10 Natural Remedies for Spider Bites

Posted by Gina (Burleson, USA) on 06/16/2007
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A personal friend of mine hsa used Vodka three different times, poured liberally, and often, when she was bitten by the Brown Recluse spider. She says when Vodka is used, after about 3 months you can't even see the bite, and it never swells or gets exceptionally red. I have not used this myself, as I haven't been bitten, but I do trust this friend who has, and it's good to spread the word. I suppose soaking it in Vodka would help, if it's on your hand or foot.

Essential Oil Blend
Posted by Philip (Palm Beach, Queensland, Australia) on 05/21/2007
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I was bitten by a redback spider on my left knee on very early Wednesday morning between 1 am & 6 am. Swelling started Wednesday about 10 am.(very painful) By Thursday morning my knee was like a balloon. The swelling started to go down my leg & by Thursday afternoon the swelling was down to the bottom of my calf. The pain was sssooo intense I wanted to cut my leg off. I took the oils at 6 pm Friday. By 6 am the swelling was down 20% I took more at 6 pm Sat. & more at 6.30 pm Sat. The swelling was completely gone by Thursday Then the following Sunday swelling started again so I took more oils only once & the swelling went down that day & never a problem again. All I have is a 20 cent coin size of dimpled skin were I was biten. 1 year later a friend of mine was biten in Lismore N.S.W. about 3 day prior to my remedy treatment. It fixed her straight away like me. No side effects it has been 9 years now.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Heather (Milton, Pa) on 05/11/2010

i would like to get the recipe for the charcoal paste if u wouldnt mind. thanks

Posted by Sal (EastHaven, CT) on 08/31/2006
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While riding my road bike i felt a sharp bite on my thigh. I squeezed my lycra pants and it stopped. well when i got home from my ride , I saw a crushed what looked like a spider fall out of my pants. I started to develop a sore which grew and identified it as a brown recluse spider bite. nothing worked, it appeared sealed and Hydrogen peroxide didn't even foam. Well I tried a slice of raw garlic taped to my thigh overnight as a last resort before making a Dr. appointment. Well, the next morning the sore showed great improvement and in 2 more days it was about healed. I put on some neosporin just for the final touch.

Snake Root
Posted by JC (USA) on 07/09/2006
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Snake Root applied neat cured weeping and spreading spider (suspected brown recluse) bites. My friend was bitten a few times on his legs and each one became very puss filled and wept... started spreading and was very painful... put snake root on and immediately the bite areas started healing and within two weeks they were gone.

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