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Effective Natural Remedies for Managing Sinus Polyps

Pranayama Breathing
Posted by Manpan (Yuma, Az) on 02/11/2013

Sinus Polyps: For me I used the natural breathing technique of pranamya and it has worked wonders. Note: Since starting pranamya my polyps have reduced significantly. I can now breathe through my nose via both nostrils (polyps for me developed in the right nostril so right nostril and right ear became blocked) but when I first discovered polyps at first

I struggled to breathe through my right nostril at all - I used nasal sprays and sometimes steam to get rid of any mucus causing nasal congestion in my nose and then to soothe the inflammation caused by polyps. Gradually I was able to get enough out that I could more effectively use pranamya to breathe through the nostril and now a significant amount is gone. I still use nasal spray as needed - it helps reduce inflammation - note: when I sneeze I find it easy to exhale and the polyps come to the surface with liquid from spray also coming out my nose.

My ENT specialist says situation in my case is not bad enough to undergo surgery I can just keep doing pranamya and using spray as needed. I was also given a spray to lubricate my blocked ear and that has also helped. At first my nose and ear were so blocked that even when there's no liquid stuck in the ear if I tried gently using a cotton swab to clean excess earwax the cotton would get stuck in the ear. Not anymore I can safely put a cotton swab in my ear to remove earwax and pull it out.

When the ear was too blocked for a cotton swab I used an earwax removal liquid product my doctor recommended for loosening the wax in the ear. I've heard some say its not a good idea anyway to use cotton swabs no matter how careful you are. I'll probably just start using such sprays in my ear to reduce the earwax regularly now even when ear is completely opened.

I don't know how or why when polyps develop it occurs in one nostril instead of another - for me as noted it was the right nostril but have had great relief with this approach. Also to help sleep at night I use a Vicks like solution that can be put in the nose to provide temporary relief to help breathe through your nose.

Also recently to help reduce the chance of nasal infection and clean the insides of my nose I use a nasal saline spray - that is non-medicated but according to the bottle is pediatrician recommended. One can look up on the Internet instructions to make their own home made nasal saline sprays using water and non iodized salt - iodized salt tends to cause more irritation in the nose. The nasal saline spray I have is a sample bottle that was purchased (I don't remember where) so its not a home made solution.

I hope this helps.