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Posted by Amar (Rochester, MI) on 01/06/2007
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Hi, i have a remedy for vaginal thrush and am not sure if it's included coz it seems like you're talking about mouth thrush only. I had vaginal thrush about 8 years ago. I used plain yogurt for cleaning- make sure you wash off real good. I also started eating a lot of yogurt and its been gone for the past 8 years.

Replied by Keeza
(Louisville, Kentucky)
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When my brother was a baby he had thrush of the mouth so bad he could barely suck on a bottle.No matter what the doctor did it would not go away, A elderly lady at our church told my mother to use plain yogurt and dilute it with water until you are able to get it out of the nipple. About a week later it was gone.Yes yougurt does work really well!!!

Replied by Jehnavi
(Lake City, Florida , Usa)
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You can treat thrush with natural yoghurt ... I have loads thrush when I was actually pregnant a real pain! I used natural yoghurt, which I bought Sainsburys and helps ... I would say reduce the sex until it is investigated otherwise ur partner gets it and just keep pests and vice versa!

Replied by Immils
(Kentucky, Usa)

The reason the yogurt works is because it would be a type of probiotic for the baby. I have been studying natural medicine for approx 12 years now and have treated thrush successfully in babies and diabetic adults. To treat thrush which is a fungal infection called Candidiasis (Yeast for short), I give a strong probiotic and Pau D'Arco. This treatment will cure any yeast infection whether of the mouth or elsewhere. The physiology behind this is simple, the natural flora of the body is depleted and it can't keep the "bad bacteria" at bay so it begins to grow out of control and spread to other parts of the body creating what we see as Thrush or Yeast infections.

Pau D'Arco has a miraculous ability to choose not to hurt the "good" natural flora in the body but to help it grow and kill the "bad" bacteria in the body. The probiotic builds the "good" bacteria of the body up to sufficient numbers to keep the "bad bacteria from affecting us. The "bad" bacteria is always in our body but we have to be stronger and outnumber it. Once the symptoms of the candidiasis goes away then you can stop taking the Pau D'Arco and just take the probiotic for maintenance. Both come in forms that can be given to babies and neither are harmful in any way to the body from infant to adult. Hope this helps and I probably give more information than needed, all my friends and family tell me I do anyway. :)

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