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Effective Natural Remedies for Managing Sinus Polyps

Fiber Supplement, Probiotics, Enzymes
Posted by Don (Toronto, Canada) on 06/24/2012

Finally, I am finding relief from nasal polyps! Hello all. Like many of the rest of you on here, I have been suffering from this condition for over 30 years - 1 surgery 10 years ago which got me a year of relief, many courses of steroids and antibiotics (weeks of relief), but the polyps always grew back and I had tried every suggested natural relief on all of these web sites - nasal washes, sprays, anti-fungal treatments (which probably does work if the polyps were caused by a fungus - mine apparently weren't), hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil and countless others - painful in the application and consistantly without long term success.

Since my theory in the cause of my nasal polyps has been that they were caused by food (I had them year round and in all locations where I travel so any dust, exposure to bedbugs or pets never seemed to be making it any worse) - I figured it was probably food. Recently, I changed my diet to cut out coffee, sugar, salts, wheat, alcohol (like the rest who have stated on here, alcohol is an instant trigger). I had run out of foods to eat... But, it did appear to not be getting any worse. I was due for another surgery and I really wanted a natural cure, but still wanted to eat what I wanted and to be able to breathe through my nose (something I haven't been able to do for years! ).

1 month ago I tried a 'gentle, all-natural fiber supplement with probiotics and enzymes' - as it says on the label. Reasonably priced at under $10 per bottle for 150 capsules taking 6 per day. And OMG, joy of all time joy - my polyps are shrinking and I am able to blow my nose and even breathe out of both nostrils!!! To all of you who have given up on ever finding a long term solution, please try this out (not sure if similar items will work as well, since I had success with this one I have not tried anything else).

I had longed to find something that will work for so many years now and this is shrinking the polyps. I am back to eating almost normally - I still stay away from alcohol. The polyps are not gone but they no longer protrude down my nostrils. No surgery for me now. I will update here again with progress. I pray for all of your speedy recoveries from this relentless suffering. Best wishes.