Thrush Remedies

| Modified on Feb 15, 2023
Cranberry Juice
Posted by Michelin (Georgia) on 10/10/2022

Cure for Oral Thrush (Yeast)! Unsweetened Organic Cranberry juice.

The organic cranberry extract supplements did not work for yeast, even when I dissolved them in my mouth before swallowing. I just drank about 4 oz a day and it was gone in like 2 days. Like a Miracle!

Gentian Violet
Posted by Rob (Kentucky ) on 09/02/2022

Correspondence| Volume 361, ISSUE 9369, P1657, May 10,2003

During the five decades of my medical career, I have seen gentian violet used as an anthelmintic (enteric-coated tablets administered orally for entrobiasis), a local antibacterial and antifungal surface agent, a laboratory stain, a fungal inhibitor in culture media, and to improve visualisation of surface sutures, not to mention its use as a dye for labelling and marking.

Restrictions on the use of this chemical have now been imposed in the UK, Canada and Australia, based on reports of its mutagenic and carcinogenic effects in animals. However, after centuries of use, there is not a single report linking gentian violet to cancer in human beings. Furthermore, in the National Toxicology Program (NTP) Study on New Zealand white rabbits, no evidence of teratogenicity of gentian violet was recorded. That this cheap and effective antiseptic agent still retains its place in the US Pharmacopeia is reassuring.

Ishak Mansi has not only restated the benefits of a largely abandoned, though useful and inexpensive topical antiseptic, but also touched on the almost obsessive apprehensions of every practising clinician: what if even in doing their best for a patient, a much-advertised trial lawyer finds fault with their handling of the individual?

From the instant a doctor has first contact with a patient, to weeks, months, and years afterwards, he or she has to live in the shadow of an impending lawsuit.

This is not the art of medicine one dreamed of, or was trained for. In such a scenario, even the patient does not get treated in the best traditions of medicine; unnecessary investigations are ordered, and the most expensive medicines prescribed even for trivial ailments. This trend has sent the cost of medical care skyrocketing and has forced doctors into early retirement due to appalling costs of malpractice insurance.

By all accounts, medical practice is in need of a renaissance, the signs of which I do not see on the horizon.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Kixxritxz (Mo) on 06/04/2022

I am so excited! About this milk of magnesia a friend told me to try it and It will get rid oral thrush she wasn't lying my thrush was so bad It was making me sick but this milk of magnesia does the job

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Kixxritxz (Mo) on 06/04/2022

It works.

Posted by Michael (Easley, S.C.) on 03/31/2022

I agree with Robert. Your own urine can heal.

Dettol (Chloroxylenol)
Posted by Brittany (Arizona) on 08/03/2021

I had oral thrush for a while without realizing it. I had been wondering why my tongue was so white and furry looking for months. After I realized that it was thrush, I first tried brushing my tongue with peroxide for a few days and didn't notice too much of a difference. Then, I thought of when I had ringworm all over my entire body. I had used dettol to kill it quickly. I looked up online to see if I could find anyone who had used dettol for oral thrush. I saw a post where someone had asked if they could use it in their mouth and EVERYONE had responded saying no, fearing it would be swallowed. That did not stop me. I knew for a fact that Dettol is what I needed.

This is what I did every day for a week: Every morning and every night, I would brush my teeth by putting peroxide on my toothbrush. Then I would brush my tongue with peroxide. After that, I used the cap for the dettol bottle and put a small amount of dettol in the cap diluted by half with water (the ratio was 1:1). I poured it on my toothbrush and scrubbed my tongue vigorously for at least 30 seconds.

Doing the back of the tongue is the most difficult as dettol doesn't taste good. When I was finished with that step, I used the empty dettol cap again, and poured a small amount of tea tree oil in it diluted with water. The tea tree oil made up about 20% of the solution once diluted with water. I swished this solution in my mouth for 30 seconds and gargled for about 20 seconds with my tongue sticking out as far as I could, while gargling, so the solution could reach the back of my tongue. After a day, I noticed my tongue looking much better. After a week, it was completely cured.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 05/14/2021

Dear Pat,

I will chime in because the original post is pretty old and I don't know if she will see your question.

I suspect she used the milk of magnesia swabbed inside her mouth and that she didn't really swallow it, except for incidental swallowing.

If that doesn't work, try calendula tincture. A dropperful in 1/4 cup of water swished in the mouth several times a day. It worked wonders for me.

~Mama to Many~

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Pat (NC) on 05/13/2021

How much milk of magnesia did you take? And how often? Thanks!

Fresh Cranberries
Posted by Don (Michigan, USA) on 11/22/2019

If you indeed have oral thrush and at your wits end treating it, give this a shot. Buy a one pound wt. usa package of fresh whole raw cranberries. Wash/drain using plain water. Eat about 1/4 to 1 cup slowly letting it rest in your mouth a bit, 1-3 times a day. Store in fridge.They are so sour it would seem they have to be doing something good. Fresh cranberries are known for balancing blood sugar. I had this thought but have never tried it during active oral thrush. I do munch on fresh cranberries and my mouth feels so fresh and clean afterward. I'd be interested to see if they have a positive effect on active oral thrush. To clarify, I am not talking about cranberry juice. I am talking about Fresh Whole Cranberries. If you are a food whiner and have to have everything you eat taste like a bowl of sugar then you may as well pass on this. Note: I buy fresh USA cranberries on sale average 79 cents/ lb bag, wash/drain and put in slider bags in freezer to enjoy all year. Twenty pounds last me till they are in season again. Thank you.

Posted by Robert (Reading Pa) on 08/12/2020

This site is for ailments and cures not your personal opinions. If you don't have anything constructive to say keep your thoughts to yourself. It may be depriving someone or something that might be helpful.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lilli (Wa) on 11/02/2018

Oral Thrush (Candida) My symptoms: sore throat (which was really white patches on the back of my throat that turned into red sores) and a thickly coated tongue. Thrush can be several colors: white, yellowish, brownish, orange.

After going to 2 MDs (worthless) and a specialist (even more worthless) I was left to figure out treatment on my own. Thank Heaven for Earth Clinic.

Here's what worked for me:

1. NO sugar. The problem exists in the gut, so treating the mouth alone will not work. Candida thrives on sugar.

2. Probiotic: use a good quality REFRIGERATED probiotic. Buy one that is enteric coated (sealed) so it opens in the lower intestine where it will do the most good.

3. Drink LOTS of filtered water.

4. Treat the tongue. I alternated hourly the following: a mixture of baking soda and sea salt on the tongue and rub it in, swish then spit, swishing with vegetable glycerin (spit out), swishing with whole leaf aloe juice (then drinking it as directed), oil pulling with organic coconut oil (swallow or spit), dentist gave me an Rx for Nystatin (not sure how effective this would be alone). I also found that having an apple before bedtime soothed both my throat and stomach. Chew a piece of apple then let the bits rest on your tongue before swallowing.

5. Plain, organic, probiotic yogurt. This is my breakfast. I also left some on my tongue for several minutes before swallowing.

6. Yeast supplements. Contacted my herbalist for a good quality yeast supplement.

7. Do not use a toothbrush on your tongue. It is too harsh. I bought a tongue scraper that has a wide, soft brush that works great. Use the tongue scraper a few times a day and especially after brushing your teeth at night. I disinfect both brushes by tossing them in a jar of alcohol.

8. Get plenty of rest. Infections deplete your body.

9. I have GERD which I think contributed to the thrush. DO NOT USE OTC antacids!! They make your system too alkaline. Ask your naturopath/herbalist about gentiana/scutellaria capsules to aid digestion. Use as directed at meal times and before bed.

10. Be patient. I've been dealing with this for nearly two months and am finally seeing change. But if the infection persists make sure that there are no underlying causes such as diabetes or auto immune issues.

(I have also ordered gentian violet tincture. There are numerous articles on using this product as a swab directly on the tongue in babies. I will update after use)

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil
Posted by Tracie (California) on 01/24/2018

Thank you for your post. I've been going thru same thing for 5 months I'm like help, my gums red or raw, thanks so much docs think it's my brushing or something else I had surgery I had it in my esophagus was in diflucan 21 days it helped the burning in my esophagus but my mouth never stopped, hope this helps.

Salted Butter
Posted by Dave (California) on 11/23/2017

I am reporting a help aid for people that use Asthma inhalers!

I have asthma and must use Simbicort to control my problem. With Symbicort it controls my asthma but I was getting a bad cases of THRUSH in my mouth and my gums were receding and my teeth were starting to decay and turn black even though I used an extension and rinsed my mouth after every use the Thrush would continue off and on in my mouth! One day quite by accident, I got a little slice of salted butter and put it in my mouth because I like butter and I noticed that the thrush on my tongue started to form so I went and rinsed my mouth and my mouth was clear! And the thrush was almost instantly gone! So I googled "butter" and found that a lot of people have been cured of tooth decay with butter! So before I use my inhaler I coat my mouth with butter including my teeth (with my finger) and I no longer suffer from thrush! My black teeth almost turned white in a couple days and my gums stopped receding and my tooth decay is going away!

And the sore throat that you get with the inhalers is gone and my voice returned back to normal. I use salted butter but I don't know if the unsalted butter works?

I hope this helps others.

I told a nurse about this and he laughed and so I thought maybe it's not the butter that is helping me so I stopped using the butter for 4 days and all my ills returned! So now I continued using the butter. I hope this works for others as well!

Note: I do not overuse butter.

Baking Soda
Posted by Cheryl (Pa, Usa) on 07/19/2017

If baby is nursing, it's important that mom treat herself and clean breasts before and after.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Karen (Michigan) on 02/03/2017

We are taking GSE to improve immune system. It sure clears up constipation quick. I once read a man comment if he could take one thing onto a deserted island, what would it be. He said Grapefruit Seed Extract. It kills bacteria, fungus, and viral and is a great disinfectant.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Karen (Michigan) on 02/03/2017

You can buy a Grapefruit Seed Extract nasal spray that works wonders on sinus issues. I highly recommend you try this.

General Feedback
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 01/15/2017


Ice cream isn't the only thing that causes a sinus infection. I found that spinach-artichoke dip does it for me. Last year on Superbowl Sunday I made some and boy, was I sick!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Don (Michigan, Usa) on 11/28/2016

Adult white male USA.

I have had Candida and thrush all my life. As a child I lived on sugar, two tablespoons added to sugary cereal. As an adult I switched to booze, beer, flour and antibiotics.

For the past 30 years I have constantly had some form of thrush, from light to white sticky coating with cheek and gum sores. I tried every prescription and holistic swish and systemic I could find.

Recently I read about this simple combination and it worked within 6 days. It worked so fast I got my first real case of herx which turned into fibromyalgia-like symptoms across my shoulders and upper arms and plugged Eustachian tubes.

Here is what worked FOR ME. I will include the brand and amount I used simply because I had it on hand.

One large mug. 14-16oz.

One N*W Brand 500mg capsule Pau D' Arco Inner Bark

One N*W Brand 400mg capsule Echinacea Purpurea Root


1. Open capsules and add to empty mug

2. Sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

3. Add boiling water

4. Sip like you would any tea.Be sure to swirl the bottom grounds and swallow.

One mug every morning on a empty stomach while fixing breakfast of mixed beans.

I continued this for two weeks. I still have it occasionally just because I like the flavor.

To ease the herx I took one 500mg PLNT (Vit Sh*pp*) Olive Leaf twice a day for a week.

Most of the muscle aches have gone away but the plugged right ear is still a challenge.

No more headaches, brain fog or sticky stools.

I do not eat sugar or flour. Very little lean pork tenderloin or salmon. I don't like beef, chicken or eggs.

I eat tons of EVOO, beans, nuts, seeds, avocado, squash, and mixed green salads of every shape and size. Every Sunday we make 10qts of mixed beans then refrigerate in qt. canning jars for the week.

All rice makes me feel "sugary" so I buy cheap bulk sunflower seeds and grind about 1/2 cup and mix with beans at mealtime for complete protein.. The cutter cap on cheap Oster blenders fit on a canning jar so we grind sunflower seeds in a qt. jar then refrigerate with a plastic cap.

I eat small amounts of blueberries, apples and pineapple.

I will add that my go-to bean mix is one lb. each of Baby Lima, Great Northern, and Pinto soaked overnight then cooked in same water. When these have cooked about 1 1/2 hr. I add one lb. Lentils unsoaked and cook another 20 minutes. Turn off heat a let set a bit. Then jars.

I am not posting this as fuel for trolls that like to argue diets. It works for me and I hope it helps you.

Posted by Kirra (Aus) on 06/06/2016

Do your homework before you slag somebody's suggestion.

Urine is sterile and is only made up of water and the excess nutrients your body doesn't need at that time. The amount of health applications it has is extraordinary. And it does genuinely work. And it does so without the side effects of anything conventional medicine will throw at a problem.

I'm a registered nurse and an alternative wellness practitioner and teacher, I use it and I've had patients use it. It's probably one of the only remedies out there that you never hear a bad word about and you never hear that it did nothing. People are always pleasantly surprised... If a little reticent to share the news with their mates lol.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil
Posted by Finally Found Relief (Missouri) on 05/27/2016

I developed oral thrush after taking Flonase for 6 weeks, and while using a night guard for teeth grinding. I think the combination of those two really did me in. I stopped using the Flonase, and my dentist prescribed 10 days of nystatin oral tablets, 3 times a day. Then, he prescribed 10 days of clotrimazole lozenges, which didn't work either. I finally decided to completely eliminate sugar--even trace amounts in mayonnaise! I was so fed up with it, I wasn't taking another chance that sugar would derail my efforts. But it was excruciatingly difficult because I have a major sweet tooth.

I visited my primary care doctor and she prescribed 3 days of diflucan 100mg tablets, one tablet per day, and combined with the no sugar diet--I still thought my gums weren't back to normal. I was so frustrated and depressed about it. I felt like I would have thrush forever! I had tried coconut oil pulling with 3 drops of clove oil mixed in, before the visit to my primary care doc, after the clotrimazole didn't work. That combination is recommended by Dr. Axe's website--a tablespoon of coconut oil with 2-3 drops of clove oil. I thought it made my gums angrier. Then, when I read another forum related to thrush resulting from asthma inhalers, someone said they had repeated bouts of thrush, and swore by coconut oil pulling. So, I tried the coconut oil by itself for 20 minutes twice a day. Immediately, I noticed relief, and a marked decrease in redness and irritation. I was so happy! I think the clove oil was irritating my gums.

I continued to "pull" with coconut oil twice a day for 20 minutes, morning and night for a little more than a week. I visited my dentist more than 6 weeks after I had initially suspected I had thrush--and he said I'm normal. I don't think he gave much credence to my belief in the coconut oil pulling, but I'm convinced it cured it! My primary care doc was positive my gums were just irritated from doing salt water rinses and rinsing with a mouthwash I found at the health food store, and the coconut oil pulling. I only started those after the clotrimazole troches didn't work! I didn't do anything for a week after that visit with her--while I was taking the diflucan--and they were red and angry the whole time. So, a few days after the diflucan was up, I went back to straight coconut oil pulling, and it worked!!!!!!!!!!

I had to write this here to help someone, because this was the most frustrating health experience I have ever had! Also, I changed my toothbrush out constantly while trying to get over this. At the end, while I was doing the coconut oil pulling--I changed it out every day. I hope this helps someone out there who is as frustrated as I was! The irony is that I found out from a food allergy test (my primary doc ordered blood work to rule out an underlying condition), that I'm allergic to tree nuts. But the pulling did wonders for my mouth! I also took probiotics, and ate unsweetened, plain yogurt with loads of ground cinnamon in it. I kind of abided by the diet outlined in "The Yeast Connection" by Dr. William Crook, too.

I've tried warning people I know not to take Flonase, or other steroid nasal inhalers, but no one seems to care. I even went to a Naturopath doc to find help for oral thrush, and he was as bad as a regular doctor. He didn't care. He didn't help me. I was scouring the Internet trying to come up with a solution for this horrid condition--desperate. I'm so grateful I'm finally back to normal. Thank God! Good luck out there!

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 04/09/2016 403 posts

Thrush again! Dehydrated again! Sinus again! Post nasal drip again!

I think the combination that set it off was the dehydration + ICE CREAM - resulting in the sinus stuffiness and postnasal drip, dropping candida down the throat and onto the back of the tongue.

Two days ago I used a combination of a tablespoon of Milk of Magnesia, a splash of water and about a teaspoon of diatomaceous earth. Mixed, gargled, swished a while, spit it out but didn't rinse. After about 15 minutes, I rinsed and wiped my tongue with a paper towel and it was mostly gone.

Haven't done anything since and am letting it come back to see if I can eliminate it with some kind of sinus flush. Haven't decided what I'm going to use yet...but it WILL NOT be Milk of Magnesia, so don't try it based on the gargling results. At least, not because of anything I've said. Dry sinuses are NEVER a good idea.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robin (Missouri) on 09/13/2015

I've had thrush for over a year. When it first started, I got a rinse. Helped for a minute and kept coming back. I'm thinking by now it's in my sinus cavity. Drs are telling me that it's burning mouth syndrome. My mouth does burn all the time. I'm at my wits end. When it flares up I can't sleep. I'm up for 3 days and it makes my anxiety levels go through the roof. So I'm gonna start trying the mil of mag remedy. I'm desperate. If anyone could help, I would be so grateful. Thanks

Posted by Donna (Janesville Wi 53546) on 08/07/2015

For thrush or a white coating on the tongue:

Go to a Natural Food store and buy ground Fennel seed (Much cheaper than a grocery store).

My daughter use to get thrush all the time as a baby; a Dr. recommended this:

*Use 1 tbs of ground fennel in a coffee maker.
*Use one cup of water.

*Put it in a bottle warm or cold doesn't matter.

Should clear the babies tongue in a couple of days. I used this the entire time my daughter was drinking formula.

Baking Soda
Posted by Gcybk (London) on 06/30/2015

I had chronic monthly recurring vaginal thrush for about 7 years and nothing helped getting rid of it permanently so I resigned my self to just living with it when I read about bicarb of soda and took half a teaspoon in a glass of water once or twice a day for 10 days and it has been gone ever since! I couldn't quite believe it at first but that was 2 years ago now so the result is solid!

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Morgan (Arizona) on 06/07/2015

Can you give me more details on the 1 tablespoon, is that diluted in water, also were you brushing your teeth with it the two days you drank the water or did the 3-4 days begin after you drank the water? Thank you

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 06/05/2015 403 posts

Regarding the "chemical factory" - for instance, perhaps "lead poisoning" is actually an example of ingested nitrous dioxide, as lead would be easily broken up by a "manufacturing" plant as powerful as the body, which would send nitrous dioxide into the system, creating systemic symptoms that would be very different than the respiratory symptoms that result from inhalation - symptoms that have never been checked because exposure is assumed to occur from airborne NO2.

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 06/05/2015 403 posts

Hiya Robert Henry!

I agree about sleep. I don't sleep a lot, but sometimes when I get up after 4 or 5 hours, and feel "yucky", I always assume the body isn't done doing whatever it was doing and just needed an emptying of the bladder to continue.

When that happens, I go back to bed, it finishes whatever it's doing, I get up 20 minutes - or even as much as 4 or 5 hours - later and feel quite refreshed but if I don't go back to bed, I feel "yucky" all day.

I feel that the body knows what it's doing and that, with proper hydration and sleeping in this manner, it can handle anything it encounters, from toxins to bacteria to poor nutrition.

The body is a veritable chemical factory and MAY even perform "cold fusion" in its dis-assembly and reassembly of nutrients! Which is very exciting to think about as it's possible that it can actually manufacture things like proteins from pure minerals! Like recycling on steroids!

Assuming we don't interfere with and try to control its processes...

General Feedback
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 06/03/2015

HI U CINDY, , , , , , , , , you have a good post here and I agree, most folks don't drink near nuff water, including myself.

My Rife Machine instructions say you have to drink lots of water to detox pathogens that the machine kills. That goes for just normal natural every day detoxing also.

What lots of folks don't appreciate is that the 12 hours they don't eat at night is really a short fast and that is when your body gets rid of its garbage. Also, that's the reason they tell you not to pH test your first urine. Do the second tinkle. Got a little off message, but hydrating is vital to good health and detoxing as you say.

I once discussed this with my family MD and he was not interested. His reply was , "I can't even get them to take their prescriptions". Wow, maybe that was good. I no longer see this MD, I see his nurse practitioner instead, and feel a lot more comfortable.

Cindy, using this post to tell all that I am back in the Ozone business as I found a firm to fill my medical oxygen tank. Glory.


General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 06/03/2015 403 posts

I forgot to mention why I posted from the "ice cream/sinus infection" page -

I suspect that "stubborn" sinus infections and sinus problems that are aggravated by things like ice cream are fungal infections - I.e. yeast - rather than bacterial. Which is what got me thinking along these lines.

Anyway, I suspect that re-hydration COULD eliminate yeast. Not KILL it, but eliminate it, no fuss, no "die off". Just a properly irrigated and self-flushing organism. Which could explain why re-hydration does such wonders for things like "chronic fatigue".

Anyway, I wanted to recommend the Dr. Batman's books on "the water cure". Not for any illness in particular, but for general health. I think everyone should read "The Body's Many Cries for Water" and have that information in their head, always. Regardless of the symptoms or problems, hydration should be the #1 priority. The easiest way is to calculate the amount of water (half your weight in ounces, per day) and put it in a gallon container, every morning AND add to it, ounce for ounce, more water equivalent to every cup of coffee, soda pop etc. that you drink throughout the day. And, of course, get some proper sea salt.

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 06/03/2015 403 posts

I've been looking at the yeast/candida problem and am considering several points.

1) The yeast and it's "stickiness" - i.e. the way it plants itself to ride out attacks.

2) The candida/sinus connection.

3) The post nasal drip that preceded a recent bout with thrush.

4) AND - last but not least, something I'd totally forgotten - dehydration and its connection to sinus problems which, in my case, during an extended and chronic state of dehydration, manifested in constant post nasal drip.

I'd suffered post nasal drip for years - all through which I was chronically dehydrated (as are most people) and when I re-hydrated (which took over two years) several things happened, one of which was that the post nasal drip cleared up very early.

I am currently dehydrated, again. Not as bad as or as long as I was before, but definitely. I have been busy and not been paying attention and not drinking enough water to make up for the amounts of coffee I've been comsuming. I've been drinking far more water than I was with the previous instance in which the amount of plain water I drank was practically zero, but not enough. Not even close.

So, sinus (mucous membrane) "activity", during dehydration, is quite specific. It provides a protective layer over the "open door" of the membranes when they're dry and not able to flush themselves, naturally and THAT provides a perfect home and breeding ground for all kinds of things - including YEAST.

Histamine (as in allergies) is the body's primary defense against dehydration, as it directs the water traffic - rationing here and sending extra rations there.

Also, while antibiotics kill good AND bad bacteria, so do anti-histamines interfere with the rationing of water which is almost certainly creating conditions in which it can easily attach itself to sticky parts that aren't getting the water they need and avoid being flushed out.

The point is that, prior to this bout of thrush, my "go-to remedy" for post nasal drip was hydration - and it worked, every single time.

With this thrush (which is back but not as bad), I was focused elsewhere but it stands to reason that properly hydrated mucous membranes would not allow the yeast to plant itself, as they are constantly being flushed, when they are properly hydrated. Which is their job - to protect the body from contaminants by constantly moving the goal posts (constantly flushing and irrigating themselves when properly hydrated) when it comes to the bad guys taking up residence.

And, this would explain the tremendous effects and efficacy of rehydration in a chronically dehydrated individual.

It is possible that anti-histamines not only interrupt the body's defense against dehydration, but also prevents recolonization of GOOD flora which, given the nature of a properly hydrated body, almost CERTAINLY requires proper hydration to survive and maintain its own population which would account for the ease with which the BAD guys are able to "take over".

In other words, it is entirely possible that the actual NEED for antibiotics is created BY dehydration creating a hostile environment for GOOD flora and a thriving environment for BAD flora - which would be accelerated and enhanced by the use of anti-histamines which disable the "water cop" histamine that is trying to protect the body from the perils associated with chronic dehydration.

If there is no "traffic cop" for water in a dehydrated environment, well, you can imagine the HOST of problems that could manifest in such a body because its #1 priority would be the brain which would put strain on the heart that is dealing with low blood volume and then, of course, there would be the other vital organs which would certainly suffer should the traffic manager that is trying to keep them going by redirecting water from less vital areas be incapacitated with anti-histamines.

Anyway, just some thoughts...

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/23/2015 403 posts


Had some TURMERIC and CAYENNE powder left over after a thrush experiment so I put about 1/4 teaspoon in a half cup of hot water with a couple of dashes of sea salt and 2 drops of peppermint oil, shook it up, and rinsed my mouth out. It was AWESOME!

The turmeric and cayenne was approximately 2 tsp of turmeric and the contents of a cayenne capsule which would be, what? I guess about 1/4 tsp or so. Didn't measure the salt - just shook a little in there and voila! Mouthwash!

DON'T TRY IT WITH DENTURES - I have no idea what it would do to dentures. Turmeric is excellent for a periodic brushing of your teeth and will even whiten them but dentures are some kind of plastic resin and turmeric is an excellent dye and some plastics WILL take dye so I wouldn't even try it. In fact, I'd move my dentures far, far away, like to a whole other room! LOL

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/22/2015 403 posts

Still have some infection in the extractions site, but, DUH! Why not kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

SO I have packed around all of my gums with DE and clay paste. Thicker than the other, otherwise it would just run off the gums, so, we'll see what happens.

Sort of got the thrush coming back, I think. It seems thicker because it was so smooth yesterday morning, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it didn't abate any, so we'll see what the addition of clay does.

Took a look-see at the "cement" it uses to attach itself to stuff but haven't had time to really check it out, except to discover that it is direction connecting the individual cells and carries RNA and DNA.

OK, 15 minutes with a mouth full of DE and clay. It appears it is raising up - as if to peel off - but I didn't check for that before I started, so that might be why it seemed thicker.

Anyway, another mouthful and instead of just letting it sit on there, I'm sort of "oil pulling" it around my mouth. I'd actually heard that the "oil pulling" action also works with plain water but, I don't know. I can actually sort of feel a couple of "teeth", which is crazy since they're all gone...interesting. Sort of like an open "cavity" type toothache. Hmm.

Yep, it's definitely starting to peel off and it's tough, too. I thought it was little pieces of clay that didn't get mixed in and expected it to squish and come apart but it was more like tiny pieces of skin. Green skin, LOL, I'd had a lime popsicle this afternoon while the dogs took care of their business. The weather is just beautiful.

I'm going to give it a few minutes rest. That was another 15 minutes.

Now I'm wondering about that thickening, as I didn't check to see if it was coming loose. It just looked thicker. I'm pretty sure it was thicker because it was so smooth, yesterday, when I didn't do anything except deal with the infection, so I'm wondering if the turmeric and cayenne might have started the loosening up of it.

Shoot. Not a very controlled experiment but the pulling action is definitely loosening it up so I'm going to give it a few more rounds and cut back on the time a little bit, like 5 or 10 minutes, one after another. (20:46)


So that's it. It's nearly gone. Whether it was the DE, the clay, the turmeric, the cayenne or the lime popsicle, I have no idea.

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/21/2015 403 posts

I have a little bit of infection at an extraction site so I'm going to have to fix that, which might finish off the yeast...I don't know.

Anyway, didn't notice any buzzing in in my head today. My ear still feels "breezy" and there hasn't been any more fluid.

Tongue feels good and is smoother. The discoloration is the same as it was earlier. I even some ice cream, but it doesn't seem to be having much effect.

I'm going to go soak a gauze pad in some turmeric and cayenne solution and stick it between my cheek and gum at the extraction site.

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/21/2015 403 posts

Actually, it's the third and fourth "replies" that are reversed, in terms of "order". Anyway...

It occurs to me that doing this requires my attention - I.e. working and eating and drinking ice water and coffee etc., defeats the purpose of not "shocking" the little guys into slamming the door and cementing themselves into place to wait out "the storm". So I will resume this later in the day when I can give it the proper attention, at which time I'm going to add some clay to my DE paste and see what happens. I could probably clear up my mouth with just the DE, but then I wouldn't have anything to experiment on, so...not tending to it during the day should arrest any further improvement and may even increase it a bit so I can start fresh, with a little clay added.

The point with adding the clay will be to see if there is anything it can get a hold on.

I actually had two stripes and another small patch cleared when I woke up approx 7 hours ago. Now, it appears infected areas to the sides of the stripe down the middle are moving toward one another, as if to turn the single line of the stripe into two. However, the clear spot on the side appears a little larger - but that might be my imagination. If I remember, I will map and measure the clear areas before I begin again, this evening. Then I can scan it and put it online somewhere. Or...perhaps I'll take some photos...THAT should be pretty!

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/21/2015 403 posts

It's morning and I just noticed that these posts are out of order, so the third in the replies is actually the second so the strip in the second is explained in the third.

Some more clearing happened overnight and the big bumps on the back of my tongue are smaller. I can't actually see them, but I can feel them.

No swelling. The gunk didn't thicken and is still much less thick, even in the spots I still had when I started.

Apparently, yeast doesn't stick together in chains, but rather in clumps, or colonies which may also explain how the DE works, as even if it can't penetrate the shell, it would certainly cut up whatever holds them together and I'm wondering if that "Sticking together" is essential. In other words, I'm wondering if a colony is an entity in and of itself. With all parts connected to one another and exchanges taking place between them through whatever it is that cements them together. I'm going to call it grout.

Anyway, I'm going to continue with the DE (adding ingestion) but no clay and see if I can get some sort of "die off" symptoms.

I'm thinking that if I don't experience any sort of "die off", that might be a sign that they're merely retreating to regroup. I'm also assuming that what is being cleared off the tongue is just coming loose and being swallowed with saliva. Hence, the addition of ingesting it.

The amount on the tongue may just not be enough to create symptoms.

I'm wondering about it's natural place in the gut - assuming this IS the natural yeast of the gut, which it may very well NOT be because DE is awesome for gut-type problems. So, if it DOES kill them, one shouldn't feel so much better.

What if Candida yeast takes over the gut, eliminating natural, less aggressive yeasts.

The reason I say that, is because IF it is natural, it has a straight shot at the gut. From the mouth, from the sinuses etc. If it's a part of the guts natural flora, why doesn't it simply go there?

I'm not buying the "overgrowth" theory. I suspect Candida yeast is a parasite that displaces naturally occurring species. For one thing, it's huge, cell-wise. About the same size and variation in size AS diatomaceous earth particles. Which is pretty big, biologically speaking. Plus, if it's naturally occurring, how does one person infect another with "overgrowth"? Yeast infections in women are easily ping-ponged back and forth between them and their mates. So, no. I'm not buying that. DE is excellent for constipation and cleaning the walls of the intestines and could easily eliminate something the size of Candida yeast, even IF it doesn't cut up its shell. Plus, yeast is everywhere. Everyone is exposed to it. So why doesn't everyone "catch" this "overgrowth"? Junk food and sweet tea aren't the only sources of "sugar", as anyone on the candida diet can attest. Yeast, just like your body, is a chemical factory. If it needs sugar, with the help of its little enzymes, it could probably manufacture it out of thin air.

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/20/2015 403 posts


Made a thin paste, took a scant ice tea spoon of it in my mouth and squished it around. Instant liquification of the rapidly thickening mucous and soon had enough mouth water to gargle a little bit.

Altogether, squished it all around for about 20 seconds, gargled, spit, rinsed. Still covered with what I'm assuming was the DE, so sort of washed my tongue off with my hand.

The progression up my tongue stopped, almost instantly. I used body temperature water, so as not to shock the little buggers back into slamming the doors and going back into hibernation with either hot or cold water. So, I'm confident I caught them off guard.

I used a paper towel to wipe off my tongue as the DE was all down between the buds and I couldn't see. Then I thought that since they're down in there so good, why not paint on some more and leave it. That way it can continue cutting up the exoskeleton as I swallow and talk and generally squish it around, naturally.

Looked again, and most of the DE was gone and I could see the clear patches, larger now. Less than 5 minutes in.

Rinsed and tried to get more of the thrush gunk off with a toothbrush and paper towel and it's definitely loosening up.

Also, a little sensation in one of the extraction sites, so there must be some candida buggers in there.

I spread some onto my gums, all the way around and all over the extraction sites, just in case.

Mouth is a little dry, but not nearly as bad as with the Milk of Magnesia. That was awful.

Seems to be an effect further up the sinus tract, as the mucous of the post nasal drip is just about gone. (19:25)

I gotta wonder where that DE went. One minute it was all over my tongue and wouldn't wash off and the next it was just gone. And it's gone again.

Have a little pressure above the eyes, right on my eyebrows. Like the beginnings of a sinus headache, only higher. And a little tingle? tickle? in my ears. AND a little bit of noise - not ringing exactly...more like a high-pitched...buzzing? Buzz/squeal/ringing? Not unpleasant, just sort of like when you hear yourself talk when your ears are plugged up, but a much higher pitch. And the pitch is going down/slowing. Sort of like night-time, outdoors, with crickets and things chirping. Lots and lots and LOTS of crickets. It's like waves - no longer as high-pitched, but with sort of waves of volume and intensity.

Pressure in the head is gone. DE gone again, clear spots showing, reapplied. (20:00)

I had a big clear patch in the front center and a big clear patch in the back center and they appear to be coming together to make a big clear stripe. Right down the center.

I did NOT add any clay to the paste so we'll see if we experience any die-off.

I thought it was dying down, but the buzzing and sensations seem to be moving around. I thought maybe I was catching some sound in the room but turning in my chair doesn't effect it. Rolling my head around, like you do to loosen tension, there is a spot on the left that intensifies the buzzing a LOT. Right at about the 7 o'clock position, if chin to chest were 12 o'clock. Constant low hum, all the way around, except that small spot. From about the 7 to 8 o'clock position. Always the same, no matter which way I'm facing. And a small, almost silent area at about 3 o'clock.

Seems to be two separate sources at that 7 o'clock position. One right on the spot (left side of the back of the neck) and another, little higher pitch, over the whole that whole, 7 - 8 o'clock range.

Very interesting. But not really of use...except now I have a corresponding, "sharp" pain in my right ear. Not really painful, but sharp. Like a pin prick, down inside my ear and now a little bit of fluid. Actually, I believe my right ear is plugged up a little. I hadn't even noticed. Makes sense, if some of the little buggers had attached themselves to hibernation.

The buzzing has moved to the 8 o'clock position.

My ear feels open - like air passing through it. It feels cool, due to just a tiny bit of fluid and the air hitting it.

Interesting note - I did not know that the ear canal was connected to the throat. I suspect that "pin prick" pain was my ear drum. Perhaps some yeast was hibernating in my "Eustachian tube".

Things are slowing down, so I'll end this, for now. (20:38)

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/20/2015 403 posts

Well, I got my stripe! The two big clear spots are connected!

One side/edge of my tongue looks good, the other looks better, but still pretty gunky. There are small patches of clear all over and the best part is that the yucky taste of it is gone!

My ear feels so..."light". Light and cool and open and just "breezy". I'm pretty sure my eardrum is "punctured" or "ruptured" or whatever the term is for a spontaneous sort of opening. It feels as if I could breath through that ear. I've never felt anything like it.

Still some exaggerated buzzing at the 8:00 position, but I think the buzzing I hear with my head in other positions, as I roll it around, is all coming from there. That second, higher-pitched buzzing is gone.

A little bit of a runny nose and some stuff coming loose from way, WAY back on my tongue is making me cough a little bit.

Also, I hadn't realized that my tongue had been swollen this whole time, because it isn't now and that's different. It wasn't swollen bad, like when this all first started, the night of the extractions which was a week ago, but it was certainly a little bit swollen because it isn't now and that's different than when I started with the DE.

It's 21:48 and I'm knackered. I'm going to mix up some more DE paste, put a bunch in my mouth, spread it all over and go to bed.

If I can remember, I'm going to do a spit test in the morning and see how that looks. So, that's it for tonight, we'll see what's what in the morning.

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/20/2015 403 posts

OK, my earlier post won't be up until tomorrow and I forgot to check the time when I drank some Dr. Pepper. It seems like about an hour and I've only drank half BUT, the post nasal drip is back already.

Of course, the little throat clearing coughs deposit the mucous right up onto the back of the tongue, which I just realized, and the constant swallowing seems to be a response to a sort of migration or "creeping" on up onto the tongue...very interesting.

Also, I'm not much of a soda pop drinker but the very first swallow made me belch, about a "one-two" count after, followed by the hiccups, which is interesting. Because the only cure I've ever known for hiccups that worked for me every time was Rolaids, which suggests acid, which - for me anyway - meant dehydration. And I suppose that's true, as I've been drinking a lot of coffee. I rehydrated, somewhat, prior to the extractions but, now that I think about it, I'm probably pretty dehydrated. Here we are, into Spring, and it first occurred to me back last Fall and then completely left my mind, as I've been busy. So I may even be QUITE dehydrated, which raised a whole other line of questions.

Nevertheless, the migration is making some pretty fast progress so, before my tongue swells (which was NO fun), I'm going to go do the diatomaceous earth thing and see what happens.

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/20/2015 403 posts

Still studying and cogitatin' on the yeast problem and I think I've found something.

I believe that someone here mentioned something about diatomaceous earth having the "side effect" of helping with their candida (was that here? Or somewhere else?).

There are three things about yeast that makes it a real bugger to kill. First, when attacked, it doesn't die but, rather, hibernates. It simply battens down the hatches and waits. Which brings us to the second bugger about it...

Yeast has "two" physiologies. So when it is deprived of oxygen that is used in one physiology, it can live quite happily on sugar and if there isn't any sugar, it can dig it out of other things. Hence, eliminating sugar from the diet eliminates the symptoms, but it doesn't eliminate the yeast. It doesn't die and it doesn't leave. It just sort of "sleeps" and it can do that, apparently, forever, on a tiny, maintenance amount of oxygen.

The third thing that makes it tough to deal with is that it has an exoskeleton. Yeast is actually a plant - it is cellulose based - but unlike your flowers, its cells are encased in and protect BY an exoskeleton. A hard shell which serves as its very own cave for when it's hibernating.

The "stuff" that one needs the baby shampoo for is actually what it uses to attach itself to the walls of the various pathways in which it hangs out and thrives, when it's not hibernating and getting plenty of sugar. Remember, it's not "dead" - it's not going to be picked up and carried off as waste that is floating around adrift, in your body.

SO, anyway, candida is rather like an immortal parasite with a Sherman tank for skin.

Here's my theory, which I'm going to test if I can get the darned thrush to reverse its reversal and come back, and how I'm going to test it.

A) Sweets. I want the yeast active and humming - in other words, I want it out of its cocoon and its doors open.

B) Diatomaceous earth to break it loose from whatever its welded itself to and, possibly, to work on the "open" bits and cut up the exoskeleton.

C) I'm assuming the exoskeleton protects it, so I'm not going to add anything to "kill" it, initially. But what I AM going to do is "clay water" to see if it will take out the garbage.

D) I haven't decided, whole-heartedly, but I may try diatomaceous earth in a neti pot, instead of baby shampoo, to break it loose from the sinus walls. Just in case I was right about it hiding in the sinuses but, first, I want to see what happens with the DE and clay. That way, if it works, I'll see if I can activate it again.

First, I'm going to have a Dr. Pepper and reawaken the last little bit I have left on my tongue and then, while it's got its doors open and is doing its thing, I'm going to work some DE paste around in my mouth and see if I can interrupt it.

BTW - this is why I stopped the urine therapy experiment. If I don't get stuff, I can't experiment because, for some reason, they have this law that says I can't experiment on other people, ROFL! So, it's either me or no more exploring and I'm a dyed in the wool explorer. Plus, urine probably wouldn't actually kill it anyway, though it would probably repair the overall system enough to keep it dormant, indefinitely, which, I suppose, is just as good but zero fun!

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/20/2015 403 posts

I've been studying up and racking my brain since I experienced a raving case of oral thrush brought on by antibiotics and am wondering if sinuses is the connection.

I've just read Sam (Texas) post on the sinus infections page regarding baby shampoo and why it might help.

I don't actually have a sinus infection but got to wondering if candida problems are so tough to conquer, once and for all, because the hide in the sinuses. So I came to the sinus infection page to see if they shared some remedies, saw "baby shampoo" and got curious.

I've never payed enough attention to either of the two conditions to notice a correlation, as they are so rare for me, BUT I would say that I've had them both about the same number of times.

I never thought of them together, so I can't say for sure that they happened simultaneously, but on the same day my tongue swelled up and got yucky, I also had a sudden bout of post nasal drip and the only reason I remember that is because it came on, suddenly, in the waiting room at the dentist office where I was about to have all of my teeth extracted and I was concerned about gagging or coughing in the middle of all of that business.

Anyway, this is the worst case of thrush I've ever had, which is why I've been up for two days straight trying to figure out how to prevent it from ever happening again.

This was the first time in many years that I've taken antibiotics so I'm guessing that, if it was hiding in the sinuses and the antibiotics released it, then it must have been confined there by friendly flora, of which I would have had plenty, up until the antibiotics the dentist gave me and which I shouldn't have taken, because my teeth were so bad that I'd been having pretty regular tooth infections and successfully treating them naturally which kills the bad guys and leaves the good guys alone. So I've had a pretty clean mouth and throat for several years - and zero instances of sinus or yeast problems for about the same amount of time. Until now. Or, this past week, anyway. It's about knocked down, at this point, but boy! I sure don't want THAT bad of thrush again.

Actually, it might not have been that bad, I don't know. Maybe it's just been so long since I've had it that it seems exaggerated.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if those little yeast guys hide out in the sinuses while candida's in remission.

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/19/2015 403 posts

I think she means a 12 cup coffee maker - so, like making coffee except you use 1/2 cup fennel powder instead of the coffee.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Sophie (Hawley, Pa) on 09/28/2014

I tried milk of Magnesia and my mouth became so tart that I had a hard time breathing. Did you have any reaction to milk?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ladyliza (Los Angeles) on 09/25/2014 33 posts

Never, ever drink vinegar straight! It will burn your esophagus and may cause a lot of damage, not to mention it will take the protective layer right off your teeth. Always dilute it with water. You might even need a 50/50 portion.

Raw Sauerkraut
Posted by Danny (Seattle, WA) on 08/29/2014

That's amazing. I didn't make my own sauerkraut - just bought it at a health food store. Hope it works for you. Best of luck!!

Black Seed Oil
Posted by Keru (Saudi Arabia) on 08/22/2014

Does Black Seed Oil have to be swished in the mouth, or just simply swallow it.Thank you.

Raw Sauerkraut
Posted by Rebel (Usa) on 08/19/2014

That is great Danny. I made some a week ago and it should be ready tomorrow. I hope it turns out right. I took some raw green cabbage, sea salt, and a probiotic pill and sealed them into a air tight BPH free container. Ground cabbage up, put a layer and then covered with sea salt and repeated. Took about 2 maybe 3 cups of cabbage with probiotic and some water made it into liquid with the ( nutria bullet )poured over the top, smashed down with spoon ( wooded ) and fill the rest up with rolled up cabbage leaves and sealed.

There are lots of recipes on the net, but it is time consuming. I have also been making some kefir coconut water. Only I am able to get it to ferment and turn bubbly, but my kefir grains are not turning into the cauliflower looking grains when it is finished. It looks and has the texture of yogurt. I could only find milk kefir at the store. But at least the water does ferment and is like wine almost.

I just started doing all of this, I am trying to get rid of possible candida or morgellons on my arms, I think the two could be related, because every time I have a breakout on my arms I also get athletes feet between my toes. These two things always come together and leave together.

Raw Sauerkraut
Posted by Danny (Seattle, Wa) on 08/19/2014

I started taking raw sauerkraut about a week ago and the thrush I've been battling for years is gone now. I read some research about how raw, fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Kimchi cure yeast, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I took only about a teaspoon for the first 2 days, then I moved up to 1 tablespoon, and now I'm taking 2 tablespoons. Also, I've been having chronic sinus problems and the sauerkraut seems to be clearing that up as well. I guess it really was a yeast issue all along. Make sure you buy RAW sauerkraut. The raw kind helps fight yeast and the kind that's not raw can actually add to it. Good luck out there! There are cures if you really investigate!

Colloidal Silver/Molecula Silver
Posted by Ted (Seattle, WA) on 08/13/2014

Swishing Colloidal Silver/ Molecula Silver around in my mouth a couple of times helps clear up thrush instantly. Taking some orally could help as well.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Jharry (Avon Park, Fl) on 05/14/2014

I had a stubborn case of thrush. I tried peroxide, genetian violet and when that didn't work I went to the doctor and was put on Fluconazole for 10 days and after I was out of the prescription I still had it or at least I think I did. My tongue was still white but I didnt have any other symptoms. I tried scraping the tongue and everything and still white. Started looking for other remedies and came across this page so I tried milk of magnesia and let me tell you that it worked almost instantly. my tongue is back to normal. WOW

Coconut Oil
Posted by Jamie (Cali) on 03/12/2014

I would like to use the coconut oil for oral thrush, how many times per day do I use it and for how long ?

Posted by Juliemartha (Orlando, Fl) on 01/14/2014

Just wanted to mention that certain fungal and yeast organisms are KNOWN to grow hyphae/bloom under extreme stress in an all out effort to survive adverse pH or other sudden change. May depend how deeply seated the condition has become. Any initial worsenening of symptoms should be evaluated with that in mind. Coconut oil will KILL the organism AND promote speedy recovery of healthy mucous membranes.

Black Seed Oil
Posted by Deborah (San Diego, California) on 12/24/2013

Take 1-3 teaspoons of Black Seed Oil for a few days and your thrush will be gone and you'll have a nice pink tongue!

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil
Posted by Ava (Los Angeles, California) on 12/04/2013

Taking coconut oil by spoon greatly helped my oral thrush, but oil pulling in general, especially oil pulling with coconut oil, made it infinitely worse! Be careful!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Ava (Boston, Ma) on 11/25/2013

Oil Pulling CAUSED me to get thrush - totally dried out my mouth! Be very careful! Maybe start pulling only like 5 mins at a time to see of it works for you.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil
Posted by Crosel (Toronto, On) on 11/16/2013

Oil pulling (meaning swishing around in your mouth) Coconut oil before or after brushing your teeth is EXTREMELY effective against Thrush. I've never seen my tongue this normal in a long time. I was so happy I had to create an account on earthclinic and post my awesome results! GO COCONUT OIL!

Important details are as follows:

- use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
- swish it around for 10 to 20 minutes
- spit it in your garbage or outside because it can clog your sink

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