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Sinus Polyp Remedies

Fish Oil Capsules, Diet
Posted by Isabel (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 08/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have found instant relief for nasal polyps ( and inflammation of sinuses ) in the form of taking 2 fish oil capsules. I was listening to a documentry on the radio about the importance of OMEGA 3 and realised that I hadn't taken one for a while. I popped 2 and I the reaction was astoundingly fast. I felt less itchy and less blocked up in my nose. The reason the polyps had reappeard was because I had drunk some cows milk the day before. The best treatment is diet. Cutting out refined sugar has done me wonders. Cut out sugar ( this means honey and syrups and everything sweet except some fruit and stevia), as well as to cut out wheat and dairy and it could help you too. BTW they are not Polyps as such, they are actually swelling of the membrane. So when people say they have have "Blown a polyp out in to a tissue" I kind of wonder. I have had 2 operations to remove them and both times they have grown back. But the diet and suppliments have helped amazingly. The swelling is inflammation and omega 3 has a calming effect on the bodies inflammitory response. This is why I guess it works. I believe SUGAR is the culprit for much of the western worlds ailments.

Thanks for the opportunity in the form of this amazing website.