10 Natural Stye Treatments for Fast Relief

| Modified on Jun 23, 2024
Baking Soda
Posted by Kerry (United Kingdom) on 06/23/2024

Baking Soda For Styes

I have used a baking soda wash rather than the paste. 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 250ml boiled water. Mix thoroughly and allow to cool. Pour into an amber bottle and shake before use. Wet a cotton swab with the mixture and swipe over the eyelid. Works incredibly well for styes as well as allergy induced issues. ( Dry weepy eyelids due to makeup allergy). I have used this since I was 15 after a pharmacist showed me how to make it for my allergy prone eyes. I am now 52 and nothing beats it.

Lavender Oil
Posted by Barbara D. (Idaho) on 04/04/2024

I just want to concur..lavender oil stopped my stye from getting out of control! As soon as I figured out that a stye was forming I flushed it out with an eyewash in an eyecup. Then I put colloidal silver in my eye several times that day. The next day the stye was bigger, so I read on this site to use lavender oil. Yikes it stung! ..but the next day it had shrunk. I did the lavender oil one more time that day and the next day..GONE. Two days total, amazing.

Brewer's Yeast
Posted by Maria (Canada) on 11/03/2023

Do you eat it, or make a paste and put it on the stye? I'm confused.

Apple Cider Vinegar, White Potato
Posted by Niall (Dublin) on 08/01/2023

Maybe thats just you who needs both. Because more people tried just the ACV and it worked.

Green Tea
Posted by Hessy (atlanta) on 06/15/2022 3 posts

I've had Styes before and had used the baby shampoo, but this time it seemed to make it worse, so I tried the Green Tea Bags - I felt the stye come on that day and by evening was fired up -

Got 3 Green tea bags, warmed them up in boiled water. Got my honey ready. I took the Honey, rubbed a small amount over my eye, where the stye was and also along the eyelashes, grabbed the hot Tea bag and got about 90% of the water out of it - placed it on eye and let it sit for about 3 minutes - repeated same process 3X - went to bed! In the morning about 80% gone, so did the same in the morning - by noon 100% gone!

I believe this was even quicker remedy than the baby shampoo in the past and a lot less toxic! When I take showers now, I always allow hot/warm running water to hit my eyes for 15-20 seconds minimum and wash them out - this has seemed to help limit my styes -also using tea tree oil based shampoo and rub on eyelashes too.

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Martielepswanko (Florida) on 06/09/2022

Gold Wedding Band for a Sty:

I just tried it on my stinging stye and rolled the ring Horizontally and vertically as best as I could for about a few minutes. My stye inside my eye was very very red but I had no bump. This started 24 hours ago. Two hours later I got up for a nap and checked my eye. The redness was practically gone and I had no more sting! It works Brilliantly. I guess rolling it, causes the poor that is stopped up to open up and Wala we get healed.

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by kaybeebee (Gulf Coast) on 05/15/2022

Tho it is hard to believe, rubbing gold ring works for me every time.

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by 03HDfatboy (Kinston NC) on 05/08/2022

Rubbing with Gold for a sty works! I've seen where "internet doctors," say it's an old wives tale and not to do it, I have to call them out on that on cause my mother did it to me when I was a kid to get rid of mine, I've done it to myself as I got older and done it to my kids. Never fails to make it feel better and go away usually overnight.

Green Tea
Posted by leila (sydney) on 02/17/2022

what if you don't have honey? Is honey an important part of this remedy?

Posted by Granola Jess (Stuttgart, Germany ) on 11/07/2021

Cured in 4 days with breast milk.

Once again, earth clinic folks know best. I bet any milk would work but I am fortunately a nursing mother, so I was able to use a dropper with 4 drops or so three times a day.

time line:

monday, what's that itching in my eye.

tuesday, oh no, it's a style. First one ever; let google doctoring begin.

Wednesday, it looks like someone punched me. It was a double style: a small one on the bottom eye lash line and a biiigggg one on my eye lid on the inside. Bug white head. At first I tried coconut oil and some other things that did not help or hurt. But as soon as I dropped the milk in like eye saline, I felt a little relief. I was very consistent with it.

on Friday I was driving and at a stop light, when I decided to take a look at it, and it popped as I was looking at it. Pretty gross. But by the end of the day the pain and discomfort was gone and now on Sunday everything looks normal again.

Avoid Aluminum Deodorants
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 01/18/2021

Years ago, back in the day, I would use a roll-on, underarm deodorant before going out on a date! (We usually washed as well! ). It was quite fashionable back then. Trouble was the kick in the teeth that came along with it!!

The following day I would get a sty in one of my eyes - always the same eye but I have forgotten which one. Took me a while to join the dots as it were but I would normally NEVER get an eye sty. What was going on? Dashed uncomfortable - felt like a rock in the eye.

Someone alerted me to the fact that there was aluminium (or 'a-luminum' as you say over there) listed in the fine print on the back of said container.

I kicked the thing into touch and have never looked back as it were. Smelly dates were better than styed eyes.

Hope this major scientific discovery of mine helps some other folks as well!

Cheers from Down Under


Posted by Jim (Chicago) on 02/12/2020

Had many styes as a kid. Used hot milk compresses all the time. Always worked great! Highly recommend it.

Gold Wedding Ring
Posted by Mishi (Roseville, CA) on 10/17/2019

Yes, the gold ring method totally works for me. I've used this twice now and it's very effective!

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Deirdre (LA) on 03/03/2019

Dear Teena, Art and Janice, Thank you all for your suggestions! I have started on the warm Colloidal Silver applications and internally and will let you know how that goes. No change thus far in inflammation since I posted about it a couple of days ago. Stubborn infection! Also planning on trying the baking soda too, thanks Teena! Have started up again on the turmeric capsules. Appreciate all your help, thank you so much!

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Janet (In) on 03/02/2019

Deirdre, As I was reading your post, I kept thinking copper, I immediately pictured you with bejeweled eyelids. Golden rings on copper chains Lol. A fb friend said a copper penny in water and apply water. Years ago. Yet copper pennies are not pure copper. But a pinch of copper sulfate or chlorophyll might soothe. Just dabbed on. Green stuff in the black container is soothing. Fabulous for swelling. You cannot draw it out. Because you do not want it to open or drain. Remember when folks took that A and D pill. Most D came that way, 25,000iu A plus 400iu D. A few years ago we used l carnosine. Under the premise of Can C the $75 eye treatment. Topically on Moms eye infection from eye surgery. Powdered or open capsule l carnosine, in a little water and applied topically. If the sty remedies are not working is it an ingrown eyelash or a tiny cinder? You have had 2 mysteries, hmmm. Both are looking like infection that do not cooperate. Now I am running down my Mom's list of questions. I cannot see a thing, mold, environment, pets, chemicals, scented products. When my tooth was infected I had no pain. It just was. But I had weird skin problems that I finally got figured out. Colloidal silver poultice on the skin with a charcoal poultice first thing in the am 3 sessions with CS through the day. 2 tbsp CS internally. Of course borax water with H2O2 on a soppy cloth applied with a little solution seeping in. Just some thoughts. Janet

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Art (California) on 03/02/2019

Deirdre, Did you try a wet and warm colloidal silver compress left on the closed eyelid while you nap? That has helped me in the past. Apply regularly until gone. Art

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Teena (Australia) on 03/01/2019 233 posts

Deirdre, my son's last stye we treated with baking soda/Bicarb soda and water paste. Found very soothing. Just held on soaked cotton ball couple times. I would also suggest the castor oil over the entire eye area at night.

Gold Wedding Band
Posted by Deirdre (LA) on 03/01/2019

After a very long drive home from visiting a relative, I got a very painful stye on the lash line of my upper eyelid that pressed into my eyeball, causing unbelievable pain. I read up on all the remedies on EC's Stye page, 15 years worth! and then tried them one by one by popularity. The gold ring method, the most popular remedy for styes - ouch. Holy moly! I suppose the reason this works for people is to disperse the cyst fluid but it actually did nothing for me except cause MUCH more pain. Perhaps if the stye was in another location it would have worked, but not one that was pressing into the eyeball! I also took turmeric capsules, 2 twice a day, put castor oil along my lash line, and then various warm tea bags + other remedies mentioned, one per day. The turmeric didn't seem to do much even though I took it for a week. Advil was very helpful because it was the only thing that stopped the pain. A number of posts mentioned the cyst opening up and draining and this is what I tried to do UNTIL, 5 days in, I read on various medical sites that the infection can spread if you do this! Fast forward 11 days to today. The stye on the eyelash line is better but not gone but there is another bump on my eyelid that moves around. I guess if it's still there next week I will go to my doctor and have it drained. Lesson: don't try to drain a stye by rubbing it with a ring! I think made things much worse. The best remedy was Mama's chamomile teabag remedy, very soothing, + time.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by JKB (Portland OR) on 05/16/2019

Colloidal Silver definitely worked for my daughter, who had the most stubborn sty that would not go away, but hardened and got worse. I used to get styes inside the lid when I was younger too, and had to have them surgically removed. But the silver sprays worked. The key is to spray it 4-5 times a day diligently until it goes away. And we had tried so many different things before this.

Baking Soda
Posted by Teena (Melbourne) on 06/04/2020 233 posts

Sure, just baking soda in a lil bowl, add water and mix until paste consistency, dip gauze or face washer into mix and hold onto eye, while lying down. You'll find it's very soothing, also I did not let my boy wash the residue after, I think it definitely helped. The more frequent you can do is best, baking soda used to be called the universal medicine, and it was after reading it's many uses, ( I lost the article however) I decided to try it. It's worked better than tea and colloidal silver. And no stinging. Sorry I didn't see your question sooner

Baking Soda
Posted by Tom (Los Angeles) on 06/02/2020

Hi Teena, Thanks for sharing this. Can you specify how you made the baking soda paste and how to hold on the eye ? Thank you !!

Baking Soda
Posted by Teena (Melbourne) on 06/02/2020 233 posts

My son's latest sty on his eye I treated with one application of baking soda (bicarb soda) paste. It is soothing which is a lovely bonus. 15 minutes held on his eye, by the next morning, about 24 hours, it was gone

Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 12/10/2018

Last Thursday I felt a sty coming on in my eye. I got them often as a child and knew that feeling. I wanted to nip it in the bud and held a moist warm black tea bag on it for 20 minutes a few times that day.

The next day it was worse. I started to apply coconut oil to my eyelid and continued with the tea bags.

The next day it was worse. Castor oil provided some temporary relief but it was really itchy.

Then I remembered the silver gel I bought. It didn't say not to use around the eyes so I did.

It brought almost immediate relief to the itching. I used it several times a day on Saturday and it was 90% better by Sunday morning. I continued to apply a few times to make sure it was gone.

Today my eye is fine. Next time I will just use the silver first. I was using Silver Shield that I recently mentioned for using on minor burns. I can't wait to see what else it will help!

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Julie (Hi) on 06/04/2018

Note: I wanted to clarify my last post.

I've been using ACV to treat sties for years. Bent over the sink, I put a large spoon with ACV in it, up against my CLOSED eye. I'll tilt it a bit making sure I've covered entire eye. I'll hold it there as long as I can-at least a minute. Then rinse my eyes thoroughly with water afterwards. Be careful not to get in the eye because it stings like the dickens, making you literally cry! But, as soon as you flush it out with water, the sting will be gone. To my knowledge, nothing over the counter will heal those sties that fast! Within the day, my eyes feel better. Since using this method, my sty has never gone beyond a day or grown larger! And yes, I learned to use ACV from Earth Clinic. Thank you Earth Clinic, I come to your site often! You've been my faithful doctor for years!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Julie (Waialua, Hawaii) on 05/04/2018

I've been using ACV to treat sties for years. I put ACV in a large spoon, put it up to my closed eye. I hold it there for as long as I can. Then rinse my eyes with water thoroughly afterwards. Be careful not to get in the eye because it stings like the dickens, making you literally cry! But, as soon as you flush it out with water, the sting will be gone. But I'll tell you what, nothing over the counter will heal those sties that fast! Within the day, my eyes feel better. Since using this method, my sty has never gone beyond a day or grown larger! And yes, I learned to use ACV from Earth Clinic. Thank you Earth Clinic, I come to your site very often! You've been my faithful Dr. for years!!