Top 10 Natural Treatments for Eye Styes

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Posted by Deirdre (LA) on 03/01/2019
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After a very long drive home from visiting a relative, I got a very painful stye on the lash line of my upper eyelid that pressed into my eyeball, causing unbelievable pain. I read up on all the remedies on EC's Stye page, 15 years worth! and then tried them one by one by popularity. The gold ring method, the most popular remedy for styes - ouch. Holy moly! I suppose the reason this works for people is to disperse the cyst fluid but it actually did nothing for me except cause MUCH more pain. Perhaps if the stye was in another location it would have worked, but not one that was pressing into the eyeball! I also took turmeric capsules, 2 twice a day, put castor oil along my lash line, and then various warm tea bags + other remedies mentioned, one per day. The turmeric didn't seem to do much even though I took it for a week. Advil was very helpful because it was the only thing that stopped the pain. A number of posts mentioned the cyst opening up and draining and this is what I tried to do UNTIL, 5 days in, I read on various medical sites that the infection can spread if you do this! Fast forward 11 days to today. The stye on the eyelash line is better but not gone but there is another bump on my eyelid that moves around. I guess if it's still there next week I will go to my doctor and have it drained. Lesson: don't try to drain a stye by rubbing it with a ring! I think made things much worse. The best remedy was Mama's chamomile teabag remedy, very soothing, + time.