Natural Skin Tag Removal: 7 Home Remedies for Skin Tags

| Modified on Sep 02, 2023
Castor Oil
Posted by Debbie (New South Wales) on 12/22/2021

I have / had A LOT of anal skin tags that were left over after I have FINALLY successfully treated my decade old hemorrhoids that would likely have been chronic (if the underlying cause hadn't been identified and treated). I am currently treating these skin tags with castor oil. Before I get into how I'm treating my anal skin tags, I'll give you a story I got them.

- I have attempted to treat my hemorrhoids via multiple natural means unsuccessfully for about 10 years. They only gradually became worse over time despite my attempts to treat them on my own. I have spoken to my GP before from time to time about this issue, but I often feel like he doesn't take my hemorrhoid problems seriously (possibly because I look young and healthy). Whenever I do see him about this issue, he just gives me generic advice about adding more fiber to my diet and prescribing ointments or creams that at best only provides temporary relief.

- It is only when I was in ALOT of pain (where I wasn't even able to sit or lie down without crying in pain) that my GP finally referred me to lady doctor to check out the condition of my hemorrhoids, who then referred me to a gastroenterologist. It was then that I was diagnosed with prolapsed thrombosed hemorrhoids. He recommended a colonoscopy and banding surgery to fix the issue.

- The wait in between waiting to see the doctor, then the gastroenterologist and then finally the scheduled surgery was excruciatingly painful. That period lasted for months. During that time, I had to postpone any plans to work or study. All I could do is stay at home, manage my condition via sitz baths, adjust my diet and toilet habits to minimise any pain from doing a no.2 and continue attempting to treat my hemorrhoids during the wait. I had asked why I had to wait such a long time to get my problem sorted. The reason I was given was that hemorrhoids are not a life threatening disease, therefore are not a priority for treatment. Not to mention that I'm fairly healthy otherwise.

- During the wait, I was introduced a acupuncturist who had successfully treated other people to had hemorrhoids. He was able to identify the underlying cause to my condition and used acupuncture to treat it. This, along with adjusting my diet (to include probiotics, fruits and vegetables) and adjusting my toileting position to avoid straining, eventually made my bowel movements easier and painless. I cancelled my scheduled surgery in favor of doing the acupuncture treatment, since waiting for the surgery seems to be taking so long and the acupuncture treatment seems fairly successful.

After the acupuncture treatment, I thought I still had hemorrhoids, despite my bowel movements being a lot easier and painless. I still had flesh coming out of my anus and I still have difficultly cleaning the anal area or sitting comfortably on it. At first, I tried diluted apple cider vinegar to treat the flesh. They did slowly get smaller but I didn't enjoy this treatment and it didn't do much for me aside to giving me an uncomfortable burning sensation. Later, I tried just simply applying castor oil to the flesh after reading the posts about castor oil for hemorrhoids on earth clinic. The castor oil seems like a gentler and more effective treatment than apple cider vinegar. I was able to get rid of more of the extra fleshy part of the anal area over time but I still couldn't get rid of it completely.

It wasn't until later that I worked out that these weren't hemorrhoids anymore, but skin tags in the anal area. Because I already seem to have some success with castor oil for treatment, I decided to so some internet research about using castor oil to treat anal skin tags. I learnt that castor oil has the ability to drain moisture from skin tags, causing it to shrink and die off when it is in contact with it. The internet also mentioned that mixing it with baking soda makes the castor oil more effective.

I did try castor oil and baking soda together once only to get a stinging sensation in the anal area. So I decided to just use castor oil on its own. However, instead of just simply applying it to the anal skin tags, what I decided do recently is get some toilet paper, saturate one side with the castor oil and wrap it around the skin tags to ensure that it is constantly in contact with the castor oil all day and night (and changing the toilet paper and castor oil 3 times per day).

- I've been doing the castor oil with toilet paper treatment for about 10 days now. My skin tags were huge and uncomfortable at the start of those 10 days. Now they're a lot smaller and barely noticeable. I still have some skin tags left over, but castor oil as a treatment for anal skin tag removal has been very successful so far. I'll keep going with this for now and hopefully they will disappear.

Vitamin C
Posted by Jean J. (Wheeling, Il) on 10/19/2018

Mix the contents of 2 1,000mg capsules of vitamin C with a drop or two of water. Apply to skin tag 3 times a day. Skin tags will be gone within a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lamotz76 (Ohio, US) on 07/26/2014

I have had this skin tag on my underarm for years. I thought I was stuck with it. It was bothersome because of shaving. Well I nicked it a couple days ago and decided to make an appointment to get it removed. But then had a thought to look on earth clinic. I tried ACV with much skepticism last night. I soaked gauze in ACV for about 20 minutes. and again this morning. A little while ago I peeked at it. It was black and shriveled. I touched it , it rubbed right off!! I am a believer!! ACV is slightly irritating, not too much. I won't be needing that appointment!!

Posted by RM (Montana) on 01/09/2022

50 year old male. Got some cheap povidone and applied a couple of times a day to the skin tag with a cotton swap. Just a red spot left after a few days.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Andrew (Cambridge) on 09/28/2015

For a fast and easy solution, pick up some apple cider vinegar from your local supermarket. You should have no trouble finding it, because it is a common cooking ingredient. In fact, if you Google the words apple cider vinegar, you will find that there are thousands of results relating to home remedies of all shapes and sizes apple cider vinegar is extremely versatile.

It works for getting rid of skin tags because it is so acidic. However, this does mean that it should never be used to eradicate skin tags on or around the eyes. For effective removal, all you have to do is carefully clean the area in question just do this as you usually would, with a mix of mild soap and water.

Once completely dry, dab a cotton ball in a small bowl of apple cider vinegar. Use your fingertips to squeeze out the excess liquid and then hold the cotton ball firm against the skin tag. You need to keep it there for approximately 10-15 minutes, so it could be useful to stick it to the skin with a bandage or plaster and then get on with another task.

To start getting rid of skin tags on your body, you need to do this three times every day for a 1-2 weeks (or until you can see the bit of skin start to darken in color, shrivel, and then fall off. There should be no pain involved with this home remedy, but if you do have any small cuts or scratches around the area which you are treating, you might find that the apple cider vinegar stings a little.

I had this problem in the past and I want to share some of my experiences.

All the best, Andrew

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lb (Oregon, US) on 06/08/2014

Hi, I came across this site and can't tell you how excited I am I tried the apple cider vinegar for removal of a skin tag I had under my arm for YEARS. I hated it and wanted to try another method other than snipping it off. I used regular Apple Cider Vinegar from the store - nothing special. It took mine just under 2 weeks to work. I wet a cotton ball with the vinegar and held it under my arm for about 5 minutes 3x a day. After a couple of days, the tag would turn white right after applying vinegar and then would be deep red. The stuff just disintegrates them - sometimes would sting a little, but not bad. Slowly parts of it turned black. At the end, it had shrunk and turned black and then one day I just pulled it off. So easy! Wish I'd done it long ago. It works!!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Shawn Marhsall (Raleigh, Nc) on 03/14/2014

Oh My Gosh!!! All of my co-workers called me crazy!! Or cheap because I was trying this. First maybe I am cheap but I would much rather spend my $25.00 co-pay on a cute pair of wedges.... Ever since I turned 40 a few months ago it seems like about four of those hideous things just popped up over night!! I was so embarrassed by them. Let me just say I only did a test run on just one that was located right above my collar bone and I have only been doing it for one and a half days. I put the ACV on a cotton ball and kept it in place with a band-aid once in the morning and one time last night before bed, I put fresh on on this morning, and that sucker is almost gone. I figure maybe another day and a half and no more ugly!!! I a a true believer in this method!!!!

Zinc Sulfate
Posted by Cdawson (Sc) on 08/25/2017

When my son had a wart that wouldn't go away through over the counter meds and then freezing, I went to a dermatologist. She suggested Zinc Sulfate. In two day his wart of 4 years was gone. I began taking the supplement to see if it would boost my immunity, I have Crohns and Arthritis. A surprise! After a few weeks, the several skin tags around my eyes were gone!!! I looked one day, and they were not there!!! I continue to take this supplement because skin tags run rampent in my family. I do have one very tiny one on my eyelids that is not noticable unless you really look and I'm wearing eyeliner. Zinc Sulfate tablets have worked for me!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dee (Melbourne) on 12/17/2013

I want to share my story. I had that skin tag on my eyelid for the last five years. Use to annoy me a lot because I could never put eyeliner straight. So after reading here on this website I started pressing and kind of squeezing the bottom of skin tag where it was on my eyelid for a week then I put apple cider vinegar for maximum five times carefully not getting into my eye and voila it came off itself.. Am so pleased and amazed.. This site is truly amazing and people who taking their time out to help others.. Thank you so much everybody.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Lilli (Kenmore, Wa) on 06/13/2013

I had to write and thank everyone on the site for yet another great remedy.

I have several skin tags. Most are flat, but a few were raised and itchy. I have to say that I put off dealing with them for quite awhile, but finally got up the nerve to try the string method.

I cleaned the three tags with alcohol. Then, I used plain white sewing thread to form a loop around each and tightened it as much as I could stand. After a few days I repeated the string because the tags shrink and you want to continue cutting off the blood supply. On the fourth day, one had almost fallen off so I clipped it with sterilized scissors. It bled a tiny bit so I swabbed it with alcohol, dabbed on some anti-bac cream and covered it with a bandaid. I was more patient with the other two and they just fell off with no bleeding.

What a simple solution to an annoying problem.

I would appreciate input on flat skin tags that cannot be tied with string. thanks.

Moxa Mini-Cones
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 03/08/2022

Moxa Mini-Cones (Korean) for Skin Tags

Back in the early-mid 1980's, I had a skin lesion that was not responding to conventional treatment. I showed it to my Aunt and she put this “mini cigarette looking thing with a sticky cushion on one side” (I later learned it was called a mini-moxa used in Chinese medicine). She stuck it over the lesion and lit the cigarette and it burned for about 5 minutes. Stung alittle bite at the end of the burn cycle then she removed it and it left a brownish stain on my skin. A few days later, the skin lesion was gone.

Fast forward 40 years to today, I bought some mini-moxa online. I am using them for flat warts(?) I think that they are not responding to any treatment. Mini-moxa sticks contain mugwort, wormwood and sage.

A friend of mine was complaining about the skin tags he had around his neck. I looked at them and determined that the mini-moxa sticks would fit over them.

Here are the results from just one 5 minute treatment:

Day 2: Tags turned a white color.

Day 3: Tags turned black and hard.

Day 6: Tags fell off!

Video: What is Moxa sticks & How to use it

Cotton String and Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tanja (Los Angeles, CA) on 12/30/2020

I have had this large hanging skin tag in the front of my shoulder for at least a decade and I tried removing it several times in the past years with iodine, apple cider vinegar and even 35% hydrogen peroxide and a tooth floss tied around it. I tried all the remedies from here and I could not get it to work.

Last week I got so sick of it I tied floss around it - soaked it in iodine and apple cider vinegar alternating the two and it just got irritated and got bigger - DAAAMN. Clearly the floss was not cutting off the blood circulation to the tag (and I knew that since I had tried it before....).

BUT THEN I took REGULAR COTTON STRING (like the kind you sew clothes with) and tied that underneath the floss closest to the root of the tag and THAT was the thing that changed everything.

I tied it tight and within 12 hours the tag had started to turn black.

In order to speed up the process. I also soaked a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and taped it on the skin tag for several hours each day and TODAY, THREE DAYS AFTER TYING THE STRING THE SKIN TAG FELL OFF.

I AM SO HAPPY IT IS GONE OMG! . So USE REGULAR COTTON STRING TO CUT OFF THE BLOOD SUPPLY AND SOAK THE TAG IN APPLE CIDER VINEGAR SEVERAL TIMES A DAY AND SAY BYE BYE TO BIG SKIN TAGS. My skin did get red from the apple cider vinegar but it will heal but you definitely can use vaseline to protect the base of the skin if you have irritated skin.


Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Aforrester (London) on 06/03/2020

Lugol's iodine is great for skin tags. I had 5 pop up after going out in the sun getting some vit d top up. I recently purchased a 1940s violet ray tesla device and it had a little glass wand so I gave them all a dose of nikola tesla electricity they changed colour I then finished off with a dab of lugol's on each one. lugols will work alone but you have to dab on 4 times a day. the violet ray just speeds things along violet ray device can be used for many different ailments

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Katzie (Alberta) on 04/13/2018

Unfortunately, the ACV was pressed up against very delicate skin for way too long. ACV on a q-tip for a few minutes would have been better. The skin will heal, but you could help it along with some soothing, healing Castor Oil. Rub a small drop or two on the area 2x/day and you should be feeling better soon. Good luck!

Posted by Stuman (Oceanside, Ca) on 12/29/2016

Lugol's iodine 5% does remove the skin tags but for me it took over a week of daily application for them to fall off. I put a mini-drop on each skin tag and let it dry to allow the iodine to concentrate on the skin tag. Sometimes the iodine burns but not always.

I believe the skin tags to be caused by a virus because dry ice will remove skin tags. This technique has more risk due to possible freezer burn of the surrounding skin.

Under the thread skin tag theory I found sugar may be the cause. I thought this was important so I'm posting here as well.

It's Dec 29 and I just noticed some new skin tags on my neck. One in particular is large and itchy; it wasn't there last month. The association between sugar and skin tags seems to be true for my body type. During this holiday season, I've been drinking ginger beer soda and eating other foods loaded with sugar.

Posted by Nancy (Buena Vista, Co) on 06/26/2016 1 posts

Suffering from skin tags over my life, I thought I would add what I think on the subject. They are caused by the herpes virus in your body, which is in 98 percent of the population. Always use Vaseline to protect your good skin underneath. Once I tried to remove a lump of skin that was in my mouth, pressurized there from wearing braces, detached the corner of my mouth which has been very disfiguring and impossible to fix so far. I try to plump that area with glycerin and exercise. Viruses travel in one direction in the body and you will notice that oftentimes skin tags lean also in one common direction.

I think that applying iodine to skin tags is a great way to introduce iodine into the bloodstream thereby reaching the virus which lives at the base of your spine, manifesting itself as chicken pox, mononucleosis.shingles and in two percent of the population throat cancer.

Be careful with overdosing we all have a "full tank " capacity when it comes to muradic. acid/ iodine. God bless you!

P.s. T he thyroid regulates the level of iodine to cleanse the blood and calcium to provide energy to the body through the blood so get enough calcium or your blood will leach your teeth and bones to get enough.

Lavender or Garlic Oil
Posted by Eva (Chicago) on 04/21/2016

For skin tags, use Lavender 100% essential oil or 100% garlic oil. The skin tags have roots, feeding off of your capillary blood. These oils kill the roots. Garlic is stronger then Lavender both they both work. Google : what essentials oils remove skin tags?