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Sinus Polyp Remedies

Dietary Changes, Water Fast
Posted by Dori (Usa) on 11/12/2018
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We had lived in Hawaii for one year before my 33yo husband started having asthma symptoms (2010) which started a few months after a sinus infection that wouldn't quite go away. He lost his smell and taste almost immediately but the nasal polyps and aspirin allergy didn't show up till a year later. (Sampter's Triad) He was overly stressed, drinking alcohol and coffee daily, and had a high processed food diet. I had him trying every single remedy/cure that I researched online for about 5 years until he refused to try anything else. Some diets minimized symptoms but nothing cured him.

HOWEVER!! About 3 years after the symptoms started, he again got a cold/flu. He was flat out on the couch for 3 days. He didn't eat one bite of food and only drank the fluids that I gave him which consisted of ACV diluted in warm water, Bone broth that I made, herbal teas (Pau d'arco, echinacea, licorice root etc and water. All of his symptoms completely disappeared after only 3 days of fasting and drinking those liquids.

He got his smell and taste back, the polyps were gone and he could breathe easily through his nose and he had zero reactions to any foods that he ate. (we were too afraid to test his aspirin allergy) This amazingly lasted for the 3 weeks that he abstained from coffee, alcohol and eating relatively healthy. He then decided that he would begin drinking decaf coffee and after several more days he started in on the caffeinated coffee. All of his symptoms returned within the week.

I have a feeling that a liquid fast, or maybe even better, a water fast for 5-7 days would cure this thing. Then of course no coffee, alcohol, sugar, white flours, processed foods, dairy (unless raw/organic), meat (unless grass fed/organic), along with lots of fruits, veggies, water, bone broth, some nuts.... Aflatoxins seems to pervade lots of foods out there. I think that, along with chronic stress is enough to destroy the digestive system which makes you susceptible to food allergies, leaky gut, respiratory issues and a host of other things.