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Lugol's Iodine in Diffuser for Sinus Congestion

| Modified on Jan 24, 2024

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Posted by Cecilia S. (NY) on 12/02/2020

I had had clogged and inflamed sinuses on and off for the last 20 years. Iodine is an inexpensive natural substance that is antiviral and antibacterial. I use about 5-7 drops of Lugol's food grade Iodine in a diffuser with distilled water and I run it all day. I think my infections are due to damage I had on my sinuses from inhaling pesticides and caustic chemicals over the years with my work. Now I'm am in my late 60s. I inhale the vapors when I pass by, and for the most part, I keep the diffuser running all day near my work space. It kills bacteria that causes infections and it helps. I learned about Lugol's iodine from a chiropractor when the covid virus started. To run an iodine diffuser in the home was a good way of keeping the virus from taking hold in the mucus membranes in my sinus passages.

Replied by Sharon

I am definitely going to try this - I have sinus issues.. this just resonates with me!! Thanks for sharing.

Replied by Joncrowley
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This is a great idea. I'm wondering if the Iodine needs to be refreshed occasionally? I understand that Iodine evaporates quickly.

I add 3-5 drops of Lugols 2% Iodine (7.5-12.5 mg) into my neti pot or refillable nasal mist sprayer's saline solution, and this seems to immediately remove any old, infected, clogging mucus and kill any sinus infection for immediate relief. I do this on a maintenance level during seasonal transitions and peak allergy times. Life changer!

Replied by Christine
(Chantilly, VA)

I tried Lugol's and it burned the dickens outta my nasal area. Now I'm too scared to try it again!!

Replied by MissM

This is what I have done. Covid affected my nose and I had horrible congestion. Ayr saline nasal spray and add 2 drops of 5 per cent lugol's iodine to bottle. This will clear your nose. You will have to blow your nose but it works!

Replied by Leda
(Menomonie, WI)

I had thought of putting Iodine in diffuser but questioned, would this damage diffuser or stain walls or any items around it.