10 Natural Stye Treatments for Fast Relief


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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 04/15/2016

My daughter had a painful sty in her eye a few days ago. I used to get them when I was a girl and remember how uncomfortable they can be.

At night before my daughter went to bed, I poured hot water over a tea bag and let it sit for a few minutes. (Just enough to cover the tea bag) I squeezed out the tea bag so it was just damp and warm (body temperature.) I placed the tea bag on the closed eye that had a sty. I put a piece of plastic wrap over the tea bag (so it would stay moist longer) and attached all of that to her head with a bandana. She went to sleep. The next day when she woke up it was almost completely better and with no more pain.

I love chamomile for its many applications. It is gentle but powerful. It is great for infections, inflammation, and especially for eye issues. Plus it makes a tasty and relaxing tea before bed. If you keep a box of chamomile tea in the pantry you will have a box of ready to use medicine for a number of health issues. (Chamomile should not be used, however, if you have a ragweed allergy.)

~Mama to Many~

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by JKB (Portland OR) on 05/16/2019

Colloidal Silver definitely worked for my daughter, who had the most stubborn sty that would not go away, but hardened and got worse. I used to get styes inside the lid when I was younger too, and had to have them surgically removed. But the silver sprays worked. The key is to spray it 4-5 times a day diligently until it goes away. And we had tried so many different things before this.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Lindsey (Sherwood, Ar) on 10/05/2016

I have a stye on my lower eyelid that popped up 4 days ago. The morning of the second day my eye started to swell and it was painful to blink. It got on earthclinic and saw castor oil as a remedy so I kept it oiled up all day. By the next morning it was much worse and extremely painful to blink. The castor oil also stuck to my eyelashes and made me want to itch my eyes. After some research I decided to try colloidal silver. I dropped 3 drops in my eye and I could immediately tell that this was the cure. I bought some bio active silver in a little spray bottle and sprayed my eyes every 2 or three hours. By the next day the swelling and redness had decreased over 50% and the pain by about 95%. I will continue treatment for a few days after it is gone and will always keep this remedy on hand in case this ever happens again.

Copaiba Oil

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Posted by Hannah (Singapore) on 01/27/2013

My 2yr old son had stye more than a month. After 2 weeks of using the anti inflamation cream prescribed by doctor, the stye was still there and got worse and bigger. So I decided to read up on which essential oil to use.

I found Copaiba essential oil to be suitable for skin and decided to apply 1 or 2 drops on the cotton bud and applied on the stye. The next day after the 1st application (at night), the stye got smaller. By the 3rd application, the stye became very small and disappearing. I was so amazed by the effectiveness and how cheap Copaiba essential oil cost, $3. 50 for 1oz.

Earl Grey Tea, Turmeric

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Posted by Karen (Lethbridge, Alberta) on 07/10/2014

Woke up this morning with my eye almost completely closed from a painful sty I developed yesterday, it is allergy season and my eyes are very sensitive. I looked on EC for cures and also talked to my mom, who used to get sty's often. I read about the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric and my mom said tea works well too. So I made myself a morning cuppa and used the spent tea bag to nurse my poor dilapidated eye. Here's the method:

  • Boil enough water for a cup of tea
  • Place 1 earl grey tea bag in cup
  • pour boiling water over bag
  • steep 3 minutes
  • remove tea bag and let cool (without squeezing the water out)
  • rub some ground turmeric on the wet bag
  • place bag on eye for 60 minutes
  • add cream and sugar (or honey) to tea
  • lay back and relax

enjoy :)

So after 20 minutes I checked my eye and shock and awe, the swelling went down considerably but there was still a bump right over the little pimple, I decided to leave it on for another 20 minutes. After that time elapsed I checked again and the sty was almost gone but still a very small bit of swelling remained on the outside of my eyelid which I hadn't noticed was swollen because of how severe the swelling was when I woke up! Another 20 minutes and my eye is darn near perfect! Definitely worth the 60 minute rest and the nice cuppa tea. I hope this helps others as it has myself, what a relief. Oh also I took 1 tsp turmeric powder orally as well to stave off any inflammation that may brew up over the course of the day.

Eye Drops Containing Boric Acid

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Posted by Cab (Sharon, Sc) on 09/19/2010

Sty relief.. With onset of sty irrogate eye 3 to 4 times daily with eyedrops that have boric acid in ingredients. Irrogating eye removes debris and opens ducts. I woke up on a Friday sore. Friday night worse. 2 days pain almost gone. Sty never developed and head never formed. Do everyday until redness is gone. Try it.. It worked for me. I have low immune system and it gave my eye the edge to heal itself. Of course keep hands very clean as not to reinfect or spread to other eye. I know these things hurt.. But this is the fastest and most reliable healing I have found!


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Posted by Naturalwoman57 (Usa) on 01/16/2017

I developed a sty in my right eye. At first I thought that I had something in my eye that was causing itching and pain. I tried eye drops, Apple cider vinegar and warm compresses but I only got temporary relief. Within a couple of days I had three styes (one on the eyelid and two inside). I popped open a Garlic Oil soft gel, put some on a cotton swab, applied it directly on each sty twice a day for 3 days. They are all gone.

Gold Jewelry

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Posted by Erin (Tuttle, Ok, Usa) on 04/08/2010

My boyfriend had a pretty nasty sty pop up so I ran to earthclinic for the cure. I was floored when I saw that a popular cure was rubbing a gold wedding band on it! The only thing I had that was gold was a tiny 14k earring. I didn't think it was large enough to work, but he was desperate so we gave it a shot. We sanitized the earring with rubbing alcohol, he rubbed it on his sty, and we went to bed. In the morning we couldn't believe his eye (ha)! The sty was completely gone. Thanks again to earthclinic and all the fine folks that post here!

Gold Ring, Teabag

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Posted by Juleek (Lakeland, Florida) on 02/03/2018

I am not sure if I have a Stye or a Chalazion. I have a bump on my eyelid that has been there for about 3 weeks. I googled pictures of both and depending on what picture I am looking at it could be either or. About a week ago I started using Black tea bags. I would steep them for 1 minute then let them cool for a minute or so, squeeze out the wetness and I would put the warm black tea bag compress on my eyelid for 10 minutes. I did this 2x a day. I didn't think things were changing much so I got on this sight and read the wedding band remedy. For the last 2 days I have been rubbing my clean wedding ring on my bump for about a minute of so about 4 times a day and I am also using the black tea bags. I use a warm one in the afternoon and keep one in the fridge and I use the cool one before bed for about 10 minutes. I feel like in a couple of days my stye or chalazion will be gone. I am not sure which remedy worked but I didn't start seeing results until I started using the two remedies together.

Gold Wedding Band

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Posted by Martielepswanko (Florida) on 06/09/2022

Gold Wedding Band for a Sty:

I just tried it on my stinging stye and rolled the ring Horizontally and vertically as best as I could for about a few minutes. My stye inside my eye was very very red but I had no bump. This started 24 hours ago. Two hours later I got up for a nap and checked my eye. The redness was practically gone and I had no more sting! It works Brilliantly. I guess rolling it, causes the poor that is stopped up to open up and Wala we get healed.

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by 03HDfatboy (Kinston NC) on 05/08/2022

Rubbing with Gold for a sty works! I've seen where "internet doctors," say it's an old wives tale and not to do it, I have to call them out on that on cause my mother did it to me when I was a kid to get rid of mine, I've done it to myself as I got older and done it to my kids. Never fails to make it feel better and go away usually overnight.

Replied by kaybeebee
(Gulf Coast)

Tho it is hard to believe, rubbing gold ring works for me every time.

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Deirdre (LA) on 03/01/2019

After a very long drive home from visiting a relative, I got a very painful stye on the lash line of my upper eyelid that pressed into my eyeball, causing unbelievable pain. I read up on all the remedies on EC's Stye page, 15 years worth! and then tried them one by one by popularity. The gold ring method, the most popular remedy for styes - ouch. Holy moly! I suppose the reason this works for people is to disperse the cyst fluid but it actually did nothing for me except cause MUCH more pain. Perhaps if the stye was in another location it would have worked, but not one that was pressing into the eyeball! I also took turmeric capsules, 2 twice a day, put castor oil along my lash line, and then various warm tea bags + other remedies mentioned, one per day. The turmeric didn't seem to do much even though I took it for a week. Advil was very helpful because it was the only thing that stopped the pain. A number of posts mentioned the cyst opening up and draining and this is what I tried to do UNTIL, 5 days in, I read on various medical sites that the infection can spread if you do this! Fast forward 11 days to today. The stye on the eyelash line is better but not gone but there is another bump on my eyelid that moves around. I guess if it's still there next week I will go to my doctor and have it drained. Lesson: don't try to drain a stye by rubbing it with a ring! I think made things much worse. The best remedy was Mama's chamomile teabag remedy, very soothing, + time.

Replied by Teena
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Deirdre, my son's last stye we treated with baking soda/Bicarb soda and water paste. Found very soothing. Just held on soaked cotton ball couple times. I would also suggest the castor oil over the entire eye area at night.

Replied by Art

Deirdre, Did you try a wet and warm colloidal silver compress left on the closed eyelid while you nap? That has helped me in the past. Apply regularly until gone. Art

Replied by Janet

Deirdre, As I was reading your post, I kept thinking copper, I immediately pictured you with bejeweled eyelids. Golden rings on copper chains Lol. A fb friend said a copper penny in water and apply water. Years ago. Yet copper pennies are not pure copper. But a pinch of copper sulfate or chlorophyll might soothe. Just dabbed on. Green stuff in the black container is soothing. Fabulous for swelling. You cannot draw it out. Because you do not want it to open or drain. Remember when folks took that A and D pill. Most D came that way, 25,000iu A plus 400iu D. A few years ago we used l carnosine. Under the premise of Can C the $75 eye treatment. Topically on Moms eye infection from eye surgery. Powdered or open capsule l carnosine, in a little water and applied topically. If the sty remedies are not working is it an ingrown eyelash or a tiny cinder? You have had 2 mysteries, hmmm. Both are looking like infection that do not cooperate. Now I am running down my Mom's list of questions. I cannot see a thing, mold, environment, pets, chemicals, scented products. When my tooth was infected I had no pain. It just was. But I had weird skin problems that I finally got figured out. Colloidal silver poultice on the skin with a charcoal poultice first thing in the am 3 sessions with CS through the day. 2 tbsp CS internally. Of course borax water with H2O2 on a soppy cloth applied with a little solution seeping in. Just some thoughts. Janet

Replied by Deirdre

Dear Teena, Art and Janice, Thank you all for your suggestions! I have started on the warm Colloidal Silver applications and internally and will let you know how that goes. No change thus far in inflammation since I posted about it a couple of days ago. Stubborn infection! Also planning on trying the baking soda too, thanks Teena! Have started up again on the turmeric capsules. Appreciate all your help, thank you so much!

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Markc (Chihuahua, Mexico) on 08/09/2017 5 posts

Gold Wedding Ring/Band 5 min. Sty Cure You're not going to believe one.

"No, it's not going to work," I thought, but like the reply by St Tokyo, Jp said, "it's completely free so why not".

Just to let you know how old I am - I'm a male of 65 years.

The sty came on around 10 a.m. this morning - Checked the net Mixed warm coconut oil and curcumin to make somewhat of a paste. First time left it on for about 15 min., it did sting, but that didn't bother me, The fix is worth the cure, I thought and I still think so.

Anyway, later in the day went out to eat with my wife, came back about 3 p.m. - Put another mass of the paste on my eye. It did get under the eyelid because it did sting a bunch. Never mind that, I thought again, if it fixed me, who cares! Then went to sleep.

Next, I woke up and washed it all off with warm water and a cloth. The whole eyelid and eyeball were as red as can be. The yellow pustule was still there, all though, I have to admit, it had gone down a slight bit. I don't want you to think that the paste did nothing. Just the same the small pus ball was still there.

Personally, I thought that it would have been almost gone by then. Sad to say, but no it wasn't.

In the past I have used the little boric acid trick in boiling water, and cool down, (drops 3 or 4 times a day) and in about 3 days it was gone. It stayed quite red and stung too, but what the hey it was gone and the redness went too a little later after stopping the boric acid.

Ok, now to the { Gold Wedding Ring/Band 5 min. Sty Cure }

I want to say here that I did use the cut onion remedy at my bedside in the night after doing the Wedding Ring thing. - I'm sure the doctors would really laugh at that one and maybe you too.

After washing my eye as noted above and seeing that the little puss ball was still there, using one of those concave mirrors so I could see it better well, this time went to EARTHCLINIC.COM should have gone there first. Found the Gold Wedding Ring trick.

I said, like St Tokyo, Jp said, "Let's do it, it's free! It's not going to kill me." I looked back into the concave mirror one more time just to see if it was still there. Yep, sure enough, the sty was still there.

- Next, I started lightly rubbing the wedding band all over my eyelid (especially by the sty) and pushing the eyelid up with the ring to get under the eyelid as was mentioned by another observer. - I did that for about 5 min then I went back to the mirror (still doubting), just to check and see if this old wives tale was working at all or not. Even a little bit would have made me happy. I was hoping for a, more or less, quick fix; but "ANYTHING would be great right about now", thought I.

Now, I kid you not as to what happened next. Lo and behold it was gone! I'm not joking, the small pustule was completely gone, not even a little bump! No drainage at all! The pus just seemed to be sucked right back up into the body to be swept away by the bloodstream.

I went over to my wife to see if she could see the little pus ball anymore; nop, nada, zip, nothing. Wow! Unbelievable!

Now I must say, there still was a slight, just a wee bit of tenderness where the sty was before. Hum... But that's nothing compared to the pain I was experiencing.

Ok, push comes to shove. What really happened here? Perhaps you're saying, "Maybe it was a combination of the coconut oil and curcumin + the "Gold Wedding Ring".

And yes, I will tell you, "Yep, could be." I don't know. But I will tell you this, the next time this happens, I will go to the #1, most often used home remedy first, if I have it on hand. But, "If I were a betting man", as my dad use to say, "I'd bet a dime to a doughnut", (donuts were cheap in those days) well at least that much anyway, I'd bet that the gold ring trick would have worked right off the bat. Maybe not, who knows.

Why does a gold wedding ring/band get rid of a sty in the eye? Guess nobody knows for sure? Indeed I don't. The Doc's say there is absolutely zero validity to all of this. There are NO properties in this circular gold band/ring thing that could account for this "supposed fix', say they.

However, since it is a fix that has worked for a lot of folks, as can be seen all over the net (and there are plenty), and has worked for generations (parents and grandparents passing it along verbally and now with the advent of the internet, in writing all over the place) one must say there IS something to this. Of course, at the same time you do your search, you must know you will find all the doctors telling you "NO, NO, NO it doesn't work. Don't do this or anything DIY home remedies. We are the ones you must come to."

And then they will give you all the bad things that happen to people that do it at home; of course, mixed in with all that you will find some truths (just to gain your trust) as well as half-truths along with many straight up lies.

One thing you can be sure of is they will not tell about the many 100s of thousands they kill earth-wide directly EACH AND EVERY YEAR using their methods, mistakes or otherwise. And those big numbers, not just the maiming and hurt they do, we're talking about directly and needlessly killing people and information come from THEIR OWN STATS!

Here below is one of many sites on the net regarding this... And know that this website is just in the U.S.A. not the rest of the world. And all of these are just what they admit to.


Medical errors may be 3rd leading cause of death U.S. - CNN


May 3, 2016 - Most medical errors that lead to death aren't recorded.... Medical errors may be third leading cause of death in the U.S....... the doctors estimate there are at least 251, 454 deaths due to medical errors annually in the United States.... Patient accuses Yale doctors of cover-up, removing wrong body part.

Note that it says here, "Most medical errors that lead to death aren't recorded". So what would most be? Let's say minimum 51% would be most and for sure could it could be more. So with most, we could more or less double that number 251, 454. We could be looking at somewhere around a half million lives killed annually.


At any rate, getting back to the story. Maybe the circle/ring combined with the gold creates some kind of an electrical charge and maybe this particular electrical charge of gold DOES INDEED have this particular healing property on a sty. Who knows?

However, there are plenty of Doctors and Medical Laboratories around the world that would tell you, "Don't do any of these home remedies, come please, come to US with your heart and your hard earned cash on a platter, and we will gladly take care of you for sure."

Whatever; you're the final judge as to whether you go to the doc or you do it yourself - DIY.

Will this work for you? I don't know. Maybe this one is not a ONE FIX CURE ALL, remedy. But like the person from Japan said, "It's free." If you don't have a gold wedding band maybe a neighbor has one.

Now, here below, are a couple links that I found as to what the doctors are saying about this type of fix. Don't want you to think I'm trying to hide anything from you.

It's all fake, it's just in your mind, don't do it, you're wasting your time, you might hurt yourself, you might even kill yourself; put your trust in the hands of the professionals, we know best.

If it doesn't go away on its own please come and give your hard earned bucks to us and spend your money on our antibiotics which will destroy all good and bad bacteria in your intestines. Of course, we will not tell you to take raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother to build back up the good bacteria. No, we couldn't tell you that as they are your army in your immune system. Nor could we let you know (after a course of antibiotics) use some other type of fermented food with all its good bacteria. For sure we could no way tell you that because that might prevent you from getting Candia. Candida is a super money maker for use. It causes all kinds havoc in the body, that's good for business, our drugs and your doctors' yacht and jet.

I tell you, even at that it can take a couple months or even more to get "cured" using their system as noted herein on this various pages elsewhere.

"Why would you ever want to use something FREE or near free', say they?" That's obviously crazy, right? No way, best pay through the nose on our drugs.'

Whatever, you decide. I've been using this stuff (things like this) all my life. And in some cases, I believe they have saved my life. I'm sure if you keep on knocking, looking and searching you will find a better answer.

Now for what they say...



To finish up here, for we could talk all night on this one. I would like to thank everybody that has taken time out of there lives to share with all the rest of us.

From one concerned person who really cares for others, not for some continued money he/she might get from the poor suffering people. Sorry if you found some mistakes here, I've stayed up pretty late working on this.

The best to all of you.

Yours truly Mark

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Sarah (London, Uk) on 07/07/2016

I had a stye on my lower eyelid that came on very suddenly in the evening 3 days ago. After reading people's experiences at Earth Clinic, I decided to rub a gold ring on it, and bathe it in green tea. I did this a few times a day for 2 days. I rubbed it for a couple of minutes with the ring, and the bathed briefly with the tea afterwards. It is now completely better. Result! Thanks everyone who contributes to this site.

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Elaine (Thailand) on 09/08/2014

My 11 year old daughter had a sty last week on her upper and lower eye lids. I read on here that many people recommend: Gently rubbing a gold band on it as a cure. We did this for a few minutes 3 times a day for 2 days; within a couple of hours, the stys were less painful and completely gone by day 3. I don't understand how it works, but it does!

Also we've had great results treating warts and verrucas with ACV.

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