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Vegan Diet, Water Fasting
Posted by Dave (Sunman, Indiana) on 09/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My 5 yr battle with nasal polyps also ended with the elimination of grain from my diet. I also eliminated seed oils & replaced them with animal fats. Adding 1000 mg of ascorbic acid to 8oz of hypertonic saline in the form of nasal irrigation seems to help.


Vegan Diet, Water Fasting
Posted by Laura Carrington (Victoria, Aus) on 10/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hi y'all. i just wanted to share my experiences with nasal polyp cures which were found from a variety of sources, over a number of years. like all of us sufferers here, i have tried EVERY SINGLE suggested method of curing this ailment ever known to man

- Visited 4 different doctors for 2nd opinions, saw 3 specialists. underwent 4 different cat scans/xrays etc. spent almost $1000 on total medical expenses.

- NASAL IRRIGATION with a variety of salts and herbal/medical infuses

- NASAL SPRAYS of the cortisteroid, over the counter and prescription manner(rhinocort, etc)

- ATOPICAL CREAMS - cortisteriods of many strengths, in prescriptions. applied onto inner nasal walls

- APPLYING/swabbing chemicals eg h202 in powder and liquid form, of different strengths

- ANTIBIOTICS - 3 types, for a few months each


- HAYFEVER/ALLERGY tablets x 10 types

- VITAMINS - C, B complex, A, garlic oil, horseradish, zinc, omega3, fish oil,

- DRINKING LITRES upon litres of clear water ever day until the point of feeling unwell

- HOMEOPATHIC remedies


- EXTENSIVE HOME RENOVATION to replace all dust-mite sensitive areas, carpets to tiles/wood flooring, curtains replaced, bedding, EVERYTHING

- installing better heating/cooling systems

- IONIZERS to collect dust


BUT ALL TO NO AVAIL. well, they work initially, for perhaps a short period of time, but then relapse back to original, intoleratable state

but what i would like to share with you all, is my most recent attempt with WATER FASTING/VEGAN DIET

during my years of researching for a cure, the term 'fasting' did pop up alot, but i never paid attention to it, as it seemed difficult and too intensive to attempt and sustain as a part of my lifestyle

but after exhausting all other alternatives out there, i ultimately resorted to this method

yes it is incredible difficult to cut out all foods, and only consume VEGETABLES and FRUITS, and WATER (teas are allowed), and you do feel TIRED and lethargic, and dizzy most of the time during the intial phase, but after 1.5- 2 weeks, you begin to see GREAT RESULTS

I stopped my other remedies during this time period, and stuck to the FAST strictly

now it has been 3 weeks, and to my delight, the size of my POLYPS shrank immensely. the doctors were equally surprised at what a simple, non-evasive, safe, non-medical, natural, process of fasting could avail to. BREATHING is incredibly easier, EVERYTHING is looking up and up. it is very liberating!

on a side note, you LOSE WEIGHT in the process. which is always good.

So i urge you all to give this a shot. dont waste any more money in useless medicines and whatnot.

hope you all found this helpful! i was really excited about my discovery and really wanted you all to be made privy to the benefits of fasting! CHEERS! and bless you all!