Sinus Polyps
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Effective Natural Remedies for Managing Sinus Polyps

Eliminate Sugar
Posted by Doeboymcjc (London, UK) on 09/27/2012

Hi, just an update. I am on week 5 of my no sugar diet and still no changes. I cannot smell and my nose is still blocked up therefore I still have orange mucous.

After reading the posts on this forum I understand the problems that arise with yeast and carbs but with my job (winter sports salesperson and photographer) and my love of sports it will be almost impossible to eliminate sugar, carbs and yeast from my diet. Sugar is enough! I am going to buy a product called ______. This is supposed to irradicate all polyps and the reviews look great from people who have tried it.

Brian - thanks for the help with your posts. I have now lost about a stone with the no sugar diet ;)

I will keep you posted with any results with ____. Its not a natural cure but I'm fed up.