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Vitamin D and Serrapeptase
Posted by D (Springdale, Ar) on 06/16/2017
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High Dose Vitamin D and Serrapeptase

I have suffered from sinus polyps with severe chronic sinusitis: lost sense of smell, congestion, drainage, 2 surgeries etc. Please listen very carefully because this protocol works

1 High dose Vitamin D: 1500 TO 20000 IU's daily (most vital)

2. Serrapeptase: 240.000 SPU's once daily (most vital)

3. probiotics:

4. Spirulina-1-2 tablespoon per day

4. Zinc 30 mg daily

5. clean diet: gluten free, dairy, yeast free. lots of fruit and veggies, lots of water, lemon water (the juice of 2 lemons in the morning with water)