Sinus Polyps
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Effective Natural Remedies for Managing Sinus Polyps

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kieran (Cookeville, Tn, Usa) on 07/02/2010


Although h2o2 gave dramatic results at first, they didn't last, in my case. (Maybe for others it might be different...or not? I don't know) Since then, with the polyps very bad again, in desperation I used a corticosteroid nasal spray for a while (ask for the generic one, much more reasonably priced than the competition). This relieved the symptoms a bit. I also took a non-drowsy 24-hour antihistamine for a while. Then I added a homemade nasal wash - a nasal spray bottle of water, a small pinch of salt, another of baking soda, 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract, and a pinch of xylitol. This was fairly helpful. Since then I tried taking something called "No-Fenol" along with a low phenol and low salicylate diet - to no effect.

In the long run I have found just 2 things that make a major difference for me: I have to completely avoid eating chicken eggs, and likewise no cows' milk or cheese, no lactose. Duck eggs seem to be fine. Goat milk seems to be fine. Whey from cow milk I think is ok. Butter is fine. With this approach the polyps have shrunk quite a bit. I breathe partly through my nose at long last once again, and my sense of smell is back! I found which foods to avoid by trying periods of time avoiding them and then not, repeatedly. Incidentally, the lactose in an enzyme supplement not only made my sinuses worse, but gave me a headache and general aches and pains too, along with bad dreams, negative thoughts, and irritability.

Best of luck to you all, keep trying, find your triggers and avoid them and you can and will get much better.