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Top Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

Posted by Acrane (Ms) on 05/09/2017
4 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have just recently started taking Borax for what has been diagnosed as fibromyalgia. I started taking concentrate of 1 tsp to liter of water and then take 1 tsp 3 x per day of that concentrate. (I have gradually increased to 12 tsps of concentrate each day since I am pretty sick, seizures, brain swelling, etc.) I have started taking 400 mg of magnesium and Tums (1000 calcium and 200 mg of magnesium) daily.. I am also taking a liquid multivitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement which keeps me from getting anemic. It has a 95% absorption rate which helps when you get older, etc.

I have bad thigh muscle pain, occasional calf pain and sometimes pain in the muscles around my shoulder. Pain medication does not help, Lyrica does no good. Pain rub Voltaren does help some.

Since starting the larger amount of Borax I have severe pain in legs and shoulder. One day I woke up in the morning and had NO pain for about the first 30 minutes after awakening. It freaked me out. I couldn't believe it!

I have gone back to a smaller dosage of Borax Concentrate and worked back up to 6 tsp a day. Pain is not as bad. I think I was having the Herxheimer reaction. (large die off). For the first time in years I have a little hope.

Posted by Kristy (Lansing, Michigan) on 11/22/2007
4 out of 5 stars

Two of my kids have 'tried' to come down with colds during the last two weeks. When my son's hit, he was coughing so hard he was nearly vomiting. My daughter woke up coughing, a very sore throat and her voice was almost gone. Usually I have them do the inhaling of peroxide a few times a day and give them at least 1/4 cup of organic vinegar with 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, a little cinnamon and water each day. This time I added Borax water (1/8 teaspoon to 1 liter of water) to the mix-and their colds were gone in less than 12 hours. No one was more stunned than I was that it worked so fast! But I shouldn't have been surprised. I have had painful joints from fibromyalgia for years, but sometimes the pain in my right shoulder is almost unbearable (I'm right-handed). The last flare had been going on about 2 months and I was getting very little sleep, which was what spurred my finally giving in and trying the Borax. Within three days the severe pain was gone and I was back to just the normal pain! Now I just need to make myself drink it EVERY day and maybe all the pain will go away.

But, back to the original subject, everyone says there is no cure for the common cold. After what we saw earlier this month, I have to disagree!

Posted by Pamela (City Withheld, Washington) on 09/08/2007
4 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia/Rosacea and TMJ for over 10 years... My first symptoms appeared shortly after I began taking Paxil. After about 8 months when I found the Paxil side effects intolerable, my doctor switched me to Prozac. Well...within 2 years, I had gained 75 pound, couldn't get my temperature to a normal 98.6 (it wouldn't budge above 96.6), broke out with a fierce case of Rosacea (skin blistering & pealing in layers off my cheeks), was chronically fatigued and suffered from TMJ symptoms.

After reading the FLUORIDE information on EarthClinc and researching the chemical formulas of the many antidepressants that I had taken over the last 10 years, I had an epiphany...My problem was FLUORIDE!!! Incidentally, the' symptoms of FLUORIDE TOXICITY are the same as Fibromyalgia so it wasn't surprising to learn that FLUORIDE is the primary ingredient in MANY widely prescribed antidepressants, including PAXIL and PROZAC!!!

Without delay, I began adding 1/8 tsp of BORAX and 1/8 tsp of NATURAL (UN-bleached) SEA SALT to a liter of
DE-CLORINATED water. This regimine just happens to both neutralize the FLUORIDE and KILL the nasty mites that cause Rosacea.

I began drinking 1 liter per day for 5 days. On the 2 off days, I simply drank purified, bottled spring water.

The results were nothing short of MIRACULOUS, within two weeks my face cleared, the redness faded and best of all, my temperature normalized TO 98.6 and my energy level began to steadily increased. (Do expect the break out to get worse before it gets better as the mites die off.)

In just one month, without dieting or changing my daily routine (other than adding BORAX & SEA SALT to my drinking water), I dropped 4 pounds and I continue to drop weight at about a pound a week. I attribute this to my increased body temperature and elevated metabolism.

ALSO...when I eliminated the FLUORIDE in my toothpaste, my gums stopped swelling and bleeding and all PREVIOUS phantom tooth/jaw pain simply disappeared.

Thank you, EarthClinc and Ted...The information you shared has truely been a blessing in my life...I wholeheartedly encourage anyone that is suffering with FIBROMYALGIA, CHRONIC FATIGUE, TMJ or ROSACEA to try this simple remedy as I have had only POSITIVE results and absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!

Incidently, this BORAX & SEA SALT water is extremely ALKALINE with a pH between 8 - 9 pH.

EC: We must also express our extreme gratitude to Jason Uttley for the chronic fluoride poisoning link, detailed in his article, The Cause of Fibromyalgia.

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