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Vitamin D and Serrapeptase
Posted by D (Springdale, Ar) on 06/16/2017
5 out of 5 stars

High Dose Vitamin D and Serrapeptase

I have suffered from sinus polyps with severe chronic sinusitis: lost sense of smell, congestion, drainage, 2 surgeries etc. Please listen very carefully because this protocol works

1 High dose Vitamin D: 1500 TO 20000 IU's daily (most vital)

2. Serrapeptase: 240.000 SPU's once daily (most vital)

3. probiotics:

4. Spirulina-1-2 tablespoon per day

4. Zinc 30 mg daily

5. clean diet: gluten free, dairy, yeast free. lots of fruit and veggies, lots of water, lemon water (the juice of 2 lemons in the morning with water)

Tea Tree Oil, Omega 3
Posted by Philip (Anon) on 06/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

For Nasal Polyps, Tea Tree oil with the carrier Castor Oil works quite well.

If you want immediate relief try Omega 3 Fatty Acids. My nasal passages were completely closed by polyps to the point that I could only breath thru my mouth. I did some research and read about Omega-3's so I gave it a try. I took about 600 mg of Omega-3 in Fish Oil form and within minutes the swelling shrank enough that I could actually get some air thru my nostrils. Wow I was amazed.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Raj (Uae) on 05/17/2017 17 posts

Awesome! God bless you, may you heal sooner than ever 😊

ACV, Tea Tree Oil, Astragalus Nasal Rinse
Posted by Raj (Uae) on 05/17/2017 17 posts

Hi Pedro

Pl can you specify the nasal rinse soln you made?

ACV + TTO + Salt + Distilled water right? What were the proprotions of the ingredients? you used this in a neti pot? how many times to use this in a day?

Plz do advise at your earliest.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ana (New York) on 05/17/2017 15 posts

This is true, also try alfalfa tabs, it is good for allergies and especially ragweed, I get mine from GNC because I lack a better source, if you can sprout your own it's even better.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Q Busk (Wisconsin ) on 05/17/2017

I would try food grade diatomaceous earth. I have bad allergies and haven't been able to breathe out of my nose forever, but since starting diatomaceous earth a couple weeks ago, I can finally breathe through my nose. It could help you. I started with a tsp. in 8 oz of water a day and still on same dose though I know some go up to a tablespoon a day. Good luck.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Raj (Uae) on 05/16/2017 17 posts
3 out of 5 stars

Seeking urgent help for natural cure of Nasal Polyps which ive been suffering from for the last 1.5 years. Ive had bouts of healing like a good 2-3 months but when it goes bad it really is unnerving. Ive been doing horsearadish honey mixture last three days. Stings the sinuses like crazy but not seen a major difference. Ive been putting a mixture of castor oil (1tsp) and tea tree oil (5 drops) in the morning and night before sleeping. Started with a mixture of ACV (2tsp) and natural honey (1tsp) in a cup of warm water since last night. Took it today morning too on empty stomach.

To be honest ive had bouts of smell in parts since last 6 days of starting the natural therapies, comes and goes but the gaps are very big. But it is still a blessing after 3 weeks of anosmia 😓. My ENT did a scan and said surgery is needed as the sinuses are infected too. I am against surgery and so is my homeopath who is also working on meds for me. Today morning the nasal inhaler I use which has eucalyptus oil opened a little and my trouser started to smell of eucalyptus oil. My colleague asked me, "have you applied a muscle spray or something?" I said yes tearfully that I have a backache and its a eucalyptus oil based muscle relacant gel. I'm in tears as I write this now 😫😓..please please please friends.....plzzzz suggest how to cure this. I am at an absolute end of fatigue with this now.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Safinaz (Cairo) on 04/15/2017

Can you please how your polyps shrank.. I need an urgent recipe please.

Serrapeptase, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Mikes (Ireland ) on 04/10/2017

Hi Sharon,

First thing I do get off symbircort, I'm on new one called revlar also known as breo it's great you only take it once a day and it a lifesaver.

As for serrapeptase took about 2 months for it to start working for me, uptake victim c as for grape fruit extract I I got empty spray bottle added just 3 drops and put sterilised water into bottle and spray it once in morning and once at night.

It might sting but keep at it you will see results and keep taking apple cider vinegar.

Hope this helps you and you start to feel better, If I can do it so can you.

Kind Regards,

Mikes from Ireland

Serrapeptase, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Janet (In) on 03/30/2017

Sharon. If you have not considered mold illness, now is the time.

I bought a glass nasal sprayer, the pump type. I put spring water in it with 2 drops of 5% lugols iodine. I spray while inhaling 2x a day to control polyps and they dwindle away.

If it is mold it depletes every good thing in you. Hormones drive wellness. So you might look into progesterone cream pregnenolone and dhea to help the healing. I use 1 dollop of progest real not mexican yam. 3x a week on upper body. 25 mg pregnanolone. And 5 mg of dhea. Same schedule.

I use Ted's remedies to fight it as far as the house and exposures.

He stresses about fungal and mold issues. Sodium Molybdate 1/4 tsp in water in the am. He says to use some powder added shampoo to wash hair. Or add to rinse and do not rinse away.

Some things that I have done to further the things you are be more effective. Janet

Serrapeptase, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Sharon (North Wales) on 03/30/2017

Hi Mikes & Catriona

I've found your info very helpful as my condition has worsened over the last 12 weeks. Just started with serrapeptase 5 weeks ago but am curious as to how long it takes before you begin to feel a positive change with the polyps and improved breathing? ( I've had chronic sinus issues/polyps for almost 20 years)

I also take symbicort for asthma which began 12 months before any sinus issues. Not sure now whether to change my prescription.

I've researched and tried so many natural products. At the moment working with serrapeptase, curcumin, quercetin/bromelain/vitamin c and ACV. Also now have the grapefruit seed extract by not really sure how to use this for maximum benefit.

I have also started the ball rolling with ENT and further sinus surgery but am hoping this will not be necessary as in Mikes and Catrionas testimonials.

I am/will be extremely grateful for any feedback.

Lets hope this chronic sinus condition which so many suffer with can be improved or even cured without the need for prescriptive drugs or surgery.

Thank you.


Serrapeptase, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Mikes Cullen (Ireland ) on 03/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there,

Where do I start. This time last year I was put on symbicort for a cough, it is worst drug ever, once on it I got polpys and couldn't breathe through my nose after alot if searching alot of googling and spending a fortune on other meds I finally found Caitríona in Dublin's post who told me to try serrapeptase.

After buying sinus wars it's a scam beware did nothing for me like suger pills, after buying Salin Plus another scam didn't work for me, after eating loads of herbs and green tea still didn't work for me.

What did work was stop suger, up take vitiman C and start taking apple cider vinegar and honey and cayenne pepper and finally take tea tree oil and grape fruit extract with sterlised water in spray bottle and take serrapeptase.

After a while you will see benefit. I went to my ent and he was amazed how they were gone and what I was doing no surgery and have lost alot weight in process so hang in there you will get through it.

Thanks again catríona lifesaver.

So I hope I have helped somebody in same situation.

Many thanks, Mikes

Iodine Saline Rinse
Posted by Gmjk (Usa) on 03/11/2017

I was just wondering if this is still working for you?

Castor Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 03/01/2017

Dear Princess,

Castor Oil does penetrate the skin well but for polyps I would probably put the oil in a bottle with an eyedropper and drop a few drops into each nostril once or twice a day.

~Mama to Many~

Castor Oil
Posted by Princess (Manchester England ) on 03/01/2017

How do you apply the castor oil? On the outside or inside the nose and how much? Thank you.

Posted by Robert (London) on 02/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with sinus polyps hell for 16 years, (31 yr old now, 2 surgeries, tried EVERY cure) and without wishing to be overly optimistic, after three days of taking l-tyrosine, this does appear to be shrinking my polyps.

ACV, Tea Tree Oil, Astragalus Nasal Rinse
Posted by Jennifer (Md) on 02/13/2017

The same thing happened to me when I moved to Md. I have allergies, nasal polyps, loss of smell that all came out of no where when I moved to Md. I'm still looking for a solution to my loss of smell. Good luck to you!

Sinus Papilloma
Posted by Caitriona (Dublin) on 01/25/2017 4 posts

Got to try Serrapeptase. Google it. It works a treat for all types of ailments especially polyps, cysts etc

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Mikes (Ireland) on 01/24/2017

Hi Sue,

I just read your post I also have Polpys and after going to ent I am back on steroids.

Could you please tell me in more details where you got Colloidal Silver and how you made the spray if you dont mind

Thanks for your time.


Serrapeptase, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Mikes (Ireland) on 01/24/2017

Hi Catríona,

Can you please give more details on how he cured it and where can you buy Serrapeptase.

Many thanks


Iodine Saline Rinse
Posted by Yearningtobreathefree (Tennessee) on 01/05/2017

This remedy killed off my chronic sinus infection and started shrinking the polyps as a result. I've since found the real cure for my nasal polyps (finally! ), and likely, I believe, yours too: see under the remedies for nasal polyps my posts on "Treat for Low Thyroid".

Treat for Low Thyroid
Posted by Yearningtobreathefree (Tennessee) on 01/05/2017

An update: I've since found that rather than thyroid medication, simply taking one 750mg capsule of L-tyrosine each morning on an empty stomach keeps my nose in great shape. Can no longer see polyps in nostrils even using a flashlight and mirror. I am breathing through my nose right now as I type, my sense of smell is acute! Almost never need a tissue anymore, no longer bother with saline nasal spray with iodine, as I don't need it. Also I feel warm, more energetic, more motivated, better mood, so I believe all of this is due to giving the thyroid the support it needs.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Polly (Edinburgh, Scotland) on 12/31/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have had sinus problems and a polyp in my left nostril for 18 months. I couldn't sleep and sounded like Darth Vader all night! My GP prescribed steroid spray, it worked on the polyp but only temporarily. He then suggested the salt wash from a nasal aspirator but couldn't find a reference it to any of his pharmacy books, so gave me more steroids. I got the NeilMed kit from Amazon instead of using the steroids, and although very soothing and much easier than I was expecting, it didn't clear the mucus or the polyp which by now was appearing from my nostril if I tried clearing my nose. Thanks to your site, and others, I picked up that apple cider vinegar can help. I was desperate so like your previous reviewer. I used 2.5ml ie ½ tsp in 240ml water (distilled not chlorinated tap water).

I pumped this up my nose, and at first thought Oh No! What I have just done! The discomfort in the sinuses in my forehead quickly subsided and I did this twice daily for a few days. It started working from day 1.

After that, I used neat cider vinegar on a cotton bud, and massaged it as far in and around my nostrils as I could. My prescription was dated 3rd Dec 2016 and its now the 31st. My polyp has completely gone, and I can breathe easily through my nose.

My hypothesis is that the problem originates from a candida overgrowth. The lactobacillus in the LIVE ie unpasteurised cider vinegar killed off the fungus. (lots of people have found that mold in the home causes the same problem)

The Mayo Clinic recognises that Lactobaccilli can treat vaginal fungal infections and this is similar - just a different part of the body with a different biome. I suspect that the cider vinegar has treated the symptoms, but the underlying problem of candida needs to be dealt with by taking refined carbs, maybe gluten or other foods out of my diet. I am just about to start 30 day diet to see if the last remaining bit of congestion, now so mild I wouldn't trouble a doctor with it, will go completely. I hope this helps someone else. I have been grateful to all other reviewers.

Serrapeptase, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Caitriona (Dublin) on 12/30/2016 4 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Husband cured and manages ongoing chronic sinusitis including sinus polyps with Serrapeptase am and pm, and Grapefruit Seed Extract nasal spray 3 times daily.

Eliminate Sugar
Posted by Dennis (Greenwich, London, Uk) on 12/22/2016

Can you please tell me what AVC stands for? Thanks!

EC: AVC = Apple Vinegar Cider

Treat for Low Thyroid
Posted by Yearningtobreathefree (Tennessee) on 12/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Have had polyps at least 13 years, my doctor laughed when he saw them, said "They're the worst I've ever seen! " Nostrils 100% blocked 24/7, swollen nose, chronic infections, etc. Tried prescription steroid sprays, every alternative remedy I came across... little benefit. Posted here not long ago how saline nasal spray with Lugol's iodine helped greatly.

Now it seems I've finally found the real cause and cure, for me, and I believe many, even most of you, my fellow sufferers.

Some years back I found a blog where a woman told how raising her low body temperature cured her nasal polyps (and much else). Look up "Janey Hood nasal polyps" if you want to read her story, she's not selling anything.

For years my wife and I have been taking Lugol's iodine. Now I wonder if we took too much? Or perhaps it is merely the onslaught of chlorine, fluorine, bromine etc in the modern world that has lowered our thyroid function, though we avoid them as best we can.

My wife has been on thyroid medication for some time now. She does best on one of the natural ones, derived from animal thyroid tissue. I recently saw a list of 300 low thyroid symptoms, conservatively I had 47 of them, although far from overweight (a common symptom).

A couple of weeks ago I began taking a half or a quarter of one of her pills each morning, 30 minutes before coffee or food. The effects felt subtle, but I felt better, livelier, with a more positive attitude. Soon I noticed I was no longer mopping at my nose all day.

Now I'm breathing through my nose as I type. Have not had to have a tissue beneath my nose to prevent it running onto the pillow at night. Haven't even bothered with the saline/iodine nasal spray for the last week. Believe I've found the cause, and cure. Do yourself a favor, find a sympathetic doctor to test your thyroid and get treatment. Keep in mind many docs treat the test results rather than the patient. If you test "normal" you may not be.

Do a search for "hypothyroidism and nasal polyps" if you want more evidence.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sam (Bethesda, Maryland) on 11/28/2016

Just curious, but for how long do you recommend applying the Q-tip in each nostril?

Iodine Saline Rinse
Posted by Yearningtobreathefree (Tennessee) on 11/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Update: Sense of smell is back almost 100% of the time now, it is becoming normal for me to be able to smell things. Often notice odors before my wife does. Breathing through nose now as I eat and type.

Get or make a saline solution without preservatives... Over the last few weeks I slowly developed a sore throat and a cough. Finally looked up benzalkonium chloride, the preservative in my saline spray. It irritates mucous membranes, destroys neutrophils - the immune cells that fight inflammation, paralyzes nasal cilia and causes rebound sinus congestion!!! All great for repeat sales, I'm sure. Stopped using it yesterday, throat already hurting less, cough less frequent.

Bought 100 little packets of sodium bicarbonate/sodium chloride mix (no preservatives) for use in nasal irrigation. Mixed 1 packet in 8oz distilled water as instructed, then filled my empty and rinsed nasal spray bottle, added 10 drops 2% Lugol's. Back in business, getting better and better!! A miraculous transformation after years of misery.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jackartmusic (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 11/03/2016

Msred78, did you swab the inside of both nostrils or just the one side that was a problem? Did it relieve sinus pressure buildup in am so you could blow nose? I love Apple Cider Vinegar I drink it daily to reduce mucus.Thanks for sharing your post.

Eliminate Sugar
Posted by Meredith (Massachusetts) on 11/03/2016

Hi Brian, I have had nasal polyps for 12 years have had surgery 2 times and refuse to have it again. My polyps come back so quickly. I've done allergy shots, accupunture, nasal rinses, gone gluten free (don't think I stuck with it long enough), tea tree oil etc. I have a sweet tooth and candy is my weakness. Over this past year my nose has gotten so bad that I am miserable. My doctors keep telling me I have 3 options- 1-do nothing 2-steriods and antibiotics or 3- surgery. In the past I have continued to choose option #2. But like you have said it does not cure them. So once I finish the course of steriods I am back to being completely stuffed up. So here I am and I am ready to stop and to cut sugar out of my diet. I want to feel better! I am so thankful that you have shared your experiences and will keep you posted on my progress.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Msred78 (Charlotte, Nc) on 10/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Let me just say.. ACV is the cure to nasal polyps... After long years, stuffy nights, ears popping.. even tears ducts blockage, mouth breathing..taking medicines that caused acne breakouts ughhhh the struggle.. I read this post on here about using ACV.. and it only literally took bout 48 hrs before huge difference.. I been suffering from polyps since 2004.. never undergo surgery cause seemed very pointless after all the research.. and I literally tried everything.. I must say ACV gave me my life back.. MRI showed my left nostril was completely air whatsoever on left side.. which resulted in loss of smell.. the things we take for granted til its gone...

So here it is..all you is 2 household items: Need is organic ACV with mother, and Q-tips...

Wash hands, take qtip.. dip it in the ACV to soak tip...then use it to gently swirl inside of ya nasal passage (it will sting for about 15 secs) ... repeat once, but do so 3 times daily... (at night it helps to place tissue or cotton ball on side after you apply ACV method)

When I tell you.. I literally can blow my nose, and feel absolutely no blockage now and only been doing it for 4 days... I got my sense of smell back completely ..and the biggest polyp that I literally can see that was blocking my nasal cavity shrunk 75% already.. in just 4 days.. I'm so excited.. I got my life back..

ACV, Tea Tree Oil, Astragalus Nasal Rinse
Posted by Jennifer (New Orleans ) on 10/25/2016

The name of the disease is AERD or Aspirin Exaspirated Respiratory Disease. I began with symptoms of it when I turned thirty. It is totally miserable.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Sue (Ireland) on 10/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Great site, thanks for all the information. Re nasal polyps, I was told I had them and could get them taken out. Did a bit of research on that and decided, no thank you. I started spraying colloidal silver in each nostril, a few times a day, it took a few months but it really helped. I also added a few drops of tea tree, eucalyptus and or lavender which also helped. Another thing was inclined bed therapy, raising the head of your bed by 6 to 9 inches, I used a few small bricks under each leg of the top of the bed, it helps with circulation, and I can feel my sinuses clearing also.

ACV, Tea Tree Oil, Astragalus Nasal Rinse
Posted by Chelsea (Maryland Usa) on 10/17/2016

Pedro- What is the actual term for that "disease that comes on in your 30's"....the exact thing happened to me and NO ONE (not one doctor in 8 years now) has been able to connect the dots. I woke up one spring and started having allergies, sinus infections, then asthma and I think aspirin allergy and now I have had two surgeries to get rid of nasal polyps and they always come back.

Iodine Saline Rinse
Posted by Yearningtobreathefree (Tennessee) on 10/13/2016
5 out of 5 stars


I REALLY want to thank you for posting this information. I have been through the usual misery with nasal polyps for at least 13 years. Had the usual very limited help and bad side effects from nasal steroid spray. Got mostly nowhere with countless alternative remedies. Spent almost all of the time with nose 100% blocked.
I have been using a slightly modified version of this remedy. I bought a bottle of saline nasal spray, volume 1.69 ounces, and added 10 drops of 2% Lugol's Solution of iodine to the bottle. I have been squirting a few squirts of this in my nostrils about 4 times a day, for about 3 weeks now. At first most of it ran out again. Day by day things have got much better. Now I can sniff, and can smell all kinds of things - coffee (yum! ), food (likewise), chemical air "fresheners" (yuck! ). Its such a treat to have my sense of smell back more and more of the time. Also getting a bit of air through my nostrils much of the time.

I STRONGLY recommend all of you nasal polyps sufferers out there (unless you are allergic to iodine) to give this a try for at least a few weeks.

Since I began this I found more info explaining likely why it works: a Dr Galland says staph is almost always involved in nasal polyps. It causes inflammation, and prevents steroids from working as well as they otherwise would. Neither staph nor any other bacteria can ever develop resistance to iodine. He has a book out, as well as youtube videos.

This has worked better than colloidal silver or anything else for me, and unlike tea tree oil (which is great stuff) is not even slightly irritating to the mucous membranes.

ACV, Tea Tree Oil, Astragalus Nasal Rinse
Posted by Pedro (Calgary, Canada) on 08/08/2016
4 out of 5 stars


Thanks for this great thread.

I've been growing these things for about a year now. Turns out I have the disease that comes on in your thirties where you get asthma, then sinusitis, then Aspirin allergy and then polyps.

I lost my smell and taste for the last year and they came back when I took the oral steroids, the nasal rinse steroids and the antibiotics. That was my fifth round of antibiotics. It worked during the treatment but the symptoms and polyps came back about a week after the treatment ended. They have me on the wait list for surgery (Canadian system) but they say I will have to continue taking the steroids after that surgery so what's the point (Also, the steroids cause weight gain and I've worked too hard to lose weight to pack on pounds again).

A few days ago I started treating my nose with a nasal rinse with the salt/bicarbonate solution with Teatree oil. After a week I settled on four drops four 8 ozs. Five was too painful and three is too easy. I think this had some affect. Then I added an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. A 1 to 8 ratio then I use 15 - 30 ml mixed with 8 ozs of water, the salt/bicarbonate solution and tea tree oil. That seemed to have helped clear one side completely.

I then added four drops of an astragalus root tincture (Will be adding more as the week continues) because it is supposed to be good for vascular endothelial cells (this is according to some articles my brother-in-law read about ancient Chinese longevity that we discussed in a non-related conversation). I wanted to try and do something that would help with the vascular system because of the article reported in here about Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor.

In the last couple of days one side of my nose has cleared up and the other is getting better. It has also reduced the mucus in the sinus. I had weird flu like symptoms at one point today which I think could have been because the one side drained and let my immune system get back in that region of my body.

I still have the upper respiratory system inflammation but at least this seems to be helping the sinus. I will try a colloidal silver rinse in the next weeks if the progress stops. I was doing the rinse for three times a day for a few days then twice a day and now once a day.

I may go back to twice a day and trying the H2O2 inhalation as a last resort. I am also looking for things that are producing inflammation in my body. Sugar seems to do it, cheap beer (sniff - I guess I have to buy premium) and refined wheat (but only in a huge load like a giant sandwich [my gut will balloon as I digest it which seems to be a sign to me at least] - a little seems fine though).

I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks for all of the ideas folks. I want to avoid surgery but since it is in a year any ways, I have time to play with the home remedies. I am trying to look on the bright side of this. Maybe The Lord has let me have this affliction so that I change my diet to reduce inflammation and live a longer healthier life.

So many of you have suffered so much more than me on this and I will keep you as a general body of people in my prayers (whether you like it or not - ;) ).

Be in touch soon.


Castor Oil
Posted by Fjk (Bahrain) on 07/30/2016

Hello, I am sorry I am unable to follow you. Can you please explain in detail on the method and process used for this remedy. I mean, I want to know, the amount and time to be taken.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 07/12/2016

Thank you Jewel,

I got a lot of responses from that 2013 post. Glad the colloidal silver helped!


Posted by Jewel (Nevada) on 07/11/2016

Don't use bloodroot or black salve. DON'T. It is dangerous...

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jewel (Nevada) on 07/11/2016

Thank you so much for this information. I've been searching for years for help with these nasty polyps in my sinus cavities. There is one dominant on the right and another on the left, which is not so troublesome. However, during certain seasons, they tend to swell causing headaches, dizziness, breathing problems, itchiness, bleeding, and a sourish smell in my mouth. I have had a terrible P.N. Drip for twenty years. They are the nastiest thing I've ever had.

I have sought long and hard for solutions, cures, remedies, and relief to no avail. Turmeric sort of helped, but not for long.

As I read your witness for CS, I remembered my homeopathic doctor giving me a bottle years ago. It was tucked away in the back of my medicine closet. I got it out and used it immediately. I used it in a netti-pot, and only a splash of it. I used it to rinse out the dominant side. I immediately noticed the silver as it affected my teeth, believe it or not. It was sort of uncomfortable at first.

After a few minutes, I noticed immediate relief. I spit up a gross chunk of phlegm (so sorry for being graphic there) that the CS loosened and had a bit of drainage for awhile, but could breathe again. I went to bed, and woke up breathing normally.

I do not know how long it will last, and am a bit nervous to continue the process regularly, but I will use it when I get stuffed up again.

Thank you for the help. First time something worked on these impish growths.

Grateful to you,


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Blueciel (Monterey, Ca) on 07/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I love this! [ Sorry for typos below ]

WARNING: Not for those with low pain tolerance and impatient. DO NOT READ IF YOU GET NAUSEOUS OR GROSSED OUT EASILY.

I have had surgeries for my nasal papillomas for 18 years, even since I was born. Since I am turning twenty I decided I HATE surgeries, so I wanted to try something else. I've tried tea tree[ burned but did nothing but clear sinus a bit], turmeric[ taken orally, worked slightly but not that good], I've even tried Indol-3-Carbinol [ which worked great! And I had them falling out left and right, but got too expensive and a formula switch for my favorite brand stopped me] so I finally tried apple cider vinegar again recently. I've been doing it everyday after work for three days now and here's my process.

Day 1

I apply it using a dropper and try not to let it slide down back of nose, although it DOES and stings but oh well. [ This mistake was helpful, as I noticed the one in the back fell out when this happened about an hour later, I just decided to use a cotton swab that wasn't soaking to prevent burning]

The warts turn white, but I keep dropping apple cider vinegar on them for about an hour or two straight then go to bed.[ watch youtube and be patient! This will help.

Day 2

I wake up smelling so well! Its about 20% clear, which is small but if u struggle with polyps or papillomas u know 20 is BETTER THAN NOTHING OKAY.

So I notice it is a bit smaller in size, and when I go back to add more after work [ for another hour or two] I notice the wart in the center of my nose begin to bleed out a bit, [ I know this is graphic I'm sorry] and when I try to add more vinegar it STINGS, like applying alcohol to a cut kind of stinging, but its nothing I cant handle due to my pain tolerence.

If u get to this stage stay strong because the third day is so worth it.

Day 3

I wake up smelling 50 percent better. NO JOKE! The wart in my right nose is 50% smaller, and has a small [again I'm sorry for the graphic and gross details] crust over it as it healed from last nights beating lol. I remove the crust and blow my nose, and notice that it is super reddish pink before I apply the vinegar.

But I have just applied more ACV to it and more warts from the back have fallen out, and the main one is turning a brighter white and I am so excited for tomorrow. If this is three days imagine a month!

Closing: ACV hurts. It also hurts ur normal nose skin a bit, but apply Vaseline and you should be alright. it wont burn ur skin [ it didn't to mine but may for sensitive skin] .

THIS STUFF WORKS. NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING has worked for me ever, and in three days [ a bit painful] nonetheless I have had such good results. I can actually look people in the eye again! So happy to say.

Please try this, even take it internally if u want, but applying it directly gave me these results.

Water Fasting
Posted by Ksafan (Riyadh) on 05/12/2016

I am also a nasal polyp sufferer and glad to have come across this site. I have tried the saline nasal wash with apple cider and even diluted apple cider on cotton bud directly applied to the nasal cavity but these hasn't helped much. One thing I notice though is that drinking chlorinated even filtered water seems to make it worse of course dairy products have a similar effect. So one advice I can give you guys is to avoid chlorinated water better distilled or spring water. I will also try this tea tree oil and hope to keep you posted on how I get on.

Castor Oil
Posted by Janet (In) on 04/30/2016

Nasal polyps ..asthma .. Possibly related to toxic mold. Common symptoms for black mold in the environment. You may want to look into it to prevent more problems. Or more surgeries. I use a nasal pump washed out I add 2 drops of iodine and fill remaining with mineral water. Spray each nostril 2 x. 4 hours away I use Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide spray to control the lung issues. Just a thought that might give you another avenue. Janet

Castor Oil
Posted by Vivienne (Scotland) on 04/28/2016

Hi Daniel,

I, like you have had 4 operations to remove nasal polyps and each time they return. I also suffer from asthma. After my last op 3 years ago I under went an Asprin desensitisation program and I'm currently taking 300mg of Asprin daily. The polyps have returned, but nearly as bad as before, however my sense of smell has gone. I would like to try the castor oil, but was curious as to how it went for you? Vivienne

Castor Oil, Steaming, Neti Pot
Posted by Marilyn (Canada) on 04/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am very happy to report that my nasal polyps have not become a problem since using castor oil.

In the morning I steam my sinuses, then I use the neti pot with 1/4 tsp salt and 1 tsp apple cider vinegar to one cup distilled water (warm).

The AC vinegar stops all bacteria growth (sinus infection) In the evening I steam again and put 2 drops of castor oil in each nostril when I go to bed.

I used a rinse (cortisol) from the doctor for a month to get them down so I could breathe and smell again. Once that was done I have only used the castor oil and apple cider vinegar to keep all infection and polyps at bay for 3 months and running!! I think I'll cancel the MRI scheduled next month in preparation for surgery...don't need it!

Vitamin C, Grape Seed Extract
Posted by Carmel (Gooch) on 02/12/2016

I have just had ( 3 weeks ago) to have two upper teeth removed as one was cracked in half and the other had a failed root canal and both teeth were very decayed and were causing abscesses and I had little spots above the teeth that were filled with puss. Since having them removed I have noticed my polyp has disappeared. I also recently had a lot of orange watery liquid coming out of my nose and I felt that my polyp had popped but after reading your comment it might have been connected to my decaying teeth.

Eliminate Sugar
Posted by William (Scottsdale Az) on 02/04/2016

Sugar fits the proper definition of a schedule one drug. Think about it. Does great harm, extremely addictive (if you don't think so just try eliminating it completely from your diet if that is even possible?), has no medicinal value (please do not include baby laxatives or getting baby to drink more water because that is a certain method of addicting babies and children and yes even if used sparingly and better methods should be employed). Does that about cover it?

Dietary Changes, Probiotics and NAC
Posted by Lucy B (Sofia) on 01/25/2016

Polyps appear if you have candida overgrowth in your intestinal tract. Candida likes sugar - fruits, grains, alcohol, ect. You need to kills the candida in order to get rid of the polyps.

I just started an anti-candida program and hope it's going to work for me. I have polyps for 15 years - surgeries, steroids, fasting and what not..

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Cathy (Tennessee) on 01/12/2016

how can you inhale if the nasal polyps are blocking your nostrils

Alkaline Diet
Posted by Joe (Australia) on 09/15/2015

Hi Oliver and everyone,

Oliver, it seems very good advice you give here. Doesn't seem to be missing much. Do you follow a low fat diet? I am thinking a no oil, no fat, no dairy diet might be good at least until healed. This means especially no mea, which has saturated fat.

anti-inflammatory omega 3 and antioxidants

boost nitirc oxide levels..spinach and beetroot

Just some further ideas to try.

I burst polyps after no fat vegetarian diet and it took one week.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Dante (Brooklyn, Ny) on 09/08/2015

I am strongly leaning on the diet solution, though I can't wait for it to take effect. I will be getting the operation and then change my diet life style. I watched Dr. Berg's video on youtube on "what causes tumors, polyps, and moles and pimples." Check him out.

Ketogenic Diet, Supplements
Posted by Abra (Ne, Ohio) on 09/07/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I'm so glad I found this site! Like many of you I was desperate to find some relief from chronic sinus polyps and infections. Special thanks to Brian of So. Australia for the low carb diet posts and Bryan of Houston for the lecithin suggestion. Your posts really helped me with my sinus problems and started the healing.

My background: I've had Samter's triad (nasal polyps, asthma, and aspirin/salicylate sensitivity) and many allergies for most of my life. I've had several sinus surgeries, chronic sinus infections, polyps deep within my sinus cavities, total loss of the sense of smell, and round after round of antibiotics and steroids to clear up severe sinus infections, only to start again with the next serious sinus infection that was always right around the corner.

What worked for me after about 6 weeks:

A ketogenic diet, this is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. Pretty much the only carbohydrates that are allowed are dark, leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables. To make up for the reduced carb calories, you eat LOTS of delicious fats: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, butter, bacon, and cream. Library books I found helpful: "Keto Clarity" and "Primal Body, Primal Mind." Google "ketogenic diet" and search on you tube. There is lots of information on this diet pro and con.

All I can say is that it made an amazing difference for me. The daily gallons of mucus just dried up. After several years of not being able to smell any odors at all, I can smell the coffee in the morning and can actually enjoy the taste of food again! Before I found the ketogenic diet, I went the anti-candida and low carb route, but I think it was still too many carbs for me. Low carb never killed the appetite and the carb cravings like the keto diet did. I'm never going back.

At the same time I started the ketogenic diet, I started taking the lecithin and ginkgo biloba supplements suggested by Bryan of Houston. Twice a day I took the following: 1200mg sunflower (non GMO) lecithin and 120mg of the ginkgo biloba extract. I didn't get Bryan's dramatic 2 week results, but my sense of smell is finally back and I'm grateful.

What didn't work for me:

Be gentle with the tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide as both can be a little harsh, so you might want to start with a diluted dose until your sinuses adjust and/or heal. I just use sea salt in a neti pot morning and evening to wash the sinuses. I tried the above, but didn't like the burning feeling and didn't feel any improvement to stick it out. Also, be careful of rinsing out your sinuses and tilting your head back and down to move the rinse deeper into the sinus cavities as it can force the liquid into your eustachian tube.

Hopefully I can get through the winter without a sinus infection?that'll be the real deal :>).

Nasal Polyp Remedies
Posted by Mari (Va) on 08/09/2015

Just found this site.

Was dx w/nasal polyp several weeks ago. I was having nose bleeds and didn't know why, so I went to the ENT who used the endoscope and then sent me for a scan. Left nostril is blocked in back. He Rx steroids, which I cannot take, since I have a reaction to them. He wants to do surgery of course, but I also have a problem w/anesthesia, and he wouldn't do it w/a local. He said they are caused by fungus... he is the same dr who years ago told me that nail fungus, dandruff and candida are caused by the same fungi.

I don't have colds but do have sinus problems often, and for years I have had a problem w/my ears feeling blocked, and not one Dr.has been able to explain fluid behind the ear drum. I have resorted to using hearing aids, but guess what..I don't hear any better w/them than w/o. Till today, I knew of no one else that had that blocked ear feeling, so I am happy to have found this site just to know I am not alone.

I was looking to see if Tea Tree Oil or Colloidal Silver would be a solution, and and happy to see that some of you have tried them and had good results. I also know that when I eat "junk" my sinuses are worse. I love my dairy, and don't really care for the substitute "milks"... have a sensitivity to the casein protein. Even when I gave up coffee and the occasional glass of wine the sinuses did not clear up... so it is back to eating better... someone mentioned eating citrus "acid food" it is not the food being acid that is the problem, it is the "ash" that is created when the food is burned for energy... citrus has alkaline ash.. meats are very acidic...turkey is okay. I will get back on track w/food and try the tea tree oil/CS combo in my little nasal spray bottle.. dislike the Neti pot... feel as if I am drowning when I use it.

Thanks for sharing your comments.. made me feel better that I was on the right track.

Anti-Candida Diet
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 07/31/2015

I wonder if Nattokinase or Serrapeptase would help rid you of your polyp?

Wishing you well!

Anti-Candida Diet
Posted by Radha (Uk) on 07/31/2015
1 out of 5 stars

I lived in the uk for 40 years with a very clear sinus.I moved to live in a tropical island-so call paradise and lived there for 3 years.Well you know living on a tropical island is no fun.The humidity is very high and built up of mould everywhere in the house.There was mould everywhere on the furniture and even on my purse. If there is a rain and wind, then everything in the house get mouldy. You have to take everything from the wardrope and wash them, dry them. At the end of the 3 years, I notice a swelling on my left nostril. I did not know what they were.When I got back to UK at the end of 3 years, I was breathless when I had my flu. Everything was blocked up.I had no sense of smell and I was breathing through my mouth. My dr told me that swelling on my nostril was the beginning of polyps. Drs will tell you they do not know the causes of polyps. Here is a typical scenario of mould and polyps. Drs do not believe in all that. They only believe in surgery. So we sufferers of polyps must stand together and try to fight this evil nasal polyps.Thanks to the internet we might be able to find a cure for the nasal polyps.

Castor Oil
Posted by Nitin (India) on 07/28/2015

Hello, am based in India, can you please let me know which brand/make of castor oil did you use.

Eliminate Sugar
Posted by Brian (Sth Aus) on 07/26/2015

Marie, both antibiotics and prednisone have no effect on polyps and can actually worsen the condition and cause even more ill health, then surgery is offered for, at best, temporary relief for a few months. The invitation in my post dated 08/25/2012 still stands, it just needs a little deciphering.

Eliminate Sugar
Posted by Marie (Randolph, Ma) on 07/25/2015

I am fighting nasal polyps anti biotic & predisone I am going to try your method. Sounds very good. I am trying to stay away from surgery but this can drive you crazy was always healthy & the last 8 months miserable glad I found your article.

Castor Oil
Posted by Andrew (Dayton Oh) on 07/03/2015

I used Home Health castor oil-- cold pressed, cold processed, and hexane (poison) free. It has been safe for me.

I mixed one tea spoonful castor oil with 4 oz hot water and drank it before going to bed

Eliminate Sugar
Posted by Brian (Sth Aus) on 06/10/2015

Hi Derrick. Yes, I eliminated all sweet fruits, especially bananas, pears and apples. Even today I only consumed fruits with less than 10% carbs by content. That's regardless my nasal polyps disappearing several years ago and have never returned since. The replacement fruits I found have far better nutrition values and offer a greater and healthier variety to choose from.

You are on the right track with the gluten connection, which I hereby formally add to the opening theory, as being the absolute starting point for developing polyps. Dairy intolerance and food allergies are more likely a side effect from the damage caused by gluten. Only buy meat from a reputable butcher who procures product from pasture raised sources. Avoid wheat, barley, rye and all cereal, flour, pastry and pasta products therefrom, whether or not they are organic or GMO. They are all above the 10% carbs limit protocol anyway.

Eliminate Sugar
Posted by Derrick (Lakeland) on 06/08/2015

I blend a lot of fruit. So did you really eliminate all sweet fruit in your diet? I also heard gluten/dairy causes polyps insome people. I wonder if that's because most dairy comes from cows with bovine growth hormones (causing lactose intolerance?) Unless the wheat is organic, it is GMO wheat. I wonder if that's the reason people get gluten allergies...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jes (Birmingham) on 06/02/2015

How did you take the ACV. dose and how often, etc.

Posted by Elissa (Uk) on 04/23/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I I could not breathe through my nose or smell for many years! The suffering was unbelievable. I would never wish it on anyone. My nasal polyps were cured in a few short months by taking Combination Q tissue salts initially by New Era tablets for "Catarrh & sinus disorders". For some strange reason I have never got a straight answer as to why New Era are no longer in business! I searched for many months until I found a small outlet that makes the same tablets. Combination Q consists of four active constituents in equal proportions: ferrous phosphate 6x; kali mur 6x; kali sulph 6x; nat mur 6x. Try homeopathic outlets, they should understand all this! I suffered from years of major nasal polyp growth in both nostrils. My GP sent me down the only route they know: pharmaceutical drugs & surgery! I had several surgeries virtually every year or 2 years until a friend told me what his Dad took for exactly the same thing which cured him. Since my cure I can breathe through my nose and my sense kf smell is fantastic too! No thanks to regular drug pushers ie today's GPs! When I told my old GP about this cure he had no idea of alternative cures! It seems the conventional medical establishment motto is "a patient cured is a customer lost"! It's not in their business interest to cure you! Whenever I feel the polyps growing again I simply take more tablets for a few days until it goes again! Once every few months I may flush both nostrils with pure warm water with a small amount of salt. I Boil water then let it cool. I add about half or 1 teaspoon salt and it works well for me. For the nasal flush I use a dedicated "Sinus Rinse" plastic bottle. It took me many years of suffering to figure out what worked for me. I thought I'd share my experiences with all those suffering. We should seriously be asking why aren't our general practitioners telling us this!?

Posted by Paul (St. Louis) on 04/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I stumbled on this post in researching this subject because I have just started taking massive doses in addition to lecithin. I believe this can work and already started noticing a help in my breathing. Lecithin contains choline which helps move fat. Vitamin A is a fat soluable vitamin and to function in the body is most likely going to need choline. So I think there is real promise here. I'll know more soon as I keep this up but I have had nasal polyps for years.

Anti-Candida Diet
Posted by Jayan (India) on 03/31/2015

I think Nizar used ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar drops. Hope Nizar clarify.

Alkaline Diet
Posted by Stephen (Oregon, US) on 03/21/2015

I found this to be very interesting:

Posted by Joanna (Ct) on 02/18/2015

Can you share what you found on the homeopathic site? you can e-mail me: [email protected]

Iodine Saline Rinse
Posted by Allgood (NE Georgia) on 01/24/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Sinus polyps and infections:

I had sinus problems for many years--3 surgeries--fungal infection etc--finally saw dr donald dennis in atlanta--he always saw polyps until I added provodine iodine 10 percent--10+drops per cup to my saline rinse. My polyps suddenly went away--he now recommends adding potassium iodine to rinses--said he has cured many people--even a friend he had been treating for 10 years--it certainly has turned my life around.

Posted by Carol (Tucson Az Usa) on 01/17/2015

I would try to avoid surgery at all costs. I lost my sense of smell, and therefore taste, of course, about 7 years ago due to sinus polyps. The only time I can smell is when I have to take steroids for an asthma flare, or if there are residual effects from a steroid joint injection. The only time I feel decent is when I'm taking steroids, so I must be a flaming blob of inflammation. I had the surgery about 5 years ago and the polyps came back in full force a depressingly short time later. The ENT doc (whom I equate with a used car salesman now) told me I would have to use steroid drops for the rest of my life. I tried that for a year, but they did nothing so I stopped. They can't reach my sinuses and I can't stand on my head to take them. I'm not sure what exactly is causing them. It's probably mold or allergies. I'm thinking of bracing myself and trying diet. I'm spineless when it comes to sugar, so before I try diet I'm wondering about one of the salt inhalers I've seen that supposedly work wonders for asthma. Has anyone tried that?

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