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Quick Sinus Relief: Natural Remedies for Congestion

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Posted by Brenda (Columbus, Ohio) on 09/30/2015

Tried the 2 tbls coconut, vinegar (didn't have ACV) 2 tbls honey, dash of cayenne pepper, added quarter of raw onion and mug of hot H20 for sinus pain. Pain left quickly, w/in a few minutes. Woke up with sinus pain this AM. Not much mucus, pain was worrisome. Raw coconut Vinegar has 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, broad spectrum B vitamins and has nearly neutral ph. It works faster for me for acidic stomach or indigestion. I use it with water for first morning beverage often. I get it at health food store.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rosie (Glendale, Az) on 08/18/2009

Terrifying congestion.

I used the acv drink (i use it for nausea all the time - ice cold, sipping works great! also, my father lost 20 pounds within two months just drinking it about five or six times a day - but he overdid everything...).

It gave "some" relief, but I was in a panic attack from not being able to breathe. Then i used the tomato tea....shiver!!! but i drank most of it and it also helped...but when i went to lie down, i was stuffed up again within a few minutes!

Then I used the combinatin of baking soda, salt and warm water in a neti pot (small tea pots work, too).

And now I finally can breathe. But it has been only about fifteen minutes. Longest yet. Also, i used the entire cup of warm water....

I have all of the recipes copied, each on a post-it sheet, lined up across the edge of my stove vent-top....if this one lets me down, I am on to the next one..

At least I have something to keep my panic attacks back. I really begin to panic because i already have asthma and a heart when i panic, it starts it all up... And i get very frightened. So if i have to go down the line, i will. I am willing to stay up all night and 'remedy' myself.

If this one is the 'winner' I will certainly return with my verdict..

I thank god for this site. He can give me relief directly, but he also uses people....and I think he did just that this time.

Thank you!.
Rosie in phoenix.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lei (Atlanta, Ga) on 11/14/2007

re: sinus infection/sinus pressure --
hot shower, breathe the steam
-hot packs placed on your fore head and back of neck
-vicks vapor steamer! this thing rocks! just add water and pinch of salt!
-inhale and exhale up each nostril salt water, it dries your nostrils
-antibiotics, just eat lots of yogurt after to replace the good cells

i suffer from chronic sinus issues all year long and these are some of my remedies. hope it helps you!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ange (Houston)

Having suffered with persistent sinus congestion and allergies, here's what has helped me tremendously.
1) Stopped eating dairy.
2) Take at least 2000 mg Omega 3 oil daily.
3) Take turmeric supplements daily (amount varies.)
4) Strong multi-vitamin and mineral daily.
5) Chinese medicine: Jade Screen and Xanthium during my worst allergy season (spring)
6) Acupuncture: 2 times weekly during spring, once every two weeks the rest of the year.
7) Homeopathic tablets for times when I have brief allergic symptoms: Allium cepa for runny nose, Euphrasia officinalis for itchy eyes. I use all the above and it has eliminated my allergies except for one or two bad days in the spring. As a side benefit, stopping dairy also cleared up the joint pain I was having in my fingers.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Check your dental health. My mom had heavy, severe sinus congestion for months and months, actually it went on for a year and a half before doctors found out what was the problem: she had an infected tooth under her gum that was seeping into her sinus area. Once the tooth infection was treated, her sinuses cleared in the space of a week.


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Posted by Robert (Manhattan, New York) on 01/23/2009

I occasionally take NAC, (n-acetylcysteine) which is an amino acid that helps flush out mucus by turning it into fluid. I take 500 mgs once a day, on & off and noticed my sense of smell is a little better with the ability to breath through my nose which is usually stuffed.

Neti Pot Remedy

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Posted by Desigirl (Oakland Gardens, Ny) on 04/17/2012

Jalneti or neti done with jal (water) from the Indian Ayurveda is a process of gently cleansing the ENT (eyes) canal which could be done once a month or so.

About 4 Oz. Of saline-warm-filtered water is poured through each nostril followed by pranayam (preferably Bhastrika pranayam) for at least 5 minutes. This is like blowing into the bellows to dry up the leftover water moisture in the ENT canal.

The fast and deep breathing is done for drying the ENT and not cleansing the nose etc. As pointed out by another commentator. * If this drying of ENT is not done one may develop Pneumonia as water may seep through to the lungs causing infection.

The problem happens when half knowledge is passed on by these so called specialists leading to more danger to the patient than when he first started out.

Neti Pot Remedy
Posted by Maria (Newmarket, Ontario) on 08/14/2011

This remedy was told by my mom, and she was told by her gradndma, if you have a nasal congestion, press your right nostril by your hand and pull up the warm salt water from your left nostril, and then press your left nostril with your finger and pull up the water from the right nostril and breath inside, this will open the blockage in your nose, and its really very effective, this is the same idea when the infants get congested the doctors always prescribe saline water drops to put in the nose, I tried by myself and it really works wonderful and you should pull the water from glass from your nostril that the water should come in your throat.

Neti Pot Remedy
Posted by Jennifer (Dallas, Tx) on 11/16/2009

Nasal Irrigation/Neti Pot for Sinus Congestion

I developed a terrible cold over the weekend. Sore throat, drainage, etc. As the cold cleared up I developed a terrible sinus headache due to congestions behind my left eye. I am very prone to these type of headaches. I was already doing cayenne & ACV for the sore throat, but my head was still killing. My mom has used a neti pot in the past and suggested that I try that. Not having a neti pot on hand, I tried nasal irrigation using a bulb syringe. My headache was gone immediately. Will definitely be doing this every time I feel a sinus headache coming on.

I used a mixture of 1/4 ts salt in 2 c luke warm water. Fill the syringe as completely as you can. Lean slightly forward, insert the tip of the syringe approx. 1 in into nostril, and angle tip towards outside of eye. Squeeze syringe to flush saline mixture. Allow the saline mixture to drain back out (may drain through other nostril or back of throat). Repeat twice on each side.

Neti Pot Remedy
Posted by Jennie (Stony Brook, New York) on 06/14/2008

I have had a terrible cold with sinus congestion, and couldn't get any sleep last night. I had always found the idea of nasal irrigation a little "icky," but out of desperation I decided to try it. I mixed 1 teaspoon of salt in a large coffee mug (sorry I don't know the ounces!). I don't have a neti pot, so I used a drinking straw to pick up the solution and drop it in my nostrils. It took me a couple tries to figure out how to get it to come out my other nostril instead of going down my throat (spit it out when this happens), but I got it. The result is amazing! I can breathe clearly, and I just wish I had tried this last night when I couldn't sleep!

Neti Pot Remedy
Posted by Linda (Studio City, CA) on 03/25/2008

Try using the Neti pot with warm salt water. It flushes out your sinuses like nobodies business and it's safe and effective. You can use it everyday. Whole Foods sells them or you can get them off the internet. This and the Cayanne pepper drink saved me last night. My sore throat went away and now my PND is getting better. You guys are great.

Neti Pot Remedy
Posted by Shellie Cohagan (Quilcene, wa) on 02/15/2008

I had a stuffy nose and I am going out to dinner tonight and didnt want to be sniffy all night. I wanted to try the neti pot rememdy but didnt have one so I used a teapot with 1/4 tsp Sea sat, 1 tsp baking soda and 1 C warm water. I am sitting here breathing throu my nose, still amzed how much it worked.

Neti Pot Remedy
Posted by Carla (Syracuse, NY) on 05/19/2007

My ears were plugged solid due to a head cold. I happened to watch 'Oprah' that day and saw a Dr using a 'sinus wash' to clear out sinus. He used a 'nose biday (sp?)' with warm salt water. I found in my house a sippy cup with a straw attatched. Stand over the sing. Tip your head sideways and pour the warm mixture in & up that nostril...until it starts coming out the other nostril. I found it helpful to push the back of my tongue up against the back of my throat so it wouldn't come down my throat. When the mixture starts coming out of the opposite nostil, stop. Do the other side. The blow the hell out of your nose. IT WORKS! OMG I was so happy to HEAR again after a week!!

Neti Pot Remedy
Posted by A.C. (Atlanta, GA) on 01/07/2007

I had a cold for about a week and a half. It finally developed into one of the worst sinus infections I have ever had---to top it off, I am 6 months pregnant. After 2 days of pure misery, I went to the doctor. He gave me an rx for an antiobiotic. After 2 days of taking it and pseudoephedrine round the clock, I was still miserable. My head pounded, my nose was totally clogged on both sides, and my head felt like it was going to explode. Desperate to try anything, I went to Walgreens and purchased "SinuCleanse"--a product complete with a neti pot and saline packets. I used it every 2 hours for the first day, along with drinking the ACV/water mixture 2x's/day, and by the second day, I had relief. I could breathe and could tell my head was starting to clear up! By far the best thing that I had tried! Thanks for your website! It has helped tremendously!

Replied by Cindee
(Oakham, Ma.)

Allergies -- 20 yrs. ago I had allergies, to mold, dust, grass, trees(oak). I had head aches everyday for two years. I finally moved out of the house I lived in. It took two years for the headache to go away, ecept that in the spring they came back. It led me on along journey to health. I changed my diet to a healthy one. Fruits and veg. less red meat, more fish, pork and chicken. I also juiced and now grow seeds. in a jar for salads. One of the best things I did was the netti pot to clean my sinuses, especially when the allergie season came. I also made a tea with sliced garlic, and filtered water, (1clove in 1cup water). let it cool and put it in a spray bottle. I used it to spray my throat and nasal passages. Garlic is a antibaterial.You can use oregano too.( 8ozs.water) I do this when ever I feel a cold or a soar throat coming on. The next day its gone. If your ears hurt use 3% pure hydrogen peroxide. A few drops in ea. ear. I haven't been sick for three years now. Recently I read a website about vitamin A. It is so vital to our mucus membranes. My thoughts are that maybe we are defficient in vit. A. I think that everyone who has allergies should read that site. She was a very important figure in nutrition after world war I or II. I recently went on cod liver oil pills.(vit A} I remember years ago mothers gave 1tsp. of cod liver oil to their children. Why, I don't know. Adelle Davis has old books on health an nutrition. My elderly Aunt told me about her. Its amazing what you can heal yourself, with the knowledge. Research is everthing. Dr.Oz, on Opha said, if you give the body what it needs, the body has the amazing ability to heal itself, and I never forgot that. Life is wonderful.

Replied by Debrah
(Oxford, Nova Scotia)

I've (always?) had a stuffy nose and finally got smart enough to check the internet and found out about using a neti pot for sinus congestion. So I tried it and the benefits that first time, have lasted overnight. I will do it again today and every time I start feeling slightly congested. Neti pots work big time!


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Posted by V (Seattle, Wa) on 02/11/2011

Niacin for sinus problems

I had not taken niacin for a long time. I also have a cold. One of those icky sinus congesting colds. My mouth is dry and my snot is thick and sticky and yellow (sorry for the imagery). I just took a high dose of niacin (1000mg) and when it kicked in and my body began to flush I had the urge to blow my nose and when I did my sinuses cleared out completely and they have not been this clear in over a week). I'm not 100% sure if niacin is related to my sinuses clearing but the odds of them clearing out for the first time in a week within 20 minutes of taking niacin would be low. After my niacin flush began to disapear my sinuses began to congest again. This could be a coinsidence but I don't think so.

If you have not taken niacin before you should know that it will make your capiliaries open and when they do blood flows much more easily. Because your capiliaries have expanded they are larger and more blood flows through and you can see this happen as your body turns pink/red. You can also feel the increase in blood flow with a tingling/itchy feeling as well as a warm/hot sensation which are due to vastly improved circulation. These sensations will not appear imediately, they will build up over a ten to twenty minute time period. Because the heat and itching will gradually increase do not be alarmed, after 10-20 minutes the effect will plateu and then decrease and the effect will be over, no matter how unpleasant it was.

I do not recomend taking niacin for the first time at least 2-3 hours before an event or meeting friends because the reddening of your skin may embarass you if you are not used to it (even if you are used to it, I can tell you it is not a flattering look, lol). Also while niacin itself (as far as I know) does not interfere with sleep the itching feeling can make it difficult to fall asleep if not impossible or may wake you if you fall asleep before it kicks in, so I do not reccomend taking it before bed until you know if you can sleep with it.

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Majid khan (lancashire, United Kingdom) on 01/28/2008

I have tried OP pulling for several weeks and results have been incredible. I have had suffered sinus problems and after OP it has cured them. I have felt this calmness that I havent felt for A LONG TIME. The problem in life is that you get told so many solutions to health issues that you dont know which one to choose. I just think that the remedies that make you think "thats disgusting I dont want to try it" are the ones that really work. I feel that especially sinus sufferers are prone to mood swings, feeling low and feeling drained that OP is a BREATHE OF FRESH AIR (that sounds good!). So give it a try and dont be shy MAJID KHAN (happy dude)