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Posted by Raj (Uae) on 05/16/2017 17 posts
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Seeking urgent help for natural cure of Nasal Polyps which ive been suffering from for the last 1.5 years. Ive had bouts of healing like a good 2-3 months but when it goes bad it really is unnerving. Ive been doing horsearadish honey mixture last three days. Stings the sinuses like crazy but not seen a major difference. Ive been putting a mixture of castor oil (1tsp) and tea tree oil (5 drops) in the morning and night before sleeping. Started with a mixture of ACV (2tsp) and natural honey (1tsp) in a cup of warm water since last night. Took it today morning too on empty stomach.

To be honest ive had bouts of smell in parts since last 6 days of starting the natural therapies, comes and goes but the gaps are very big. But it is still a blessing after 3 weeks of anosmia 😓. My ENT did a scan and said surgery is needed as the sinuses are infected too. I am against surgery and so is my homeopath who is also working on meds for me. Today morning the nasal inhaler I use which has eucalyptus oil opened a little and my trouser started to smell of eucalyptus oil. My colleague asked me, "have you applied a muscle spray or something?" I said yes tearfully that I have a backache and its a eucalyptus oil based muscle relacant gel. I'm in tears as I write this now 😫😓..please please please friends.....plzzzz suggest how to cure this. I am at an absolute end of fatigue with this now.