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Posted by Yuko (Los Angeles) on 10/16/2017
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I had a surgery 4 years ago for my sinus problem turns out that I have AERD. This past year I have been mostly on steroid. If I stop taking it, in 2weeks the longest, it comes back. My ENT doctor wants to do another surgery which I was not really recommended by my Japanese doctor (I had my surgery in Japan). So I decided to go completely natural after finding this page!!

But I have a question. If I add ACV to the nasal wash (Distilled water, TTO and saline power from CVS), I sneeze for next 5-10mins like crazy. Does anybody have the same experience?

I have been doing the nasal wash twice a day, drinking ACV+honey+hot water twice a day, rubbing the sinus area with Castor oil+Tea tree oil, and putting the castor oil+tea tree oil to my nostril at night. Since I don't take steroid, my sinus is going worse but it seems better than having nothing. It hasn't been a week yet so I'm hoping that it will get better... A lot of reviews here give me a hope :-)

Does anybody have any recommendation for AERD patients like me?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Don (Toronto, Ontario, Ca) on 09/22/2011
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1st of all, thank you all for sharing your experiences and self experimentation. I too have suffered from 25 years of nasal polyps - if I knew then how this would effect my quality of life, I would have cut off my nose. I have had 1 surgery, enjoyed a sense of smell for around 6 months and breathing for a couple of years before the polyps returned. After nasal sprays and on and off Prednesone, I was about to go for the 2nd surgery when I came to this site.

So far, I have tried just about every suggestion here. To summarize -

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - made my nose burn like crazy and bleed, but seemed to reverse the growth - might be a solution if you can stand the cure.

Sinus Wars 13 - seems to dry me out, but no shrinking of the polyps. Still taking it as it doesn't seem to hurt - been on it about a month now.

Manuka Honey - nice honey, bit expensive and might be beneficial to a nasal infection, but didn't seem to shrink the polyps.

Nasal wash - clove oil, salt, baking soda, warm water - helped to clear out some nasal congestion and like the HP 3%, it burnt like crazy so didn't look forward to those washes.

Tea Tree Oil - Ta Da!! It is now about 2 weeks since I started treatment, and I was really hoping this was the one. It doesn't sting the nasal pasages, but it does make me cry as it gets near the eye ducts. Well, the polyps are not gone yet (they started out as really large pushing my nose out and coming out into both nostrils) but I now have days that I can breathe out of my nose! Just like nature intended :-) I am really hopeful that the polyps will keep shrinking. Initially the polyps fought back and enlarged, but after a few days, they started turning to another consistancy and then shrinking. This was not a few days solution for me, but weeks - keep it up every day (qtip with the Tea Tree Oil up the nose several times a day, as mentioned on here - Thank you! ).

That plus - no alcohol and no coffee (both are important to quit so please just do it - drink tea but not Tea Tree :-) and Exercise - so many people are saying that on here, and it is so true. That keeps the gunk flowing. Drink water, of course.

My theory is that there are several causes of these nasty creatures - dry nasal passages, allergies, fungus. They probably have different cures too depending on your cause. I believe the Tea Tree Oil keep the passages moist and probably kills the fungus too. Avoid whatever allergies you have as best as you can too, because all of these cures are based upon letting the body heal. Best breathing to all!

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Posted by Gean (Salina, KS) on 02/03/2009
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My husband has suffered with nasal polyps for many years, had surgery 23 yrs. ago but of course they're back. Like you said, add allergies or a cold to polyps and you can't breathe at all, pure misery.

A few days ago he came down with a bad cold, couldn't breathe. He started with this treatment I read about on the net, homeopathic.

Here it is:

Pulsatilla 30, 5 pills twice a day under the tongue, for 10 days. Wait one week. Then take Sanguinaria 30, 5 pills twice a day under the tongue for 10 days. Wait 20 days for results. It's only been a few days (3 or 4) with the Pulsatilla, but the cold is gone and the breathing is back to "normal". He also began taking 1 Tablespoon flax oil daily, which I plan to increase to twice a day. I'll post results after the treatment is complete.

I bought the Pulsatilla 30 at the local health food store, and ordered the Sanguinaria 30 online from The Vitamin Shoppe. There may be variations of the name, like Sanguinarius or something. It's actually bloodroot.

I should mention that when he came down with this awful cold, he began coughing yellow phlegm almost right away. He took a nebulizer treatment with H2O2, 3%, diluted 1 to 3 with sterile distilled water (boil distilled water for 5 min. and store in jar). Bronchitis cleared up after a couple of days of 1-2 treatments a day.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Greg (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) on 02/02/2009
4 out of 5 stars

To one Joanne from Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

I am something of an amateur "artist" of most things holistic and have no real education on the matter so take this as you will.

However I have been attempting to treat my female counterpart's Nasal Ployps, which have lead to several sinus surgeries being required to remove them (one every year) however they kept growing back faster and faster each time.

My attempt to treat/cure said condition took the form of a few things,
1: beeswax candles burning for approx 30 mins every day around her (cleans the air and gives off negative ions among other things)
2: the daily application of an olive oil based medical oil I created myself... in a nutshell it was olive oil, Castor oil, tea tree oil, rosemary, basil, lavender and a few other odds and ends all mixed in and left to distill in my closet for approximately a month before hand.
3: a "shot" (alcoholic sized) of Apple cider Vinegar or Balsamic vinegar every day.
4: organic whole foods as a diet... no carbonated drinks, fast foods etc.
5: Some rather esoteric things like Reiki and other types of Energy work.

She still has polyps however they are nowhere near the size that they should be and it's been upwards of a year and a half with no need for surgery. However all of the above was only ever done in theory... trying to actually push that all on someone who would rather just take a sinus steroid or puffer to make her feel better for a while is another matter all together.

However the point remains, nothing else has changed in her life but what I imposed upon her, most recently I've stopped forcing such things on her and let her make the decisions... and she seems to me to be degenerating again.. unfortunate, but that is her choice and I can't make it for her.

Good luck with your issues, I am more then available for giving advice as I can... sufficed to say anything I ever recommend I test on myself first.