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Facial Exercises
Posted by Jessica (Bavaria, Germany) on 06/18/2008

I found a really great site here:

EC: Someone sent us this link last week...

Facial Exercises
Posted by Lampardtroy (Austin, Texas, United States) on 02/16/2012

Try some homemade remedies. They have awesome efforts to nourish skin. You can try like mixture of rose water and glycerin is effectual moisturizer. Use it daily. It will give better results.

Lifestyle Choices
Posted by Desiree (Tampa, FL) on 05/28/2008

I am 42 and people say I look like I am in my early 30's and some say late 20's. I think this is partially in the genes. I am Indian origin and the women in my family age gracefully. I use sunscreen daily in my moisturizer (30 SPF). My daily regiment includes an eye cream, moisturizer with SPF and cleansing with a foaming cleanser. I use Aveeno products to moisturize and cleanse. I drink lots of water. I also wear good sun glasses and never expose my face to direct sunlight.

Stephanie's Remedies
Posted by Maeryn (Calgary, Ab) on 12/06/2009

Hi Stephanie, what type of skin do you have? I have combination skin. oily in T -zone, dry on cheeks. Just wondering what skin type this treatment would work best with. Thanks!!

Grapeseed Oil
Posted by Stella (C, OH) on 05/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I would just like to put in a Yea! For Grapeseed oil. I am 37 yrs old and I suffered from a bad skin condition on my face and body for over 2 Loong years. The dermatologist said it was adult acne but I'm not so sure. I had tried many natural & chemical based products to the point of exhaustion until I finally found a brand that worked to where I could have my life back but my skin was still always on that verge of a break out at anytime. Anyway - about a month ago my husband was at the health store and I asked him to buy grapefruit extract but by mistake he bought Grapeseed oil. Well Grapeseed oil was one of the few things that I did not try on my face so I thought since I had it I would try it. UnBelievable Is all I can Say. This stuff is so good it took my skin to the next level. I don't even use my usual face cream anymore. If you have acne or sensitive skin. Try Grapeseed Oil It's awesome! It works! I love it! My skin is rosy and does not break out. I also know you can mix it with other oils for added benefits but I haven't tried that yet. Yea! For Grapeseed Oil.

Grapeseed Oil
Posted by Annie (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/18/2008

Hi all just want to no if anyone is using Grapeseed oil for there skin and if so is it grapeseed cookin oil as that is all i have come across and don't know if that's the one there talkin about for skin would be gratefull if someone could help me out. Thankyou

Grapeseed Oil
Posted by Stella (OH) on 08/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Annie, the kind of Grapeseed oil that I have been using is a brand called "Now" bought at GNC as well as other places on the internet. It is 100% pure. There are also other brands out there, I'm not sure which is the Best brand. I use it on my face (a small amount), on salads and for cooking too. I have been using it since I posted and I still have very few breakouts. Hope it works for you! - here is a link to what it looks like. Good Luck.

Facial Exercises
Posted by Trish (Kansas City, MO) on 04/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Try doing facial exercises on a daily basis. I don't know if there are any good sites with an entire 'program' for free, but I recently purchased a program online for about $20.00 which includes exercises for forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles and bags under the eyes, droopy eyelids, the 'smile' line around the mouth, wrinkles around the lips, and 'turkey neck' sagging. I have done the exercises for two days now and can already notice a very slight difference in the forehead. I only have fine lines as I'm still a few years from turning 30, but I am definitely seeing a slight difference. The exercises, if done properly, work as the muscles in the face become stronger and more defined and start to 'push' the wrinkles out. The more defined muscles will soon start to lift sagging skin, such as over the eyes, giving your face a more youthful appearance. Some 'professionals' in skin care will tell you that the exercises will actually exagerate aging, but that's far from the truth. According to what I've read, if you have deep wrinkles, such as forehead lines, as the muscles becomes stronger it's actually going to sort of stretch out the wrinkles, making them appear wider. But they will eventually get 'pushed' out as the muscle grows and becomes more defined. I have also read that dabbing lemon juice around the eyes can reduce the look of lines and crow's feet. It may take a few weeks for visible results.

EC: Jack LaLane has been doing facial exercises for decades and at 93, he looks amazingly youthful. Check out YouTube for an interview filmed last year on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Hyaluronic Acid
Posted by Karen (High Point, Nc) on 10/05/2012

Have you tried diatomaceous earth (food grade?) It is supposed to help skin, hair and nails.

Posted by Veronica (Wichita, Kansas) on 03/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone. I am 22 years old and since I was about 16 I have been doing this, right out of the fridge. I use mayonnaise, put a thin layer over your face, leave on for 10 minutes. Then using your fingers rub it off. The mayo will form balls of dead skin and you rub off the mayo. Then rinse thoroughly. I like to do this right before I jump in the shower. If you do this enough It will be almostt like a mini chemical peel and you will keep regenerating new cells. Everywhere I go people think im 16 still they are so surprised when I tell them im 22! Also dont forget to use sunscreen daily! especially in the winter the suns rays can be stronger as they bounce off the snow. Eat healthy.

Posted by David (Xenia, Oh) on 04/02/2011

can you use miracle whip?

Rose Water, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Altaire (Lindsay, Canada) on 03/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have never had such clear skin as when I lived in India ... I would buy a large bottle of pure Rose Water ... I would wash with that only. Clearest skin ever. Supermarkets do sell pure Rose Water (no glycerin) here in the spices aisles usually ... much cheaper than health food stores. Test different kinds as brands seem to have different strengths. Pour rose water in your hand and splash on face.

Also Super Silver (colloidal) is incredible for healing your face (inside and out) or any other part of you.

Lye Soap
Posted by Lawanda (Tampa, FL) on 03/01/2008
4 out of 5 stars

Younger Looking Skin - I use these products - Are They Safe to Use On My Face?

I wash my face with Lye Soap. Why? I saw a picture of my grandmother and her sisters as teenagers and none of them had acne, I asked her what they used she said "We were poor, all we had was lye soap mama made." Then I cut a lemon in half squeeze the juice in a wash rag and pat my entire face with it. I Let it soak in for maybe 1-2 mins. Then if I'm staying home cover my face in extra virgin olive oil, If I going out I pat light dabs of the oil on (so I just look dewy) My main concern is the Lye soap. I think in this regamin I cover cleaning, toneing and moister. I wanted to recomend it to a frind but I'm not sure if it is good advice?

Tammi's Fountain of Youth Mask
Posted by KSK (Union City, CA) on 03/04/2008

Hi Ted and Friends, I want to try Tammi's fountain of youth mask. But what is black seed oil? Could you please explain where can I get neem powder and black seed oil? Thanks in advance, Ksk

Tammi's Fountain of Youth Mask
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, TN) on 03/08/2008 509 posts

Hi Tami, How often do you use your Fountain of youth mask?

Fountain of Youth Mask
Posted by Deliz (Powell River, B.c.) on 08/26/2009

re black seed oil- i get mine at to mention a website, but after looking high and low ,its the only place i could get it.btw,its wonderful stuff!

Fountain of Youth Mask
Posted by Bhagya (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India) on 02/02/2010

where i get black seed oil and neem powder and what is acv

EC: Acv is apple cider vinegar.

Eliminate Chemicals
Posted by Jackie (grand rapids, minnesota) on 01/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Since introduced to this site, i have eliminated chemicals wherever possible. first, i stopped all anti-aging products on face and got rid of fluoride toothpaste. i cleanse with bkg soda and use jaboba oil or vegetable gycerine with drop of essential oil for moisturizer sometimes castor oil around the eyes.use minimal amt of non animal tested pressed powder blush and eyeliner. i indeed look younger and soft and my eyesight has improved. i think the antiaging products might be absorbed into the eye itself or into the blood vessels. any thoughts on this? my skin is much better.

Facial Exercises
Posted by Louise (Ocean Grove, Australia) on 01/28/2008


I originally used the chart and workout found in "The Natural Facelift" by Joseph Corvo. I always followed the acupressure workout but didn't really like the facial exercises. Another facial acupressure chart and routine can be found in "Eva Fraser's Facial Workout" by Eva Fraser. I do some of her exercises and prefer them. There are also much less detailed facial acupressure charts in the following two books "The Natural Face Book" by Juliette Kando and "The 10 Minute Facelift" by Tessa Thomas. All four of the books have their merits. In order I would choose the Eva Fraser, followed by the Joseph Korvo, then Juliette Kando and lastly Tessa Thomas.

Before buying anything get people to check their local library first. My local library has two of these. Then Ebay for the best prices before checking with Amazon. For instance the Joseph Corvo book is out of print and normally sells for a pretty steep price, so as all the books have their merits, go for the one which is most readily available first.

There are also hundreds of websites offering free facial exercises. Here, in my opinion, are two of the best:

This guy is selling nothing and the eye exercise in particular really works. It doesn't just tighten up the eye, but seems to help lift the upper cheek area.

These people are selling a range of skin products, but the exercises are well explained.

Hope this helps. it might be an idea to post links to the two websites, that may cut down on the number of questions you receive.

Posted by Tilly (Sussex, UK) on 01/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

What keeps wrinkles at bay. I have Ehlers_Danlos Syndrome and most people with this condition have very youthful looks. I definitely wouldn't recommend a genetic defect to keep you looking young but it does help ;) No, but seriously, make your own soap, I do, and everybody who uses it always comes back for more. I only use sunflower oil or olive oil to make it with, far better than the animal fat they use commercially. Also home made soap still has the glycerin left in which commercial soap doesn't . Namaste x

Posted by Che (Roxas City, Phil) on 01/24/2009

Hello Tilly, I'm an avid fan of this site. Canyou please share to me your recipe for your soap which is oil based? Pls include the proportion of your ingridients. I want to try yout formula. Thanks a lot, Che

Colloidal Silver
Posted by gabi (toronto, canada) on 01/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: good skin after 50. I love to read your remedies. They are very useful. I have a few for skin (face). For all kinds of acnes or boils and blemishes the best and always working is "silver water". Apply only once over affected area and give it up to 3 days. The worst boil will die!. I use colloidal silver water in spray bottle. The best bottle is after hair spray (very fine spray/mist). Another tip is using fresh lemon juice to moisturize. It works also better than the best scrubbing cream, Removes skin discolorations! I also drink fresh lemon juice every day. My skin is even, smooth and has good elasticity. PH balance is perfect and I never have any colds or flu! During winter I use coconut oil and sometimes neem oil on problem areas. I started WATER CURE2 and it makes big difference! I am going to try black strap molasses and ACV. Does anybody know receipe for enema with black strap molasses? Is wonderful to help bad constipation. It helps when doctor has no other advice than "digital treatment"! It is: 3 tbs per one glass of lukewarm water. Is safe and very beneficial because of mineral contents. I am collecting home remedies with the idea to put all of them together in a book. It you have anything simple and easy to do or use, not expensive, please email me! Thank you

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Shygirllatina (Sun City, Ca) on 05/28/2009

How much collodial silver do you use in how much water?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Joni (Madison, Wi.) on 02/22/2011

Detoxing Clay Powder is great for your body and face.

Pure Shea Butter
Posted by Diana (Vinings, GA) on 01/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using pure shea butter on my hands and cracked feet since the weather turned cool. I also apply it around my nose to help cracked, peeling skin from contact dermatitis. It is one of the few moisturizers that doesn't aggravate the condition! Well, recently I ran out of my expensive Q10 face cream and decided, it being winter and my skin being dry, that I would use the shea butter on the rest of my face. So I took about a dime size from the container and rubbed it in my palms, (it is solid and needs to be "melted") and then massaged it into my skin. The next day I noticed that my pores were visibly smaller! I have continued to do this each night to see what happens.. I wake up in the morning with my face glowing and it is not my imagination, my pores are smaller. I really massage the butter into my skin with small circular movements -- my face gets a little red from the increase of circulation from the massage. I am not sure I can keep using shea butter in hot summer months (too oily) but certainly during cool weather! My bottle of shea butter cost about $4.00. I will let you know if my forehead creases disappear. So far, the lines around my eyes are less noticeable, but no such luck on the forehead!

Nancy's Youth Formula
Posted by Nancy (Brunswick, GA) on 12/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Here is my "Fountain Of Youth" Formula:

Mix a 1/4 cup of Aloe Vera
Add a soft gel capsule Hyaluronic Acid
Add 1 CoQ-10 soft gel capsule
Add 2 Vitamin A soft gel capsule
Add 1 Vitamin E capsule (recently added)
Spend 1 hour at least applying this.

Apply in a circular motion pulling skin lightly away from deep wrinkles, so you can get this deep into the problem areas.

WARNING: Your skin will turn red almost immediately, and if you have problem acne you should test a small area first.

Make sure you apply this evenly to your face and neck (unless testing for reaction.)
When this starts to work you want all of the benefits so be sure that you get close to and under the ear, also close to the hairline.

Don't just slap this on your face and expect it to work, You have to spend a bit of time applying this.

Can be Applied to lips and the back of neck.
Make sure you close your pores with a cold cloth lightly applied, don't rub. For best results apply warm cloth to face before applying to open pores.

Added Tip: Always apply a cold cloth to your face and neck after showering etc to close pores and lock in moisture.

I have noticed a "SIGNIFICANT" reduction of fine lines and deep wrinkles. I
have laugh lines and since using this I have noticed that when I smile now the line does not extend to half of my face, Smile is only around my mouth.
My skin has changed considerably to have such a dramatic occurrence.
( Vitamin E was recently added, so these changes did not include Vitamin E )

For more information about why I chose these vitamins, please visit my website:

Nancy's Mask
Posted by Nancy (USA) on 03/21/2008

I bought a Liter of hyaluronic acid, Highest grade you can buy that will absorb into the skin. It cost $150. Should last a long time.As far as the beauty formula, That is a bit frustrating. 7 or 8 women from Earth clinic site have emailed me and have tried it.( I Think)No one has email me back with results. Maybe they are disappointed, I wish they'd tell me so.People complain about the time it takes to apply, Because I tell them to spend at least an hour on their face.Maybe I'm wrong but feel that it took a bit of time for a wrinkle to appear and if you don't work on it ,trying to reverse the affects,' then it's a waste of time.Personally,' I love the stuff, and couldn't imagine not having it as my beauty regime.I can't imagine why someone would not feel the same, as all the great ingredients in expensive beauty creams are in my cream.
I have literally spent hours, slathering this on my face and the wrinkles have diminished, not so course looking, not as deep and tighter skin. No more bags under my eyes. I thought these results were maybe my imagination, so I stopped using it for a week, then started doing it again.I get results instantly but some changes have taken awhile. I guess it is a bit like botox while its on the skin.I literally have no sagging skin on my neck when I turn my head!I used to pull the ear & cheek area back, which would smooth out the smile lines, although I still do this, I only do it to see how significant the changes are. I pull less skin in this area, I have not gained weight, actually I have lost a few pounds.Another change I have noticed is my whole body is softer, I use nothing, no creams or lotions on my body. This remedy has absorbed and hopefully I'll see some significant changes besides just the soft skin. I would love some feedback from others on this massage formula, please email me your results whether positive or negative. Thanks, Nancy

Nancy's Mask
Posted by Nancy (USA) on 02/25/2008

I wanted to add to my remedy another ingredient in the event someone does not visit my website so they will know to include this in the creme. 2 capsules of Astaxanthin. I thought it an important ingredient in the Fountain of Youth remedy due to it's powerful ability to fight free radicals and the fact that it works with some of the ingredients in the cream.

Nancy's Mask
Posted by Marie (Boca Raton, FL) on 04/06/2008

Nancy bought the highest quality of Hyaluronic Acid by the liter for $150.00 but did not say where she bought it. Is it possible to get this info. Thank you. Marie

Nancy's Mask
Posted by Nancy (Brunswick, GA) on 04/07/2008

Marie, I found the Hyaluronic Acid on Ebay, It's listed as $129. and $20. shipping.

Posted by Luvey (New York, NY) on 12/08/2007
5 out of 5 stars

1. Wash face with glycerin soap only. 2. Use witch hazel as astringent. 3. Use Oil of Olay as moisturizer. Have been doing this for many years and I look 20 years younger than my age. Don't forget neck shoulders and chest. Also use vaseline on feet and hands at night.

Posted by Brenda (Palo Alto, California) on 12/05/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I use as little as possible any invasive soaps on my face. I like Basis and I wash my face in warm water and ALWAYS finish with very cold water. I am told that i look 10 to 15 years younger than my actual age 52.

Posted by Linda (Memphis, TN) on 11/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Clear Dry Skin . I'm a 42 year old female, often mistaken for 28 years old. I've suffered with dry skin, growing up but if you used only pure mild soaps with moisturizers and cocoa butter it will work wonders on dry skin.