Thrush Remedies

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Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Barbara (So. Florida, Usa) on 05/29/2013

I developed horrible oral thrush after 5 weeks on antibiotics for a chronic Staph aureus sinus infection of 34 years. I've had so many antibiotics over the years for this infection that my systemic Candida was now on overload. My heart rate was escalating and I felt like the thrush was taking over and I would probably die if it wasn't eliminated. The immediate source seemed to be Candida in my sinuses which was flowing down the back of my throat.

I was given Nystatin Oral Suspension in the ER but it has a ton of sugar and made me gag. I decided it was irrational to treat Candida with sugar so I had to look for something else. I would have called my doctor for an Rx of plain Nystatin powder to use as a mouthwash, but it was Memorial weekend.

Desperate, I read the testimonies on EC and decided to try Milk of Magnesia. I started with 2 tablespoons undiluted MoM and swished it in my mouth for a few minutes. I was amazed and overjoyed when the fungus began peeling off right away. I did this for two days but increased the time and diluted the MoM a bit. By evening of the 2nd day there was no more white mold bonded to my tongue or gums.

However, the night of the 1st day I realized I needed to attack the immediate source or the thrush would return. So I took the syringe that came with the Nystatin suspension, partially filled it with diluted MoM and shot it up my sinues. Then tilted my head backward and forward and upside down so it would move around. It did burn but was not unbearable. I then went to bed and the next morning felt much better. I did the same thing on night #2 and day #3 felt even better.

I realize I now need to destroy the Candida in my sinuses or I'll have another outbreak of thrush. Has anyone been able to totally eliminate Candida in the sinuses with MoM? If so, what is the procedure? I am also starting in earnest an anti-Candida program for my whole system which will take several months, but it's the only way to deal the problem.

Thanks so much for your testimonies and for this website. They have been an enormous blessing!

Salted Butter
Posted by Dave (California) on 11/23/2017

I am reporting a help aid for people that use Asthma inhalers!

I have asthma and must use Simbicort to control my problem. With Symbicort it controls my asthma but I was getting a bad cases of THRUSH in my mouth and my gums were receding and my teeth were starting to decay and turn black even though I used an extension and rinsed my mouth after every use the Thrush would continue off and on in my mouth! One day quite by accident, I got a little slice of salted butter and put it in my mouth because I like butter and I noticed that the thrush on my tongue started to form so I went and rinsed my mouth and my mouth was clear! And the thrush was almost instantly gone! So I googled "butter" and found that a lot of people have been cured of tooth decay with butter! So before I use my inhaler I coat my mouth with butter including my teeth (with my finger) and I no longer suffer from thrush! My black teeth almost turned white in a couple days and my gums stopped receding and my tooth decay is going away!

And the sore throat that you get with the inhalers is gone and my voice returned back to normal. I use salted butter but I don't know if the unsalted butter works?

I hope this helps others.

I told a nurse about this and he laughed and so I thought maybe it's not the butter that is helping me so I stopped using the butter for 4 days and all my ills returned! So now I continued using the butter. I hope this works for others as well!

Note: I do not overuse butter.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Deb (Laurel, Maryland) on 07/02/2013

I have to say that I am amazed. I have had oral thrush for weeks and even with the Nystatin prescribed by my dentist, it wasn't getting any better - in fact getting worse. I read this post (I am at the beach and I was so ticked off that I was having trouble eating anything) and decided to try the Milk of Magnesia. OMG - it really works!!! It has taken 2-3 days of doing it for 3 min about 4-5 times a day but it is almost gone!!!! Thanks!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Don (Michigan, Usa) on 11/28/2016

Adult white male USA.

I have had Candida and thrush all my life. As a child I lived on sugar, two tablespoons added to sugary cereal. As an adult I switched to booze, beer, flour and antibiotics.

For the past 30 years I have constantly had some form of thrush, from light to white sticky coating with cheek and gum sores. I tried every prescription and holistic swish and systemic I could find.

Recently I read about this simple combination and it worked within 6 days. It worked so fast I got my first real case of herx which turned into fibromyalgia-like symptoms across my shoulders and upper arms and plugged Eustachian tubes.

Here is what worked FOR ME. I will include the brand and amount I used simply because I had it on hand.

One large mug. 14-16oz.

One N*W Brand 500mg capsule Pau D' Arco Inner Bark

One N*W Brand 400mg capsule Echinacea Purpurea Root


1. Open capsules and add to empty mug

2. Sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

3. Add boiling water

4. Sip like you would any tea.Be sure to swirl the bottom grounds and swallow.

One mug every morning on a empty stomach while fixing breakfast of mixed beans.

I continued this for two weeks. I still have it occasionally just because I like the flavor.

To ease the herx I took one 500mg PLNT (Vit Sh*pp*) Olive Leaf twice a day for a week.

Most of the muscle aches have gone away but the plugged right ear is still a challenge.

No more headaches, brain fog or sticky stools.

I do not eat sugar or flour. Very little lean pork tenderloin or salmon. I don't like beef, chicken or eggs.

I eat tons of EVOO, beans, nuts, seeds, avocado, squash, and mixed green salads of every shape and size. Every Sunday we make 10qts of mixed beans then refrigerate in qt. canning jars for the week.

All rice makes me feel "sugary" so I buy cheap bulk sunflower seeds and grind about 1/2 cup and mix with beans at mealtime for complete protein.. The cutter cap on cheap Oster blenders fit on a canning jar so we grind sunflower seeds in a qt. jar then refrigerate with a plastic cap.

I eat small amounts of blueberries, apples and pineapple.

I will add that my go-to bean mix is one lb. each of Baby Lima, Great Northern, and Pinto soaked overnight then cooked in same water. When these have cooked about 1 1/2 hr. I add one lb. Lentils unsoaked and cook another 20 minutes. Turn off heat a let set a bit. Then jars.

I am not posting this as fuel for trolls that like to argue diets. It works for me and I hope it helps you.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by pro8688 (Vincentown, NJ) on 01/27/2009

After a heart attack in 2007, I came home from hospital and quickly developed a very painful oral thrush. Eventually I discovered the value of magnesium in heart disease. That led me to search for other benefits magnesium might cure. I found this Milk of Magnesia remedy for thrush on Earth Clinic. I used about a tablespoon of Milk of Magnesia mixed with the same amount of water so I can swish, gargle and spit.

It was nearly instant relief of the oral pain... and the thrush itself was gone in about a day. God bless the folks at Earth Clinic.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Jharry (Avon Park, Fl) on 05/14/2014

I had a stubborn case of thrush. I tried peroxide, genetian violet and when that didn't work I went to the doctor and was put on Fluconazole for 10 days and after I was out of the prescription I still had it or at least I think I did. My tongue was still white but I didnt have any other symptoms. I tried scraping the tongue and everything and still white. Started looking for other remedies and came across this page so I tried milk of magnesia and let me tell you that it worked almost instantly. my tongue is back to normal. WOW

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Row (Brooklyn, Ny) on 01/03/2012

After coming down with thrush from treatment for pnuemonia, my Dr prescribed Nystatin. 8 Days later, it was still holding on and getting worse. I took the advice here and gargled with Milk of Magnesia... Full strength, no diluting for about 3 minutes... The effect was instant. It pulled all the yeast from my tongue, gums and even lips with the first treatment and instantly my mouth was soothed. I've done 3 treatments and brushed with baking soda and I feel so much better.

Baking Soda
Posted by Gcybk (London) on 06/30/2015

I had chronic monthly recurring vaginal thrush for about 7 years and nothing helped getting rid of it permanently so I resigned my self to just living with it when I read about bicarb of soda and took half a teaspoon in a glass of water once or twice a day for 10 days and it has been gone ever since! I couldn't quite believe it at first but that was 2 years ago now so the result is solid!

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Kixxritxz (Mo) on 06/04/2022

I am so excited! About this milk of magnesia a friend told me to try it and It will get rid oral thrush she wasn't lying my thrush was so bad It was making me sick but this milk of magnesia does the job

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Shannon (Titusville, FL) on 11/12/2007

Thrush in newborns: Take a q-tip or cotton swab dip it in Milk of Magnesia and rub it around the babies mouth twice a day sure enough it will cure it just as fast as it came on. I have a one month old who got thrush and sure enough instantly it started working. Helped ease the discomfort and cleared it up with not problems!!!

Posted by Kirra (Aus) on 06/06/2016

Do your homework before you slag somebody's suggestion.

Urine is sterile and is only made up of water and the excess nutrients your body doesn't need at that time. The amount of health applications it has is extraordinary. And it does genuinely work. And it does so without the side effects of anything conventional medicine will throw at a problem.

I'm a registered nurse and an alternative wellness practitioner and teacher, I use it and I've had patients use it. It's probably one of the only remedies out there that you never hear a bad word about and you never hear that it did nothing. People are always pleasantly surprised... If a little reticent to share the news with their mates lol.

Dettol (Chloroxylenol)
Posted by Brittany (Arizona) on 08/03/2021

I had oral thrush for a while without realizing it. I had been wondering why my tongue was so white and furry looking for months. After I realized that it was thrush, I first tried brushing my tongue with peroxide for a few days and didn't notice too much of a difference. Then, I thought of when I had ringworm all over my entire body. I had used dettol to kill it quickly. I looked up online to see if I could find anyone who had used dettol for oral thrush. I saw a post where someone had asked if they could use it in their mouth and EVERYONE had responded saying no, fearing it would be swallowed. That did not stop me. I knew for a fact that Dettol is what I needed.

This is what I did every day for a week: Every morning and every night, I would brush my teeth by putting peroxide on my toothbrush. Then I would brush my tongue with peroxide. After that, I used the cap for the dettol bottle and put a small amount of dettol in the cap diluted by half with water (the ratio was 1:1). I poured it on my toothbrush and scrubbed my tongue vigorously for at least 30 seconds.

Doing the back of the tongue is the most difficult as dettol doesn't taste good. When I was finished with that step, I used the empty dettol cap again, and poured a small amount of tea tree oil in it diluted with water. The tea tree oil made up about 20% of the solution once diluted with water. I swished this solution in my mouth for 30 seconds and gargled for about 20 seconds with my tongue sticking out as far as I could, while gargling, so the solution could reach the back of my tongue. After a day, I noticed my tongue looking much better. After a week, it was completely cured.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil
Posted by Finally Found Relief (Missouri) on 05/27/2016

I developed oral thrush after taking Flonase for 6 weeks, and while using a night guard for teeth grinding. I think the combination of those two really did me in. I stopped using the Flonase, and my dentist prescribed 10 days of nystatin oral tablets, 3 times a day. Then, he prescribed 10 days of clotrimazole lozenges, which didn't work either. I finally decided to completely eliminate sugar--even trace amounts in mayonnaise! I was so fed up with it, I wasn't taking another chance that sugar would derail my efforts. But it was excruciatingly difficult because I have a major sweet tooth.

I visited my primary care doctor and she prescribed 3 days of diflucan 100mg tablets, one tablet per day, and combined with the no sugar diet--I still thought my gums weren't back to normal. I was so frustrated and depressed about it. I felt like I would have thrush forever! I had tried coconut oil pulling with 3 drops of clove oil mixed in, before the visit to my primary care doc, after the clotrimazole didn't work. That combination is recommended by Dr. Axe's website--a tablespoon of coconut oil with 2-3 drops of clove oil. I thought it made my gums angrier. Then, when I read another forum related to thrush resulting from asthma inhalers, someone said they had repeated bouts of thrush, and swore by coconut oil pulling. So, I tried the coconut oil by itself for 20 minutes twice a day. Immediately, I noticed relief, and a marked decrease in redness and irritation. I was so happy! I think the clove oil was irritating my gums.

I continued to "pull" with coconut oil twice a day for 20 minutes, morning and night for a little more than a week. I visited my dentist more than 6 weeks after I had initially suspected I had thrush--and he said I'm normal. I don't think he gave much credence to my belief in the coconut oil pulling, but I'm convinced it cured it! My primary care doc was positive my gums were just irritated from doing salt water rinses and rinsing with a mouthwash I found at the health food store, and the coconut oil pulling. I only started those after the clotrimazole troches didn't work! I didn't do anything for a week after that visit with her--while I was taking the diflucan--and they were red and angry the whole time. So, a few days after the diflucan was up, I went back to straight coconut oil pulling, and it worked!!!!!!!!!!

I had to write this here to help someone, because this was the most frustrating health experience I have ever had! Also, I changed my toothbrush out constantly while trying to get over this. At the end, while I was doing the coconut oil pulling--I changed it out every day. I hope this helps someone out there who is as frustrated as I was! The irony is that I found out from a food allergy test (my primary doc ordered blood work to rule out an underlying condition), that I'm allergic to tree nuts. But the pulling did wonders for my mouth! I also took probiotics, and ate unsweetened, plain yogurt with loads of ground cinnamon in it. I kind of abided by the diet outlined in "The Yeast Connection" by Dr. William Crook, too.

I've tried warning people I know not to take Flonase, or other steroid nasal inhalers, but no one seems to care. I even went to a Naturopath doc to find help for oral thrush, and he was as bad as a regular doctor. He didn't care. He didn't help me. I was scouring the Internet trying to come up with a solution for this horrid condition--desperate. I'm so grateful I'm finally back to normal. Thank God! Good luck out there!

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 05/14/2021

Dear Pat,

I will chime in because the original post is pretty old and I don't know if she will see your question.

I suspect she used the milk of magnesia swabbed inside her mouth and that she didn't really swallow it, except for incidental swallowing.

If that doesn't work, try calendula tincture. A dropperful in 1/4 cup of water swished in the mouth several times a day. It worked wonders for me.

~Mama to Many~

Coconut Oil
Posted by Serena (San Diego, Ca) on 05/23/2013

Better But With Side Effects

Coconut oil is an incredible remedy to cure thrush. BUT you have to use it in the wrong way. If you take too much, it can exacerbate your symptoms. Through much trial and error, I have learned the importance of GOING SLOW!! When I took a tablespoon, and even a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, my thrush got so bad I could barely swallow - my mouth got so incredibly dry. Coconut oil is SUCH a potent detoxifier/antifungal - if you already are having a problem with yeast, you must go slow! I started taking just 1/8 of a teaspoon of coconut oil for about a week (even that tiny amount initially caused detox reactions in me) and then all of a sudden the thrush that the coconut oil had in the past cleared right up!! GO SLOW AND START WITH TINY AMOUNTS WHEN IT COMES TO USING COCONUT OIL AS AN ANTIFUNGAL! Good luck!

Baking Soda
Posted by Judy (Meldrim, GA) on 03/07/2009

Baking soda quickly took care of a case of thrush my less-than-a-year-old son had. All it took was about one teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a small cup of water, swabbed inside baby's mouth 4 or 5 times a day with a Q-tip that i dipped into the mixture. It vanished in about 48 or fewer hours. It's been many years ago, but I think this is the amount of baking soda relative to water. I definitely remember that it worked very fast. This seems to be a simpler method than any of the others here.

The pediatrician (I've since learned to avoid such unnecessary licensed quacks :)) had recommended "a new drug" being used at the teaching hospital where she worked.

----Please be aware that teaching hospitals are notorious for using patients as guinea pigs: read the book, "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," to find out this and many other fascinating/horrifying facts about doctors. The physician who wrote it says to avoid doctors as much as you can!---- I called the local La Leche (breastfeeding support organization) to see if they knew something less toxic, and that is where the baking soda and water remedy came from.

Posted by Robert (Reading Pa) on 08/12/2020

This site is for ailments and cures not your personal opinions. If you don't have anything constructive to say keep your thoughts to yourself. It may be depriving someone or something that might be helpful.

Posted by Lily (Albany, NY) on 08/05/2008

Urine therapy is older than any other therapy listed on this page of remedies (look it up and see it's history). I second using this therapy as a safe and VERY viable alternative to OTC and prescription medications. Once you're over the stigma, you'll see it works. Narrow mind = sick.

Gentian Violet
Posted by Rob (Kentucky ) on 09/02/2022

Correspondence| Volume 361, ISSUE 9369, P1657, May 10,2003

During the five decades of my medical career, I have seen gentian violet used as an anthelmintic (enteric-coated tablets administered orally for entrobiasis), a local antibacterial and antifungal surface agent, a laboratory stain, a fungal inhibitor in culture media, and to improve visualisation of surface sutures, not to mention its use as a dye for labelling and marking.

Restrictions on the use of this chemical have now been imposed in the UK, Canada and Australia, based on reports of its mutagenic and carcinogenic effects in animals. However, after centuries of use, there is not a single report linking gentian violet to cancer in human beings. Furthermore, in the National Toxicology Program (NTP) Study on New Zealand white rabbits, no evidence of teratogenicity of gentian violet was recorded. That this cheap and effective antiseptic agent still retains its place in the US Pharmacopeia is reassuring.

Ishak Mansi has not only restated the benefits of a largely abandoned, though useful and inexpensive topical antiseptic, but also touched on the almost obsessive apprehensions of every practising clinician: what if even in doing their best for a patient, a much-advertised trial lawyer finds fault with their handling of the individual?

From the instant a doctor has first contact with a patient, to weeks, months, and years afterwards, he or she has to live in the shadow of an impending lawsuit.

This is not the art of medicine one dreamed of, or was trained for. In such a scenario, even the patient does not get treated in the best traditions of medicine; unnecessary investigations are ordered, and the most expensive medicines prescribed even for trivial ailments. This trend has sent the cost of medical care skyrocketing and has forced doctors into early retirement due to appalling costs of malpractice insurance.

By all accounts, medical practice is in need of a renaissance, the signs of which I do not see on the horizon.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Ella (Rocky Mtns, Ut, Usa) on 09/20/2011

I'd been using GV for mouth thrush and having little success. As soon as I swished around the MOM it immediately abated the swelling and the skin patches started falling off. Thank you so much for posting this!

Posted by Donna (Janesville, WI) on 06/27/2008

With all the other suggestions on here, I have no idea why you still allow this comment to be on here. Urine in the baby's mouth??? That is sick...

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/20/2015 403 posts

Still studying and cogitatin' on the yeast problem and I think I've found something.

I believe that someone here mentioned something about diatomaceous earth having the "side effect" of helping with their candida (was that here? Or somewhere else?).

There are three things about yeast that makes it a real bugger to kill. First, when attacked, it doesn't die but, rather, hibernates. It simply battens down the hatches and waits. Which brings us to the second bugger about it...

Yeast has "two" physiologies. So when it is deprived of oxygen that is used in one physiology, it can live quite happily on sugar and if there isn't any sugar, it can dig it out of other things. Hence, eliminating sugar from the diet eliminates the symptoms, but it doesn't eliminate the yeast. It doesn't die and it doesn't leave. It just sort of "sleeps" and it can do that, apparently, forever, on a tiny, maintenance amount of oxygen.

The third thing that makes it tough to deal with is that it has an exoskeleton. Yeast is actually a plant - it is cellulose based - but unlike your flowers, its cells are encased in and protect BY an exoskeleton. A hard shell which serves as its very own cave for when it's hibernating.

The "stuff" that one needs the baby shampoo for is actually what it uses to attach itself to the walls of the various pathways in which it hangs out and thrives, when it's not hibernating and getting plenty of sugar. Remember, it's not "dead" - it's not going to be picked up and carried off as waste that is floating around adrift, in your body.

SO, anyway, candida is rather like an immortal parasite with a Sherman tank for skin.

Here's my theory, which I'm going to test if I can get the darned thrush to reverse its reversal and come back, and how I'm going to test it.

A) Sweets. I want the yeast active and humming - in other words, I want it out of its cocoon and its doors open.

B) Diatomaceous earth to break it loose from whatever its welded itself to and, possibly, to work on the "open" bits and cut up the exoskeleton.

C) I'm assuming the exoskeleton protects it, so I'm not going to add anything to "kill" it, initially. But what I AM going to do is "clay water" to see if it will take out the garbage.

D) I haven't decided, whole-heartedly, but I may try diatomaceous earth in a neti pot, instead of baby shampoo, to break it loose from the sinus walls. Just in case I was right about it hiding in the sinuses but, first, I want to see what happens with the DE and clay. That way, if it works, I'll see if I can activate it again.

First, I'm going to have a Dr. Pepper and reawaken the last little bit I have left on my tongue and then, while it's got its doors open and is doing its thing, I'm going to work some DE paste around in my mouth and see if I can interrupt it.

BTW - this is why I stopped the urine therapy experiment. If I don't get stuff, I can't experiment because, for some reason, they have this law that says I can't experiment on other people, ROFL! So, it's either me or no more exploring and I'm a dyed in the wool explorer. Plus, urine probably wouldn't actually kill it anyway, though it would probably repair the overall system enough to keep it dormant, indefinitely, which, I suppose, is just as good but zero fun!

Black Seed Oil
Posted by Keru (Saudi Arabia) on 08/22/2014

Does Black Seed Oil have to be swished in the mouth, or just simply swallow it.Thank you.

Thrush in Infants
Posted by Charlotte (Woodbridge, Va) on 09/05/2013

My mother who lived between 1916 and 1999 was a young country girl from WV. Her father had died two weeks before she was born - thus she had never seen her father. This was to have given her the blessing of being able to cure thrush in babies by blowing in their mouth three times. Sounds hokey in this day and age. However, when I was a child I witnessed the many people who came with their babies who had swollen purple mouths from the gentian violet. And one woman who had 12 children had been there for every child. This was in the days before antibiotics and now you never hear of this. Just thought I would share.

Iodine, Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Probiotics
Posted by Mary (Crystal River, Florida) on 06/26/2013

Thrush: Low iodine in the body can cause yeast. I have hypothyroidism and didn't know that the thyroid regulates iodine in the body. I started eating dulse and kelp and used vinegar/water mix on vagina before I finally had the bloodwork done and it helped alot as the burning was untolerable, along with drinking apple cider vinegar, 2 tbls per cup of water with small pinch of baking soda and 2 tbls lemon. Also took good probiotics.

Himalayan Pink Salt
Posted by Amanda (Chicago, Illinois) on 04/27/2012

Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of HIMALAYAN PINK SALT 1 or more times a day under the tongue for thrush/white coated painful tongue/dry mouth. You should see a BIG difference in 1-2 days. Also, it may be helpful to take a rest from all other supplements (except acidophilus) for at least a few days while trying the salt treatment.

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Michale (New York) on 03/16/2012

I ate 1 teaspoon of Bentonite Clay (diluted in a glass of water) the first day, then 1 tablespoon and brushed my teeth with it 3-4 times a day - horrible dry mouth and thrush gone! After just 2 days!

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