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Top Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

Posted by Anonymous (Seguin, Texas) on 11/10/2009

I had read on an MD's website that some people were having success with DHEA supplement. So I bought a bottle of DHEA, 25 mg each, and took one per day. Within 2 DAYS, my pain was gone, so was the brain fog, the exhaustion and the terrible anxiety that I used to feel surge up in me for no reason at all. I personally feel that Fibromyalgia is related to menopause, which even men experience to a lesser degree, but that is my theory. Instead, I now feel energetic, pain-free and almost euphoric, although nothing in my life has changed except for the reduction and elimination of the FM symptoms! I stopped taking it for three days, to evaluate its affect on me and WHAM, the terrible pain in the pressure points (particularly my back) returned with a vengeance. I am taking this stuff forever, if I have to. I now am cutting the tablet in half, as I noticed my breasts were swelling and slightly tender to the touch occasionally, as if I were starting my period and that eliminated that symptom. (I have been without a period now for about 4 years and I am 56). That was very little discomfort compared to Fibro symptoms, however. I haven't felt this good in years! DHEA is a precursor to progesterone, estrogen and testosterone (meaning it enables your body to make the above hormones again). I am not cured, but I feel SO much better, I wake up every day and THANK GOD!