of action would be to get just the B12 injection and take a good B1 complex vitamin. Get the B12s twice a week, and take the B1 vitamin orally everyday.

I have also noticed my shocks get worse from Splenda. So I did some research; yes, Splenda can cause seizures in people who have never had seizures before. Very strange.

So watch your diet; it is important.

Replied by Ramon
(Monterey Park, Ca)

Is the dosage of B12 1000mcg, and B1 100mg as specified in the bottles OTC? And how long is the treatment - 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc. ? Thank you for your feedback, Susan!

Posted by P (Seattle, Washington) on 08/23/2012

Hi again; this is P from Bothell. I have found that taking Glutamine helped me heal faster from the gluten allergy and the malabsorption problem and also prayer (bigtime) and now I seem to be able to go with just one B12 injection about every 6 days or once a week for maintenanance (of no symptoms. ) this is considered (I believe) a therapeutic injection, on my insurance but would like insurance companies to know that this is for pain control. Still have out of pocket expenses (such as co-insurance, about $10. 50 an injection) but it is worth it if it controls the pain. B12 (hydrocobalamine) is FDA approved and B1 complex given together in one injection is what I have been recieving. All B12 has to convert to methocobalamine to be absorbed by the body. Stay away from cyanacobalamine-it is not the same thing... And has cyanide in it. Few traditional doctors know this it seems.

Hope this news helps someone. I did try the biogetical herbs but after 6 months they didn't help anymore. The B12 seems to be working...... So far... so good.

My advice to T. Smalls is get the B12 and B1 injections (in one injectable)for Trigeminal Neuralgia or go to a certified homeopathic doctor who can prescribe an individual treatment plan for you, if the Biogetical herbs stop working.

Posted by P (Bothell, Usa) on 01/29/2012

Sheila: Hi. I figured that I had a malabsorption problem because it usually accompanies a gluten allergy. My Vitamin D levels were only on the small side of average (after a blood test at the doctor) and that is after taking 5000 mg a day of Vitamin D. I also tested for thyroid antigens of TPO and TGO and they were really off the normal amount. I am not sure if you have Classic Trigeminal Neuralgia or not, but vitamin B12 injections take some time to work; about 8-12 injections over a period of a few weeks-and then they do work for the above disorder. Taking oral vitamin B didn't work for me, as it might for others who do not have my disorder. (classic TN)It is important to be diagnosed with the correct disorder so you know what will be effective or not.

My best advice to you is see if your doctor is willing to give you the B12 (methocarbo--with the B1 complex- 1cc of each) it least twice a week, and don't go off the antiseizure meds until you see a real reduction in symptoms. B12 injections are now covered by my insurance company (Regence of Washington) Some neurologists are also prescribing oral B12 but the oral kind is not potent enough for me. (ho hum.... ) MS patients also are being prescribed B12 injections. It helps the pain and disorder of the nerves.

Another way to help the pain is to try homeopathic remedies. We get a lot of our prescription drugs from India in the US. (such as glenmark mfg. ) I have used their kit for Trigeminal Neuralgia. It can take 1-2 months to work though, but gradually you will see a reduction in symptoms and can get off your anti-seizure meds completely in about 2 months or so.

Hope this helps. I know my neurologist advises surgery for everyone but I will wait as long as I can.

Replied by Nishka
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

What kit are you referring to from Glenmark

Replied by Stella
(Havelock, Ontario, Canada)
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Hello: I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and this particular nerve that goes through my left cheek, is somehow affected by the Sinus just above it. I have found that Lugol's Liquid Iodine (5%) starting with one drop per day, and adding an additional drop each week, took care of all the pain by the fourth week. Not to mention many other benefits.

Bonnie in Canada

Posted by Pat (Bothell, Wa) on 11/24/2011

P.S. To those who suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia:

I wanted to give you the exact website url to the Biogetica. com Trigeminal Neuralgia products;

I also want to let you know that with this product I bought, it worked. Traditional Medicine balks at it because it doesn't contain really any measurable pharmeutical agent; that is the main reason it is so safe. But it does work; on the principal of physics-the original agents were diluted enought times in purified water, to keep the original vibrations of the agents. Now just the "water pill" works by itself. they have been arguing about this company for ages on the website. I am hear to tell you that Traditiional Medicine only offers us terrible dangerous drugs that lose their effectiveness after a period of time. This Natural way offers you real help without the danger. I am a living witness to this; I would just like to be doing more than just masking my symptoms--so I am trying the Methyl B12 road.


Replied by Christina
(Sammamish Washington)

I am interested in learning more about your expedience with Biogetica for TN. Did any of the products cause side effects? Etc. Thank you