Natural Skin Tag Removal: 7 Home Remedies for Skin Tags

Posted by Sal (Stoneboro, Pa, Us) on 07/22/2010

I tried Lugol's iodine for 3 weeks on my small skin tags on my neck and no difference. I tried a combination of bloodroot and iodine to see if this would help, nothing. I wish I had the same results as everyone else. I have applied twice a day and paint it whenever I have the opportunity. It has the same affect as just plain water.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joe (Houston, Texas) on 06/03/2010

I tried the ACV and after the 3rd day, its started to burn my skin. I decided to move on. I was so disappointed but I'm still hopeful. I'm moving on the string option! Wish me luck!

Lavender Oil
Posted by Cori (Plainfield, Nj) on 05/11/2010

I had an annoying skin tag right near the inside corner of my eye. It was about 1/8" and I was beginning to be able to see it. I used straight lavender oil because I often use it for skin problems and I prefer the scent. It worked within a few days. Just be very careful around sensitive tissue like eyes and genitals. What a relief!

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Karen (Channel Islands, Uk) on 05/06/2010

skin tag cures

For me, the most successful was the cotton-tying method. Tried the iodine and tea tree oil without success. The cotton method worked well, and within just a few days the tags had discoloured, dried and fallen off-amazing! You have to take the time to tie the cotton just right, and I left quite long strings, so that I could pull it a little tighter, after a while. You can tell within a few hours if you have tied it correctly, as it starts to discolour, and 'picks' a bit. If not, take it off and tie again-it's worth the small effort. I had about 10 fairly prominent tags around my neck which have gone, and no scarring! An excellent remedy-thank you!

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Cynthia (Jacksonville, Alabama) on 04/19/2010

I had a skin tag that eventually grew to about the size of a lentil behind my ear on my neck. I tried a lot of things of what ppl have put on here, including putting aspirin paste and a bandaid, acv, and even calcium mixed with lemon juice which normally works very well for blemishes. I tried tying a piece of thread on it tighter and tighter every few days for 2 weeks. It just got bigger and bigger and looked like a giant swollen tick. Finally I bit the bone and did what some have said on here and had my husband cut it off with a razor blade after I put some ice on it to numb it a little. He was scared to do and and wouldn't at first, but after 3 more days, I forced him. It took a micro second and hurt less than anything you can imagine. Just a tiny scratch and boy what a relief. The thread had made the connection of it to my neck extremely small, but my hubby couldn't tell that until he cut it off. Boy was that a relief to have that annoying thing gone, and have a flat smooth neck again. It didn't even bleed hardly a speck . Believe me, that was an experience. Thanks to this site and everyone with their sharing. Next time, I'll probably just cut them off, it's not worth all the trouble. I'd been living with that for years, it was SO nice to have it finally gone! Bless you all~

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Mikex (Sacramento, Califonia) on 12/08/2009

Skin Tag Removal..2 methods

I used to have skin tags on an off from my teen years thru my 30's. But I discovered 2 good solutions on my own.

The first; I used to tie off the base or root of the tag with sewing thread. You can do this by yourself. Make a "loop" in a long piece of sewing thread. Then you put it over the tag. Pull the tag away from your body with tweezers and then pull the string real tight. At this point you can make a second loop and double it around he base of the tag, making a knot. It cut off the circulation of nutrients/blood to the skin that the tag was made of. They turned black and drop off in 3-4 days.

The second, fast method; Hold the tag away from your body with tweezers. Heat an exacto blade over a candle flame until it is red hot. Slice off the tag at the root. It's a small area and pretty painless. The red hot exacto blade cauterizes the cut. This works great. You can get rid of them all very quickly with not much inconvenience and no waiting .

I never had any marks or scarring from either method.

Posted by Alice (Scottsdale, Az) on 11/05/2009

I don't recall anyone telling someone to scrape their skin tags with a knife. Maybe you infected it and inflamed it by doing so. It would appear that most people applied it to untouched and un-wounded skin tags, using band-aids, etc.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Barbara (Concord, California) on 10/23/2009

I had a skin tag right at the corner of my mouth. Not only was it ugly, it hurt and was impossible to ignore. I couldn't get my health care provider to pony up to pay to remove it (it is apparently considered a cosmetic procedure, even if it was causing me physical pain, that's a WHOLE OTHER topic) - after finding this website, I decided to be brave. I applied undiluted Tea Tree oil to the tag, and within 2 days the tag had turned to a blister, and after 2 weeks, the tag was COMPLETELY GONE. I am completely sold on this stuff, its a miracle. Note: I think straight tea tree oil was a bit harsh, because it made the area really sore. However, there is no scar or anything left of the tag.

Nail Polish
Posted by Kelly (Erie, Pa) on 09/07/2009

You can either remove the dried nail polish or apply it right over it if it's still mostly stuck on there. Yes, it normally feels tingly after you put it on ..

Posted by Leelannee (Sussex, Nj) on 08/31/2009

For anyone concerned about irritating the surrounding skin: dip a cotton swab in oil, draw a circle around the skin tag, apply your remedy to the skin tag ONLY (with a q-tip or by using a band-aid)

I had 3 skin tags on my neck, treated all 3 with iodine (I use a natural, clear supplement that has 600mcg iodine per drop).

Two of the skin tags were very tender, so I did not want to try the nail clippers!!!

#1) I put 3 drops of iodine on the pad of a band-aid & applied to skin tag. It burned for a few minutes. When I removed the band-aid 3 hours later, the skin tag had turned grey & lost all sensation (it was irritated just prior to treatment); I was able to pull it off with tweezers with no pain or bleeding. There was a square of reddened skin that returned to normal within 48 hours.

#2) I repeated the above but left the band-aid on overnight. This tag was on the back of my neck & slightly larger. When I removed the band-aid, the tag had again become painless & I was able to pull it off, but there was slight bleeding which stopped immediately upon being blotted with tissue. This time I had a dark line-shaped "burn" from the iodine, the size of the edge of the pad. In less than a week it has faded.

#3) I painted oil around the 3rd tag before applying the iodine-on-a-band-aid. This tag was not painful. After 3 hours, pulled tag off with tweezers, no irritation on surrounding skin!

I just wanted to pass this along because many posters are reporting that they had to paint their tags for several days, and mine came off within hours. However, mine were quite small. Good luck!

Nail Polish
Posted by Umm (Madina, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia) on 08/25/2009

please did you remove the dried layer before the next application or you just kept putting it on it? also, is it normal for it to sting for some minutes?

Nail Polish
Posted by Kelly (Erie, PA) on 07/28/2009

I used clear nail polish on my skin tags and they dried up & fell off. Put clear nail poilish on each skin tag once or twice a day till it falls off .. could take 4-10 days depending on the size of the tag, but it really works!

Posted by Victoria (Rumson, NJ) on 07/26/2009

Blood Root helped elminated skin tags

I have an Bloodroot Extract that has a dry herb strength of 1.4 other ingredients are 55% grape alchol and filtered water.

I have applied the extract directly to skin tags via a Q-tip and also make a tinture out of this to take internally. I use 1 quart warm water with 15 drops of the extract.

My skin tags have both falling off and shrunk - I have been using externally for about a year.

I also noticed that when I started drinking lemon water, they seemed to shrink even more. They used to "sprout" out, now the remaining ones are much closer to the skin.

I haven't been particularly agressive with the treatment, but it certain does work. With this extract, there really is no topical skin burning, however the tags that have fallen off did get swollen and itchy before they "let go".

As to the internal, I can say when I sip the tinture tea, you do get kind of physical "buzz" from it - it must be working!

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Anonymous (San Francisco, CA) on 06/28/2009

OK - I tried the string and iodine - it did help the tag turn dark but it would not remove. So, I mustered enough courage to do it one day right near the armpit. I wanted to remove this one because I could not wear tank tops, etc. I agree with the others - use alcohol and keep everything clean. You do feel a pinch but it is not that bad (I will use ice next time). I placed a band aid over it and the next morning it is fine. Thanks again.

Posted by Tara (Palmerston North, New Zealand) on 06/23/2009

I applied lugols iodine a few times (or when I remembered) on a small skin tag under my arm (that I'd had for a few years) and always had to shave around. I then suddenly noticed about 3 weeks later it was gone! I then tried another skin tag and this time applied a drop or so every day and this time watched it gradually disapear over another period of about 3 weeks. Yeah! No more skin tags!

Nail Polish
Posted by Gojan (Phoenix, AZ) on 06/10/2009

Putting nail polish on a skin tag will kill it in a few days. Make sure you get it around the neck of the tag so it hardens and chokes it off. If the color of the polish bothers you, put a band aid on it or make up a good story.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Alexandra (Ottawa, Canada) on 05/11/2009

I just wanted to re-affirm the fact that a string tied around a skin tag does work! I used dental floss around a skin tag under my arm that I had for years. I left it on for three days and on the fourth day it turned black and just fell off. It did not even leave a mark. I wish I knew about this earlier. It was not painful at all and worked great! I would recommend tying a string around a skin tag to remove it any day. Thanks Earth Clinic! No more skin tags!!!

Posted by Tina (Edgecomb, Maine USA) on 02/24/2009

Iodine has taken care of my skin tags - Ive been using it for about a week on several small tags around my neck and upper chest (treating them once a day )and they're going or gone. - I'm telling everyone about your site I think it's wonderful

Skin Tag Theories
Posted by Lola (Fairfax, VA) on 02/22/2009

There's been some studies that show skin tags being associated with the body not being able process insulin correctly. I have PCOS, a condition that causes insulin resistance among many other symptoms. Many women that I know with this condition have skin tags, and so do many other people who are pre diabetic or have syndrome x which is also related to the body not being able to process sugar and insulin correctly. Having large amount of heavy metals in the body may also cause it, but I have been using natural deodorants for years and still get them.

Dry Ice
Posted by Scott (East Texas, Texas) on 02/09/2009

Skin Tags -- Dry Ice! It is so simple, yet you must be careful with it. I discovered the use of Dry Ice when I was searching for the cause and cure for "little blood blisters" on my scrotum. I found someone who said that breaking dry ice into slivers and putting the end of a sliver directly on a blood blister and then counting..."one thousand one, one thousand two...all the way to one thousand five" gave the time to "fix" it. About five days later, the blood blister had dried up, and finally fell off. The skin underneath was lighter in color after the scab fell off. But, the final result was phenomenal. I was embarrassed, not anymore. Anyhow, After my success with blood blisters on my scrotum, I decided to try dry ice on my wifes skin tags under her arms. They were ugly, some were large. I put the points of dry ice directly on the skin tags and pressed down firmly for about 5 seconds. After about 8 to 10 days, they dried up and fell off. You will have slight scarring which lightens up over several months, but the skin tags have not came back.


You can get dry ice at your local grocer. for less than a dollar, you will have enought to "freeze" your tags and blisters and play with the rest. I haven't tried this on moles, but it may work as well there. Try this on one or two areas not seen outside of your clothing, and see how it works out for you. God Bless!

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